37 Kitchen Gadgets You’ll Want to Snag Before Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is arguably one of the most important days of the year for one major reason – food. It’s an iconic meal, up there with Christmas Day. But for the people cooking it, it can be an absolute nightmare. From preparing the turkey to sides and desserts (not to mention catering for your cousins who decided they were Paleo this year) it’s a lot. So why don’t you make it a little easier on yourself this year and treat yourself to some incredible kitchen gadgets!

We’ve put together a list of some of the best available right now on Amazon, with magnetic timers, electric carving knives, and strainers you’ll be thankful for this year. Get your refrigerator ready. It’s time to prioritize your time and your kitchen, and order now for delivery before the big day!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Save Space in your Cupboards with these Collapsible Colanders

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It’s 2021. You don’t need bulky metal strainers anymore. These silicone space-saving kitchen strainers are large enough for even the biggest jobs while folding away neatly for ease of storage. Made of non-toxic materials, they’re also heated and dishwasher-safe, making cleaning up after easier. You need these in your kitchen pronto.

Never Waste Food Again with this Refrigerator Storage Set

I didn’t know what I was missing out on until I started using fridge organizers. I was constantly finding old carrots or blueberries that had rolled to the back of a drawer, never to be seen again. As soon as I started using these plastic storage tubs my life changed. My diet improved, I was spending less money on groceries, and honestly, I felt far more put together. I couldn’t recommend them more.

The Scraper Tool You Didn’t Know you Needed

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Stop ruining your manicure and grab this instead. It’s literally the product you won’t be able to live without. No need to chip your paint trying to scratch off labels or snapping a nail opening parcels, this tool can do it all for you. I just wish I found it sooner.

Strainers That Will Be the Star of your Kitchen

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These round silicone strainers are not only collapsible for easy storage, but their shape means they rest easily inside pans and pots, making cooking a breeze. They’re also color-coded making them perfect for use in professional kitchens or keeping track of food allergies and intolerances. It’s easy to see why one reviewer asked ‘Where have these been all my life?’.

Level Up Your Cooking With the Smartest Strainer On the Market

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The Kitchen Gizmo Snap N Strain may literally be a kitchen godsend. I’m ordering one right now! The flexible design snaps on to all types of cookware, letting you drain even the heaviest and bulkiest of dishes safely. Plus, it comes in a variety of colors to suit your kitchen!

Get Every Last Drop with The Spatty

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You’ll never have to let another drop of product go to waste with these flexible, reusable spatulas. Perfect for scrapping the last of sauce out of jars, makeup out of bottles, and nut butter out of tubs. This set comes with the regular Spatty and the Spatty Daddy, giving you more for your money! You’ll never look back.

Don’t Get Caught Out Again With a Scrigit 5pk

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The most useful tool you’ll ever have, now even better because you can keep one on you everywhere you go. Have one in the office, the car, and at home! If you’ve ever struggled with removing stickers from new kitchenware, scratched your surfaces trying to scrub off dried food or wax, or had to reach for a knife opening difficult packages, this is for you.

Brighten Your Countertops with a Lime Green Snap N Strain

When I was working in a trendy brunch spot a few years ago I used to spend hours making hash browns. I’d peel and chop, and boil, grate, fry, and bake. It was a huge job but my least favorite part was trying to strain out the boiling water from the heavy pan with one hand. If only I had this with its snap-on technology to make straining the huge pots so much easier. It’s a must-have.

This Multifunctional Bottle and Can Opener is a Revelation

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If you or someone in your life suffers from arthritis or weak hands, this product will make life so much easier. The multifunctional design means this small item can be used on bottles, drink cans, tin cans, and even medication bottles. For such a small price (only $10.99) you can’t go wrong.

Stay Safe with a Digital Meat Thermometer

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Working in kitchens in the past, I can’t tell you how important a digital thermometer can be. If you’re cooking meat in your kitchen at all, this is an essential buy so you can be assured your dinner is as safe and tasty as it can be. This one is even magnetic, allowing you to store it within easy grasp on a fridge or cooker – super useful!

Keep Things Old School with a Classic Bacon Grease Container

There’s a reason your mom used to keep the bacon fat from your breakfasts. It’s the easiest way to add flavor to any meal and saves your drains at the same time. Paleo lovers look no further for your new favorite kitchen product! Reviewers hail it as ‘the answer’ with a perfect hidden strainer and a cute silver design.

This Grease Splatter Screen is Ideal for Frying Without Fear or Mess

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Cooking in a busy home can be difficult, especially with little kids running around. Introduce hot oil and you have a recipe for disaster. Well, there’s no need to worry if you grab one of these heavy-duty grease screens with a heat-resistant plastic handle and extra fine mesh. Homemade fried chicken for dinner is one step closer!

This Non-Stick Baking Mat Guarantees Perfect Cookies Every time

For some people, baking becomes second nature around the holidays with sugar cookies, gingerbread men, and adorable macarons for gifts. This BPA Free Cookie Sheet is a baker’s best friend. It features equally spaced guides for piping and nonstick silicone material so there’s no need for baking paper or butter either!

Lean Into the Season with an Orange Gizmo Snap N Strain

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Small, compact, and innovative, there’s a reason this is the best selling food strainer on Amazon. With reviews like ‘Such a simple, but genius, gadget!’ and ‘Works even BETTER than advertised’ you’d be a fool not to add it to your cart right now – especially in this bright orange version, perfect for those fall vibes.

You Won’t Be Able to Live Without These Adorable Kitchen Timers

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Keeping track of cooking times has never been more simple than with these digital timers! With a magnetic backing, they can be positioned in various locations but don’t worry if you can’t keep your eye on it because with a super loud and clear alarm, you’ll be able to hear it in any room.

Grab The Scale Other Scales Just Can’t Measure Up To

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The Nicewell Food Scale is more than just a pretty face, though I’m sure you’ll agree it’ll look sleek on any countertop. With a clear digital display and quick unit conversion, it’s a need for all home bakers and cooks. Plus this product comes with batteries included so you can start using it straight away.

The Viral 2 in 1 Ice Mould and Bucket is Sure To Wow Your Guests

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This is a game-changer (which is a lot to say for an ice cube mold). With a two-part design for freezing cubes of ice and an inner compartment to hold ice and chill beverages, this is a party must-have this holiday season. The bucket can hold up to 120 ice cubes, perfect for those big family gatherings this time of year!

Get Your Hands on the Eggsentials Egg Poacher Pan to Make Mornings a Little More Manageable

If you’re anything like me you live in dread of the day you ask someone how they’d like their eggs and they reply ‘poached’. It’s a difficult process to get right and often takes up way more time and stovetop space than scrambled or fried eggs. With this poacher pan, you’ll never have to worry about or undercooked eggs again. Less mess, less space, and better eggs – what’s not to love?

Invest in a Breakfast Sandwich Maker to Treat Your Family to Better Breakfasts

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Whether you’re living alone or trying to feed extended family on a holiday weekend, sometimes we all wake up a little tired and too lazy to cook up a feast. That’s where the Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker comes in. Letting you whip up two custom-cooked sandwiches at once in just 5 minutes, as one reviewer said “possibilities are endless.”

Keep Calories Low and Flavour High With an Oil Sprayer

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This bestselling oil sprayer should be on hand this Thanksgiving, as it’s perfect for controlling the amount of oil in a meal and keeping roasting items plump and juicy. Its multipurpose design means it can be filled with any liquid used for cooking, including wine and lemon juice, so it’s a versatile addition to your kitchen cupboards, earning its spot on this list.

Cute Down on Time Chopping With This Grape Cutter

Don’t be fooled by the name, the OXO Tot Grape Cutter is for more than just kids. Designed to prevent the choking hazards the fruit presents to young children, this nifty little gadget can also be used for quick, mess-free chopping of most small fruits and veggies like pitted olives and grape tomatoes (perfect for holiday party platters!).

Pick up this 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer and Avoid the Dreaded Avocado Hand

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Working in a kitchen I’ve served a lot of millennial breakfasts which means I’ve cut a lot of avocados and this simple tool made my life so much easier. With a small serrated knife for slicing through the skin and a patented pitter for removing the pit, quickly and easily, as well as a fan blade that slices the fruit as it gently lifts it from the skin, leaving you with 7 perfect slices. If there’s one thing you buy today, it needs to be this.

The Ultimate Turkey Day Essential: An Electric Carving Knife

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If there’s a perfect kitchen gadget for holiday dinners it’s a Hamilton Beach Electric Knife to help you carve those perfect slices without the effort. There is only one testament you need, and it’s this review: “For the first time in our 35 year marriage my wife was impressed with my turkey carving.” To impress your family this year, buy this now.

Brave the Day With a New 10 Cup Coffee Maker

On those busy holiday mornings with a house full of people, you’ll be happy to have this Proctor Silex 10 Cup Coffee Maker on hand to answer all your caffeine needs. With a traditional design and a modern twist, this smart plug compatible machine has an auto pause and serve feature so you can grab a cup of Joe whenever the need arises. It’s even available in white if the black option doesn’t take your fancy.

Avoid Getting Stuck in the Kitchen All Day with a Cosori Smart Air Fryer

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Not only does this air fryer have 14 functions and can dehydrate to perfection, but you can monitor the cooking with your phone from anywhere in the house so you can spend more time with your loved ones this holiday. A 7 quart capacity and multiple tray slots means a whole family dinner can be made in this stunning machine, proving its place as an excellent addition to your kitchen.

This Batter Dispenser is a Must-Have for Pancake Lovers

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Whether you’re serving pancakes for brunch or baking cupcakes for treats, this cute pink batter dispenser is going to be your go-to. It makes controlling portions so easy that you’ll wonder how you ever got consistent stacks without it, and it’s easy enough for kids to use so they can get involved in the fun.

One For the Vegans: The Tofuture Original Tofu Press

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No matter if you’re vegan all year round or accommodating for the non meat eaters in your life, if you’re cooking any tofu you need this tofu press in your life. I own one and I’ll never look back! The water collects in the outer container as it presses, leaving you with no mess, and a very easy cleanup. It’s got top honors too, being Vegan and Vegetarian Society approved and the most popular tofu press available now.

Leave the Cleaning Up to the S5 LiDar Robot Vacuum

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Not exclusively a kitchen gadget, but one you’ll be more than happy to have in your kitchen during the busy period; this smart vacuum cleaner will clean up as you go, leaving you with more time to have fun. With selective floor cleaning and the ability to program no-go zones all from the convenience of your phone, it’s the product you would have wished you had for years.

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This cookie dough scoop has a soft non-slip grip, a spring loaded mechanism, and comes in 3 different sizes so you can make the perfect cookies. We all want evenly baked cookies and no fights about who gets the biggest one this holiday season, so I’m sure these will be flying off the shelves. Time to grab yours, and start baking.

Grab a Professional Whipped Cream Dispenser for the Freshest Dessert Topping

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The sleek retro look of these whipped cream dispensers is enough to win me over, but if you need more the look on your guests’ faces as you wow them with beautifully decorated cakes and treats should do the trick. No more whipping by hand and fiddling with messy pipping bags, it’s time to up your game.

This UTALENT 5-in-1 8-Speed Stick Blender is a Need, Not a Want

‘An excellent product with tons of uses’ is what one buyer had to say about this 5-in-1 immersion blender. With attachments for frothing milk, whisking eggs, and chopping food, this is a one stop set that will make your life 5 times easier. The immersion attachment is ideal for creamy mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner!

We’re Super Thankful for this Adorable Squirrel Nut Cracker

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It might look cute but this nut cracker is sturdy, and can be used to crack the toughest shells, including pistachios, walnuts, Brazil nuts, pecans, hazelnuts and almonds. It collects the shell, stopping fragments from flying off and leaving a mess like other nut crackers. Perfect for all the family to use, and a handy gadget to have in the kitchen at this time of year.

You’re Going to Have to Be Fast to Grab This Ninja Food Processor

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Kitchen gadgets should make cooking easier and more enjoyable and this is exactly what this Ninja Food Processor does. Sporting 4 intelligent preset functions, you can shred cheese, chop veggies, prepare dough, and even blend sauces. A 9 cup capacity lets you prep to your heart’s content. If you’re looking to spend less time chopping and more time laughing, this is the item for you.

Save Yourself for Time With This 4-in-1 Corn Shucking Tool

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Shucking corn just got a lot simpler and easier with this handy kitchen tool. With a sharp stainless steel peeler and a protective hand guard, the task is made safe and easy. The storage cup attached also comes with a lid and a grater, perfect for grating garlic or ginger straight into a container. I love this little set because it also comes with a free gift of a potato peeler!

The Only Salad Spinner You’ll Ever Need

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When it comes to kitchen gadgets a salad spinner is an obvious staple. This OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner has a one hand operation and as the outer bowl can be used as a serving dish, the basket as a colander, and the top folds down to become a flat lid for easy storage, it’s a multifunctional tool, perfect for busy kitchens.

Quiet and Compact, The Hamilton Beach Fresh Coffee Grinder is the Best on the Market

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This small machine packs a punch. Weighing just 1.3 pounds with hidden cord storage, it won’t take up much room on your countertop, especially with its simple black design. But it’s a powerful coffee grinder, making up to 12 cups of coffee with just a touch of a button. You won’t regret this one when you’re cooking up a feast.

A Great Addition to your Drawers, Silicone Collapsable Funnels

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This collapsable funnel set is the only one you’ll ever need. With two sizes in four different bright and fun colours, they’re perfect for everything and anything you’ll ever need a funnel for, and they collapse to save on storage space. Heat resistant, and easy to clean, if you’re looking for funnels these are the only ones to consider.