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37 Pet Products With Over 5K Reviews That Pet Owners Swear By

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There are so many animal products on the marketplace these days. I remember when I got my first dog, and how I picked up everything off of a checklist before I got him. It it such a special time getting a pet and I had so much anxiety about getting all the right equipment to ensure that I had all the most cost effective and affordable items at the house prior to his arrival. I had to learn about toilet training mats to finding the right lead for him. There is a lot on the market so I took the time to write down for you all my favorite items that I have got from Amazon. Just to save you the trouble of having to trawl through the endless options under the pet category. Also, I spent a lot of time researching the reviews so I wasn’t getting junk products as there are a few out there which just don’t last. No need to thank me. It is my pleasure from one fur pet parent to another.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

These Stuffable Goodie Bones from Kong Make Awesome Wind Down Treats

These Kong bones are so good for keeping my dogs occupied when I’m busy with literally anything other than keeping them company. I just stick some peanut butter or leftovers and chuck ’em into the freezer for a couple hours or overnight. They know it’s relaxing time when they hear me take them out, and always seem to remember their best tricks (despite not doing them when I asked 5 minutes prior).

This Classic Dog Collar Keeps Your Pets Safe in a Stylish Way

This simple nylon collar keeps my dogs’ identities with them wherever we go. Though they aren’t the type to stray, it’s comforting to know that if they do wander one of these times, someone can easily see that they belong to someone and contact me via the info on their tags.

This Super Fluffy Fleece Blanket is Perfect for Lining Beds and Crates

I love these fleece blankets almost as much as my babies do. They’re so soft and comfy, and having three of them means there are enough to line a crate, throw one on the couch, and keep one in the car.

This Washable Mat is a Great Sustainable Alternative to Traditional Pee Pads

After going through actual hundreds of pee pads housebreaking my puppy, I decided to get one of these washable mats to reduce the havoc I was wreaking on the environment. It’s super absorbent and also doubles as a grooming mat. Alternatively, should you have a love of breeding, they also make great whelping mats.

This Dog Camera Comes with a Treat Tosser and 2-Way Audio

I’d had my eye on this Furbo treat-tossing cam for a while and finally decided to take it from my cart and add it to my life. It connects to my camera and lets me watch my fur kiddos cry for mommy when I’m in the next room for more than 12 seconds. To calm them down, the Furbo spits out treats, while the 2-way audio lets me check in and listen for any sounds of distress. It’s been a godsend for separation anxiety training, as we transition out of COVID life.

This Portable Dog Paw Cleaner Will Make Post-Park Cleanup Way Easier

Park time and walkies during the springtime, as the winter snow melts away to mud and rainwater have that additional layer of annoyance when dealing with dirty, wet paws. This portable paw cleaner is one of my favourite little gadgets. The silicone bristles on the inside are gentle enough to scrape away dirt and debris. I can also carry it with me so that we can do the cleaning before we go back inside.

These Allergy Supplements to Greatly Improve Your BFF’s Quality of Life

These little allergy bites have helped my babies so much with their itchy skin. It’s not always apparent what your pets are allergic to. Even if you switch out their food, and in our case clothing as well, there’s still a chance the allergy doesn’t go away completely or you can’t find out what it is. These treats ease their suffering and improve quality of life.

These Calming Chews are a Godsend For Separation Anxiety Training

Separation anxiety in our little household runs pretty rampant. The dogs have it, I have it. These stress and anxiety chews are only for them, though (I take mine in liquid form in the evenings), and make life easier on all of us when I have to run out on an errand or for an appointment. They’re also duck-flavoured, so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting your pets to eat it.

This Enzyme Cleaner Will Destroy Any Traces of Cat Pee Threatening Your Home

Ever heard the old adage, “You can’t get cat pee out of anything, ever”? Well, from living with cats, I can tell you that that is absolutely true. However, that isn’t to say you can’t minimize the damage, especially if kitty decides to spray a bit of herself onto your favourite vintage throw that you just can’t bear to toss into the trash. Pour a little of this enzyme cleaner on there, and at the very least, your human nose won’t be able to pick up the faint residues of arrogance and spite left behind.

This Elevated Cot is Perfect for Your Pet to Cool Down On After a Fun Training Sesh

I got this cute elevated cot for my puppy to rest on after a long, hard day of zoomies. It gives her a space to herself while she cools down, so that her engine is ready to rev up again in a few minutes (not nearly enough time for me to catch my breath from just watching her).

These Clickers are Convenient and Easy to Use for Clicker Training

With my first dog, I used marker training to teach him the ways of the world. This time around, when I got another puppy (why, you might ask; I couldn’t tell you, but at least she’s cute), I decided to give clicker training a go. I snagged these off of Amazon, and I love that they come with an ability to attach to my keyring or purse. Clicker training requires speed and consistency, so being able to have it on me at all times is really important.

This Crystal Cat Litter Controls Odour and Doesn’t Stick to Your Cat’s Paws

I recommended this cat litter to my housemates, from when I lived with a former roommate and her cat. They use crystals to absorb odour and go well with self-cleaning litter boxes. It’s nice not having to deal with the smell and clumps of clay, or the treading of the stuff around the house and furniture.

This Tree Tower with a Hammock and Scratch Post Will Be Your Cat’s Favourite

I gifted this cat condo tree to a friend to elevate their cat’s real estate, because let’s face it, housing ain’t getting cheaper. It has a built-in hammock and two scratching posts on either side. Perfect for your cat to get some pleasure and then zonk out above the rest of the world where she belongs.

This Foldable Exercise Pen Lets Your Pooch Safely Expend Energy Outdoors

Now that the weather is getting warmer, I decided to get one of these wire playpens for the backyard, which isn’t fully fenced in. It gives them a safe space to sunbathe and fight for the best corner in which to poop, while I do gardening and yard work (aka, sit on the porch with a book and try to not kill the plants with just my presence).

This Double Door Folding Dog Crate is Perfect for Crate Training

My puppy came in this little crate when I got her, and she became very fond of it as we went through the hell that is crate training together. It’s well-built with an easy-to-use hinged lock. We threw some blankets in there with her favourite stuffed animal and a kong, and she made herself at home in … well, an amount of time. Now, it’s her haven, and seems made to last.

This Foam Staircase Helps Your Pets Get Up on the Couch Easier

My older dog is starting to have a hard time jumping up on taller furniture these days. These cloth foam steps make those places more accessible, while letting him remain independent. And though puppy has no problem with it, I also prefer her to not put so much unnecessary pressure on her precious little joints. She doesn’t really care, but hey, a girl can try, right?

This Deshedding Brush Glove Gets Your Pet Used to Grooming

Living with 3 cats means those pictures above could very well have come from my staircase or between the couch cushions. While I’m lucky that my dogs are hairless, I still take my turn helping out with the kitties. This grooming glove makes the whole process so much easier. The cats get a nice little massage, too, and my puppers never pass up the chance for some silicone scritches.

These Greenies Treats Train Your Pooch and Clean Their Teeth

I’ll be the first to admit I don’t brush my dogs’ teeth nearly as often as I should. To ease my guilt, I bought some dental bones to give them as a bigger reward after a training sesh or walk. They’re in the shape of little toothbrushes, which is so cute, and maybe even prepares them for the real deal when I get around to it. Maybe?

This No-Pull Harness Will Make Walks More Peaceful and Comfortable

The step-in harness is great for casual walks or a quick pee outside without having to connect the leash to their collars. However, for trips to the park or car rides, I wanted something a bit more robust, especially as puppy likes to play a game where she runs at full force at the first critter she sees. The no-pull feature on this harness has been super helpful in curbing that behaviour, as well as keeping us and other people and animals safe.

This Indoor Playpen Keeps Your Puppy Safe While You’re Out of the Room

My puppy is one of those “sees food, eats food” kind of dogs. Every morsel is like her first after an entire year of starvation. I got one of these indoor playpens to contain her during other household members’ mealtimes, protecting them from the hurricane that is baby dog energy.

This Indoor Restroom is Indispensable for Dogs with Access to Balconies

Having hairless dogs means finding workarounds to them not wanting to let their dainty, royal paws touch the ground outside when there’s even a little bit of moisture or frost in the air. Having one of these indoor restrooms on the balcony has made pee breaks much easier on everyone involved. You can even set up a little tree to help the boys to adapt easier.

This Training Lead is Perfect for Obedience and Agility Classes

I have one of these extra long leashes to let my puppy run a little more freely in a large area. It goes on for what seems like forever, which must be what it feels like for her tiny little body. The nylon also makes it easy to clean, and the durability goes a long way (no pun intended) for those more intense training sessions when doing agility.

These Eco Poop Bags Help You Keep the Earth Clean in More than One Way

Picking up after your dog is just a must-do as a responsible pet owner. It did pain me to use plastic bags that sometimes ripped when I unrolled them. Ever since I switched to these eco-friendly ones a few years back, I haven’t looked at any other option. They come in unscented or lavender, are durable, and are made with recycled material.

These Indoor Training Pads Will Make Housebreaking So Much Easier

Ah, the pee pad. Classic, effective, super necessary in any home with a small dog and/or puppy. Even if you don’t plan on using them for the doggo’s lifetime, I still highly recommend them for at least the housebreaking period. Your baby’s going to have accidents, and it makes life so much easier when cleanup isn’t as big of a pain.

This Pet Gate with a Dedicated Door Keeps Your Best Friend Out of Trouble

A pet gate is simply essential in many (dare I say, most) homes. If baby humans need them to stay safe, with the constant supervision they receive, surely baby animals require the same? Especially when you consider that baby animals kind of stay babies for their entire lives. Nothing’s stopping my dog from charging in and stealing a chunk of meat off the kitchen counter while my back is turned. I chose this model to keep my puppers from harassing the cats in their safe zones. It has a little door to let them through on the occasions they’re allowed in that part of the house.

This Plastic Pet Door is a Super Convenient for the Independent Pet and Pet Owner

My parents have one of these pet doors for their dog’s ease of access into their backyard. She keeps to the garden and sunbathes as she pleases, and then when she’s done, she lets herself back in. I’ll definitely be adding a few of these to my future house that I will definitely purchase in this lifetime.

This Self-Cleaning Litter Box Makes Life Easier For You and Your Cats

My roommates’ recently switched to this automatic, self-cleaning litter box for their cats. With so many animals in the house these days, they wanted one less thing to have to worry about all day. This box has a hood, which gives the cat privacy (something they for sure want), and contains the sight and smells until you have a free moment to clear them out.

This Treat Dispensing Toy Exercises Your Dog’s Brain in a Fun Way

As I mentioned, my puppy seems to think all food is both her first and absolute last meal on Earth. She would scarf down the kibble so fast, she usually threw up right after. To combat this, I bought one of these treat-dispensing puzzlers to slow her down and provide some mental exercise. She gets out a bit of her infinite amount of while replenishing her stores, so she can continue do puppy things long after I’ve passed out due to exhaustion trying to keep up.

This Retractable Leash Gives Your Best Friend Controlled Freedom on Walks

I have a couple of these retractable leashes, which I prefer for walks around the neighbourhood. I love the ability to shorten the lead around roads or oncoming pedestrian traffic. The rest of the time, the dogs get to explore a little farther from me, so it’s really the best of both worlds.

This Breathable Playpen is Great for You Small-Animal Lovers

A couple of my friends have hedgehogs and guinea pigs, and they love this little transparent playpen for them to get some exercise outside of their cages. It’s foldable for easy storage, and its fabric construction doesn’t get easily scratched or ruined, so you can feel safe that your baby piggies won’t chew their way out anytime soon.

This Snuggle Behavioural Aid Toy Will Make Your Puppy Feel Safe in its New Home

I absolutely adore this behavioural aid to help my puppy calm down for scheduled naps and bedtimes. It has a little heat pack in the shape of a heart, mimicking the warmth of her littermates. She can also chew on the flappy ears if she’s feeling bored or nervous.

These Temptations Treats Will Have Your Cats Learning Tricks in No Time

These treats might not give your cats the ability to do backflips, but they will get their attention from whichever crevice of the house they’ve managed to wedge themselves into. The cats in this house certainly come out very quickly, compared to just calling for them. The treats also come in a stay-fresh plastic jar to keep them from going stale, and at less than 2 calories per treat, I don’t feel too guilty for using more to bribe the kitties into liking me.

This Tropical Shampoo Keeps Your Pets Smelling Great

Our house has this gallon of shampoo-conditioner combo, so we can get through bath time for six animals without running out the bottle every time. It has a refreshing, tropical scent that isn’t overwhelming, while still sticking around long after they’ve left the bath and shaken water all over the furniture. I also love that it’s made in the USA and both cruelty-free and earth-friendly.

This Top-Loading Travel Crate is Vital for Smooth Car Rides to the Vet

When my dogs aren’t strapped in, in the backseat, for car rides, it’s usually because we’re on the way to every pet’s least favourite place on Earth: the vet. I chose this one for its top-loading design so that I’m not pushing them in from behind as they scramble to get away from the monster I’ve suddenly turned into. It also helps when they’re sick or injured, as I can simply lower them in gently.

This Ultraviolet Blacklight Will Reveal Hidden Stains that Your Beloved Pet Left For You

Having pets means having to deal with stains. Wet paw prints on the carpet, muddy water shaken all over the couch, pee and poo in places you didn’t even realise were danger zones. Even after you’ve cleaned them up with enzyme cleaner, there could still be residue left behind that you can’t see with the naked eye. That’s why I picked up this UV flashlight, so I could see just how disgusting my furniture, floors, and walls really are.
I have no regrets.

This Step-in Harness Makes Walks Fun and Stress-Free For Both Person and Pet

I have a couple of these cute, simple step-in harnesses for taking my dogs on short strolls around the block. It’s great for my older dog, who doesn’t feel the need to lunge at every moving thing that passes in front of his eyes. The breathable material also makes it better for the warmer months. (For the more energetic good boys and girls, I’d recommend the no-pull option above).

This Slow Feeder Adds Stimulation to Mealtimes and is Great for Wet Food

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Last, but not least, is the slow feeder bowl. I like rotating this out with the puzzle feeder, so that my puppy doesn’t get too acclimated too quickly to one or the other. It uses an elevated design to keep kibble from getting too clumped together. I also use it for wet foods, which would otherwise be too much of a pain to clean out of the other one.