37 Kitchen Basics for Cooking Dinner Whether It’s For Two or Twenty

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Having friends and family over for dinner is one of my favorite pastimes and I just love to cook for them. Whether I’m having a large group of guests or cooking a romantic dinner for two, there are certain things every aspiring chef needs in their kitchen. From the right kitchen knife set to disposable cups and plates for large groups… my secret is that I find everything I need on Amazon for a great price and get items delivered straight to my home.

I highly recommend checking out these kitchen basics for cooking dinner. I’ve made life easy for you by compiling a list of my 37 go-to items for catering dinner at my place. So, whether you’re in need of some new cooking utensils, baking gadgets, or wine glasses, I’m sure you’ll find what you need right here. Now all you need to do is call up your friends and invite them over!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program and we may have additional affiliate relationships with some of the products featured here – as such, our company may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Spatula Gets Every Last Drop of Mixture for Baking


This spatula means you can get every last drop from the jar or bottle when you’re baking dessert for your dinner guests. The fine spatula fits into virtually any sized bottle or container, so you don’t waste any product.

And you can also use it for cosmetics like foundation or body lotions. It’s definitely a handy item to have at home.

This Clip-On Strainer Makes Draining Pasta Easy


When you’re in the kitchen solo catering for your dinner guests, things can get pretty hectic. But this clip-on strainer makes cooking easier because you can quickly strain your pasta with one hand.

All you have to do is clip on the strainer to the pot and presto, you’re ready to drain away all the excess water.

This Pizza Slicer Creates Professional Servings at Home


You’ll look like a total professional when you serve pizza at your place with this slicer. This chef-style pizza cutter will have you slicing like a pro with every slice.

It cuts effortlessly through toppings like pepperoni and it’s dishwasher safe, so you won’t have to spend time cleaning it after your guests leave.

This Microwave Popcorn Maker Is Perfect for Movie Night


When you invite friends over for dinner and a movie, popcorn is an essential necessity, hence you need the right snack maker. My go-to is this silicone microwave popcorn popper because not only does it make perfect popcorn, but it’s also safer than glass.

The container won’t cause burns or shatter like glass and it can hold up to 15 cups of popcorn.

This Moscow Mule Kit Mixes Perfect Cocktails Every Time


If you and your friends like Moscow Mules then you can now serve them at your place with this awesome cocktail box. Each cocktail kit has the premium ingredients for three delicious (and Instagrammable) Moscow Mules.

It’s also a great gift idea if you need any inspiration for gifts on a budget.

This Cutting Board Set Covers All Your Kitchen Basics


We all need chopping boards in the kitchen, whether you’re preparing dinner, snacks, or dessert. And this three-piece chopping board set is my recommendation. They each have easy-grip handles and are reversible, so you can get more work done faster.

These boards are made of heavy-duty plastic so they’re easy to clean and great for all food prep.

These Paper Cups Are Ideal for Serving Large Dinner Groups


If you’re having a large group of people over for dinner, these paper cups will be a lifesaver. It means you don’t have to find 20 glasses to serve refreshments and then spend all night cleaning up afterward.

You can simply serve hot or cold drinks to your guests in these disposable cups and there’s no need for cleaning them.

These Disposable Dinner Plates Make Cleaning Up Easy


When serving a large number of guests, these disposable dinner plates are perfect for catering. Whether you’re hosting a BBQ or sit-down dinner, you’ll be able to offer everyone a plate and dispose of them afterward without having to clean.

They come in a pack of 60 and they actually look like real China.

This Kitchen Utensil Holder Makes Finding Equipment Easy


This kitchen utensil holder will become your favorite accessory because it holds your spatulas, whisks, and all your other essentials. That means when you’re cooking or baking for guests, everything you need is at your fingertips and easy to find.

This Amazon’s Choice item is one of the most functional necessities for your kitchen.

This Bamboo Lazy Susan Has Two Tiers for Serving Dinner


This bamboo Lazy Susan is the best way to serve your dinner guests an array of dishes around a large table. It has two tiers so you can fit extra sides and sauces for all of your friends and family.

The light bamboo is a gorgeous wood feature to sit on your table and it’ll last for years if you occasionally use bamboo oil on it.

This Classic Decanter Brings a Bit of Elegance to Your Dinner Table


This whiskey decanter will add old-fashioned elegance to your dinner table, while also providing your guests a classic drink. This glass decanter has had such great ratings that it’s now an Amazon’s Choice product and I can see why.

You don’t only have to use it for whiskey, it can also hold juices, water, or even mouthwash.

These Swing Top Bottles Are Perfect for Serving Kombucha


If you make your own kombucha at home, you need to start storing it in these classic glass bottles. The ceramic lids make these bottles the perfect preserving bottles for kombucha or green tea. And they look great on the table when serving guests.

Plus, they’re also dishwasher safe which makes them easy to clean up afterward.

These Silicone Baking Mats Mean Baking Doesn’t Get Messy


If you’ve been looking for a way to bake cookies, pastry, or bread without making a mess, then you need these silicone baking mats. They’re great for kneading and rolling dough without creating any stickiness and they’re also heat resistant.

So, you can quickly whip up a dessert when friends are coming over and it won’t take you hours to clean up.

This Pot and Pan Wall Rail Organizes Your Essentials


If you’ve been looking for an efficient way to organize your pots and pans, then look no further than this wall rail organizer. It has 15 hooks for hanging pots and utensils, keeping everything you need within hands’ reach.

So, when you’re hosting a dinner party, not only does your kitchen look organized, but all your cooking essentials are easy to find.

This Chopstick Set Will Cater to Asian Fusion Meals


If you love serving Asian fusion-style meals to your friends and family, then you need this wooden chopstick set for an authentic touch. The set comes as a pack of 50 sticks, so you have more than enough for a large dinner party or for multiple nights of entertaining.

You can also use these sticks for planting and gardening, to give a spindly seedling some needed support.

These Silicone Baking Mats Mean You Don’t Need to Add Oil


Whether you’re baking pastries, macarons, cookies, or bread, these silicone baking mats will be your go-to for rolling dough. The great thing is that these mats eliminate the need for cooking sprays, butter, or oils, which reduces calories.

So, you can bake a lower-calorie dessert for your dinner guests while keeping in the delicious flavors.

This Kettle Serves the Perfect After-Dinner Tea Every Time


Offering dinner guests tea at the end of the evening is a must, and this stainless-steel electric kettle will be your go-to. It has a long gooseneck spout for a controlled flow when brewing pour-over coffee or tea.

It also has a spill-free lid, so you won’t spill hot water over your friends or family by accident!

This 40-Piece Food Storage Set Keeps Dinner Leftovers Fresh


Storing leftovers after a big dinner party is a great way to preserve food for the rest of your week. It’s important to store leftovers in an airtight container, which is why I recommend this 40-piece set of leakproof storage containers.

They are freezer, microwave, and dishwasher safe and the lids are BPA-free for your health.

This Cast Iron Grill Creates Unforgettable Steaks


Cast Iron is a premium material for cookware and this cast iron grill will have you grilling the most premium steaks too. Whether it’s summer or winter, you can grill all year round with this kitchen essential.

So, all you need to do is invite your friends over. No wonder it’s an Amazon’s Choice product.

This Air Fryer Lid Cooks Crispy Dishes with Less Fat


Air frying has become extremely popular in recent times and this air fryer lid turns your pressure cooker into one straight away. You simply cover your cooker with this lid and choose the cooking mode to get a deliciously crispy dish.

You’ll create crispy meals for your dinner party, with up to 85% less fat and 70% fewer calories by eliminating oil.

These Italian Red Wine Glasses Will Serve Your Guests in Style


Red wine is essential for any dinner party and these Italian red wine glasses will have your guests drinking in style. You can either purchase a set of four or eight glasses, which also makes a great gift idea too…

This stemware is made from a lead-free wine glass that’s laser-cut for thin rims.

This Moka Pot Makes the Perfect After-Dinner Espresso


If you and your friends like to sip an espresso after dinner, then you need this Moka pot for the ideal brew. And it doesn’t only make espressos, you can also whip up an Americano, cappuccino, or latte at home too.

This is definitely a kitchen staple for any time you have guests over.

This Wok Pan Serves Delicious Stir Fry Dishes in Minutes


I am the queen of stir fry dishes and this non-stock wok is my go-to every time. It comes with a bamboo spatula and this wok is ideal for cooking on an electric stove, induction, or gas.

This Chinese wok means I can easily whip up a quick dinner when a couple of friends stop by last minute for an impromptu dinner.

This Bamboo Box Set Adds Spice to The Table


I’m a big fan of table settings and presentation, so this bamboo salt and spice box has been one of my favorite purchases from Amazon. They look great on the dinner table while serving herbs and spices to your guests.

We all need to add a bit of extra salt from time to time, and you’ll be able to serve it in style with this set.

This Premium Knife Set Will Have You Chopping Up a Storm


You can’t cook a perfect meal without a set of premium knives and this knife set from Amazon will have you chopping up a storm. This wooden knife block comes with eight steak knives, a sharpener, and all-purpose household shears.

Each knife is made from high-carbon, German stainless steel and will last you for years to come!

These Vacuum Sealer Bags Will Keep Your Meats and Fish Fresh


These vacuum sealer bags are compatible with almost all clamp-style vacuum sealers and they’re super strong so they won’t leak. That means you can store your meats, fresh fish, and leftovers in these bags for longer while locking in the nutrients.

These are essential when preparing dinner parties that include fresh ingredients and leftovers.

This Toaster Cover Also Holds Cutlery for Serving Entrees


Every sophisticated dinner party starts with some delicious entrees and toasting appetizers that can be topped with pâté or cheese is a great idea. When you’re finished with your toaster, you need this toaster cover with pockets to keep your kitchen tidy.

The pockets hold everything, from toaster tongs to jam knives.

This Matcha Scoop for Serving After-Dinner Tea


If you want to add a bit of culture to your dinner party, you need this Matcha tea scoop to serve your guests delicious Japanese green tea. This teaspoon has been ranked an Amazon’s Choice product because it’s so sturdy and ergonomically designed for the perfect brew.

All you need to do is scoop up some Matcha powder and voila, your guests will be sipping a delicious cup.

These Silicone Oven Mitts Keep Your Hands Safe


The kitchen can be one of the most dangerous rooms in the house and I regularly have accidents while cooking. This is why I highly recommend these silicone oven mitts that will keep your hands safe while cooking.

They’re so good and protecting hands and are heat resistant, so no wonder they’re a best seller on Amazon. So, you’ll be able to cook without worrying about burns.

This Carry Bag for Your Pressure Cooker


If you have an Instant Pot then you need this carry travel bag for it. It’s the most efficient way to store it at home when you’re not using it and it also means you can take it with you wherever you go.

So, if you want to cook a friends dinner at a different location, just pack your pressure cooker in this carry bag and you’re ready to go!

These Mason Jars Are Great for Serving Pre-Dinner Snacks


I’m a big fan of serving my friends appetizers whenever they come over, and these half-gallon mason jars are the perfect way to serve snacks like olives. These jars will also preserve fermented foods like kefir, sauerkraut, and kimchi.

The airtight-seal will keep food fresher for longer and they’ve been voted an Amazon’s Choice product.

These Refrigerator Drink Holders Will Keep Guests’ Drinks Cool


When you invite friends over, you need to have plenty of refreshments ready to serve and this refrigerator drink holder storage bin will do the trick. It can hold nine 12oz cans and eleven 7.5oz cans.

So all you need to do is call your friends and invite them over!

This Scratch Free Scraper Removes Grease After Cooking


When you’ve finished cooking a delicious meal for your guests, we all know that means you’ve got to spend time cleaning up afterward. This little scratch-free scraper will make the job a bit easier though because it removes grease in seconds.

It even gets into hard-to-reach crevices and also removes labels, paint, and other stuck-on bits to your surfaces.

This Digital Meat Thermometer Is a Best Seller


Within a few seconds, this digital meat thermometer takes an accurate temperature of your food. So, you can cook a perfect steak, fish, or turkey without undercooking or overcooking it.

It’s perfect for serving a large number of guests because no matter how large a piece of meat is you’re grilling, this gadget will keep you on track of its cooking status.

This Bottle Opener Means You Can Open the Tightest of Lids


Not only does this multifunctional bottle opener make twisting off lids easier, but it’s also an ideal gadget for anyone suffering from weak hands or arthritis. It’s an ergonomic lid seal opener, so you won’t need to ask your guests to help open bottles when they come over.

That means you can serve your dinner guests a refreshing glass of sparkling water effortlessly every time.

This Milk Frother Makes the Perfect Foam Every Time


When you need milk froth, you need this milk frother. It makes the perfect foam every time, whether you’re making a latte, hot chocolate, or milkshake. So, you can offer your guests an after-dinner latte as dessert and it’ll turn out like a professional drink.

This frother has become so popular that it’s an Amazon’s Choice product.