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37 Pieces of Amazon Clothing & Accessories All Under $45

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Is there anything better than finding the perfect outfit online and having it appear at your doorstep the next day? How bout finding the perfect outfit online for less than $45? If that sounds like an impossible dream, pinch yourself because you’re wide awake and you’re about to see 37 perfect examples. That’s right, we’ve compiled a list of 37 gorgeous clothing and accessories that are under $45 so you can look fly without breaking the bank. Truly everyone’s goal.

Even better, you don’t even have to do the work. All you’ve got to do is keep on scrolling and I guarantee you’ll find something that’s just up your alley. Your summer wardrobe has never looked this good before (but you didn’t have the secret weapon of your good buds at 22 Words, so don’t feel too bad). Let’s find you the perfect outfit to stand out all summer long.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Don’t Be Mad Over This Maxi

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If you like taking comfort to the max, you need to invest in some maxi dresses. Not only are they great sleeveless options for the warmer months, but they can also be dressed up with a boyfriend blazer or cardigan in the cooler months. This one features side slits, pockets, and a crew neck top. Maxi dresses too long on you? Considering tying a cute knot in the hem.

This High-Waisted Floaty Bikini is So on Trend with Pastel Tones

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This summer is all about pastels and feminine ruffles to accentuate our womanly curves, which is why I fell in love with this high-waisted bikini set. It comes with a padded bra in the bikini top for an extra-flattering look and the high-waisted bottoms hold in the tummy just the right amount. I bought this bikini at the beginning of the season and all my friends have been asking me where I got it from.

This Button Up Would Look So Good Layered

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Nothing screams summer like a striped button-up. And I personally love screaming summer. It pairs well with jeans, skirts, cut-off shorts, and more. I’ve been loving wearing one over crop tops, sports bras, and tanks with running shorts for a casual on-the-go look.

You Wear Short Shorts

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This strapless shorts romper is just begging for a beach trip … or, maybe that’s you begging for a beach trip. Either way, you’re going to want to grab this floral number reviewers describe as flattering with material that is both lightweight and flowy. With more than 40 prints to choose from, you could buy one for every day of vacation and never repeat the same look twice.

This Sweetheart Dress Is Flirty for Summer Romance

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If you’re looking for romance this summer, this sweetheart dress is sure to do the trick. It’s the perfect flirty and feminine look for afternoon strolls along the beach with your sweetheart.
I’m buying the blue for this year’s wardrobe, but if that’s not your color, there’s plenty of others to choose from. And you can always come back for more.

These Fuzzy Slippers Have Over 129,000 Rave Reviews

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When you want to slip your feet into pillowy softness, reach for these fuzzy slippers to soothe your tired toes. Even husbands want in on these beauties: “Extremely comfortable slippers! They’re my wife’s, but I wear them when she’s not at home.” – Dave. I respect that Dave, but you can just buy your own pair.

These Pants are Light Enough for the Beach

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There’s something about linen pants like these that make me want to grab a surfboard and spend my summer on the water. Is it just me? I think not. Because they are so lightweight, you can throw them on over your bikini before hitting the water, no matter how hot it is outside.

These Shorts are Old School in the Best Way Possible

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Mom shorts are all the rage, so hop on the trend with these high-waisted mom shorts. They’re giving me major 80s soccer mom vibes, and I can’t get enough. Pair them with a t-shirt or basic tank top for a simple yet fashionable look that requires minimal effort.

Highlight This Neon Number

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Let’s say you’re not a huge fan of dark and deep colors. How about bright colors like this highlighter-yellow romper that perfectly disguises features of your body that you may not love (like your tummy). This romper is perfect for colorful and crazy earrings and shoes if you’re willing to go big and bold. Or you can tone it down with some neutrals. It’s all up to you.

This T-Shirt Would Pair Great With Some Cute Biker Shorts

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For whatever reason, I’m pretty picky when it comes to picking basics. But I’m totally digging this oversized t-shirt right now. It’s long enough to wear with leggings or biker shorts (which is harder to find than you think), and the distressed small holes give it a vintage worn-in look which is really popular right now. It’s just right in all the right ways.

This Small Crossbody Purse is Perfect for Traveling Light

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When you want to carry just the essentials, this small leather crossbody bag is perfect. It’s high-quality and attractive, and it has a detachable adjustable crossbody strap, so you can wear it as a purse or carry it as a clutch. (It’s got a detachable wrist strap as well.) Choose from more than 30 colors and patterns! I’ve got these bags in teal and red. Both are lovely.

This Three-Piece Bag Set is Everything You Need

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This three-piece bag set removes the stress over deciding which is the bag you need. Instead, you get a satchel, tote, shoulder bag and purse all in one purchase on Amazon. I personally love the neutral beige tone, but there are loads of other colors to choose from if you prefer a brighter look.

You Need These Running Shorts for Your Summer Workouts

​While I love expensive workout clothes (​looking at you, Lululemon)​, I can’t justify the prices when there are incredibly high-quality pieces like these shorts on Amazon. They fit perfectly, don’t ride up while you run, and they’re not too short, so you won’t feel too exposed. Wear them for at-home workouts or days when you have to run around town.

This Cute Shift Dress Transforms from Day to Night

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This cute shift dress is on my wish list for summer because it’s sexy and casual all in one. The loose fit means the mini-dress doesn’t come across as tacky and it’s easily dressed up or down depending on your footwear. The plunging V neck also allows for accessories and to show off your décolletage. Maybe it’s time to order myself one (or two).

Outshine Your Coworkers In This Striped Blouse

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Your coworkers may be showing up to Zoom meetings in their pajamas, but you? You’re more fashionable than that — you’ve got this cute blouse on instead. Granted, you’re still wearing sweats, but you’ve got your camera pointed up so no one can tell. And with more than 10 pastel shades to choose from, you can wear a different one every day of the workweek.

This Kimono Is Ideal For All Of Your Summer Vacay Plans

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Will kimonos ever go out of style? It doesn’t seem like it. This floral kimono is perfect for hanging around the house, going out for drinks, and long days by the pool or beach. It’s the perfect accessory because it’s so versatile and can be worn with absolutely everything for a ton of different looks. Just look how cute it is with a white tank and shorts! Not to mention her fedora cough cough.

This RFDI Blocking Genuine Leather Wallet by Timberland for the Man in Your Life

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Ok so we’ve focused on the feminine through this article, but we can’t forget the dudes out there. Every man needs a sturdy wallet that is going to last for years to come. While there are a ton of wallets on the market, they tend to be a bit pricey. But who says that a high-quality wallet has to cost you an arm and a leg? For less than $25, you can surprise your man with a genuine leather wallet that will last him a lifetime.

To the Window, To the Wall-et

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Come clean for a second: Do you really need everything in your wallet? The answer is no. Most likely, you rely on one or two debit or credit cards, a driver’s license and some insurance cards to get you through the daily grind. I bought this credit card holder to help cut down on the amount of junk I was toting around in my purse and I couldn’t be more pleased. It’s well-constructed with a zipper that slides easily and a cute bee detail that makes it look way more high-end than $15.

The Cutest Tote Bag to Add to Your Collection

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Okay, I have a confession: Tote bags may or may not be my new favorite trend. Whether I’m running errands or heading to a coffee study date, this tote bag is always over my shoulder. It’s cute and practical. I know you’ll love this as much as I (and the other 5-star reviewers) do. And who doesn’t need more bags? Literally no one.

This One Piece Shows Just the Right Amount of Skin

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I don’t wear one-piece bathing suits very often, but this one-piece is the perfect mix of sexy and sweet. I love that it looks like it shows just a bit of skin in the stomach area, and the crossover neckline makes it look high fashion. With over 11,000 ratings, it has absolutely earned its four stars. Plus it comes in tons of different colors and patterns, so you’ll definitely find one that’s your vibe.

These Blue Light Glasses Have Improved My Sleep

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I was having trouble sleeping, and a quick internet search recommended I avoid screens in the evening before bed. That lasted all of zero nights. So instead, I bought a pair of Blue Light Glasses to wear after dinner while watching TV or playing on my phone. Sure they worked wonderfully, but more importantly now I look cute as hell in my glasses. You know you want that adorable nerd look too.

A Lightweight Hoodie You Can Wear Anytime

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There’s just something comforting about being able to retreat into a hood anytime you want — which is exactly why I bought this hoodie. The lightweight fabric means I can wear it all year-’round, or even wear it as a base layer on colder days. And if that’s not enough? I’ll let this reviewer put it another way: “Love everything about this hoodie!! Fit, bright color (I got the blue), quality, softness, sleeve length…seriously, everything!!”

Kimono-Inspired Wraps Inspired by Dakota Johnson for Summer Chic

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As Dakota Johnson has shown us, kimono-inspired wraps are perfect to wear around the house or to the beach. And I’m all in on this comfy and cute trend. There are SO many choices online, but this one is my go-to because it’s an Amazon’s Choice product with great reviews and ratings. Plus look at that gorgeous pattern.

These Swim Shorts Take You from The Yoga Mat to the Ocean

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When the summer heat kicks in, I like my workout gear to be versatile enough to take me from the yoga studio to the beach. This is why I’m buying these shorts that double as yoga shorts and swim shorts. This fabric is very flattering on the figure too, so all you need is a matching bikini top or tank top and you’re set for all your summer fun.

Sporty Capris for Cheap

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Love the look of Adidas, but hate the price tag? These $20 sport joggers are the perfect solution. Yes, I know, they only have two stripes on the legs instead of three, but is that extra stripe worth another $30 to $40? I don’t think so either. Made of a breathable soft French terry, choose a smaller size for a more fitted look or size up for a baggier look like you see in the photo.

These Stylish Polarized Sunglasses Can Be Worn by Men and Women

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Sunglasses are a summer must-have item, and these are a great buy because both men and women can wear them. My boyfriend first bought them, and I kept taking them to wear, so he ended up buying a second pair for me! This is what I call winning.

Pair These Biker Shorts With An Oversized Shirt And You Will Never Wear Anything Else Again

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I absolutely love the biker shorts trend because they’re edgy and sporty all while being comfortable (plus can I just recognize that longer shorts are a godsend to those of us who live with chub rub?). These biker shorts are an affordable option for anyone who has yet to own a pair. Wear them all summer long to keep you cool and trendy!

Blouson, Blouse Off

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​Think of this purchase like two shirts in one. Underneath, you get a sporty bikini top that fits comfortably against your body. On top, you get a blousy top with sassy T-back styling. I love that the print underneath extends to the top of the shirt for perfect coordination. You’ll also get a pair of matching boyshorts for a complete look. Use it for working out or pack it for a trip to the beach. 

Stay Chic in Stripes

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Forget what your grandma told you about horizontal stripes making you look, erm, plump. Wear what you want, O.K.? This striped romper is comfy enough to be pajamas, but chic enough to wear out when paired with a cute pair of sandals. It comes in various striped options, tie-dye and even solids, but they all have one thing in common: Making you looked pulled together.

This Extra-Long Crop Top Looks Great With Leggings

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I love the crop top look, but sometimes the tops are just a little too cropped for my taste, which is why I love this extra long version of the trend. Pair this extra-long crop top with some high-waisted leggings for a cute look while running errands. It’s got a built-in sports bra — just in case you want to wear it to the gym — and the smooth fabric moves with you, not against you.

These Button Covers Prevent Tiny Holes in Your Shirts

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I kept getting tiny holes near the front hem of my t-shirts. I was mystified (and mad!) until I realized the problem was the button on my jeans. Luckily, there’s an easy solution: these silicone button covers. I have one on every pair of jeans and shorts, and they stay in place through the laundry. No more holes!

This Utility Jacket Is Seriously Stylish And Durable

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This utility jacket is the best of both worlds. I love it because it’s warm enough for cool spring days and the stylish design won’t go out of fashion anytime soon. It’s perfect for everyday wear, and the hint of elastane gives it some stretch for comfort. Pick from a variety of colors and patterns but the army green is most certainly my favorite.

This Romper for When You Don’t Know What to Wear

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Can’t figure out what to wear? Those are the days I reach for this romper. Not only is it an entire outfit that’s ready to go whenever you are, but the loose fit is flattering on everybody. Plus, you can even add a belt to the middle for a more tapered look – if you want.

Gorgeous Strappy Sports Bra in So Many Colors

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Opal, pink, violet storm, classic black — with dozens of colors to choose from, you’re basically guaranteed to find this sports bra in a shade you like. I like to wear it to yoga or pilates class, as I’m a big fan of its medium support. Plus it gives a little bit of extra interest to my otherwise pretty boring workout looks.

This Skirt Can Be Worn So Many Different Ways

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Mini skirts always have been and always will be all over my Instagram feed. So when I started putting together this list, it only made sense to add this mini skirt. It’s casual thanks to its drawstring waistband, the subtle ruffles are the perfect amount of girly, and I can’t get enough of all the patterns it comes in.

This Dress Looks Like You Created a Whole Outfit

This dress has been on my wishlist for months, and now that the weather is warm I think it’s time to move it over to my cart, am I right? I love the flattering way it ties at the waist, and the color palettes are all so soft and sweet I’m just swooning. This would be the perfect dress for a casual date or even the office.

All Shorts Need a Cute Bow

I legitimately think these are the cutest shorts I’ve ever seen. That little waist ruffle? The adorable bow? The loose fit? It all combines to make a pair of shorts that says “I’m here to have fun and nothing’s getting in my way.” If the paisley pattern is a little too bold for your taste, there are plenty of other colors and patterns to choose from.