37 Of The Best Problem-Solving Products on Amazon

Anyone got a minor annoyance that you really want to fix? I’m sure there’s a product for that. There’s a reason that a lot of these products have been featured on Shark Tank: everyone wants things that make life a little easier. Maybe it’s a common problem or something you didn’t even know was a problem until now. I went on the hunt for the best problem-solving products around.

From a handy container that keeps guac from going brown to beard clipping bib and a set of markers that color in wood scratches, find the next product you can’t live without.

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You Definitely Need A Hands-Free Dog Leash

Whether you like to run with your dog or you’re also pushing a stroller, this hands-free leash really comes in handy. It has two shock-absorbers to help provide a bit of “give” in the leash, to help reduce the amount of tugging you both feel.


This Migraine Relief Cap Is Genius

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As someone with chronic migraines, I’ve used a lot of different migraine-relief products. Cold packs really do help, and this hat is awesome. Sometimes your migraines are in different parts of your head and this cap provides relief for your whole head.


REALLY Keep Your Keurig Clean

I try to follow all the cleaning routines to keep my Keurig clean, but I didn’t even know these little cleaning pods existed. Look at how much gunk got cleaned out! These are definitely part of my routine now.

Keep Your Drain Clear

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This could be a mostly long hair problem, but this little drain protector is a lifesaver. It actually catches all the hair, unlike some other products I’ve tried.

Fake Fixes With Wood Markers

Between scratches on your floor to a chip that came out of your dining room table, this set of wood markers really comes in handy! It comes with 13 different shades so you know there will be one that matches.

These Wine Relief Drops Actually Work

As someone who gets migraines, wine tends to give me one. It’s most likely the sulfites but it could be the tannins, too? Either way, these drops leave all the bad stuff at the bottom of the glass. As long as you don’t go overboard, no bad side effects!

You Definitely Need A Buckle-Less Belt

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This stretchy belt needs to be a staple in your closet. I always have issues with wearing a tighter shirt and getting annoyed at seeing the buckle… no longer! It also looks super cute with a dress or skirt.

Never Lose Your Chapstick Again

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This would have been awesome for when I worked in a restaurant and never had room in my pockets. It is also awesome to attach to your purse or backpack so you can always find your chapstick.

Finally, Keep Your Coffee Fresh

Light and oxygen are the enemies of coffee. I have this container and it might not be “vacuum-sealed” as it claims, it is pretty airtight. It keeps my coffee super fresh.

Make Grooming Easy With This Slow Treat Dispenser

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Well, this pretty much only holds peanut butter, but your dog will still like it. This is an awesome little invention to make grooming and bathing easier. You can even use it for dog training.

Soften Your Heels With Gel Sleeves

I feel like no matter how much I try to take care of my feet, they still get kinda rough. Especially during the summer and wearing sandals a lot. These little sleeves soften up your skin and help heal your heels.

Use Every Last Drop

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Another thing I wish I had invented myself! The Flip-It helps you use the rest of any bottle, from shampoo to honey or ketchup.

Have Extra Car Storage

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These little hooks are so handy. I love knowing exactly where my purse or backpack is and it keeps my car looking tidy. You can even hang grocery bags or your reusable bags on ’em.

Keep A Red Wine Stain Remover On Hand

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Spills happen. This red wine stain remover works on almost any fabric and no matter how old the stain is.

Get Perfect Wings Every Time With This Eyeliner Stamp

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Struggle with uneven wings? Me, too. This set comes with the black liquid eyeliner pen and then a stamp for each eye. You can even choose what size wing you would like. Say hello to awesome eyes.

Make Chopping Even Easier

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I can be a bit of a perfectionist, so uneven ground beef can annoy me. This little tool is perfect, like a super spatula.

Stop Using A Knife To Scrape Labels Off

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Why aren’t labels easier to get off? Well, okay I get that you don’t want to make it easier for people to steal. This little tool is basic but cool. Use it to scrape off labels, grease, grime, or candle wax.

Always Have Your Glasses On Hand

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For those of us with reading glasses, these magnetic holders are lifesavers. No need to wear a shirt with a pocket, just stick these on any shirt you want.

Every Guy Needs A Beard Bib

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Beard trimming gets messy pretty quickly. This Shark Tank product keeps all your clippings from going down the drain and all over the bathroom.

Clean Your Knives Safely

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I’ve needed a BladeBrush for years. It wraps around the knife or other cutlery and cleans both sides at once. Pretty, pretty sweet.

Why Have I Not Used Car Wash Wipes Before?

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I probably should get my car washed more than I do… but it seems like every time I do, bird poop or something else wrecks it right away. Not anymore, just use a wipe to get that one spot and keep it looking freshly washed.

Amazingly Keep Your Guac Fresh

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Guacamole getting brown is probably a big annoyance for everyone. You press all the air out of this container before you seal it, leaving you with still green guac.

Easily Remove ALL The Animal Fur

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I love that this FURemover broom works on carpet and tile or hardwood. It also pulls double-duty as a squeegee to remove spills.

Backlight Your TV For The Ultimate Viewing Experience

Bias lighting is what can really make the color on your TV stand out. We sometimes have issues with our living room being too light, but then too dark for some shows. This lighting is perfect and easy to install, you just stick it on the back of your TV.

Butter Should Just Come With A Hugger

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I mean butter doesn’t really go to waste in my house, but this little reusable silicone cover is so handy. It creates a flexible but airtight seal on your unused stick so nothing goes bad.

This Pocket Shower Curtain Keeps Your Shower Organized

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Between bath products and different types of shampoo and kids’ bath toys, you can have a lot to keep around your bath. This shower curtain can be used with the pockets facing you in the shower, or with the pockets facing out.

If You Wear Glasses, You Probably Need This Wax

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Yet another Shark Tank product that’s awesome. This Nerdwax (actual name) keeps your glasses from slipping. It’s easy to apply and unnoticeable compared to antislip ear hooks and stick on nose strips.

Save Time With An Herb Scissors

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I have these scissors and they’re awesome. Instead of pulling out a cutting board to chop up cilantro, parsley, or chives, just chopping ’em in the air right above your dish.

Keep Your Pup Occupied With This Interactive Toy

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I’ve heard from friends that it’s obviously been great to be at home with their dog so much lately… but obviously it can be sad that they can’t constantly play with them. Enter the Wobble Wag Giggle Ball. Dogs LOVE it and it provides hours of fun.

Keep Your Dishwasher Clean

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Sometimes your dishwasher gets that funky smell or seems like it’s not getting things totally clean. Limescale and mineral build-up can be to blame. One tablet once a month keeps your dishwasher extra clean.

Open Packages Safely

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I can be a little accident-prone, so using a regular box cutter seems a little dangerous to me. These are smaller package openers that have all the power of a regular blade. And it comes with five so you can share ’em with any clumsy friends.

Have Your Very Own Taco Truck

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Anyone else love tacos but find them annoying to eat sometimes? There are tons of taco holders out there… but these are the coolest.

Are You The Last Person Without A Squatty Potty?

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This was honestly the one invention I didn’t know I needed so badly. It helps get your body in a more natural position and works so well.

Always Have Enough Outlets

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I’ve lived in older buildings where there only one or maybe two outlets in every room… so this double extension cord would have been awesome.

Strain, But Take Up Less Space

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I’m always moving my big strainer around my cabinet when trying to find a pot. Then there’s struggling with pouring hot water in just the right spot in the sink… enter this almost fool-proof clip-on strainer. So easy.

No More Foggy Glasses

You all know what I’m talking about, the glasses fog that can happen when wearing a mask for a while. This anti-fog spray was originally invented for like scuba masks but it works well on glasses, too.