37 Personal Care Items You’re Missing In Your Life From Amazon

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After the wild year we’ve all had, I KNOW you are in desperate need of some TLC. Whether you choose to relax by cozying up under a blanket with a book in hand or by trying out a new yoga class, it’s important to rest and feel revitalized. Not only your body but your mind too! From work to school and everything in between, life gets stressful. It’s ok, actually it’s encouraged (by me), to give yourself a mental vacay. I’ve searched Amazon far and wide for products that will boost your mood and allow you to enjoy some self-care time. So, grab a glass of wine, maybe even a snack, and keep reading to see the best personal care items I’ve found for you. WARNING: You will want to add everything to your cart. Proceed with caution…Or don’t. I’m all for you treating yourself!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program and we may have additional affiliate relationships with some of the products featured here – as such, our company may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Write Your Heart Out in This Journal

I highly recommend taking up journaling. Setting aside even just a few minutes everyday to write out any feelings or thoughts does wonders for the soul! And, don’t worry about spelling mistakes or poor penmanship, it’s for your eyes only!

Get a Natural Glow with This Rose Quartz Jade Roller

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I think we all saw the jade roller craze on social media and I’ll admit, I finally gave in and tried one out. I have to say, I’m quite impressed with how effectively it reduces the puffiness in my face every morning. It also doubles as an ice roller which feels amazing against the skin!

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice: The PERFECT Fall Candle

If you treasure your PSL from Starbucks, you’ll appreciate this Spiced Pumpkin candle! It’s as if they bottled up fall and magically turned it into a scent. I guess if they had to capture a season, I’m glad they chose this one. After all, it’s everyone’s favorite season right?

Bend Over Backwards for This Yoga Mat

I’ve always wanted to try yoga to reduce some stress. Friends have told me it does wonders! But, I never have…until I ordered this yoga mat and found some killer YouTube videos to follow along with. Now, I can put all my leggings to good use!

You’ll Want to Add This Blanket to Your Collection

I’m a firm believer that you can never have enough blankets. In fact, I think I might be cold blooded because I am literally always freezing. Sometimes, I look like I’m a 5 year old, dragging along a blankie behind me everywhere I go. But I promise, it’s only because it’s THAT cozy!

Slippers That Feel Like Clouds

These fluffy slippers have to be the softest, most comfortable thing I own. Seriously, I never want to wear heels ever again after slipping these on after a night out with my girls. If I could wear these in public without being judged, I would.

Give Yourself an At-Home Manicure

This manicure set has literally every tool you can think of to keep your nails looking fresh and perfectly kept. Now I’m all about getting treated at the salon but now that I have a whole kit I feel like a professional myself. Find me binge watching my fave show of the moment while practicing my nail art.

A Silky Pillow Case Fit For a Queen

At the end of a long, hard day, all I want to do is curl up in bed and fall asleep. As soon as my head hits this silky pillow, I’m out! And, BONUS, it’s way better for our hair and skin which is always a plus in my eyes.

Don’t Stop Drinking the Coffee with This Home Coffee Maker

In the words of Lorelai Gilmore, I need “coffee, coffee, coffee.” Now, most of us don’t live in a quaint small town with a dinner that serves stellar coffee (I’m looking at you Luke’s) but this coffee maker does the trick and would make the Gilmore Girls proud.

Fall Sound Asleep to The Sound of White Noise

I never thought I’d need noise to help fall asleep, but here we are. A sound machine seems to work wonders for my niece so I figured I may as well try it out for myself. The result: way less under eye-bags so I’d recommend!

Bombs Away! You Need These Bath Bombs

When I take a bath, I want the FULL experience. I’m talking candles, music, wine and of course bath bombs for a little extra je ne sais quoi! The smell is lovely, oh and you’ll want to get an Insta-worthy bath pic as the water turns all those beautiful colors.

This Is A Bath Accessory MUST HAVE

I love unwinding in the bath with my laptop and great Netflix. Call me crazy but twisting my neck to stare at the screen isn’t ideal for my relaxation. Cue the bath caddy. Now I can prop my laptop on it and save the neck pain. It’s been a live savour and probably the reason why I stay in the bath so long…ooops.

A Bathrobe I Never Want To Take Off

I was never the biggest fan of hanging around in bathrobes… sweatpants are more my thing. But this one really won me over! When I get out of the shower, it’s ALWAYS freezing cold. This robe is perfect to throw on as I get ready. Not to mention each and every morning I pop it on and it feels like I’m still snuggled under the covers.

Color Outside the Lines

I thought coloring books were only for kids, but apparently, I was wrong (and that doesn’t happen often). You don’t have to be an artist to enjoy this activity but now that we’re no longer kids, it’s way easier to stay inside the lines!

The Best Scalp Massage of Your Life

This shampoo brush will give you the most calming scalp massage ever as you wash your hair. The latest in hair care technology, this shampoo brush doesn’t only feel fantastic it is supposed to stimulate hair rejuvenation also. Count me in!

The Glow Up Is Real With These Sheet Masks


I won’t lie, my skin was struggling. It was dry, dull and just tired. I’m choosing to blame the fluctuating weather instead of my poor diet and lack of water intake. This pack has a face mask to fix any issue you’re having and my skin has never felt better!

Plan For a Bright Future

Any other planning-obsessed gals out there? I LOVE scheduling out my week in advance, writing to-do lists and noting down important appointments. We’re very busy people so we can’t be expected to just remember everything. Writing it all down in one place helps keep me organized.

Your Hair Will Thank You For These Scrunchies

One of the most annoying things possibly EVER is getting a crease in your hair from wearing a hair tie. Not to mention the damage they can cause long-term. These scrunchies are gentle on my hair and the fun colors add a nice touch to my looks.

An At-Home Foot Spa Treatment

I’ve never been a fan of feet. I think it’s because so often, people forget to properly take care of them. I mean, after spending a whole night in heels, it’s not a pretty sight! This foot spa is so soothing and relaxing. It’s a nice reward after putting my feet through all that pain.

These Oils Are ESSENTIAL

Essential oils seem to do it all! Before I really looked into them, I just thought they smelled good. But boy was I wrong, they do SO much more than that. They’ve been a great way to help me reduce stress and get a better night’s sleep. 10/10 would recommend.

These Pore Strips Are So Satisfying to Peel Off

I’ll admit, I’m definitely one of those people that sneaks a peak at all the gunk the pore strip managed to pull off my face. It’s quite satisfying yet gross all at the same time. But, hey, at least I can tell they work really well!

Stay Hydrated, Friends

This is one of those times where “do as I say, not as I do” comes in. I’m the worst at drinking water, despite hydration being SUPER important. One way I’ve been getting better at increasing my water in-take is keeping a bottle by my side. This one keeps my water ice cold all day, just how I like it.

My go-to snack is definitely a classic: the chocolate chip cookie. I swear a good cookie can cure ALL! The crispy outside and chewy, warm inside makes my mouth water. So, go ahead and indulge in this delicious treat. Seriously, you deserve to stuff your face!

Run, Don’t Just Jog To Get These Sweatpants

I am a self proclaimed sweatpants connoisseur. I have a whole drawer dedicated just for my sweatpants and I may have to start a second one soon…These are so comfy and fit perfectly, not too baggy but not too tight. I may or may not have 3 of the exact same pair.

Don’t Skip Out On This Card Game

I have my entire family, friends AND their families obsessed with this game. I don’t know about you but a game night with loved ones instantly lifts my spirits. This game is perfect to pull out and enjoy on nights when you’re looking to have a little fun. P.S: I am the reigning champ.

Feeling Weighed Down? Try This Blanket

I was skeptical at first. I mean, why would anybody want a blanket that weighs 15 pounds squishing them? But after trying it, I’m starting to understand why. It’s like you’re getting the biggest hug EVER and instantly brings me calming feelings.

Pucker Up With Soft Lips

I have about 5 of these floating around in my purse and I’m not at all ashamed about it! My lips get chapped so easily, especially in the winter. I’m just trying to do myself (any eligible bachelors) a favor by keeping them from cracking. I love how luscious and hydrated my lips feel after applying!

Socks You’ll Want To Sleep In

You can never have enough socks, especially fuzzy socks. I sometimes sleep with socks on too…don’t judge me!! My feet are always freezing and these help so much. They are just so cozy, I never want to take them off. The colors add a nice touch as well. It’s the little things in life, people!!!

Cheers To These Stemless Wine Glasses

What’s my preferred way to unwind? Having a girls night in, of course! Paired with copious amounts of wine (duh) and charcuterie boards. With these wine glasses, I never have to worry about knocking them over or shattering them! Wine stains on the carpet successfully averted.

The ONLY Hair Tool You Need

My life (and hair) was forever changed when I was introduced to this lovely and magical tool. I’ve probably cut down HOURS of drying time over the years and I’m able to get a salon looking blow-out all on my own! Revlon really out did themselves with this one.

A Towel Made Specifically For Your Hair

Another hair savior: this microfiber hair towel. Where do I even begin! First of all, I no longer have to walk around the house with a huge towel on my head looking crazy. I’ve also noticed it’s way more gentle on my hair and cuts down on frizz which was something I desperately needed.

A Soothing Facial Spray to Calm Your Skin

I love everything about this product. I go through bottles so quickly because once I start spraying, I just don’t want to stop! The aloe soothes my skin extremely well and it’s such a refreshing feeling that instantly wakes me up.

Get Rid Of Those Dark Under Eye Circles

I truly believe I have the biggest and darkest under eye circles on the planet. These gold eye masks have drastically helped reduce that and I don’t look so tired anymore. Even on days with only minimal sleep, my eyes aren’t so puffy. It’s a miracle!

Moroccan Oil Will Give You The Hair You’ve Always Wanted

This treatment saved my dry, frizzy hair! After years of straightening the crap out of it, it was definitely damaged before this treatment came along. Now, my hair is hydrated, strong and shiny. It looks so good, a shampoo company should hire me for their commercials!

Say Bye-Bye To Broken Nails After Using This Nail Strengthener

I don’t want to sound stereotypical but breaking a nail is so frustrating and sometimes, it genuinely hurts too! I enjoy having long(ish) manicured nails but in order to keep them looking good, they need to stop breaking on me. That’s where this OPI nail strengthener comes in. My nails are now…well, tough as nails!

Easily Make Your Protein Shakes with This Nutri Bullet

If you’re a fan of healthy smoothies and protein shakes, a powerful blender is a must! I’m a huge fan of this one since it’s not too bulky but despite its tiny size, it is mighty! It must be all the protein I keep putting into it. Nourish your body and enjoy your smoothies, lump free.

Feeling Blue? Try These Blue Light Glasses

All day, everyday, I’m staring at a screen. Between my computer and phone, my eyes are tired at the end of each day. Whether I’m staring at spreadsheets (ugh) or sitting down to enjoy a movie, these blue light glasses keep my eyes from straining. I might have to work overtime, but I don’t want my eyes to!