37 of the Most Interesting Gadgets on Amazon Under $25 | 22 Words

Trolling Amazon for the latest and greatest gadgets that'll make life easier or at least more fun is one of my favorite time-wasters. They can be pretty hard to find unless you know what you're looking for though, so I'm happy to share my recent faves and spread the joy.

Whether you want an easier way to cut your nails or need a little breathing room in your jeans, you'll find your new affordable must-have item on this master list of interesting gadgets. You're welcome!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

This Cookie Shot Glass Mold Is Breathtakingly Genius

How cute are these mini cookie shot glasses? They look professional but are super simple to make with this cookie shot glass mold. And they're so versatile - use them for kid's parties or holidays and fill them with milk or hot chocolate, for adults, how about a boozy milkshake or kahlua? The mind boggles at the possibilities.

This Toilet Paper Holder Is A Must For Small Bathrooms

No toilet paper storage space in your teensy bathroom? No problem with this over-the-tank toilet paper holder. It hooks unobtrusively onto the side of your toilet and keeps two rolls of toilet paper at your fingertips. Good looking and smart, can't ask for much more in your bathroom storage!

These Heavy-Duty Refrigerator Magnets Free Up So Much Storage Space

This might be the coolest refrigerator organizer I've ever seen - these super-strong peel-and-stick magnets attach to the bottom of your fridge shelves and hold bottles of drinks, jam, sauces, condiments - you name it - up to 1.5 pounds each! It basically doubles your storage capacity since you're making the most of vertical space.

This Handheld Mister Fan Is A Summer Necessity

If you're one of those people (ahem, my husband and kids) that get really grumpy in hot, humid weather, this handheld mister fan is for you. Simply fill the battery-operated gadget with water then enjoy a cooling spritz while everyone around you is melting. Beyoncé-level windblown hair is just a bonus.

This Tea Infuser Is Fishing For Compliments

This tea infuser is just plain cute. It's a little guy fishing with his friends and he's reeled in quite the catch - your tea bag! Adds just the quirky dose of humor to your cuppa to cheer up your work day or start your morning off on the right foot.

This Toothbrush Holder Keeps Germs Away

I was shocked and completely grossed out to learn how much atomized bacteria from toilet flushing ends up on toothbrushes that are stored by the sink. This cute hedgehog toothbrush cover blocks all the nasties and suctions onto any smooth surface (like your mirror or medicine cabinet) to keep your brush handy and feces-free.

This Universal Travel Adapter Is A Globetrotter's Bestie

Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, the one constant is the need to charge your electronics (or use your curling iron). This universal travel adapter covers all your power needs wherever you are in the world - it works in 150 countries - and folds flatter than other models so it takes up virtually no storage room.

This Is The Mother Of All Multitools

It's awesome when something that looks so cool isn't just a pretty face - this dragon multitool is the handiest thing you can clip on your bag that'll get you through any adventure. This little buddy packs six tools into his compact body - a ruler, seven position hex wrench, flat head and phillips screwdrivers, cord cutter and butterfly wrench - if you need something he doesn't have, maybe it's time to call MacGuyver.

This Waterproof Tech Pouch Has 26,000 Rave Reviews

If you need to keep your phone safe around water, look no further. This waterproof tech pouch has nearly 27 THOUSAND stellar reviews and for good reason. One amazed reviewer lost pouch holding her phone and credit cards when her canoe flipped in July and it was found by the local sheriff five months later... without a drop of water inside!

These Gear Patches Save Your Expensive Outerwear

If you're an outdoor enthusiast (or just like to stay cozy) you know how expensive down jackets and other fancypants outerwear can be (Patagucci?) But you also know how easy and infuriating it is to get small rips in the fabric which are impossible to fix discreetly. Embrace that wear and tear with these cool gear patches that come in fun outdoorsy shapes like trees, canoes, even Yetis. Especially useful for kids' gear that's destined for hand-me-downs!

This Silicone Baking Mold Is Perfectly Portioned

Can't decide what kind of baked good to make? You don't have to with this silicone baking mold that lets you make up to eight flavors of cakes, scones, mousse, pudding, pies and even soap! The individual portions are perfectly sized and the heat-resistant silicone mold is easy to clean. Baked goods pop out effortlessly so you can make professional-looking treats in a snap.

This Screen Tape Is A Quick Fix

Most of our window screens have holes poked by tiny curious fingers that let in mosquitos and other unwanted guests because we haven't gotten around to replacing the darn things. Now we don't have to with this quick-fix screen repair tape. It comes in black or gray and just sticks right over any rips or holes. The heavy-duty adhesive means even though it's a fast fix, it'll last a long time. So much easier than the expense of ordering brand new screens!

These Waist Extenders Save Your Favorite Pants

It's the worst feeling when you can no longer button your favorite jeans or pants. (I know firsthand, it just happened on my go-to pair of cropped denim!) Don't go looking for those ever-elusive replacements just yet - try these genius waist extenders instead that simply button on and give you some breathing room. The set of three comes in black, tan and denim to seamlessly blend with your pants - no one will suspect a thing!

This Snore Stopping Nose Plug Lets Everyone Sleep Better

If you or your partner snore, it's darn near impossible for anyone to get a good night's sleep. My husband snorts himself awake or I roll him over so many times a night that we're both exhausted by the time the sun rises. (He claims I snore too - total lie) What we need are these snore-stopping nose plugs that optimize air flow. Reviewers rave about ease-of-use and the fact that they're actually comfortable to wear all night!

These Light Blocking LED Covers Promote Better Sleep

In addition to snoring, another notorious sleep disturber is light pollution from electronic devices. Quickly solve that problem with these light-blocking LED covers that simply stick right over the offending light. This set of 100 stickers comes in multiple sizes to cover everything from round lights to digital alarm clock faces.

This iPhone Fan Attachment Is Super Cool

Want an easy way to stay cool that's small enough to keep in your bag or pocket? Try this mini iPhone fan attachment that plugs right into your phone's outlet and cools you down with a strong 4,000 RPM torque motor. It's compatible with iPhone 6, 7 and 8 and boasts very low power consumption, so get your breeze on all summer!

This Adjustable Measuring Cup Is A Kitchen Workhorse

If you don't have a lot of kitchen storage space or just like tools that multitask like a mofo, check out this adjustable measuring cup. The 2-cup capacity has markings for tons of measurements and works for wet or dry ingredients. The best part is the internal squeegee which lets you neatly measure sticky ingredients like peanut butter and honey!

This Lid Organizer Is A Storage Godsend

No matter how many times I rearrange the food storage container cabinet, it ends up a hot mess again in no time. The worst offenders are the random pieces with missing lids, so annoying! This large capacity lid organizer promises to fix the storage headache once and for all and has nearly 600 rave reviews to back up that claim.

This Phone Light Diffuser Sheds The Perfect Amount Of Light

The phone flashlight is a truly handy tool that I use on the regular, but does it have to be so damn bright? This phone light diffuser makes things a lot easier on the eyes and is perfect whether you need to read a menu in a dim restaurant and don't want to ruin the romantic vibes for everyone else with your megabright flashlight. It comes in three cute designs from camping lantern to fancy lamp.

This Armrest Tray Is Perfect For TV Dinners

Netflix & Nosh is the new Netflix & Chill. Make it even easier with this clip-on armrest tray that keeps snacks or dinner at your fingertips, not all the way on the coffee table. Sit back and relax knowing your food and drink an arm's length away. It's lightweight and easily adjusts to fit many armrest widths!

This Hair Tool Holder Handles The Heat

Hot hair tools can get dangerously warm, but this silicone styling tool storage caddy can handle whatever temps they dish out. It's a much safer solution than leaving tools out on the bathroom counter while they cool down, unprotected from curious little fingers or accidental bumps that can burn fabric or worse. Also useful for packing your styling tools for travel!

This Slim Wallet Is A Minimalist's Dream

I hate carrying around a big, bulky wallet so I think I've found a match made in heaven with this minimalist wallet that holds all your essentials but takes up virtually no room. This sturdy elastic wallet comes in 13 cool patterns, from geometrics to floral and gets outstanding reviews for portability and ease of use. Pop in some important ID and credit cards and a bit of cash and you're good to go!

This Identity Theft Protecting Stamp Is So Effective

We all know how important it is to protect our identities, so here's an incredibly easy way to stop thiefs from rifling through your sensitive mail. Just use this identity theft protecting stamp on important account numbers and personal details. So much smaller and simpler than purchasing a paper shredder!

This Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Goes Everywhere With You

It seems whenever I need a cleaning cloth for my phone, sunglasses or smartwatch, I can never find one and end up using my t-shirt, which totally doesn't work as well. Enter this clip-on microfiber cleaning cloth that tucks right back into its carrying case and goes everywhere with you! The case comes in a bunch of colors whether you want to stand out with bright orange or blend in with chic black.

This Self-Cleaning Pet Brush Makes Grooming A Breeze

If you've got a pet that sheds, pick up this self-cleaning pet brush to get out of a hairy situation fast! This easy-to-use brush defuzzes your pet and gets matted fur looking shiny clean in a snap, then you simply pop out the collected hair in one go. Gross and effective!

This Electronics Cleaning Brush Gets All The Nooks And Crannies

It's darn near impossible to get dust and crumbs out of all the nooks and crannies in keyboards, phones and tablets - until now. This double-sided electronics cleaning tool has a soft-bristled brush on one end and a flexible silicone wiper on the other to get rid of all the junk that collects in our tech.

This Portable Door Lock Might Save Your Life

What's an easy way to safeguard door locks when you're traveling, whether you're staying in an Air BnB or a slightly sketchy hotel? This inexpensive, travel-friendly portable door lock. Simply slip it between the door and jamb and you're protected against intruders - whenever I'm traveling alone this makes me feel so much safer.

This Wonder Hanger Doubles Your Closet Space

As someone who shares a small closet with my hubs, I'm all for ways to squeeze a few extra clothes in there. This wonder hanger does more than that - it effectively doubles your closet space by taking advantage of vertical storage!

This AirPod Charging Case Glows In The Dark

Small tech accessories get lost at the bottom of bags and purses incredibly easily, which is frustrating because they're often everyday essentials! Keep this AirPod charging case handy when you attach it to the inside of your bag and make it doubly easy to find when you choose the "glow in the dark" style. If you're not into the glow, there are eight other colors to choose from!

This Smartphone Macro Lens Captures Amazing Detail

If you've ever wanted an easy way to capture incredible detail and closeups without the expense of a fancy DSLR camera, try this smartphone macro lens. Simply attach the gadget to your phone then snap away to get gorgeous results - seriously, check out some of the user photos of insects, flowers, even eyes!

These Towel Clips Have You Covered

It's annoying when your beach towel slips down whenever you shift in your chair, so keep it in place with these fun towel clips! Choose from lots of summery themes, from flamingoes to flip flops! Pretty much indispensable for a windy day at the shore.

This Recyling Sorter Tucks Away Anywhere

This sleek recycling sorter is slim enough to tuck away in a closet, but also attractive enough to keep out in the open. Three compartments offer plenty of storage space for your plastic, paper and glass recyclables and is lightweight enough to easily carry to your outdoor bins.

This Retractable Drying Rack Is A Small-Space Essential

If you're lucky enough to have a laundry room, you probably don't need this retractable drying rack. But for those of us in small spaces or whose laundry "room" is actually a closet, it's worth its weight in gold! So much better than draping wet clothing over every possible surface in your home, just pull out this handy drying rack then fold it away when you're done.

This Waterfall Soap Dish Saves Your Soap

Nobody likes gooey, slimy soap sitting in a puddle on the counter. Save your soap with this waterfall soap dish that simply drains the water away and leaves your soap nice and fresh. The unobtrusive porcelain dish attaches easily to your existing sink and works like a dream!

This Zipper Repair Kit Rescues Your Wardrobe

This zipper repair kit may seem like a strange purchase, but believe me when I say it'll save you so much on the cost of having a tailor fix your clothing! What are you going to do if the zipper breaks on your favorite pair of jeans or go-to little black dress and there's no time for a professional to fix it? Do it yo'self, easily with this handy kit!

These Socket Sealers Save On Your Heating And Cooling Bills

If you live in an older house, they tend to be "airy", which is a nice way of saying they're energy inefficient. Besides the windows, you lose a ton of heat and cool air through sockets so you need these socket sealers to keep things airtight. They simply stick right onto the wall then you screw the face plate on right on top, so they're completely hidden but totally effective.

These Ergonomic Nail Clippers Are Game Changers

If you've got any type of hand injury or weakness, trimming your own nails is a major problem. A problem that these ergonomic nail clippers solve beautifully! The clipper head swivels 360 degrees so you can find the angle that's most comfortable for you and the extra long handle lets you easily cut without applying tons of pressure. Great for people with arthritis!