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37 Outdoor Amazon Gadgets That Will Come In Handy This Season

The birds are singing, the temperature is rising, and we’re all finally starting to venture outdoors after a long, long winter. Spring is here, so it’s time to whip your garden and patio space into shape. Luckily for you, we’ve written about hundreds of outdoor products over the years, and the following 37 are the best of the best.

From grow-your-own-herb kits to must-have grill tools to zero-gravity lounge chairs that you’ll never want to get out of, these are the most popular patio and garden products we’ve ever featured. You may just be tempted to move outdoors permanently.

You will love our editor’s curated product picks! FYI: We are an Amazon affiliate partner and may get a share of the sale of your purchase (at no cost to you).


Plant Some Colorful Flowers in Your Yard to Liven-Up Your Surroundings

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Now’s the perfect time to plant a little garden in the yard. These zinnia seeds are non-GMO, freshly packed in the U.S., and ready to plant. They should be planted in a sunny spot. They’re hardy annuals that should germinate quickly to bloom all summer long.


These Moss Poles Help Climbing Plants Grow Up Tall and Strong

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If you have a container plant (indoors or out) that needs support, these Moss Poles can help! Plants cling easily to the natural fiber made from coconut husks. It’s earning solid ratings from Amazon customers, with one 5-star review saying, “Sturdy. This post was exactly what I needed for a potted pothos ivy that hangs to the floor.”


Use these little gnat traps indoors and outdoors to catch annoying flying insects

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I added some houseplants to my living room to brighten up the atmosphere and purify the air. It worked! It’s a much more soothing environment except for one thing: the gnats. Apparently, they, too, love my houseplants. I can’t express how annoying it is to try to watch TV while swatting at tiny uncatchable gnats. That’s where these little yellow gnat traps come in handy. They do the work for me, attracting and catching those pesky suckers. Just stick these in the soil of your plant pot and, voila, a bug-free home!

This Moisture Meter Tells You If You’re Watering Enough

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Easy to use with instant results, this Moisture Meter is indispensable for keeping plants healthy. Just insert the probe into soil to learn whether you’re under- or over-watering.

This Reusable Straw Is The Last One You’ll Ever Buy

Trying to cut down on your waste but enjoy sipping your drinks through a straw? Allow me to introduce you to your new BFF: The FinalStraw. This clever gadget is made from durable metal with silicone tips designed to last a lifetime. The collapsable design and carrying case make it oh-so-portable, and it snaps together in an instant. Don’t leave home without it!

These Bestselling Pruning Shears for the Most Precise Snips

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Perfect for perfectionists and anxious trimmers, these Bestselling Pruning Shears are designed with micro tips so you can make precise little snips on your precious plants. That means you can trim off the dead stuff without accidentally decapitating a blossom!

This Japanese Hori-Hori Knife Is a Versatile Tool in the Garden

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“Hori” means “to dig” in Japanese. Gardening knives in this style were developed in Japan for digging and cutting plants, and today many gardeners still find them highly effective. This Japanese Hori-Hori Knife by Nikasu is made of stainless steel with a wood handle.

This Multi-Tier Bamboo Plant Stand Is Rustic Chic, Giving Your Patio a Lovely Burst of Life

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You can use this six-tier potted plant stand indoors or outdoors. It’s made of bamboo that’s been coated to protect against corrosion from weather and insects. The alternating location of tiers from one side of the rack to the other makes it eye-catching. You can easily display seven potted plants on this six-tier stand because the bottom tier can support two models side-by-side.

This Storm Forecaster Will Look Too Cute Indoors or Out

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You can’t deny that this storm forecaster looks chic. And not only is it nifty, but depending on how the liquid inside is behaving, it will even tell you what the weather will be like that day! It’s also a great addition to a covered patio or back porch.

This CobraHead Tool That Customers Call “Brilliant”

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A couple of gardeners in Wisconsin got frustrated with their old-fashioned hand tools and decided to invent something new: the CobraHead. The curved design is more comfortable to use and highly effective at weeding, digging, and edging. Customers call it “brilliant” and “my favorite garden tool.”

These Iron Wall Hangers Have Adorable Little Birds on Top

I really love these wall hangers with little birds on top. They have a delicate swirl design that reminds me of classic Europe, and those little birds chirping at the peak are simply too sweet. Choose from raw iron or black iron. These brackets can be used to hang plants, wind chimes, lanterns, and much more. More than 800 buyers rate these 4.8 stars!

Grow Your Own Venus Fly Trap in This Tiny Blue Terrarium

Venus flytraps are famous for having claw-like tendrils and being carnivorous (look out, insects!), but who knew they could also make for beautiful home decor? Only one problem: they’re incredibly hard to keep alive as houseplants. So Bloomify came up with a solution. Their Venus flytraps grow in a small bulb-shaped jar where they’re fed on a nutrient-rich blue gel that keeps them thriving for months.

This Auger Drill Bit Does the Digging for You

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I planted some lavender in my backyard last year, and digging the holes just about broke my back. Before I install more plants, I’m getting this Auger Drill Bit, which I can attach to the drill I already own (it will work with any 3/8″ hex drive drill).

These Bamboo Plant Labels So You Remember What You Planted

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Show off your veggies and herbs with these Bamboo Plant Labels, which are equally cute and practical! I appreciate that they’re made from a natural, sustainable material. The set includes 60 bamboo stakes and a pen.

This Planter Box Is Made of Long-Lasting Cedar

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I love the idea of growing vegetables, but it’s easy to get overwhelmed. This Planter Box can help me focus on a 4-foot-long area where I can completely control what goes in. Reviewers say that it’s easy to assemble with no special tools needed.

This Grill Press Makes You A Grill Master

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Grill food quickly and with sweet grill marks using this cast iron press. My favorite thing is to season chicken and butterfly it then and press it with this, yum. Obviously, it’s a total gem with homemade hamburger patties too!

This Bonsai Starter Kit Is Perfect For Green Thumbs

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How cool is this bonsai starter kit? Kids and grown-ups alike will get so much joy from watching these mini trees grow. The kit grows four trees from organic seed, Rocky Mountain Bristlecone Pine, Black Poui, Norway Spruce, and Flame Tree, and it comes with a comprehensive how-to guide for plant newbies.

Put Your Plants On Auto-Feed

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Green things and I don’t get along. Don’t get me wrong; I love them. They just don’t love me in return. I can never seem to get the not-enough-water/too-much-water, not-enough-food/too-much-food ratio just right. With these indoor plant food spikes, just hide them in the soil and forget about them. Seriously. Your plant will “eat” well for up to two months without your interference.


These Gripper Clips Because We All Need Support

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I ordered a pack of these Gripper Clips on a friend’s recommendation, and I’ve been amazed at how useful I’ve found them. Thousands of customers agree and have been leaving 5-star reviews! One customer wrote, “This is my second purchase. I liked these clips so much for quick staking of tomato plants and others that I quickly bought this second set with twice the number of clips.”

This Plant Stand Really Elevates Your Look

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Sure, potted plants look pretty good on their own, but I love these modern plant stands to really elevate the look. They come in sizes to hold planter pots from 8 inches in diameter to 14 inches and can be used indoors or out. Reviewers love how easy they are to put together and the amazing quality you get for a low price!

These Plant Food Nuggets Nourish Potted Plants for Months

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I have some potted plants on my back patio, and even though I water regularly, they look droopy and sad. Maybe they’re hungry?! I’m treating them to these Plant Food Nuggets. Just push one into the soil, and it slowly releases nutrients for up to 6 months.

This Beautiful Boho Side Table Comes in Navy Blue With Intricate Cutouts on the Sides

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There’s something about this dark blue iron side table that is exotic and sophisticated. I just love the intricate cutouts on the sides. It’s got a drum-like shape and is the perfect size for holding a Bluetooth speaker, a glass of iced tea, and a magazine for a day outdoors.

Relax in Style and Comfort in This Two-Piece Set of Zero-Gravity Lounge Chairs

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If you haven’t tried one of these zero-gravity lounge chairs, it’s time you got one! They lean back effortlessly, giving you a smooth, gentle recline that removes strain from your aching muscles and allows you to drift off into daydreams. This set of two is an Amazon bestseller, earning 4.5-star ratings on nearly 25,000 reviews. Choose from more than a dozen colors to suit your decor.

These Heirloom Wildflower Seeds for a Beautifully Natural Garden

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Grow a lush, colorful garden with a 4-ounce packet of Heirloom Wildflower Seeds. It contains 18 varieties of seeds, with flowers that will grow 24-36 inches tall and cover roughly 400 square feet.

This Monarch Rescue Seed Mix Helps You Save Butterflies

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My daughter’s school planted a butterfly garden using this Monarch Rescue Seed Mix. The blend of milkweed and nectar-rich flowers create the perfect environment to invite and nourish monarchs and other butterflies.

This Rolling Stool Will Save Your Back

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No more stooping, kneeling, or crouching to reach plants! This Rolling Stool gives you a comfy spot to sit while planting veggies or tending flower beds. Amazon customers say it’s easy to assemble and very handy for lots of tasks around the house and yard.

This Bug Hotel Invites Bees, Butterflies, and Ladybugs to Your Garden

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Insects are a crucial part of a healthy garden’s ecosystem! Made of sustainable bamboo and pine, this Bug Hotel makes an attractive addition to your garden while attracting bees, butterflies, ladybugs, and other helpful insects.

These Drain Smart Discs Keep Potted Plants Alive Longer

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I love my houseplants and try really hard not to kill them. I’m hoping these Drain Smart Discs will help! They can be trimmed to fit any pot and provide a base layer beneath the soil to encourage proper drainage and prevent root rot.
Here’s one 5-star review: “These things are reusable and won’t let the soil seep through drainage. Can not recommend this enough.”

This Bonsai Kit That Adds A Little Green To Your Space

You may not already be aware, but bonsai isn’t an actual tree. It’s actually just the term for the Japanese art of cultivating and sculpting small trees that mimic the shape of larger ones. This kit comes with four types of trees to shape and grow, including Rocky Mountain Bristlecone Pine, Black Poui, Norway Spruce, and Flame Tree. And if you don’t have a green thumb, don’t worry. They also come with easy instructions.

Keep Your Plants Alive With Kitty Water Bulbs

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I’ve gotten a little better at keeping plants alive, but I can always use the extra help. These adorable cat watering bulbs will definitely help. They automatically water your plants for up to 3 weeks and look cute while doing it.

This Indoor Salsa Garden Kit That’s 100% USDA Organic And Non-GMO

Not only are the seeds in this indoor salsa garden kit 100% USDA organic as well as non-GMO, but each kit comes with five plants: San Marzano tomato, early cherry tomato, early jalapeño, cilantro (slow bolt), and green onion. This kit is perfect for anyone who enjoys salsa (really, who doesn’t?) but doesn’t have the luxury of a large garden– got a balcony or sunny windowsill? Just set up this kit, and you too can enjoy a straight-from-the-garden dip.

This Fire Pit Creates a Warm Conversation Area for Your Guests

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Whether you want to roast marshmallows or simply cuddle up and get toasty, this backyard fire pit has you covered. Made of durable steel with a black heat-resistant coating, this grill is weather-resistant, lightweight, and easy to move. This fire pit is an Amazon bestseller.

Add Fresh Herbs To Every Meal With This Kit

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I loathe buying herbs at the store. Fresh is best, but they don’t last long. Dried herbs last a long time but never seem to be quite as potent. Why not invest in yourself (and your dinners) with this indoor herb garden starter kit? These natural, non-GMO seed options give you easy access to herbs like basil, cilantro, sage, thyme, and parsley and the satisfaction of making healthful additions to your favorite dishes.

This Garden Tool Set Is Perfect for Beginners

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I’m a big believer in buying the right tools for the job, so I’m hoping this Garden Tool Set will inspire me! It’s a terrific value (much lower-priced than if you bought each piece separately) and would also be a fabulous gift!

Grow Your Own Herbal Tea

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If you love tea and are very patient, this may be the perfect project for you! This herbal tea garden includes everything you need to grow four herbs that make delicious tea: chamomile, lavender, lemon, and mint.

This Watering Timer Hooks Up to a Hose

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Ensure your lawn or plants get just the right amount of water by hooking up this Watering Timer to a hose. It’s earned nearly 20,000 ratings, with one customer writing, “This is so reliable. I have some of these timers in use now for 4-5 years.”

I Spy A Furry Critter In This Log Planter

I love planters; it’s just the plants that don’t agree with me. I’m not great at keeping them alive, although I do love how they look and the burst of freshness they impart on a room. This log planter has a secret squirrel that peeks out at you, and isn’t it just the cutest little thing? I’m thinking of buying it and sticking a fake succulent in the top.