37 Kitchen Items to Snag on Amazon This Season

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Whether you’re just getting started or an old pro, spending some time in the kitchen is a great way to relax, unwind, and get something delicious at the end of it. But, let’s face it, sometimes cooking and cleaning just feels that little bit too daunting to cope with – and you simply want to leave the kitchen, close the door, and never return.

For moments like that, though, the right kitchen helpers can be a total game-changer. We’re talking about the little kitchen gadgets and gizmos that’ll make your cooking life infinitely easier. And if you’re struggling to find what you need to elevate your kitchen game, then we’re here to help.

We’ve rounded up a whopping thirty-seven of the best kitchen items that’ll have you struggling to get away from the stove, oven, and sink. They’re all highly reviewed and well-rated, too, so you know you’re in good hands ordering any of these game-changing items…

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program and we may have additional affiliate relationships with some of the products featured here – as such, our company may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Mat Will Make Standing Easy

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Standing around while cooking and cleaning can be tough on your feet. This foam mat (which is also useful for standing desks) offers comfort and support.

The reviews say: “The mat looks great in our kitchen. The color (we got the blue) is rich and contrasts our wood flooring nicely. The mat is comfy and easy to clean.”

These Salt and Pepper Dispensers are Super Chic

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Salt and pepper are an essential addition to any dish, and these dispensers make grinding it freshly a breeze.

The reviews say: “We loved this set because it is glass, stainless steel, and has a ceramic grinder. Very little plastic.”

This Descaler Will Blitz your Coffee Machine

If you’re finding your coffee machine is underperforming, it could just be that it needs a good clean. This descaler will get it done, fast.

The reviews say: “This stuff is pretty amazing! My Keurig 2.0 was heating and sounded like it was trying to pump out the water, but nothing coming out. I tried cleaning with vinegar several times, but no luck. This stuff had it working after a single treatment.”

These Mason Jars are Beautiful and Useful

Mason jars have a myriad of in-kitchen uses. This set is high quality and looks the part, too.

The reviews say: “I am in love. They are the perfect size to use for prepping. I use them to fill fruits in as a snack, store fruit, and prep breakfast (açaí bowls, overnight oats, parfaits). They fit well in our lunch bags for us to take to work when we are running short on time. I love the design of them as well, won’t just slip easily out of your hands when there is condensation on them. I would definitely repurchase these.”

This Cocktail Kit Makes an Ideal Gift

Making sure you have every ingredient you need for a specific cocktail can be a headache – but these kits ensure you have everything on hand for when the moment strikes!

The reviews say: “Not only does the kit include everything one could need (aside from the vodka) in order to make a delicious Moscow mule but also already has portions measured out by packet for you so it is foolproof.”

Whiskey Fans Can Opt for a Manhattan Kit Instead

Not a fan of a Moscow mule? Don’t fear – there are kit options on Amazon for all manner of in-kitchen cocktails – including this hugely popular Manhattan.

The reviews say: “This makes the PERFECT Manhattan. The cocktail is flavorful, not too boozy, and so, so easy to make. The instructions are step by step and if you follow them to the T you get a bar-ready cocktail. I’ve been able to use it to entertain and convince my guests I know what I’m doing when I’m really more of a ready-made cocktail kind of gal.”

Or Feel Fancy with a Champagne Cocktail

There’s nothing that screams luxury quite like a champagne cocktail – and with this kit, all you need to do is buy a bottle of champagne!

The reviews say: “I bought this item as part of a wedding gift for the couple to enjoy as they go on their honeymoon. I opened it out of the box and it was just as described. I liked it so much I kept it for myself. I hate when I do that!”

This Crunch Cup Allows for Cereal Anywhere

We all love a cereal snack – and this cleverly designed cup means you can prep a portion in your kitchen, then take it wherever you go, without it becoming soggy!

The reviews say: “My kids always want cereal in the morning but they move slower than a snail in molasses. I bought this and loved it so much I bought a second one. They eat on the way to school so they are happy and I don’t have to yell at them quite so much to hurry up so I’m happy too. Highly recommend!”

This Baking Mat Helps with Precision

Measure while you bake with this clever mat, which offers you all the information you may need for a perfect result every time.

The reviews say: “I had not used a silicone pastry mat before I purchased this one. I have another brand that is not silicone, wipes off easily, etc however it just does not stay in place when I use it and I have to flour it excessively to get the dough to not stick. I gave this one a go and there is no looking back!”

This Bamboo Dishware Set is Lightweight Yet Chic

Finding dishware that looks as good in your kitchen cabinets as it does in a picnic set is no mean feat – but this bamboo option does both.

The reviews say: “I bought these to start becoming more sustainable. I wanted something that would be sturdy and not have a huge impact on the environment. They are a good starter product for those of us just beginning our sustainability journey. They are very cute too and will match most types of decor!”

This Egg Poacher gives Perfect Results Every Time

Poached eggs are delicious – but they can be super tricky to get right. Take the guesswork out with this ingenious silicone egg poacher.

The reviews say: “My wife loves poached eggs, and after trying and failing spectacularly to do it straight in the roiling water, I gave up and bought these. I use a little olive oil on the sides to grease them, and that works fine. You can flip them inside out for easier cleaning.”

This Reusable Baking Mat is Fabulously Sustainable

Stop buying greaseproof paper for good with this baking mat, which can be used for all manner of cooking projects.

The reviews say: “They work extremely well for preventing food from sticking to pans. Terrific customer service.”

Make storing (and, more importantly, choosing) your coffee pods a breeze with this stylish carousel.

The reviews say: “I love this carousel. It’s attractive, sturdy, and turns easily. It also fits under my cupboard with heaps of room to spare.”

This Pastry Mat Ensures Perfectly Sized Bakes

Make sure you never have midsized cookies, cakes, or macarons again with this mat. It ingeniously shows the perfect size and helps with uniformity, too.

The reviews say: “For a newbie macaron baker, it was so much easier to pipe macaron shells with this product. Having the template built-in is a huge plus. Additionally, it may well be a nice way to place drop cookie dough to cut down on cookies spreading into each other. I love silicone baking sheets and have used them for years. These are a nice addition to my baking equipment arsenal.”

These Grinders have Coarseness Options

Make your salt and pepper grinding process seamless – and make sure you can always add the right amount- with these stylish grinders.

The reviews say: “I really like the design and style of these salt and pepper grinders. The tops screw off for a fairly large filler opening and these don’t ‘leak’ like many others, which grind out the bottom. You have to invert these before you grind, which keeps your table clean(er). The rack is more for storage and putting these away, as it is not so convenient to unsnap them from the holder, but it does look quite classy.”

This Strainer Fits Any Pan

Finally, there’s a better way to strain pasta! You can clip this game-changing gadget to any size of pan to rid your food of water quickly.

The reviews say: “This is a better invention than the pet rock! My 1st use of it was draining fat from beef from a 12″ pan and it was so much easier than using the lid or losing burger through the holes of a strainer. The springs are strong but need to be to stay on. And the natural curve of the strainer adjusted easily to the pan shape!”

These Useful Containers Are Also Airtight

Not only are these containers perfectly sized for all your storage needs, but the set comes with labels so you can keep track of all your groceries.

The reviews say: “Love these. I was able to condense down so much space in my cabinets. These would be open for an open cabinet floor plan. They look nice on my counter. Love the stackable concept. The seal is airtight. 10/10.”

This Drying Rack is an Incredible Space Saver

If you’re operating in a tiny kitchen, using your sink space to dry your dishes too can be a genius concept!

The reviews say: “Easy to store. Sturdy. I got rid of my dish rack because it took up too much counter space for me (I stay in an apartment) I hate clutter and it was other things that needed that counter space (recently had a baby) so had to make room for things and it worked out great. When I’m done I put it right under the sink and it rolls up which is even better. Great buy!”

This Salad Spinner has Thousands of 5-Star Reviews

Is there any kitchen gadget that’s more fun to use than a salad spinner? This one is a bestseller and with good reason.

The reviews say: “I had a hard time deciding on a salad spinner, but I’m glad I went with this one! It does take a couple of spin and drain cycles to get the lettuce nice and dry, but the ease of use makes that no problem.”

This Garlic Press is Wonderfully Easy to Use

Fresh garlic can make a meal, but chopping it up is highly annoying. This press takes out the headache, meaning you can cook more flavorfully with ease.

The reviews say: “This thing is such a timesaver. I love how it came with the peeler too, I will never go back to hand mincing garlic!”

These Dishcloths are Surprisingly Cute

Banish unsustainable paper towels from your kitchen, and replace them with these soft and absorbent microfiber cloths. The sweet pastel colors are just a bonus.

The reviews say: “When these came and I saw how small they are and how soft, I thought I’d made a mistake, no way they were going to be good for cleaning. Brother was I wrong. These little cloths will snag the nasty off almost anything super quick, and then rinse out looking just as good as before. I will be ordering more.”

This Chopping Board is an Amazon Bestseller

How good can a chopping board really be? Well, thousands of reviewers claim this little guy is the cream of the crop.

The reviews say: “Love these. They’ve already gone through the dishwasher several times. They grip well and work well. We use very sharp knives and they’re already holding up well. Perfect for cutting individual portions before we put them on our plates. Love them and definitely recommend them.”

This Device Has a Myriad of Uses

Not only will it chop vegetables in a multitude of different sizes and shapes, but it also includes a peeler, a spiralizer, and a juicer!

The reviews say: “This thing really works, and the extra tools is a bonus. Very sharp!”

This Utensil Set Has All You’d Ever Need

This set offers thirty-three essential kitchen utensils for just $33 – and you really can’t say fairer than that.

The reviews say: “I love this set of kitchen utensils. I purchased the black set. It arrived quickly and everything is of good quality. The wooden parts of the spoons, spatulas, etc are very thick and sturdy. The plastic parts are thick and sturdy as well have had no problems of them melting or anything while cooking. Very easy to clean.”

This Drain Catcher is a True Life Saver

A clogged kitchen sink is one of life’s nightmares – but with this handy little gadget, you can catch all the detritus and remove it easily.

The reviews say: “I don’t know why, but these strainers have the ability to perform magic that none of my others can do. It fits perfectly in our kitchen sink, nice and flush. It has holes all around so water drains down very well. I’ve purchased numerous strainers in my life, but these are by far the nicest looking and easiest to take in and out… and the best part is, it does what it says it does… which is strain.”

These Collapsible Funnels are Surprisingly Useful

If you’ve ever tried to decant your pantry essentials, you’ll know how quickly things can become a huge mess. Having these funnels on hand can prevent spills – plus, they collapse for easy storage.

The reviews say: “These funnels are just what I needed. I will often order herbs and spices that I use frequently in bags or large sizes and the small funnel has made the transfer to small jars so much easier. The large size has been great for just about everything else. They collapse so they store flat and save drawer space.”

This Meat Thermometer is Perfect for the Safety Conscious

For anyone who’s a little unsure about cooking meat (and doesn’t want to risk giving their guests food poisoning), this clever thermometer gives peace of mind.

The reviews say: “An instant-read thermometer is great for grilling/smoking and, basically, all-around kitchen cooking. I mistakenly left the unit outside when I finished smoking and it rained that evening. I thought the unit was ruined since the probe was extended and the unit was on. The following day, to my surprise, the unit had an auto-shutoff and it functioned without any complications when I powered it on.”

These Cleaning Products Smell Fancy as Heck

Give your kitchen cleaning routine a boost with this set of hand soap, dish soap, and surface cleaner, which come in an array of delicious scents.

The reviews say: “Wasn’t sure what all the hype was for Mrs. Meyers products. I must say that I am glad about this purchase. I love the smell but was concerned about the actual cleaning abilities. I just used this on my cook stop stove after I had made chili with grease and grime splattered everywhere. I sprayed one layer and wiped it with a paper towel and it instantly cut the grease and did not smear. Impressive to say the least. This product will be my go-to.”

This Knife Sharpener Keeps Blades in Top Shape

If you’re having trouble cutting, it may not be necessary to replace your knives – you could give them a whole new lease of life with a simple sharpen!

The reviews say: “I’m very surprised by how well this product works. I make knives and sharpen my knives with a Japanese whetstone or belt grinder. I sharpen my mom’s and grandma’s knives by stone whenever I visit.”

This Pan Stand is a Real Space Saver

Keep your pans organized even in a spatially challenged kitchen with this fabulous rack, which can be used to stack both vertically and horizontally.

The reviews say: “Fits & works perfectly! It was easy to put together too and honestly I wish I had bought something like this years ago as it will keep all of my non-scratch pans unscratched vs the pyramid style stack I had them in.”

This Rice Cooker is Compact but Powerful

Cooking perfect rice at home is no picnic – but this incredible little device makes it quick and easy.

The reviews say: “It makes SO much rice, way more than I thought could fit in the tiny bowl. It is super easy you just push the bottom and it cooks and then when it’s finished it goes to keep warm setting. The rice tastes perfect and it’s super easy to clean. Great for cooking rice for a family of 3. Definitely recommend.”

This Scale is Small but Mighty

Getting your measurements right is the best way to ensure your cooking is as delicious as it should be. This scale makes it far simpler.

The reviews say: “It is super easy to use unlike some they tested which had confusing menu buttons and too many features. It is a very accurate scale, lightweight, and easy to clean. The surface accommodates my largest mixing bowl.”

This Egg Cooker is Absolutely Foolproof

File this under ‘things you never knew you needed.’ Get 6 eggs cooked in a flash with this futuristic gadget.

The reviews say: “What a cute little gadget to have in the kitchen. It’s super small and doesn’t take up much space at all. I was excited to use it when it arrived.”

These Shelf Organizers are the Key to a Functional Kitchen

Keeping your ingredients and devices in perfect order is the best way to make your cooking process smooth and streamlined, after all.

The reviews say: “I literally received these space savers today! Oh man, I love them! So my fridge isn’t that wide but I took advantage of 6 on the refrigerator side and 2 on the freezer side. My family doesn’t look in the fridge for fruit and I hate having fruit flies so these were an awesome way to showcase my fruit and organize my fridge. Would totally buy again!”

This Jumbo Sized Grater Does it All

It’s not just for cheese – this grater is ideal for slicing vegetables, herbs, and spices, too. It’s also big enough to get it all done at once!

The reviews say: “A ‘GRATE’ product! I saw this and decided to check it out. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy using a grater, but this one is great! I got the larger size and it’s perfect! The gratings fall inside the grater and it holds a lot!”

This Mop Will Have Your Floor Shining

Ensure your kitchen floors are clean enough to eat off of with this mop, featuring a built-in spray.

The reviews say: “It was very easy to put together, probably took less than a minute. Instructions are on the side of the box. The bottle is easy to fill and attach. The pads seem nice and thick and cleaned my floor well. This mop is extremely convenient and easy to use.”

These Sponges are Strong Yet Biodegradable

Keeping your kitchen as clean as you can is key to a happy home – and once these sponges are used, they don’t have a negative impact on the environment, either.

The reviews say: “I have tried numerous sponges and as you may know, all are not created equally. These sponges are the real deal. They definitely do what a sponge should do and are just as good as the more expensive ones. Save yourself frustration and money and buy them.”