37 Last-Minute Amazon Gift Ideas For Those Who Love to Procrastinate

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The holiday season is among us, and, as usual, it has come way too quickly. For those of us who promised ourselves that this year we wouldn’t leave it too late, but yet again, have left it too late, this list is for you. Featuring gifts for everyone from kids through to elders, I hope the gifts picked out here will prevent present panic-buying, and instead show your loved ones just how much you really care.

Last-minute gifts do not have to be ones without thought – there are so many options on here for personalized giftings, such as these mason jars which offer you so many choices. From the classics such as these whiskey glasses to the more niche gifts like this cheese-making kit, I present to you a list of the best idea gifts available from everyone’s favorite last-minute shopping site Amazon.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program and we may have additional affiliate relationships with some of the products featured here – as such, our company may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Herb Garden Kit Is a Great Gift for Foodies

  via Amazon  

Save your foodie friends and family from buying herbs in the supermarket with this herb garden kit. It is a super simple and comprehensive set for those who don’t really have any idea what they are doing when it comes to growing things!

Treat Them to These Glass Food Containers

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This is such a ‘thing you would love but never buy yourself’ kind of present. These glass food storage containers make bulk cooking and leftover storage so much easier, as they can come straight out of the freezer and right into the oven. Reviewers point out how these are a ‘very good deal’, as they saw Target advertising a single container for the same price as this set of 3!

This Night Light Is Great for Kids

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It’s a night light, it’s a toy, it’s a decoration – your gift receiver will have all these options open to them when you buy them this light-up bear. Reviewers say: “It is cute, it is pretty, and it is durable. We like the different settings that the light can go through, and that you can choose just one color if you don’t want the entire spectrum to keep cycling.”

Gift This Arts and Crafts Kit

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The Christmas period is marked not just by December 25th, but also the period of the holidays where we have to entertain the kids! Featuring an array of pipe cleaners, pom-poms, and googly eyes, this arts and crafts kit means you can just leave them to it – a gift for both the kids and their parents!

Endless Possibilities with These Mason Jars

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Okay, so please don’t gift just these empty mason jars. My thinking here is what you can put in the jars: if your cookie batter is their favorite, stick that in there; does your recipient love the outdoors? Create a hike lucky dip for them in this jar by writing different places on pieces of paper. The possibilities really are endless, but, frankly, everyone loves a homemade gift that comes from a humble mason jar.

I Know So Many People Who Would Love This Wine Chiller Set

  via Amazon  

Whether you use it for travel, picnics, hikes, or beach days, this wine chiller gift set is an ingenious idea!

Reviews say: “Just as good as the sets that cost 2 or 3 times what this one does. Arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Very satisfied!”

Save Them Money on Buying Kombucha with This DIY Set

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I’m gonna be frank with you and admit that I don’t really know what kombucha is, but I do know that millennials are obsessed. This brew your own set features its own bacteria and yeast culture and starter fluid so that you can begin brewing straight away.

Inspire Them with This Cocktail Kit

We all know someone who, no matter the occasion, will always order a cocktail. This cocktail shaker kit will make a perfect gift for them, and it might just turn out well for yourself too if they decide to take up bartending whilst you’re visiting!

For the Organizational Queens, This Gift Wrap Storage Is Great

  via Amazon  

Now, it may seem counterintuitive to give this as a Christmas present considering that by this point, you should have used up all your gift wrap. However, what you’re not thinking about is how much half-used wrapping paper is left over, and how annoying it is to store. This organizer is the perfect solution, and one that I am sure your mom (or whoever else deals with the bulk of the wrapping), will love.

This Glass Nail File Is So Handy

  via Amazon  

This glass nail file would make a perfect present for so many people – I mean, everyone has nails, right?

One customer writes: “They file so finely that there are no rough edges on my nails (as a former nail biter this is VERY important). All I can say is don’t even try the cheap imitation. These are not very expensive, to begin with, and are worth every penny!”

Gift Someone This Car Trash Can

  via Amazon  

We all know someone whose car is a mess, and this portable trash can is the perfect solution.

One reviewer writes: “This is great looking garbage that blends into my car beautifully. I had looked at cheaper ones but glad I went with this. It really is watertight which turns out to be a great feature.”

This Beard Bib Will Transform Their Shaving Routine

  via Amazon  

Anyone who lives with a beardy man will know just how messy their shaving routine can be. This beard bib will hopefully change this for the better – designed with 2 suction cups attached to a cape that wraps around your neck, this product will save them so much time in cleaning up after themselves.

This Poo Spray Is a Great Joke Gift

  via Amazon  

Although, yes, this eliminati poo spray will make everyone laugh when it’s unwrapped on Christmas day, it is also a very practical present. This spray doesn’t just mask scents, but instead, it eliminates them.

This Mini Spatula Is the Best Present You Could Buy a Beauty Lover

Any makeup lover will know just how hard it is to completely use up any product. However, this mini spatula is designed to overcome this problem – it will help you to scoop out the ends of all sorts of products, so you can really get the most for your money.

A Bike Cushion Is a Great Gift for Cyclists

With over 7,500 customers rating this padded bike seat 5-stars, it is certain to be a hit for any bike lovers in your life. Reviewers say that it ‘fits great’ on their Peloton, and that ‘you can see the difference’ in your bottom after a workout!

This Trunk Organizer Will Make Someone’s Day

Personally, I couldn’t give a damn how messy my trunk is. However, I know this is not the case for much of the population. Pick up this trunk organizer for one of the neat car people in your life, and watch them grin with joy when they realize they have another excuse now to go outside and tidy with their car some more.

This Mezzaluna Knife Is Perfect for the Pizza Lovers

You may be thinking ‘why would I need a big mezzaluna knife like that when I already have a pizza cutter?’, and I am here to tell you it’s just because you do! Until you buy this, you won’t realize what you’ve been missing – from the actual act of slicing to the clean-up, this blade is a million times easier than a regular pizza cutter. Trust me on this one!

It Is the Best Time of Year to Gift This Strainer

It may feel insulting to gift this clip-on strainer to whoever is doing the bulk of the cooking this holiday season, but I can promise you it will, first of all, garner a laugh, and then secondly, come in incredibly useful! Not only is this gadget a space saver, but it also means draining water is now a much simpler task that can be completed with 1 hand.

A Jigsaw Puzzle Is a Gift for All the Family

  via Amazon  

This jigsaw puzzle features such a fun design that combines Van Gogh’s Starry Night with the famous Great Wave artwork. What’s even more fun, though, is that this puzzle is 1,000 pieces, so it will definitely keep you going over this holiday period!

I Would Love This Cheese-Making Kit

  via Amazon  

Who doesn’t like cheese? Let your recipient take their love for dairy products to a new level with this make your own kit. For just $12.99, you will gift the opportunity to make 5 different types of cheese, and I don’t think anyone could turn their nose up at that idea!

These Holiday Themed Lollipops Will Be a Hit

  via Amazon  

I think what most people love about the holidays is an excess of themed treats, so this pack of holiday-themed lollipops certainly fits that bill! Whether you save them for the kids or treat the adults with them after bedtime, these are a super cute choice.

These Can Covers Will Be the Talk of the Family

  via Amazon  

These can covers are one of those ingenious items that you can only seem to find on Amazon. Coming in a pack of 6, the family will be fighting over who gets to keep one of these lids, designed to fit everything ranging from soda to beer cans!

This Bath Cushion Is Perfect for Those Who Have it All

  via Amazon  

I only learned that these bath cushions existed last week, so fingers crossed that the person in your life who has it all won’t already have one. Reviewers say: “I LOVE this product! I have whiplash and the pillow provides nice support for my neck and the deluxe model mat provides a cushion for my aching back. In addition, I usually slide down into the tub because I’m short. The pillow and mat provide the support so that doesn’t happen.”

You Can Never Have Too Many Scrunchies

  via Amazon  

There are some things that are such staple gifts that we rely on being gifted every holiday season that we forget we can buy them ourselves. For me, this is scrunchies – this pack of 5 comes in an array of neutral colors, so they are sure to be well received by whomever you haven’t managed to buy yet!

This Is the Best Portable Charger for When They’re On-The-Go

  via Amazon  

Whenever I have had a portable charger, it was great, apart from the fact I would never remember to take it anywhere with me so the ‘portable’ aspect was a bit of a fail really. This one, however, is like a keychain, so your gift recipient would be tough-pressed to forget it when they’re out and about!

Everyone Loves a Sherpa Blanket

  via Amazon  

I am a firm believer that one can never have too many blankets, and this sherpa one, with over 6,000 5-star reviews, is perfect for the holiday season.

One customer writes: “This blanket is so, SO soft. Definitely the softest blanket I’ve ever had. It’s like a baby blanket. It’s so warm and pleasant to snuggle with in bed.”

This Is Such a Clever Reading Light

  via Amazon  

With 3 different light settings, this clip-on reading light is perfect for those who love to cozy up to a good book before they go to sleep. The amber light mode is designed to prevent straining your eyes in order to prepare you for the best rest possible. Plus, it’s rechargeable, so don’t worry about having to waste money on batteries.

This Matcha Green Tea Powder Has the Wow Factor

  via Amazon  

Bring this matcha powder home this holiday season, and give the gift of the novelty of green tea. Okay, so some of your family might already be familiar with matcha, but I can bet you’ll at least get the kids fascinated!

You Can’t Go Wrong with This Water Bottle

  via Amazon  

Humans have to drink water, it’s a fact of life – this means you can know for sure whoever you gift this stainless steel water bottle to will get used out of it! It is triple-insulated as well, so it’s perfect for either hot or cold drinks.

This Jewelry Travel Case Is Pretty and Practical

  via Amazon  

Anyone who loves jewelry knows what a pain it is to travel with – from necklaces tangled in your earrings and rings caught up in bracelets, it’s just not good. This jewelry travel case solves all those issues with separate sections for all your goodies, plus a handy mirror which is great for when you’re living in hotel rooms.

Let Them Relax with This Wood Wick Candle

  via Amazon  

If you’ve never had a wood wick candle before, now is the time to treat yourself (or your loved ones!)

Reviewers say: “Amazing poured candle. So beautiful – from packaging to product. The scent is absolutely heavenly. Truly a great value for the size and exceptional quality.”

Or, Let Them Make Their Own with This DIY Kit

  via Amazon  

I know so many people who would love this DIY candle-making kit. Featuring 4 different fragrances and color dyes, 2 different possible molds to use, as well as the essential soy wax and cotton wicks, this is a really comprehensive set that is sure to bring everyone together.

The Crunch Cup Is Perfect for Cereal Lovers

  via Amazon  

Having breakfast on the go doesn’t have to be hard, but this cereal bottle just made it a heck of a lot easier! Gift this to the cereal lover, or the person who leaps out of bed last minute and claims they never have enough time for breakfast – this product will revolutionize their lives!

Reviewers Are Raving About How Beautiful This Necklace Is

  via Amazon  

This padlock necklace from California-based brand Benevolence is gorgeous. Coated in 14k gold, this jewelry will last for a long time, despite it only being $14.99!

One reviewer writes: “The look is simple, classy, and adds a little charm to any outfit.”

This Is One of the Nicest Dog Harnesses on the Market

  via Amazon  

Dog harnesses are usually pretty plain and boring – the most exciting they get is the occasional camo print. However, this one from Amazon changes the game – the colorful stripes are super cute, so treat your fussiest family member to a new harness today.

This Dog Teddy Has Hidden Depths

  via Amazon  

This dog plushie is not what it first appears – it actually has 3 more hidden teddies inside!

One reviewer writes: “This is so cute and all 3 puppies are unique. Very nice quality (even the zipper where the puppies are stored).”

Treat a Whiskey Lover to These Glasses

  via Amazon  

This is the kind of holiday present that never fails – these whiskey glasses are a tried and tested classic.

Reviews say: “This set of glasses is so nice, was a great price, and would make a great gift for the whisky lover in your life.”