37 Inventions Under 25 Dollars You’ve Never Seen Before

Let’s go shopping! I’ve been cruising Amazon’s virtual shelves to find the newest, coolest products worth adding to my shopping cart. Best of all, they’re all priced below $20, which means you can afford to choose a few items to make life easier or give away as gifts.

One of my favorite finds is this new way to make coffee on the go. I’m also ordering these super-sweet heart-shaped spoons. And, did you know you can change your mood with the right pair of glasses? Read on for more exciting new inventions worth adding to your life!

Editorial Note: We review everything independently. If you make a purchase through our links, we may earn a commission.

These Bandalettes Thigh Bands Prevent Chafing

Wear these Bandalettes thigh bands under skirts and shorts to protect delicate skin from chafing. They come in six sizes and 18 colors to choose from, including lacy styles that look like nice lingerie. They’ve earned thousands of great reviews on Amazon! Here’s what one 5-star customer has to say: “Bandalettes have been a complete blessing. They look like lingerie and don’t make you feel like you’re wearing granny panties under your clothes. They look like something you wore deliberately to feel pretty and feminine. They don’t look like something you’re wearing ‘to keep your thighs from rubbing.’ They look just like an attractive addition to your garment – like an accessory.”


This Avocado Ripener Works Better and Faster Than a Paper Bag

Ripen up to two avocados at a time in this avocado ripener, a handy kitchen gadget that speeds up ripening time more efficiently than the usual alternative, a paper bag. This specially designed container includes a semi-breathable lid that traps some of the avocados’ natural gas, which speeds ripening, while still allowing air flow.

This Bacon Bin Safely Saves Bacon Grease

When I was growing up, my parents drained bacon grease into a coffee can under the sink. Time to upgrade that method! This bacon bin is a silicone container specially designed to strain, cool, and store bacon grease. Use the stored grease for later cooking, or let it cool and dispose of it.


This Bag Holder Neatly Holds Grocery Sacks Where You Need Them

Set up this bag holder in seconds on the inside or outside of a cabinet door to create an easy spot for collecting trash. The steel frame slides onto the cabinet door with no assembly or hardware required, and has a built-in foam backing on the hook to prevent scratches. Hook a grocery sack on the handles, and you’ve got the perfect receptacle for trash or recycling.

This Silicone Phone Holder Stays Put on the Car Dash

No more flying phones! This silicone phone holder sticks securely to the dashboard of your car without any adhesives. It’s big enough to accommodate all the iPhone and Samsung models, and includes a notch to hold a charging cord right where you need it. It’s earned thousands of reviews from Amazon customers, with one 5-star reviewer calling it, “versatile, easy to use, and one of my favorite phone holders ever!”

This Vegan Lip Scrub Exfoliates With All-Natural Ingredients

Lip scrubs are a fun, affordable addition to your self-care regimen. This vegan lip scrub is formulated with coconut, sugar, avocado oil, jojoba oil, and sweet almond oil–with no icky chemicals or preservatives. To use, smooth on a pea-sized amount and exfoliate in a circular motion with your fingertip or a lip scrubbing tool. Wipe clean, then apply a moisturizing lip balm or an overnight lip mask.

This Coffee Maker Mat Pulls Together Your Coffee Station

At home or in small offices, a coffee station makes every pour feel like a happy, caffeinated break from the rest of your day. Define the area with this cute coffee maker mat that houses your coffee maker and accessories! Measuring 14 by 18 inches, it’s made from burlap treated with Scotchguard protector to repel stains.

This Collapsible Coffee Cup Fits in Your Pocket When You Don’t Need It

Commuters, travelers, and people who appreciate excellent product design will love this collapsible coffee cup. It’s made from food-grade silicone and designed to collapse down to just two inches tall. When extended, the cup holds 12 ounces of liquid and includes a leak-proof lid with a sippy opening. It comes in 22 colors to choose from.

These Color Therapy Glasses Change Your Mood

Want to see the world through rose-colored glasses…literally? Try color therapy glasses for mood enhancement! They come in 10 colors, each of which provides a different benefit such as confidence, calmness, or appetite suppression. Learn about all 10 colors and their chromotherapeutic benefits to see which is right for you.

This Cooler Light Is Like a Fridge Light for Your Ice Chest

No more fumbling in the dark for icy cold White Claws! Pop this cooler light into your ice chest, and it automatically turns on when you lift the lid. Includes adhesive tape and batteries. It’s earning hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon, with one 5-star reviewer calling it, “Effective…Easy to Apply…Great for overnight camping, evenings on the beach, or just lazing in the backyard looking at the stars.”

This Elbow Butter Protects Your Pup’s Skin

If dogs spend a lot of time lying on hardwood floors or cement patios, they tend to develop calluses on their elbows. My big, sweet dog Rosie has them, and the vet said they’re not a problem as long as they don’t bother her. But one day I found her chewing at the callus and it even bled a little, so I found this product to help. This elbow butter is an all-natural moisturizer, hand-crafted in Minnesota, designed to help tender doggy skin heal and stay protected. Check out the user reviews for lots of reassuring before-and-after photos!

These Dry Erase Sleeves for Kids’ Worksheets and Games

I’ve got a pro-mom tip for you! Pick up a set of these dry erase sleeves and you’ll save tons of paper, ink, and time on worksheets and printed games. Print out math problems, alphabet tracing letters, mazes, or whatever your kids need, then slip them inside these sturdy plastic sleeves. There’s even a loop that holds a dry-erase marker (not included). These are SO HANDY for summer learning, homework, car rides, and filling up non-screen-time!

These Erasable Glass Markers Are Perfect for Parties

Ditch the cheesy wine glass charms and use these erasable glass markers instead! The set includes five metallic shades: gold, silver, purple, red, and green. Write a name or message on a glass, allow to dry, and it won’t smudge with gentle handling. Wash away later with soap and water.

This French Press Travel Mug for Perfect Coffee Anytime, Anyplace

This would be an amazing gift for your favorite coffee snob! This French press travel mug is well-priced and convenient for traveling or other situations when you’re away from home, but still want your coffee just the way you like it. Pre-pack it with coffee grounds, add hot water, and five minutes later you have a perfect cup ready to drink. The Amazon reviews include lots of handy tips, including a reminder to use coarse grounds.

This Garden Soil Tester Measures Three Vital Factors

Find out how your houseplants and garden are doing with this 3-in-1 garden soil tester. Simply stick the probe 4-6 inches into the dirt, wait 10 minutes, then read the levels of three factors: moisture, pH value, and sunlight intensity. One 5-star reviewer discovered that they had been overwatering tomato plants for years, concluding: “It does what it’s supposed to do at a fraction of the cost of a digital meter.”

This Glass Tumbler Is Guaranteed Not to Break

Upgrade your water bottle to this elegant glass tumbler that features a bamboo lid and silicone sleeve. It’s made from borosilicate glass, a hardy glass that withstands temperature changes (it’s what Pyrex and restaurants use for glassware). In fact, the company that makes this tumbler will replace it if it breaks during the first year!

This Hair Finishing Stick Smooths Flyaways

Smooth your hairstyle and tame flyaway baby hairs with this hair finishing stick. It may look like mascara, but the formula is a transparent, plant-based gel designed to work with any hair color or texture. Simply brush a small amount along hair line, under ponytails, or any place where you need to smooth wisps of hair.

This Hair Inhibitor Spray Slows Hair Growth for Smoother Skin

Go smooth and hair-free with the help of this hair inhibitor spray. After removing hair (by shaving, waxing, or other method), spray skin daily with this product to slow down hair growth and regeneration. It’s earning great reviews on Amazon, with 5-star reviewers calling it, “fabulous” and “life-changing.” Check out all the reviews for lots of tips from satisfied customers!

These Strength Trainers Build Hand Strength and Flexibility

Build strength, reduce stress, and keep hands busy with this set of three strength trainers. Made of skin-safe thermoplastic rubber, these egg-shaped balls come in three sizes for a course of gradual strength training. They’re irresistibly squeezable and come in bright, cheerful colors.

This Happy Hoodie Calms and Comforts Nervous Dogs

Next time your dog is nervous, swaddle them in comfort with the Happy Hoodie. The soft, stretchy fabric provides gentle compression that reduces noise and has a swaddling effect to calm, relieve fear, and reduce aggression. This new product is starting to rake in positive reviews, with one 5-star reviewer calling it a life-saver for their dog during thunderstorms.

These Heart-Shaped Spoons Are Perfectly Sweet

These heart-shaped spoons are SO CUTE I can’t stand it! The set of four shiny, stainless steel spoons are perfect for desserts, holidays, parties, or any occasion when you want to show extra love.

These Herbal Teas Support Healthy Weight Loss

Weight loss is about eating less and moving more, but you can give that method a boost with this set of herbal teas that support healthy weight loss. Made by Republic of Tea, this set of three teas come packed in air-tight tins holding 14 bags of each variety: get lean, get burning, and get lost.

This Hot Iron Holster Sticks to Any Smooth Surface

Keep hair styling tools close at hand and safely contained in this hot iron holster, one of the best new bathroom storage gadgets for sale at Amazon. Made of heat-resistant silicone, it naturally sticks to the countertop, sink, or any smooth surface with no adhesives or suction cups necessary. That means you can easily move it right where you need it to safely hold hot styling tools when not in use. Comes in a bunch of colors to choose from.

This Mac & Cheese Powder Works With Your Favorite Pasta

If you love boxed macaroni and cheese but are ready for an upgrade, try this amazing mac & cheese powder. It has the same wonderfully salty, cheesy flavor you know and love, but can be blended with any shape of pasta. Try it with an Italian penne or rotini for a delicious (but still easy to make!) dish of comfort food!

This Monogram Wall Art Displays Wine Corks

Create a unique piece of wall art for your kitchen with this monogram wine cork display. Made of metal with a glossy black coating, each letter is about 12 inches high and 2 inches deep, and is designed to hold several dozen wine corks with no adhesives necessary. Check out the Amazon user reviews to see all the creative alternatives, including filling the monogram with succulents!

These Mosquito-Repelling Bands Are Safe and All-Natural

Keep bugs away with this pack of 20 individually-wrapped mosquito-repelling bands. They’re DEET-free, and infused with plant-based repellants like citronella and lemongrass oil. They’re stretchy enough to fit kids and adults, and can be worn on wrists and ankles as well as tucked into a belt loop.

This Neckline Shaving Template Makes It Easy to Groom at Home

Whether you’re giving yourself haircuts at home or just want to groom between professional visits, this new gadget can help! Clean up the back of your neck with this neckline shaving template, which wraps around your head to provide an easy to follow line for razor or clippers. One 5-star reviewer calls it a, “comfortable, quality, easy to use product!”

This Nonstick Wok Cooks Veggies on the Grill

Kick your barbecue up a notch with this nonstick grill wok, a handy accessory for outdoor cooking. It’s super easy to use–just fill it up with chopped veggies, mushrooms, or any other small foods, then place on the grill rack to cook. The nonstick surface means foods won’t stick and clean-up is a cinch.

This Game Pad for On-the-Go Fun

I have three kids, so I know which restaurants provide the fun placemats full of puzzles. Those things have saved my sanity more times than I can count! I finally wised up and ordered this Game Pad so we always have a bunch of games ready for car rides, doctor’s waiting rooms, and other situations where we need to pass the time. The booklet includes 12 pages each of 5 different games.

These Refrigerator Handle Covers Keep Things Clean

Brighten up your kitchen with a pop of color by adding these refrigerator handle covers (they work great on dishwasher handles, too!). Made of thick cotton in red, gray, or black, these sturdy covers Velcro onto appliance handles, where they absorb food and drink splashes and prevent fingerprints or smudges. Toss them in the washer and dryer to keep them fresh and clean (they’re even double-sided for longer use).

This Shoe Bottom Restorer Instantly Upgrades Your Heels

Refinish hard-soled shoes with this shoe-bottom restorer, a specially formulated paint with a hard finish. Choose black to restore old, scuffed shoes, or choose red if you want your heels to look like a certain designer brand famous for red-bottomed shoes. Check out the user reviews for advice and impressive before and after photos!

These Skinny Margarita Packets for Low-Cal Cocktails

This might be the easiest, most diet-friendly way to enjoy a cold cocktail at home! Add a skinny margarita packet to a shot of tequila and 4 ounces water (still or sparkling) to create a delicious, refreshing, low-calorie margarita. The mix contains natural ingredients and is sweetened with zero-calorie stevia.

This Screen Amplifier Turns Your Smartphone Into a Bigger Screen

So smart, and affordable, too! This smartphone screen amplifier works like a projection screen, doubling the size of the screen with no batteries, and retaining a crisp and clear image. It’s earning great reviews on Amazon, with people calling it, “brilliant,” “nifty,” and “easy to use.”

This Spongeable Is Infused With Body Wash for 20+ Bubbly Uses

Convenient and a great value, the Spongeable comes infused with body wash so as soon as you add a little water, it lathers up with suds. Let it dry, then use it again and again, with enough body wash to last at least 20 showers. Choose from five different scents.

These Remote Control String Lights Are Dimmable

You can get string lights anywhere, but this strand has some upgrades that make it extra useful. The set of 50 LED string lights are controlled by the included remote control, which enables you to select from 8 lighting modes, set a timer, and control the brightness. Amazon reviewers report that they work great for patios, bedrooms, and even to decorate a golf cart!