37 MORE Things on My Amazon Wish List | 22 Words

Here's the thing about my Amazon wish list: It just keeps getting longer. Whenever I'm shopping for one thing, I find five more that pique my interest. Like, I was looking at this pretty floral dress, and a few clicks later, I was on the page for this cozy oversized sweater. Now I want them both! Oh, and this crossbody bag to go with them.

While I'm scrolling through my wish list, I figured I'd share some of my finds with you. Whether you're in the market for home goods, craft tools, office supplies or fashion, here are some products I love that I hope you will, too.

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

The blue-and-pink flower print on this sundress makes it eye-catchingly beautiful

I love a simple silhouette with a bold print, and this little number is just that. Made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, it has just enough stretch to make it comfy, but all the cool cotton ease you need to keep it light and breezy. I'd wear this dress with a pair of heeled sandals during the day or pair it with a sweet sweater and sassy boots for going out at night.

I want this body pillow so I can have full-length memory foam support

This body pillow is just what I need to replace at least a couple of the standard pillows I currently wedge around my body at night. I tend to create a sort of pillow cocoon to support my body at every angle. What's great about this body pillow is that it's filled with shredded memory foam that softly contours to the body for maximum support and comfort. Plus, you can add or remove foam as needed to achieve just the right firmness. And the jacquard bamboo outer cover is machine washable!

These awesome blue titanium kitchen knives do excellent work -- and look good doing it

When it comes to kitchenware, what's most important is function. It has to be good at what it does, which in the case of a knife is to cut things. This set does that with excellent precision. Just ask the nearly 2,000 buyers who've rated it 4.4 stars. Aside from being practical, though, I can't help but point out that these knives are amazing looking! They have an electric blue titanium coating that's resistant to scratching and corrosion. You get six knives and matching protective sheathes for just over $20. Sign me up!

This structured-but-soft military-style blazer would go great with jeans

I like mixing formal with casual, so I envision this bold blazer with a casual dress or pair of jeans. With buttons down the front and on the shoulders, it's got a '90s Janet Jackson vibe that would look great with a modern twist. Made of cotton, nylon and spandex, it's soft and somewhat stretchy, which I love in a light jacket because it means you can get it to hug your curves nicely. This one comes in black, blue, purple, off-white and two shades of red.

I love the varied color and texture of this sterling silver spinner ring

I'm not normally a fan of mixed metals, but this piece pulls it off. I love the varied stripes as the bands wrap around this spinner ring. The main ring is sterling silver, so it won't turn your skin green or trigger any allergies. The bands are silver, copper and brass with interesting variations in texture. It's wide and funky for a touch of boho style.

My bedroom wall will be aglow with stars when I hang this light curtain

The twinkle of fairy lights brings an intimate glow to any room. I've always liked having them up in my bedroom for just that reason. With this light curtain, I'll be able to have the glow cover an entire dazzling wall. The strand is 9.8 feet long and can be controlled by remote, with eight different settings. (Twinkle, fade, waves, etc.) Plus, there are sets in pink or blue if I want to add some color to the mix.

This cute faux leather crossbody would be my everyday go-to

I'm a crossbody kind of gal, and this one is stylish and functional at once. It's got a roomy interior with a zippered pocket and two pouches, plus an external zippered compartment with an additional zippered pocket. Because of all the separate sections, you can store all your essentials neatly in a compact space, making the bag lightweight and easy for everyday use. I'm a fan of the baked apple color, which is a lovely deep red. But there are lots of colors and prints to choose from.

This coloring book shows authentic styles from a 19th-century fashion magazine

I love vintage fashion, and this coloring book is calling out to me. The illustrations in it were adapted from Godey's Lady's Book, a popular 19th-century fashion magazine. They depict the lacy necklines, fitted bodices and extravagant bustles of the Victorian era. And there's a small description along with the pictures to give you the story behind the fashion.

I think my cat would sell his tail for this oversized scratcher lounge

The curves of this infinity symbol lounge are good for scratching and comfy for lounging, meaning your cat will LOVE it. Animal Planet featured this product among its Top 19 Cat Products on My Cat From Hell. I have to say, this lounge is pretty darn cool looking, too. It's like a cat's version of modern Swedish design.

These sterling silver hoops with etched design will never go out of style

Shiny silver hoops are the perfect everyday earring. I particularly love this pair because they're made of quality sterling silver and have an etched design that increases their dazzle. The snap-bar closure makes them easy to secure, and they're a great medium size at just under two inches wide.

I need this set of rainbow titanium utensils to brighten my kitchen decor

Okay, first off, how cool does this set look?! The titanium rainbow electroplating makes them cyber-sexy, and the rust-proof stainless steel makes them oh-so-practical. You get a spatula, a ladle, a large spoon, a skimmer and a pasta scoop. They're super sturdy, dishwasher safe and have slotted handles for hanging. What's not to love?

My bed would be a luscious retreat with this lavender cotton duvet cover set

I like sleeping. A lot. And I like to have a lovely, luxurious bed to do it in. Part of that is having fresh bedding like this lavender floral duvet cover set. It's Queen size and made of 100% brushed microfiber polyester fabric, with two matching pillow shams. To keep the comforter from slipping and sliding inside the duvet cover, it has internal ties and a zippered closure. It's machine washable and wrinkle-resistant. I'd like to take a nap under it right now.

60 double-tipped markers in a gorgeous array of colors? Yes, please!

Don't you just love the feel of a fresh marker spilling ink across the page? I'd like to try this 60-color set of double-tipped alcohol markers. You can do delicate color work with the fine tip and make thick, angular marks with the chisel tip. There's also a blender so you can help one color blend seamlessly into another. And there's a case to hold the whole set, too.

I want these stylish wireless earbuds with long playtime for workouts and calls

My Apple AirPods are great, but they just don't cut it as my one-and-only set of earbuds. The charge always seems to die midway through a phone call, and then I have nothing to switch to. (Don't ask me where all my wired headphones went. I have no idea...) This set of wireless headphones would be the perfect backup pair -- or maybe even my new go-to set. Here's what I love about them: Ok, first off, they're cute. I like the pink-and-purple ones, but they come in several colors. Secondly, they're waterproof and have pliable ear hooks to keep them secure while I'm working out. My Apple AirPods don't have that. And finally, they offer seven to nine hours of audio/talk time after only two hours of charging! That's insane. Oh, and they're also totally affordable.

The sexy dark teal color of this nail polish is just my style

This beautiful nail polish is part of OPI's Milan collection. A luscious shade of dark teal, it's called Drama at La Scala, and I would love to coat my nails in it right now. If you're not into this shade of greenish-blue, check out some of the other Milan collection colors. I'm also wild about Galleria Vittorio Violet, which is an icy shade of pale purple.

This sleek laptop sleeve is simple, stylish and functional

I could use a new case for my laptop, and this soft white marble-patterned sleeve looks like just the ticket. It's got foam padding and fleece lining to protect the machine, and there's a zippered side compartment for accessories like cords and a mouse.

The lovely turquoise color of these flameless candles would brighten any room

I'm a sucker for turquoise, so this set of three battery-operated candles is just the right touch for my home. They'll never fade or burn out, and I can set them on timers to automatically soothe me on schedule every evening. Maybe I'll set them up around the tub for bath-time luxury. (If you're not as into turquoise as me, these also come in red, green and ivory.)

I'd have my laptop at my fingers anywhere I sit with this rolling laptop stand

I've got a similar tablet stand from LEVO, and I can say with authority it's AMAZING. Seriously, one of the best purchases of my life. I haven't tried the laptop stand yet, but it's quite similar in style. It's got a sturdy rolling base you can easily move around the room, and a pole that can be adjusted to various heights. Then there's the arm that holds your laptop, allowing you to swing it over your lap wherever you're seated. When I have the funds for it, I'd love to try this baby out!

This magnifying glass lamp would save my eyesight when I'm crafting

I don't need glasses to see things close-up, but when it comes to something as intricate as making jewelry or hand-sewing, I could use some help with the fine details. This magnifying glass lamp would be perfect. It has a flexible gooseneck that you can adjust to just the right location for your work.

This lightweight, stylish backpack has ergonomic features and lots of compartments

I've had this backpack on my list for quite a while. In fact, the price has gone down about 30% since I first added it, so it's quite a steal now. I'm a fan of the bright red zippers on the navy blue pockets, and I love the wide top opening of the main compartment. Inside, there's another pop of red on the zippered mesh compartment. There's a padded laptop sleeve, adjustable shoulder straps, and a padded back, making it comfortable to wear.

I love the dark red, blue and green ink in this 12-piece set of rollerball pens

These rollerball pens have extra fine points that write liquid-smooth. And the colors are so cool! They're modern dark tones of the classic colors, which I really love. You get two each of black, amber yellow, dark sea blue, haze blue, dark green and dark red. The pen cylinders are semi-transparent, giving you a clear view of how much ink remains. And they're super quick-drying, so you won't have to deal with smears.

This jaunty fascinator puts me in the mood for a sophisticated evening in a candlelit parlor

This festive splash of color makes me smile. It's just the sort of thing to add flare to a simple cocktail dress. To counterbalance the vintage nod, I'd wear modern earrings and a simple fishnet stocking. Take me to that party now! I want to chat with fascinating strangers and make new friends.

This three-pack of serums -- vitamin C, retinol and hyaluronic acid -- just might be the cure for aging

When it comes to firm, smooth skin, I've definitely learned the use of retinol, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C serum. They tighten and rejuvenate like nobody's business. However, they can be expensive, and there are so many brands to choose from. I'd like to give this three-pack of serums a try, because not only do they come at an amazing price, but they're an Amazon buyer fave, rating 4.5 stars on more than 15,000 reviews.

This game is like badminton on speed, and it looks so fun!

While we're home in quarantine during this pandemic, the idea of yard games is even more appealing than normal. This Speedminton game looks like so much fun! It comes with two paddles, four Fun Speeders (their proprietary birdies), two rubber balls and a nylon band used to create your court on the ground. With projectiles that are smaller and heavier than traditional shuttlecocks, you can play across longer distances and in any kind of weather.

These sterling silver fishhook earwires would look beautiful on so many earrings

Fishhook earwires are my favorite style of earring finding because I like they way they dangle gently from the ear. This pack of 100 earwires would make 50 pairs of earrings -- each one shiny and hypoallergenic because it's made of sterling silver. These are 21-22 gauge, which means they're delicate, but still strong enough to support most earrings. Whether you make jewelry yourself or not, these are a great buy because you can always use them to replace the low-quality ear hooks on your current sets of earrings. I do that all the time. Just grab a pair of pliers and swap them out. (YouTube will help you if you're not sure how.)

This rotating curling iron makes perfect spiral ringlets

This rotating curler gets beautiful results. But I'm not sure if that's why I want it, or if I'm just dying to feel what it's like to operate. In the product video, the model makes it look so easy! Her hair automatically wraps itself inside the metal chamber and comes out in a perfect spiral. Voila! I want to try it out myself. Luckily, it's got an anti-tangle feature to keep me from getting my hair stuck inside.

My face is aching (pun intended) for a massage with this set of two rollers

I like that you get two pampering products instead of just one with this deal. There's an ice roller and jade roller, which are supposed to help reduce eye puffiness, calm skin and improve elasticity. But even better than that, they may help reduce some of my pain from migraines and TMJ. I'd kill for that!

This vibrant oversized sweater is a snuggly dream

As I write this, temps are rising into triple digits, so the thought of winter weather is deliciously refreshing. When things do cool down, I want to have this cozy sweater on hand. It's long and loose, with cable knit detail and an open front -- plus, pockets! I'm eyeing the navy blue and wine red, but it comes in lots of other colors, and in several shades of leopard print.

This trampoline would really perk up my exercise routine!

Let's face it: I don't feel as bouncy as I did 10 years ago. So I could really use the extra pep I'd get from this springy new friend. It's just the right size to use in the house, and the safety handle can be adjusted to four different heights, so it should fit me just fine. I've gotta say, it looks a lot more fun than my elliptical.

Luxurious quality meets casual style in this soft red leather belt

This soft leather belt is the perfect accessory for a comfy pair of jeans. I love the red leather (also available in more than a dozen other colors), the square nickel-colored buckle, and the criss-cross style of the triple belt loops. It's the kind of belt you can sport for years and years, because it never wears out and never goes out of style.

This flexible tripod makes it easy to take selfies from just about anywhere

The grippy spider legs on this tripod would let me pose for pics with friends without having to wave down a stranger and ask them to hold the camera. Just clamp it right onto your cell phone or camera. Then use the included remote to take pics while you're posing. I really need to get one of these before I take my next vacation.

There's lots of space for my furry pal to play and lounge on this roomy cat tree

My burly tabby Buddy would love this cat tree. He could use it to spy on the neighbors out the window, which is his favorite pastime next to napping. I like that this tree has a top perch that's medium-height, which satisfies his need to climb while keeping the structure in balance. The little curl-up cubby is large enough to accommodate my 13-pounder. And of course there's that soft cuddle basket that I'd swoon to see him snuggled in.

This six-piece set of jewelry pliers would get so much use at my house

As a jewelry maker, I can never have too many sets of pliers. But even if you don't make jewelry, this handy little set has useful tools to help with crafts of all kinds. You get nylon jaw pliers, round nose pliers, bent nose pliers, diagonal nose pliers, flat nose pliers, wire looping pliers and a brass ring (for opening jump rings) -- all in a compact case.

This book has a gorgeous leather cover and celebrates women writers

This book is a triple-whammy: 1) It's got more than 30 novels, short stories, poems and essays in it, 2) The authors are all women, and 3) It would look great on the coffee table. I'm a book nut, and have recently been re-reading lots of classics, so it's fun to see this collection include names like Jane Austen, George Eliot, Charlotte Bronte and Edith Wharton. It's also got one of my fave mystery writers, Agatha Christie.

This handheld voice recorder would be perfect for interviews

I've got some interviews to do for a project I'm working on, and this small voice recorder would be great for that. It's easy to operate and is set to optimize the quality of voices for crystal clear audio. You can even set it to record automatically when someone speaks, which means it'll stop recording during pauses or when there's only background noise, eliminating blank spaces in the recording. Just transfer the audio files to your computer via USB.

I'll never get all tangled up in yarn again with this yarn winder and swift

This set gets you both tools -- the winder and swift -- that you need to turn yarn skeins into easily usable cakes. This would save me tons of headache and hassle, as my current method of balling yarn is to wrap it around my own hand or arm while praying it doesn't knot up. This works about half the time. We won't talk about what happens the other half of the time.

I'll be doodling with purpose using this One Zentangle A Day book

Until I came across this book, I had no idea what a Zentangle was. Apparently, it's the use of repetitive lines, marks, circles and shapes -- called "tangles" -- which you combine into patterns to create "tiles." It's supposed to help you practice focus and meditation through drawing. That sounds pretty great to me. These daily exercises could be a real calming force.