37 Perfect Stocking Stuffers Under $10 | 22 Words

Let's face it; stocking stuffers are basically 20+ tiny presents that are harder to buy than one big one. If you don't want to resort to dull lottery tickets or passé chocolates, we've got 37 perfect stocking stuffer ideas under $10, so you can fill 'er up without breaking the bank.

Whether you need an 18-in-1 tool for handy peeps or the prettiest nail polish, we've gotchu' fam. Check stocking stuffer shopping off your list - onto the next holiday hustle!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

These Sassy Sticky Notes Are Hilarious

These sticky notes with retro ladies bringing the sass are perfect for your long-suffering coworker. This one is my favorite: "I'm sorry…you must be confusing me with your therapist." It's balm to the soul of anyone who's had it up to HERE with TPS reports and workplace drama!

This Sleek Glass Tumbler Comes Highly Recommended

This modern glass tumbler is an eco-friendly upgrade to iced coffee and iced tea disposible cups. It'll never get that travel mug funk since it's made from pure, durable glass, even the straw, so it stays free of stains and odors. Plus the removable silicone sleeve makes it less likely that your klutziest friend will break it if it drops!

These Oven Rack Puller Tools Save Fingers From Painful Burns

Bakers on your list are going to go nuts over this cute oven rack puller tool that'll save their hands from nasty burns. Even when I wear an oven mitt, I've managed to burn the exposed skin on my wrist on hot oven racks so accident-prone cooks will really appreciate this gift.

These Pretty Pushpins Cheer Up A Dull Office

In a land of gray cubicle walls, gray furniture and gray carpeting, these pretty pushpins are a literal rainbow of joy to liven up a dull office. They hold huge appeal for 70s and 80s babies thanks to that Lisa Frank retro flair, but people of all generations will appreciate the cute upgrade to mundane office supplies!

These Avocado Pit Straws Love The Earth

These eco-friendly straws are made from avocado pits so they won't annoyingly dissolve in liquid like paper versions. The eco warrior you love can still use disposable straws without feeling guilty since these 50 straws can be used 8-10 times each before you compost them!

You Won't Be-Leaf How Cute These Bookmarks Are

For those of us that still enjoy taking out old-fashioned, paper books, it's tempting to simply dogear a page to mark your place. But if you're just borrowing it from a friend or the library, that's not really kosher, so use this cute sprout bookmark instead. You'll get a set of six that'll make perfect gifts for your book club buds.

This Pencil Case Is Incredibly Useful

This handy zippered case not only looks great but is incredibly versatile - it's great for art supplies, makeup, jewelry or other small accessories and it can hold a TON of stuff. Teen or college art students would dig the heck outta this stylish linen bag that comes in three cool colors and a graphic pattern.

This Internet Password Book Is A Thoughtful Gift

I'm picking up this Internet password book for my mom, aunts and anyone else who has trouble remembering the millions of log-ins we have to keep track of in this modern world. Along with websites, passwords and usernames, they can record WiFi info, important home network configuration info (for when they call tech support), and software license numbers, too.

This Spoon Rest Is Cute & Quirky

This funny spoon rest makes a cute gift for anyone that loves to cook. He's as useful as he is charming too, since he doubles as a spoon saver to keep your pot of pasta sauce from swallowing up your stirring spoon. It's a quirky kitchen gift I can almost guarantee they don't yet own!

This Deodorant Remover Is Practically Magic

Growing up, our stocking stuffers always favored practicality over enjoyment (exception: tasty, tasty Slim Jims). As an adult, I can see the value in a useful gift such as these deodorant-removing sponges that quickly clean up embarassing white marks on your dark clothes. Perfect for your friend or coworker who's always running late and prone to wardrobe malfunctions!

These Measuring Spoons Are Just Darling

These colorful floral measuring spoons are an adorable addition to any kitchen, and they're also an amazing gift for kids just starting to get into cooking or baking. Pair them with a kid-sized apron and oven mitt and the stocking's almost done!

This AirPods Case Is Great For Techies

If you need to buy for a technophile who always has the latest gadgets, this airpods case with accessories is a sure thing. It comes in a bunch of colors and includes ear hook grips, an anti-loss strap and an airpods storage/charging case for all their audio needs.

This Down Wash Is Ideal For Outdoorsy Types

Outdoorsy types, or anyone that lives in a cold climate, will appreciate this special down cleaner that gets the dirt and grime out of jackets, vests, sleeping bags and even down pillows. I've tried all my laundry tricks (i.e. Blue Dawn dish soap) on our down jackets with no luck so this is going in my hub's stocking as a gift everyone will enjoy!

This Wick Trimmer Is So Fancy, Errybody Knows

If you have a fancy friend (or mother-in-law) that enjoys the heck out of candles, get them this wick trimmer that's good for candle hygiene. Keeping the wick trimmed is safer as a huge flame is more of a fire hazard, plus their walls won't get all sooty if the flame's contained. People love this funny little tool - it's got a near-perfect five stars from hundreds of happy reviewers!

This Mayochup Is A Match Made In Heaven

Know a college student or teen that can't get enough junk food? Blow their everloving minds with this saucy mix of mayonnaise and ketchup, better known as Mayochup. Enamored reviewers love this stuff on fries and burgers of course, but enjoy it on everything from scrambled eggs to tacos and beyond.

This Suede Brush Deep Cleans Their Fanciest Footwear

Any fashionista you know will love this suede and leather brush cleaner that gently deep cleans winter salt and grime from delicate shoes, handbags and jackets. It can also spiff up leather furniture thanks to the four-way cleaning surfaces that get stains out fast. An all-around multitasker for those who love luxe fabrics!

This Bottle Opener Has A Fun Surprise

Every beer enthusiast you know is going to dig the heck outta this bottle opener that has a fun surprise - it shoots the bottle caps across the room after opening! Buy a few so they can have cap shooting wars, but don't be surprised if your home turns into a war-zone.

This Multitool Has 18 Functions!

If you've got a gadget-obsessed person on your list, this multitool is right in their wheelhouse. It packs 18 tools into one cool snowflake-shaped package including screwdrivers, a bottle opener, box cutter and wrenches. It's useful for fixing anything from bikes to snowboards to toys, so it'll get a lot of use indoors and out.

This Phone Stand Tops Teens' Lists

If you've got a teen or pre-teen on your list who's surgically attached to their smartphone, this ballon dog phone stand is a sure thing. The suction cup design lets them transfer from tablet to phone easily and lets them get a secure grip on the device so sad broken screens are less likely to happen. Plus, the stand is great for propping up the phone to watch or record video since the dog has non-slip grips on his feet!

This Apple Watch AirPods Holder Is So Handy

Apple fans will love this handy airpods holder that slides onto any size Apple watch band to keep their favorite piece of tech safe. It comes in multiple colors so you can customize to their preferences and is great for workouts or everyday use.

This Ring Holder Is Adorbs

This llama ring holder might be the perfect stocking stuffer for the newly engaged - it'll handily keep baubles safe whether it's on a bedside table or next to the sink. The llama's my fave, but it comes in elephant, cat, frenchie or bunny shapes, too.

This Universal Travel Adapter Works In 190+ Countries

Your globetrotting pal will think of you every time they use this universal travel adapter in any of 190+ countries around the world to power up! It can charge three devices at once when you snap it open and conveniently folds flat for easy packing.

This Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Is A Go-To Gift For Anyone

This microfiber cleaning cloth might be a universally loved gift - you can use it to clean touch screens, glasses lenses, camera lenses, pretty much anything that gets marred by smudgy fingerprints! The dual-sided cloth gets rid of tough grime with the scrubby side then smoothly polishes with the silky side. And it comes in 32 prints, from fine art to Star Wars references so there's a match for everyone's tastes!

This Chapstick Holder Is So Useful

I'm one of those people who can never find my lip balm, so I end up buying a new one every time I'm out and consequently own a billion different ones scattered throughout my life. If you know someone with a similar problem, get them this chapstick holder that clips onto a bag or backpack to keep their lippie right where they can find it. They'll appreciate the gift of smooth lips!

This Universal Socket Wrench Is A Must For Handy Dads

Got a handyman in the family? This universal socket wrench is a clutch present idea - the durable metal construction adjust immediately to grasp screws, nuts and hooks of multiple sizes. Plus you can turn your drill into a socket driver when you easily attach it with an adapter! Perfect for DIY, home and auto repairs and anything else that needs fixin'.

This Squirrel Tea Infuser Is Nuts

Squirrels are having a moment much like birds did a few years ago, and this tea infuser makes the best of their fluffy tail design to steep a delicious cuppa. He sits politely right on the rim of your mug while the tea's brewing and is easy to clean once you're done. Cute gift for homebodies and caffeine fiends alike.

This Beauty Spatula Get Every Last Drop

Know someone with a skincare addiction? Those potions, serums and lotions don't come cheap, so help them out with this beauty spatula that gets every last drop of precious makeup or cream du jour. You can use the longer spatula for body lotion and shampoo bottles, too!

This Makeup Bag Is Cute Overload

Another great buy for beauty enthusiasts, this sloth makeup bag is generously-sized for travel essentials or to throw in a gym or work bag for quick touch-ups on the go. It comes in 13 cute patterns from hearts to llamas, too in case sloths aren't their thing!

This Reading Light Is Perfect For Night Owls

I stay up much later than my partner and occasionally like to read an IRL book instead of surfing on my phone. This clip-on book light's perfect for fellow night owls to get their reading fix since it emits directed light bright enough to read but not disturb sleeping partners. And it comes in cute animal versions along with plain colored ones so it works for kids, too!

This Art Of Sport Soap Is A Cult Favorite

A cult favorite that cleans up big messes, this Art Of Sport soap with over 1,000 glowing reviews is a no-brainer for any guy on your list. The tea tree oil, shea butter and activated charcoal formula deep cleans but is intensely moisturizing so it's great for tough guys' sensitive skin.

This Lip Scrub Eliminates Flaky Winter Lips

Being described as flaky is never a good thing unless you're talking about pastry or pie crust. This vegan coconut oil lip scrub is a best seller for a reason since it gently but oh-so-effectively gets rid of dead skin on winter lips and keeps them kissably soft in case you get caught under the mistletoe. Pretty much a perfect gift for anyone they can use year round to nip chapped lips in the bud!

These Pom Pom Luggage Tags Are A Useful Accessory

These pom pom luggage tags are such a useful accessory for identifying your stuff on the baggage carousel. But you can also use them just as a fun accessory to personalize your backpack  or ponytail - choose your school colors or your favorite color combo since there are 31 to pick from! Great for traveling sports teams to keep track of their bags while showing some school pride, too.

This SPF Lip Balm Comes Incredibly Highly Rated

This minty lip balm with SPF is one of my husband's favorite stocking stuffers in recent memory. It's not girly whatsoever and it's easy to throw in his work bag to nix winter dryness or sunburnt lips. Over 1,800 rave reviews can't be wrong!

This Food Cutter Gets Kids To Eat Their Veggies

For some reason, my kids are 100% more likely to eat food if it's cut into fun shapes. I don't have time to do this by hand, but this set of 9 food cutters makes quick work of a cute meal. It's also a great gift for kids who are into cooking so they can create their own Pinterest-ready bento lunch boxes!

This Zit Popping Kit Is Disgustingly Awesome

The Dr. Pimple Popper fan in all of us is jonesing hard for this gross yet satisfying zit popping kit. You'll get 6 tools for clearing your skin, including those cool curved tweezers the pros use. Now they can stop using their dirty fingers to squeeze zits! A gift that keeps on giving, indeed.

This Detangling Brush Really Works

As a mom of two girls with long, thin but curly hair, I can attest to the power of these detangling brushes for a tantrum-free combing experience. They can be used on wet hair and come in the prettiest metallic colors. They're my kids's favorite brushes, and for people that hate getting their hair combed, that says a lot!

This Holographic Nail Polish Matches Everything

This holographic nail polish matches whatever outfit you can imagine, so it's perfect for hard-to-buy-for people. People concerned about cosmetic safety will dig it too, since it's cruelty-free, vegan and free of formaldehyde, toulene, and DBP chemicals.