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37 Kitchen Goodies From Amazon Basics That Will Surprise You  With How Good They Are

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Amazon Basics seems to have come a long way since I bought a mousepad from them two years ago. Now, they have a whole host of different products. A lot of them are dupes of well-known, way pricier brands like Le Creuset. As someone who lives on a tight budget, I’m grateful that these alternatives come from a trusted brand.

Some of the best ones on the list are the simple ones that make life better, more aesthetically pleasing, and less cluttered. The paper towel holder made from mirrored stainless steel, for one; it’s super useful while remaining inconspicuous. I also love the baker’s rack that basically solves all my storage problems. I hope you’re able to find this list useful and maybe jump aboard the Amazon hype train with me!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program and we may have additional affiliate relationships with some of the products featured here – as such, our company may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Amazon Basics Paper Towel Mount Saves Space and Organizes

I really like hanging storage solutions and this paper towel holder is exactly what I was looking for. It frees up so much counter space and blends inconspicuously into its surroundings. Its design makes it fit almost any shelf and the ends are malleable so as to more securely hold your paper towel.

This Basic Hot Skillet Handle Protects Your Hands From Fire

While stainless steel is my favorite material when it comes to cookware, there is an unfortunate side effect. And that’s that metal tends to conduct heat. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve whipped my hand away because I’d forgotten this basic fact of science and touched the super hot handle. I’d learned my lesson too many times before I decided to add a couple of these silicone skillet handles to my cart. They work well and have held up to many uses- probably because they were actually made to get that hot.

This Dinnerware Set Coordinates Easily With Existing Table Decor

I recently found myself in need of new dinnerware and immediately looked to Amazon for my options. I chose this 18-piece set from their Basics line and have been impressed so far with the quality. Made of AB-grade porcelain, these bowls and plates look and

These Carafes Are 100% Tritan Plastic For Long-Lasting Durability

Made of durable, 100% shatterproof Tritan plastic, this carafe from Amazon Basics is great to have on hand for homemade iced teas, juice, coconut water, etc. It is, of course, BPA-free and has an elegant, glass-like look to it. I like its classic style, the tightness of the lid, and how fresh it keeps my drinks.

This Stainless Steel Kettle Meets All Your Basic Boiling Needs

Electric kettles are so underrated. The auto-shutoff alone makes it worth so much in my books. This one from Amazon Basics has a separate base with a concealed heating element. It also has boil-dry control for extra safety and the carafe itself is wire-free so you don’t ever have to worry the plug could get in the water when you’re filling it up.

This Bread Maker Takes the Hard Work Out of Homemade Rolls

A breadmaker has made my life so much easier since I got one. It no longer takes half a day just to rise, mix, knead, and bake the bread because the machine does it for me. With 14 settings (including gluten-free!) and an ExpressBake setting that bakes your bread in 90 minutes, the only function Amazon has yet to add is a self-cleaning feature. And one that feeds my dogs. One day.

These Basics’ Wine Glasses are Backed by Amazon for One Year

I have this set of wine glasses from my college days and they’ve held up since then. I use them for my day-to-day wine needs and keep the really fancy ones for dinner parties and date nights. Despite the budget price point, these glasses still feel sturdy and elegant and look more expensive than they are.

This Electric Can Opener Uses a Magnetic Lid Holder

I’m so glad that I made the switch to electric when it comes to can openers. It wasn’t a huge deal to open cans by hand, more just neutral. With this one from Amazon Basics and its automatic stop, on/off, and lock/release mechanisms, it feels good just to save a little time and energy. Plus, the cans don’t snag and the magnetic holder prevents the lid from dropping in.

This Dedicated Coffee Pod Drawer is Stylish and Convenient

Nespresso pods are so handy to have but they can really invade and take over the ecosystem that is your kitchen if you’re not careful. In order to avoid that, I invested in one of these handy drawers that slides right under the machine. It holds 50 pods and has five sections- perfect for separating different flavors and brews.

These Amazon Basics Water Filters Work With Brita For Less

Whether you have a Brita or an Amazon Basics Water Jug (or both, why not), you can use these Basic filters for your water-cleaning needs. I haven’t noticed any huge differences between these and the Brita ones. You don’t even need to pre-soak them. And in the Amazon Basics Pitcher, they last up to 2 months each.

This Nonstick Bakeware Set is Perfect for Moist Cupcakes

Recently, I found myself living somewhere new (again), and this time I was pretty much just a suitcase and two dogs. I’d brought very little with me in way of kitchenware and that was fine until I craved some fresh, blueberry muffins one morning. I decided to take a chance on this Amazon Basics baking set and I’m very pleased I did. For less than thirty bucks, I now have 6 pieces of oven-safe (up to 500°F) pans, cookie sheets, and muffin tins to get my bake on.

This Stainless Steel Digital Scale Uses Advanced Sensors For Better Accuracy

Owning a food scale has changed the way I cook. It proves especially useful for baking when precise measurements are so important. Being able to measure ingredients to the ounce instead of doing a rough guesstimate with cups and spoons and the occasional empty apple sauce cup (don’t worry, I cleaned it first) has made a difference in the end results. Because as we all know, cooking is an art, whereas baking is a science. This one from Amazon Basics has held its own against more expensive brands (and the batteries come included).

This Mixing Bowl Set is Beyond Useful When Meal-Prepping

Made of melamine (break-resistant kitchenware ftw), these mixing bowls have non-slip bases and matching, airtight lids. The patterns give them a super cute, vintage vibe, too. I use these for everything from serving fruit and snacks to making cake batter. The lids come in real handy when I want to mix up some batter the night before, cover it up, and then use it for fresh muffins in the morning.

These Tiny Glass Food Containers Are Perfect Sauce Receptacles

These cute little containers are perfect for storing homemade sauces, bringing salad dressing to work, or on a picnic. They’re made of strong, durable glass with locking, leak-proof lids. I’ve found these especially useful for storing the last bit of ketchup or dressing, removing the bulk from my fridge without wasting the excess.

This Tritan Table Pitcher Will Make Your Lemonade Look Extra Refreshing

The holidays are approaching rapidly and we all know what that means: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas feasts. And that means fun punch. However, since we live in the times that we do, a punch bowl is feeling a little like poking fate with a stick. So instead, I’m opting for this Amazon Basics Tritan Pitcher. Made of 100% shatterproof plastic, it mimics the look of glass without any of the risk. Plus, like glass, it won’t fade or lose its luster over time. With a big, comfortable handle and drip-free spout, your punch line shouldn’t be held up by complaints of double-dipping.

These Handled Fridge Bins Take Fridge Organizing to the Next Level

Once you’ve experienced the thrills of compartmentalizing your fridge by using more than just the built-in shelves and drawers, you’ll find that it’s hard to stop. Everything now needs its own dedicated nook. Things ought to be grouped together, even if they’re barely alike. For example, these bins have been great additions to my fridge. I use one for my various sauces, another for eggs and milk, and the third for dog treats. With non-slip feet and pleasantly-colored silicone handles, they make sorting your fridge so easy.

This Immersion Hand Blender Uses a Detachable Blending Stick For Deep Pots

This hand-held immersion blender from Amazon Basics is just as great for soups and sauces as it is for cake batters and smoothies. It comes with a whisk, chopper, and beaker attachments, as well as multiple speed buttons and a toggled lock. I use mine a lot for creamy soups and homemade nut butters. There’s way less splatter than if I were whisking by hand and the consistency gets and homogenous.

These Tritan Ribbed Highball Glasses are Elegant and Sturdy

These ribbed highball glasses look so trendy and fresh, you might not even realize that they’re made from plastic. And not just any plastic- Tritan, 100% shatterproof, fade-resistant plastic. If your fingers are as buttery as mine, then you’ll want to check these out. Amazon Basics made these in two sizes, highball and double old-fashioned, so you can get the ones that suit your style best.

These Reusable Cupcake Liners Save On Both Cost and Envrionmental Fronts

Amazon Basics’ take on an increasingly popular item, the silicone liner cups. These reusable bad boys are superb alternatives to their paper counterparts. They don’t stick to the goodies and are easy to wash. The planet will thank you for making the swap.

This Colorful Kitchen Knife Set is Great Value in Both Cost and Aesthetics

These knives and I went through college, joined the workforce, and together moved about a dozen times. Their colorful finishes and ergonomic handles made cooking in every new kitchen feel a bit more comfy and familiar. I like how they’re nonstick and super sharp (using dull knives actually leads to worse injuries more often!) and the color coding made it easy to prevent cross-contamination. Years later, they still hold up great, with a bit of sharpening here and there.

This Portable Induction Burner is Perfect For Small Spaces

I have a really small kitchen and sometimes I need to use part of the stove to prep on. It’s times like these that I’m glad I have this standalone induction burner. It gets plenty hot enough to cook on, which would be a little spooky if it didn’t have built-in overheat protection. The glass top is also easy to clean and its pre-set cooking controls have come in handy, too.

This Melamine Serving Bowl Makes Salads Look Elegant and Delicious

This is a 3-piece set that includes a large salad serving bowl, a serving spoon, and a matching fork. It’s made of melamine material and then finished to look like wood with a wear-resistant pattern. I use mine for salads most of the time and feel really fancy when I do. It also works as a snack bowl for popcorn or chips.

This Extra Wide Toaster Has No Trouble Accommodating Bagels and Brioche Slices

One of the worst things when it comes to making breakfast has got to be your toaster not being big enough to toast your thiccccc bread. Yeah, that’s 5 ‘c’s thick. And forget about bagel BLTs at home. So if you’re looking for a decent toaster that won’t crush the life out of your bistro-style brioche buns, Amazon Basics has got you.

This Dutch Oven is an Impressive Dupe of a Way More Expensive Brand

Dutch ovens are a coveted piece of kitchenware and for good reason. Their durability and performance are unmatched! Of course, they come with a caveat … in the form of a great, big, hefty price tag (not to point fingers but, yeah, I am talking about you, La Creuset). Thankfully, Amazon Basics offers a great, affordable alternative for the budget-conscious. It has a good value and is perfect if you can’t or aren’t willing to drop a paycheck-and-a-half to make no-knead bread.

This Cast-Iron Skillet is Pre-Seasoned For Your Cooking Convenience

If you haven’t used a cast-iron pan before, you might want to look into them. They’re great for classics such as frittatas and casseroles, as well as oven-baked steaks and pasta dishes. This one from Amazon Basics is a great one to start with. It comes pre-seasoned, which lets you start cooking with it right away instead of having to go through the whole ordeal yourself.

These Reusable Baking Mats Are Easy to Clean and Sustainable to Boot

Amazon Basics is jumping on board the sustainability train and riding that hype out with a multitude of products. Take these baking sheets, for example: made from silicone in a simple design, these reusable food mats are ready to replace all that parchment paper. They don’t need to be pre-oiled and can resist heat up to 480°F. Give them a try and bake some cookies in the name of the Earth.

This Digital Food Steamer Cooks Different Foods at the Same Time

Steaming is a delicious and healthy alternative to stir-fry while retaining the flavors and nutrients often lost to boiling. My only qualm with it is it usually requires a dedicated steamer, otherwise, you spend a lot of time trying to fit various steamer baskets into different-sized pots. Luckily, Amazon Basics has one for a reasonable price. It features two tiers that you can use simultaneously to cook different foods, as well as a rice bowl and drip tray.

These Whisks Come in 3 Sizes, For Your Convenience

This set of three whisks of varying sizes is great for everyday use. I love the smallest one especially for eggs and sauces- it makes me feel very chef-like. The handles are contoured to feel comfortable and I never feel fatigued or in pain after using them. The ballooned part of the whisks are also super easy to clean and the handles themselves are coated to not fill up with water.

These Stainless Steel Frying Pans Are Perfect For Hot Breakfasts At Home

If you’re looking for a decent, well-priced frying pan, then check these ones out from Amazon’s Basic line. Made of durable stainless steel with an aluminum bottom for even heat distribution, these pans come in a 2-pack. For me, I’ve found the 8-inch is great for eggs or fried rice, while the 10-inch offers more space for stirfry dinners.

These Glass Tupperware are an Incredibly Cost Effective Food Storage Solution

If Tritan plastic isn’t your thing, no worries. Amazon Basics made a very similar line out of glass. You get 20 pieces of quality, durable food containers with leakproof, silicone-ringed locking lids. They’re microwave-safe, as expected, while the glass bottoms are also made to withstand the oven. Definitely a respectable set at an even more respectable price.

This Baker’s Rack Is Perfect For Kitchens Lacking Storage

My kitchen lacks built-in storage and one of the ways I’ve circumvented having only 2 cupboards is this with this baker’s rack. I love how there are hooks for my pots and pans, while also built-in shelves for snacks, spices, and other non-perishables. It lends a real contemporary vibe to the space, especially with the (removable) wood top.

This Multipurpose Scraper Creates Even Portions Easily

A dough scraper/chopper is one of those tools that you don’t know you want until you have one in your hand. I grew up making bread, pastries, dumplings, and the like. Had I had one of these, my creations might have looked somewhat more respectable than the goofy blob monsters they turned into. This one from Amazon Basics has 1-inch measurements along one edge, making it easy to get consistent, equal-sized portions.

This 22-Piece Set of Tritan Food Containers is a Steal

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Clear, leak-proof, and made of plastic-free from BPA-free, quality Tritan plastic. These are the three most important components of good Tupperware, in my opinion. Amazon Basics really can’t be beat when it comes to quality at the best value, and these containers are a real steal. They’re microwave safe, as well as perfect for storing leftovers and bringing lunches to the office. You can also use them for meal prep and not have to worry about odor retention. When you’re done, just toss them into the dishwasher.

These Drying Mats are Absorbent, Flexible, and Non-Slip

These absorbent drying mats come in a pack of two, which is perfect because I like to use one under my espresso machine. It’s made of quick-dry polyester and folds up easily for storing when not in use. The mats are also very cushioned to absorb some impact and protect your dishes. when they get dirty, just chuck ’em in the machine with your laundry.

This Amazon Basics Rice Cooker is a Compact Option with One-Touch Operation

Rice cookers are a kitchen essential, change my mind (you can’t). Making rice in a pot simply can’t compete. The convenience of hitting a single button plus the perfect consistency with which your rice comes out every time is too much. The one from Amazon Basics comes in a mini size even the smallest of spaces can accommodate. It has all the functionality one would expect from your most ‘basic’ rice cooker. It features an automatic warming function to keep your rice toasty after it’s done cooking, a nonstick cooking receptacle, as well as a rice spade and measuring cup.

This Water Pitcher is Amazon Basics’ Take on the Classic Brita

This Brita dupe from Amazon Basics is all about clean water for less (money, that is). Made in Europe, buyers are pleased with its simple 3-piece setup and say it filters just as well as leading name brands. The lid also fits rather snug, which is nice because that means less falling off when you’re pouring.

This Anti-Fatigue Mat Conforms to the Contours of Your Feet

Anti-fatigue mats are designed to combat fatigue resulting from standing for too long on a hard surface. As someone with chronic pain, even 20 minutes doing the dishes can be extremely difficult and uncomfortable. Add to that time how long it takes to cook a full meal and I’m basically in tears at the end of dinner. This mat from Amazon Basics, with its cushioned foam base that’s made to conform to your feet, has really helped.