37 Life-Enhancing Products You May Not Have Thought to Purchase on Amazon

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I’ve heard it said, “If you want to change your life, change your mind/choices/the way you think.” I’d like to update that for 2021 — ahem: “If you want to change your life, shop on Amazon.” O.K., I’m not really a groupie, but it’s close. And, why not? Amazon is the ultimate in convenience, affordability, and variety. Where else can you get a Ralph Lauren sweater, ball pein hammer, and collagen eye cream in one place?

What follows is proof positive of the versatility Amazon offers. I’ve found gear for your car, meal prep helpers, stuff to help you sleep better at night, and even an option for “portable” exercise. If a more organized car, better diet, sleep improvement, or enhanced fitness isn’t “life-changing” to you, then you better check out that “What type of potato are you?” quiz. But, if you’re trying to change your life for the better, keep reading because you’re about to become an Amazon fan — for life.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program and we may have additional affiliate relationships with some of the products featured here – as such, our company may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Just For Kicks

Stop scuff marks from your backseat passengers (I’m looking at you, toddlers) with these heavy-duty kick mats. These mats wrap around the front seat on the top and under the seat on the bottom and protect your car’s interiors from mud, salt, sand, and more. The built-in pockets are handy for storing a phone or tablet. These are made from synthetic leather which adds durability and a luxurious appearance.

The Thrill Of The Chill

Holidays and chill? Wine, that is. This wine chiller gift set is the perfect holiday gift … for yourself. Seriously, though. This set includes a vacuum-insulated wine bottle and two lidded 16-ounce tumblers. These are made of shatterproof stainless steel, making them a perfect option for picnics in the summer or traveling to see relatives in the winter.

Pick This Wedge

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Take a wedge to bed … and I’m not talking about salad. This wedge pillow is designed with back, shoulder, and neck pain sufferers in mind. Use it as a 30- or 60-degree elevation cushion to offer support where you need it most. Buy it as a sneaky gift for the snorer in your life (yeah, I went there). The zippered cover is removable for cleaning.

Needle Me

You glow, girl, and you will after buying and using this derma roller with stainless steel needles. And I know, needles on your face sounds just terrible, but these are teeny-tiny and actually help your skin be the best it can be. This replacement head is meant for the 2.0 unit and comes with a convenient storage cover to keep it clean when not in use.

Put It In Portions

It’s a weird time of year to be talking about portion control, but here we are. This deluxe kit of portion control containers will get heavy work after the holidays with containers marked for everything from fruit to protein. Buy it in a 14- or 28-piece set and you’ll even get some instructions and nutrition guidelines to help you make the most of the containers.

Private, Eyes Are Watching You

If you spend any time working on public transportation or in places like coffee shops, you need this magnetic privacy screen designed especially for a 16-inch Macbook Pro. It snaps on using magnets and can be added or removed as you see fit, with no sticky tape or difficult installation process. A privacy screen blocks prying eyes from the side while keeping the straight-on view for the user crystal clear.

A Leg Up

These look like some kind of futuristic robotic legs but, in fact, they are leg massagers that encourage both circulation and relaxation. Not only do they massage your calves, but they also act as a leg compression massager. And, there’s no sense in doing one leg at a time; with this purchase, you can treat both legs to a relaxing experience simultaneously.

Potty Party

Let’s talk about this portable toilet. It’s the perfect accessory for your camping trips, road trips, and boat excursions. This has a full-sized seat, separate tanks for fresh water and wastewater, and a pump that allows you to flush up to 70 times.

What The Shuck

I’ve never tried to shuck my own oysters, but oyster “hunting” is a big deal when you live in a coastal community. This shucker kit makes the whole affair easier, giving you a blade forged with stainless steel, a sheath, and a pair of gloves to keep you protected. One reviewer said it was the perfect kit for shucking, even for beginners.

A Step Ahead

I have a love-hate relationship with step stools. As a fairly tall woman, I don’t often need one, but when I do, most of them are terrible space suckers. This step stool is lightweight, but sturdy enough to offer good support, and folds up conveniently when not in use. The textured top helps make it safer for you to step on and off of.

Try Tea Tree

Pure tea tree is still one of the best (and least expensive) beauty buys out there and that includes this tea tree foot and nail soak. The natural salts help to cleanse, soften and detoxify skin while soothing tired feet and treating them with antibacterial properties. This soak has Epsom salt and six top essential oils to deliver a spa-worthy experience.

A Cricut Carrier

Years ago, I had a Cricut and came to discover that Cricut parties were a thing. It’s only too bad I never had one of these Cricut carrying cases. Designed to safely fit the Cricut Explore Air 2 with extra padding, it also features a front pocket with pouches, elastic bands, and zippered windows for all of your crafting accessories.

Plugged In

Why is it that you never had an outlet exactly where you need one? That all goes out the door thanks to this vertical cube power strip with USB ports. This cube consists of three traditional outlets and three USB ports and snaps into the base, which adheres to any surface with screws or sticky stuff. The best part? Hiding it under (or on the side of) your desk!

Can’t Bug You

Bugs. Bugs are why I don’t camp. Well, that, and I prefer a soft bed and running water. I digress. This hammock bug net is one step closer to convincing me to give the great outdoors another go since it keeps you covered and protected whether you’re chilling with a book or sleeping overnight. It’s also lightweight — both to transport and as a covering.

Don’t Trek On Me

Would it look weird if I bought some of these collapsible hiking poles just to walk through the sand at the beach? Hey, that stuff is tricky to navigate! These poles, sadly, are not meant for the beach, but for hiking, camping, and backpacking. You’ll get a pack of two equipped with a cork grip. Each can be adjusted up to 54 inches in a matter of seconds and are lightweight to carry around.

You’ve Always Wanted To Be A Rocker

I’m not going to lie, this pizza cutter rocker looks like a lot less work than a traditional pizza cutter — and a lot more fun, too. This 14-inch mezzaluna knife comes with a blade cover for safe storage and a blade that means serious business with very little effort on your part. This tool has unlimited functionality, too, doubling as a knife for veggies, desserts, herbs, and more.

Don’t Be Blue

I don’t know if the science is fully there on whether blue-light-blocking glasses work or not, but speaking from personal experience, I can say they’ve helped me (when I remember to put them on). These come in super cute styles like the red leopard pictured (and blue and tan varieties) as well as subtler black and brown. The lenses are scratch-resistant also.

Aunt Flo’s Hidden Helper

We’re all adults here, right? So, we have no trouble discussing nature in the form of Aunt Flo, that time of the month, whatever you want to call it. These reusable, soft, silicone menstrual cups are surging in popularity among the ladies I know, thanks in part to their leakproof design and stay-in-place positioning. These are a great eco-friendly option, too.

Improve Your Night Vision

I’ve honestly only thought about night vision in terms of the military and outdoor security cameras, so to see night vision glasses design to make it easier to drive at night, I was pretty surprised. These glasses feature a rubber finish so you can see clearly without eye strain or glare from oncoming vehicles. They also come with a nice carrying case for storage.

Contain A Traveling Toddler

One of the hardest things about traveling isn’t packing or what you’re going to eat when you get there, it’s ensuring that everyone has a comfy place to sleep — whether they’re napping or in bed for the evening. This inflatable travel bed is a great solution for little ones because it has side bumpers to prevent rolling out and a soft flocked top that comfortable for lying down on.

Put It On Ice

I’ve just about reached the stage in life where I need an ice pack for everything. This wrist ice pack wrap is super convenient with secure compression support and an accompanying gel pack that can be used for hot or cold therapy. This works for either hand and can even offer adjustable support with or without the gel pack being activated.

Solve Your Pantry Problems

If you’re like me, your pantry is probably packed and you have limited space for even one more bottle of salad dressing. This over-the-door pantry organizer is a great way to get more storage space in your pantry without going through a major overhaul or cleaning spree to do it. Store spices or condiments in your pantry or consider this for a bathroom closet for toiletries or your regular closet for shoes, too.

All Bottled Up

Most everything I prefer to drink out of is complicated to clean, which you’d think would deter me but absolutely does not. This bottle brush cleaner pack has bristled cleaners of all shapes and sizes to get in those hard-to-reach tumblers, flasks and decanters as well as straws. Each brush has a sturdy handle with stiff bristles and is safe for all types of surfaces.

Drop It In Your Drawer

Organize your knife drawer (you have one of those, right?) with this bamboo knife organizer that accommodates 10 to 15 knives while protecting their blades. If you hate stuff sitting around on your kitchen counters, this is a perfect option for keeping things tidy, secure, and out of the reach of little hands. This organizer has 11 slots designed to handle five large and six small knives.

One Fabulous Fanny Pack

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (and who could blame you), you know that fanny packs are enjoying a moment … again. This one has a ton of features including a dedicated headphone hole, money belt, six pockets, and an adjustable strap, all housed in a water-resistant package. Two hidden pockets are great for storing valuables and this pack is sized to hold most smartphones.

Locked Down

Kids are cute and clever, but they can also get themselves into predicaments you never would’ve dreamed of. These childproofing locks work for both cabinets and drawers to keep little fingers out of places they don’t belong. You’ll get 12 locks and two keys in this set that requires no drilling or screwing for installation. Just measure, stick, secure and you’re finished.

Winter Glove Love

Your hands are cold, but you also need to be on your phone. #FirstWorldWinterProblems, huh? These magic stretch gloves work doubly hard to not only keep your hands warm but also to make it possible for you to navigate your touchscreen with ease. A non-slip grip on the palm is accented by conductive material on the thumb (and two fingers) keeping you warm while you surf the web.

Floss On ‘Em

About a year ago, my dentist recommended a WaterPik for me, but holy enamel, have you seen those prices? This water flosser is just as good at a much better price. It includes eight multifunctional tips and 10 adjustable water settings along with a large water tank in an anti-slip, anti-leak design. All eight tips can be stored inside the lid for compact organizing.

Don’t Shoot The Messenger

A good messenger bag is hard to beat, especially when it’s a cycling bag that transforms into a regular backpack or a shoulder bag. This rucksack has adjustable straps, handlebar clamps, and hidden zippers. Fully waterproof with padded straps, it will safely store your gear away from showers you might encounter. Go from biking to shopping in a matter of minutes.

Neon Nights

Listen, I don’t know why you might want extreme glow-in-the-dark paint, but I would hate to keep this from you so here you go. This set of highly pigmented, phosphorescent paint includes red, blue, green, yellow, pink, orange, white, and purple. Each shade is designed to glow for hours after application, once sufficiently charged using the power of the sun. They even glow in daylight, according to the manufacturer, which is pretty sweet.

Slip Your Discs In This Storage Box

Years ago, we used to keep CDs and DVDs in these flip-style binders so you could easily see everything at a glance. These Snap-N-Store DVD storage boxes are an adequate alternative, holding up to 26 DVDs in their cases to ensure everything stays safe and organized. These boxes arrive flat and ready to assemble easily by snapping the sides together.

Protect It In This Pouch

Traveling with small valuables? Then you need this locking accessory pouch perfect for securing your cell phone, cash, and credit cards. Coming in at a convenient five-inch by eight-inch size, this pouch has a combination lock pad that the zipper pull attaches to for a secure closure. Alternatively, you can snag this in a slightly larger version. Both come in a host of colors.

You’ll Be Floored By This Seat

The idea of a floor chair seems ironic to me, but that’s exactly what this and it’s a perfect solution for things like yoga, gaming, or meditation. The seat’s backrest is adjustable so you can find just the right angle, from sitting upright to fully reclined. Lightweight and foldable, this chair is also easy to transport at just six pounds.

Storage, Cubed

If there’s one thing I could buy an unlimited supply of, it’s storage bins. They’re just so versatile. These are especially handy because they’re made of sturdy material with handles, collapse when not in use, and even have an option to buy a version with lids. Use them in your closet, laundry room, garage, or entryway — the possibilities are virtually unlimited.

Wine Not?

I don’t drink, but there’s something fun to me about collecting wine corks — maybe because they’re all so unique. This big wine glass cork holder is a cool way to display them, too. Designed to accommodate up to 50 corks of varying sizes, this display piece features a sturdy metal base and vintage brass coloring. The corks are not included, of course, but that’s where the fun comes in for you.

On The Run, On The Go

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Some people are gluttons for punishment … like those diehard exercisers in your life. (I’m kidding, of course, you do you.) This under-desk treadmill is a great solution for staying in shape when you have limited space such as in an apartment or office. It comes with a bright built-in LCD display, an integrated Bluetooth speaker, and handy remote control.

You, Me And The Tree

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Some people love to leave their Christmas trees up a long time; others are ready to take them down as soon as the last gift is unwrapped. This Christmas tree bag features an extra-wide opening, durable straps, and reinforced handles that will get you from one season to the next with no worries. Stop taping and re-taping that Christmas tree box, O.K.? (I see you.)