37 of the Best Amazon Gifts for Men of All Ages

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Men are by far the hardest people in my life to shop for. Whenever I ask them for ideas, I get either a blank look or a strangely specific piece of kit that I have no idea about. But, if you’re in a similar position, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. This list is (if we do say so ourselves) complied of items that are a good balance of useful and fun – if we think about our favorite ever gifts, they usually fall somewhere in between those two parameters.

Ranging from these breathtakingly beautiful Avengers playing cards to this clever handheld vacuum, if I were a man I’m sure I would enjoy any of these gifts. So, let me help to simplify the process of shopping for fifty percent of the people in your life, with this list of the best that Amazon has to offer in terms of gifts for men this holiday season.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Hammock is Built to Last

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Whether you’re shopping for a hardcore camper or someone who just enjoys kicking back and relaxing with a few brewskis on the weekends, this hammock from Wise Owl Outfitters would make a perfect gift. It has an easy one-minute setup and the durable nylon fabric keeps it looking and performing like new year after year.

He Never Knew He Needed This Calf Stretcher

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Designed to aid with tight calves, shin splints, heel pain, Achilles tendonitis, and more, this calf stretcher is a godsend for men who want to stay on top of their health. With over 2,500 reviewers rating this product 5-stars, it definitely is sure to make a difference.

Give Him the Gift of Creativity With This Convertible Tablet & Pen

The perfect gift for any guy on the go who spends a lot of time creating, taking notes, or hopping online. Don’t just take my word for it…

One reviewer said, “Such a game changer to have a responsive touch screen that I can easily zoom in and out and rotate with my free hand while I draw with my right. The adjustable angled screen is going to change the market for drawing laptops. I just can’t imagine using a laptop without this feature now.”

Treat Him to a Romantic Dinner over This Sock Pizza

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This pizza box full of socks is a really brilliant novelty gift – and the best thing is that the quality is just as great, as the brand is OEKO-TEX certified! One reviewer writes: “I was a bit jealous that I hadn’t ordered a set of these socks for myself. I gave them to my boyfriend for his birthday and he was so thrilled with them.”

These Compression Sleeves Are Great for Men Who Love to Work Out

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One of the many things my dad regrets in life is not looking after his knees well enough. These knee braces are made out of strong yet stretchy fabric to support your joints as you exercise, so get the man in your life the gift that my dad failed to give himself!

This Water Bottle is Great for Adventures

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This stainless steel bottle is triple-insulated, which makes it a fabulous gift for any man who leads an active lifestyle, as it ensures his drink will be kept as warm (or as cold!) as he likes. It also boasts the claim that it is both leak-proof and shatterproof, so challenge him to damage this one!

These Marvel Playing Cards Are Stunning

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Everyone needs a fancy set of playing cards, and this Avengers set is a great choice. Not only is the cosmic foil on the outside gorgeous, but check out the cards themselves! The designs incorporate Marvel characters into the deck, and honestly, they are so beautiful even I am tempted by these.

Show Him Some Style with This Leather Belt

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Almost everyone I know needs a new belt – it’s just a fact of life. No one ever wants to spend their own hard-earned money on a belt for themselves.

However, this means they make a great gift, and one that you know he will get use out of. This leather belt is an amazing option, with one review saying it is even “more durable than I imagined.”

This Bow Tie is Super Festive

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This bow tie is perfect for the man who has it all but still can’t tie his own tie. It comes pre-tied, so he can maintain both his integrity and his style. Available in a wide array of colors, this is a great gift to buy your man this holiday season.

Keep Him Safe with This Hi-Vis Running Set

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Running in the winter is notoriously not as popular as in the summer, and it’s no wonder why once the nights start drawing in. This reflective hi-vis safety set is perfect for those who are tough enough to keep running even in the darkness.

You Will Want One of These Huge Hoodies All to Yourself

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Last year, my mom bought me and my sister one of these huge blanket-style hoodies each. This year, we have both bought one for our respective partners, so we can all be one big snuggly family. Seriously, though, once you buy one, there’s no going back to life before.

Who Knew This Bike Seat Cushion Existed?

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The thing that puts me off bike riding the most is the seat – it just seems like an odd form of self-torture to me. However, this bike seat cushion might be the thing that finally gets me back on the saddle, and I’m sure the bike-mad men in your life will appreciate it too.

This Inflatable Mattress “Sleeps Like a Real Mattress”

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We all have a man in our lives who believes he is the camping king, and so he deserves to sleep like one! This inflatable mattress has rave reviews for its comfort, and its built-in pump means it will be one less stress for you when you arrive at the campsite.

The Smart Glasses With Alexa Built Into Them

Ever wish you had your own personal assistant? You can totally afford one because that’s basically what these smart glasses are. You can have them make calls, set reminders, or even add stuff to your grocery list — all by using voice commands.

This Backpack Cooler is Perfect for Beers

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The cleverly named Brr Bag is a great gift for any outdoorsy guy. Whether he wants to take it fishing, camping, or just on a long hike, this backpack cooler is definitely the smartest way to keep beverages cold whilst on the go.

This Magnetic Wristband is Super Useful

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During the very little DIY that I get up to, the thing that frustrates me the most is losing things right before I need them. This magnetic wristband is a great solution for that, as any screws or small tools can simply wait on the wristband until they are used!

This Hammock Will Make Him Feel Like a Real Wild Guy

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With over a staggering 30,000 full 5-star reviews, this camping hammock is a must-have for men who are serious about the outdoors. Available in both a single and double size, the hammock folds up to the size of eggplant when not in use, so it is ideal for those who like to travel light.

These Reusable Ice Packs Are a Camping Essential

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You won’t realize how handy these ice packs are until you buy them. As they come in a smaller lunch bag size, they are so much handier than your normal old ice packs, because they can be used on a much more regular basis thanks to the handy size.

Reach New Heights with These Collapsible Hiking Poles

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Every time I go up a hill, I think, first of all, about how unfit I am, and then secondly, how much easier it would be to walk up to said hill with a pair of hiking poles. This collapsible pair is an excellent choice, as they can be easily packed away for the flatter parts of your walk.

Buy Your BBQ King Some Fire Starters

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The reviews for these fire starters are superb, with one guy saying that they are the “best he’s used.” I know that my dad, being the pyromaniac he is, would love how these “light up fast and burn up in a few minutes,” so he can get grilling quicker than ever.

Make His Life Easier with This Electronics Organizer

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My form of electronics organization is what I think of as a drawer of stress, and my boyfriend hates it. I think I am definitely going to have to gift him one of these organizers for the holidays this year, so he can flaunt his superiority at me even further.

The Wireless Earbuds That Play Music For Up To 15 Hours

Whether you’re riding the bus to work or hitting the gym, these wireless earbuds can play music for up to 15 hours — so don’t worry if you forget to charge them overnight. And since they’re smart earbuds, this pair is even compatible with Siri as well as Google Assistant.

This Belt Bag is Transformational for his Workouts

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This fanny pack is a great gift for any active man in your life. Designed to fit all common phones, it is sure to keep all of his belongings safe no matter what he gets up to. Reviewers say that they were “shocked by the number of things they could fit inside.”

These Memory Foam Slippers Will be a Definite Hit

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Is there a better gift to receive than a pair of slippers? If you want to make your loved one think about you every morning when he gets up, and every evening when he goes to bed, these mocassin-style slippers are a perfect present to pick.

Head Back in Time with This Shaving Brush Set

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Now maybe my boyfriend is just weird, but when I asked him last night if he could be gifted anything from Amazon what it would be, his answer was this shaving brush set. I mean, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do, right? For the old-fashioned types in your life, this gift set is perfect.

This Tool Storage Station is Great

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Are the men in your life garage-obsessed? Yeah, me too. Make them happy by gifting them this drill storage rack, so they can keep all their tools organized, and free up some space for their other ventures.

This Handheld Vacuum is Ideal for His Car

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Honestly, if you haven’t tried a handheld vacuum before, gift this to someone close to you so you can try it out for yourself, and you’ll wonder what’s the point in ever using a full-sized one again. This handy vacuum cleaner is cordless, with a fully charged battery life of up to 10 hours, which makes it perfect for keeping in the car on the go.

Gift Both Festivity and Functionality with This Snowflake Multi Tool

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Okay, so this might essentially be a keyring, but it’s a funky one. With the ability to open bottles, fix bikes, turn screws, and more, this multi-tool is a really neat and useful object to have on hand.

Save Him Time in the Mornings with This Pre-tied Tie

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I don’t understand how men manage to do it every day – some people say the tie is dying a death, and I don’t blame it, it’s that complicated to do! For the traditional guys, you know who maintain their need to stay smart, gift them this pre-tied tie to save them the hassle.

Only He Will Appreciate This LEGO X-Wing Fighter from Star Wars

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I promise that this Star Wars LEGO set is not just for kids – in fact, I hope it’s not because I have already bought it as a gift for my boyfriend! For some reason unknown to me, all men love LEGO, no matter what age. Gift them a few hours of childhood when they sit down to put this set together.

This Amazon Fire TV is a Game Changer

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This Amazon Fire TV is everything and more. All of your favorite streaming services are right at your fingertips!

Don’t take our word for it, one reviewer said, “I’ll be honest, I hate hate hate smart TV’s. That said, this tv is shockingly fast, easy to set up and use! I bought this for my 77-year-old mother, had to replace a bad TV and she loves The Grand Tour. She is using it well, the picture is nice, 1080 streams from Cox look amazing, light as hell, and easy to set up. All in all, I looked at a number of TVs at this price point, after getting it and setting it up, it wins!”

Ninety Percent of the Reviews for This Guitar Capo Are 5-Star

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This strange-looking object is actually a guitar capo – and it’s one of the best on the market! My dad has played guitar all of his life and has been through countless different versions, but he swears by this one from Shubb. With so many of the reviewers agreeing with him, there’s no excuse not to gift this to any guitar lovers in your life.

A Smart Soap Dispenser That’s Completely Touch-Free

You’re always washing your hands, but what about the pump on your soap dispenser? The solution: this smart soap dispenser that senses where your hands are. A single charge keeps it running for up to three months — and you can even pair it with compatible Echo devices to listen to music while you’re in the bathroom.

Let Him Make His Own Morning Coffee with This One Cup Brewer

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If the men in your life are like me and are useless without their morning cup of coffee, this single cup coffee brewer is a fantastic gift to buy for them. Whether they keep it on their bedside table or leave it at their workplace, I think every man has a need for the convenience of this machine.

This Hanging Travel Bag is So Useful

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The best gifts are the things we would never buy ourselves, and this hanging shower bag is a great example. Most of the men I know struggle through with the same toiletry bag that they have had for years, so give them a refresh with this new bag which fits so much in, but remains super compact, meaning that it is perfect for traveling.

This Digital Thermometer is Great for All Types of Chefs

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From the grill to the stove, this totally waterproof digital thermometer makes a great addition to any man’s kitchen. Grab yourself a fabulous deal, and ensure that he never overcooks (or undercooks!) the meat again.

This Game is Called Taco, Cat, Goat, Cheese, Pizza – Sounds Intense, Right?

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Admittedly, I have never heard of this game before either. However, this review has sold me to the fact that it has to be one of the best gifts out there this year:

“This game is more mind-bending and crazy than you think. Don’t let the cuteness fool you. This game is by far the most competitive and fun party game to play with friends!! The special cards mess with your mind!”

This Laptop Stand is a Modern Must Have

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You don’t realize how much you need a laptop stand until you have one. Reviewers say this stand is “an inexpensive yet perfect solution,” so why not treat him to an extra stocking stuffer?

An Outdoor Security Camera That Can Handle The Weather

Having a high-tech security system installed professionally can cost thousands of dollars — so grab this outdoor camera and do it yourself instead. It only needs two AA batteries to run for up to two years, and they even come included so that it’s ready to go right out of the box. Plus, the waterproof design means it’ll still work when the weather turns wet.

You Can Never Have too Many Pairs of Calvin Klein Underpants

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Calvin Klein is the undisputed king of undies, and I am sure that all of the men in your life would deeply appreciate being decked out with a new set. Treat him to this 3 pack, so he doesn’t have to suffer through any more inferior underwear days.

This Beer Holster Seems Like an Everyday Essential to Me

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This beer holster may seem like a fun joke gift, but a quick look at the reviews makes it clear that this is a gag gift that also works! The high-quality holster will fit onto any regular-sized belt, and ensure that your beverage is never too far away.

One reviewer says: “Everyone asks where I got it! Mowing the grass just got a lot better!”

This Phone Wallet is an Ideal Stocking Stuffer

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Buying a man a wallet for Christmas is old news – switch it up by gifting them this stick-on phone wallet instead. Those who have already tried these clever inventions know how much easier it is just to have everything in one place. With many of us paying on our phones anyway these days, it just makes sense to have ID and loyalty cards there too!

Save $150 on the Amazon Fire TV 50″ Omni Series 4K UHD smart TV

This Amazon Fire TV is everything and more. All of your favorite streaming services are right at your fingertips!

Don’t take our word for it, one reviewer said, “This tv is amazing! First time me stepping out of the box buying other then Sony or Samsung. I’m blown away by this tv’s picture. The set up was easy.”

This Stanley Lunch Box is So Retro

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Inspired by their 1950s design, this lunch box is both stylish and practical. Its special steel exterior is created so that it will be able to withstand even the toughest of conditions. With almost 5000 full 5-star ratings, this gift will definitely go down well.