37 Products That Will Actually Change Your Everyday Routines (For the Better!)

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Here’s a great round up of products that I’ve bought, that have all added to my everyday routine. You’ll find fun gadgets like the cute cat bento lunch stencils; who doesn’t want a happy kitty face smiling at them from their lunchbox? And an adorable nightlight that trains your kids to sleep well and properly while also playing soothing, ambient music and waking them up with a literal smile. There’s also the practical stuff, of course. Like the extreme elements windshield cover that makes it so mornings after a night of snowfall isn’t quite as miserable. Or what about a reflective running vest that keeps you safe? There’s a few exercise-related ones on the list, in fact, which I know is so unlike me but times are a-changing, folks. Get your workouts in from the comfort of your home and then chill out with some homemade seltzer water and a pain patch ready to destroy that one knot in the back of your neck. Check out the list and see what catches your eye!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program and we may have additional affiliate relationships with some of the products featured here – as such, our company may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

These Cute Templates Will Have You Looking Forward to Lunch

I’ve been watching a lot of Japanese bento-making on Youtube, lately. I’m not big on eating like many foodies are, but I love beautiful/cute things and these help jog my appetite. It also makes cooking less about ‘work’ and more about the fun sides. This set is one of many on Amazon CA and give you six different stencils, as well as a kitty rice scoop, to make your own, unique bento lunches.

These Bluetooth Earbuds Tell You How Much Battery is Left

Switching to Bluetooth literally changed my life. No, I’m not exaggerating. No more tripping on cords or tangling myself and my chair up in everything. I can get up and refill my coffee without leaving the call and missing important meeting notes. As a wireless convert, I can advocate for this one. My favourite thing about it that makes it stand out from others is that the charging case tells you how much juice they’ve got left. Takes all the guesswork out of it, making life easier in more than one way.

The Cats’ Face Says It All… This Tape Works

One good way to change up you routine is how you get your cat to stop ruining your furniture. Keep their pesky paws away from your upholstery with this cat tape and that way everyone’s happy. It sticks to fabric really easily without sticking to your kitty. This way, everyone is happy and no one closes their precious nails.

Fancy a Cup Instead of a Full Pot? Now You Have that Option

Coffee makers like this are great for a couple reasons. The pot side, for instance, is great for a full morning brew and makes enough for the whole family. After that, if only one or two people want another cup, they can simply make themselves a single serving without having excess go to waste. An incredible invention, in my opinion, and

This Smart Speaker Lets Alexa Run Your House For You

The Echo is Amazon’s most popular smart speaker. I love the look, personally (I have the white one!) and that it can take commands in both English and French. It’s become all too easy to have a specific song played or Prime Video to unpause Friends- all, of course, with my hands full of grocery bags, as it takes voice commands. Though, I think I need a bigger device to help me put all this away.

Egg Bites Maker Will Have Protein Breakfast Ready in a Jiffy

I love eggs. Everyone knows this about me. That’s why there are two egg products on this list. So, I’m always looking for different ways to cook em up because over-easy just doesn’t bring me as much joy after eating it three weeks in a row. And don’t even get me started on boiled. So, when I’m feeling munchy in the mornings but wanna keep it low effort, I pull out this trusty egg bites maker. It does exactly what you’d expect- makes bite-sized egg bits in a jiffy. You simply crack ’em and whatever other fixings you want and it’ll make it while you shower/brush/make coffee, etc.

These Tracking Tiles Help You Feel Way More Together

I’m someone who’s always losing my … well, everything. Even when I swear I’ve just placed it down on the counter, hours of searching later shows it’s somehow ended up in my mailbox. After a close call of finding my keys in the garbage, I decided it was time to try out these tracker tiles I’d been hearing about. You can put them on your keys and your phone, even your glasses case. Then you just hit the corresponding colour on the remote it comes with and you’ll get a little notification. Really useful and makes me feel less incompetent.

This Humidifier Also Diffuses Essential Oils

Here’s a nifty device that’s great for someone who might be stressing from school/work, has skin problems, and a smaller space to work with. So, basically, me. If you love or want to try aromatherapy, this is a great way to do so. While it’s technically a humidifier, you can put essential oils in as you see fit. It also lights up in 10 different colors, providing multisensory stress relief. There’s an auto-shutoff when the tank gets empty, and it even looks nice just on its own.

This Egg Topper Set to Get You Feeling On Top of The World

I really love soft-boiled eggs; on their own, in ramen, over rice. You name it, I eat them with glee every time. This gadget is genius. Gently pull up on the plastic ball grip and release for a cleanly scored eggshell every time.

This Heated Massager is a Sustainable Way to Rest Your Eyes

I work in front of the computer all day, and when I’m not typing away at my screen, I’m looking at my phone or watching Netflix. To remedy the eye strain, I’d been using these single-use steamers. Obviously, that isn’t sustainable, so I decided to take the leap, hit up Amazon, and grab one of these rechargeable eye massagers. It doesn’t have eye-holes, which is actually good because it makes sure I’m actually resting my peepers,and plays music for you to listen to (I recommend ambient sounds with rainfall).

This Cool Little Alarm Lets You Know of Impending Water Damage

With winter on its way, the threat of freezing rain comes with it. This handy little Ring alarm from Amazon is a really great device to have around in these times. You connect it to your smartphone and then when the temperature drops or rising water levels are detected, you get a little notification. It’s one of those gadgets you’ll be glad to have bought in advance; as the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of desperate scrambling to scoop ice-cold water out of your basement by the bucketful. Or something like that.

This Pour Over Carafe Makes a Strong, Smooth Cup of Coffee

Fresh brewed coffee is one of the only things I am actually willing to wake up for in the morning. I’ve been really enjoying pour overs lately, and I’ve been using this carafe to make them. It offers a really smooth, rich taste and mouth feel, and I love the reusable filter it comes with. As it states, the filter doesn’t trap essential oils from your coffee beans that paper does, and is way more sustainable an option. It’s got great reviews, looks beautiful, and would instantly upgrade any breakfast-in-bed tray.

This Fruit-Infused Pitcher Makes Hydration Exciting Again

Although water is already pretty great on its own (there’s a whole sub dedicated to it on Reddit), I find it’s a nice change of pace to add flavouring to it from time to time. I’m not a very big fan of those artificial drops, though, so I decided to purchase this infuser jug and use fresh fruits and veggies instead. It makes for delicious cucumber, lemon, and berry-infused water. Afterwards, you can take the fruit out to munch on (except for lemon … unless you’re into that. No judgements.)

This Adorable “Lucky Fish” Actually Helps With Iron Deficiencies

Certified vegan, kosher, halal, and non-GMO, this Lucky Iron FishⓇ is a really cool and unique way to get some more iron into your food. As someone who doesn’t particularly like meats, I’ve found that this is an excellent alternative to supplements and the like. One reviewer who struggles with low iron said, “Ut’s only been a month and I feel more alert, I’m falling asleep less often and my skin tone has changed making me look healthier over all.” Definitely sounds it’s been bringing her (and over 1.5K others) lots of luck!

These Customizable LEDs Will Better Your Decor and Your Mood

I’ve gotta say, as wary as I was about trying them out, these LED strip lights have added an ambience to my home in an electrifying way. It took my music system up way more notches and even improves my mood when I have them on. They’re totally sync-able, cut-able, and schedule-able (those are real words-question mark?) They even have voice control, which you only need your smartphone to use. It was also a lot of fun to create a design that worked with my space, and I get a lot of joy watching the colours pulse to the beat of Queen Bey.

This Melatonin Sleep Spray Gets You Zzzz’s The Natural Way

Melatonin is so underrated, IMHO. As a certified insomniac (I have a sticker; if that’s not official, then I don’t know what is), I’m always on the lookout for something that betters my sleep experience. This Melatonin spray is the latest addition to my arsenal. I like it better than the pills, personally, because it’s so easy to use and doesn’t leave a weird, powdery taste/texture in my mouth. Of course, the best part is that it seems effective and I find myself dozing off quicker, while also experiencing a more restful sleep. Lastly, it makes for a great stocking stuffer, wink wink.

These Lumbar Support Cushions Make Me Not Hate Things

With these dual memory foam cushions, it’s like I’m sitting on a cloud. My posture is better, my shoulders aren’t as stiff, and when I get up at the end of the day, my body isn’t covered in sharp tingling and prickles. I also love the adjustable straps that keep the back cushion in place, as well as the removable covers. Best of all, I’m in a better mood because no pain = all gains.

This Hair Towel Injects Some Efficiency into Getting Ready

A good hair towel is hard to come by, change my mind. I have naturally very thick hair, which is already difficult as it is. Add to that lots and lots of chemical processes and you’re talking Netflix binges amounts of time for my hair to dry. This microfibre hair wrap has been an incredible solution to that. It’s so soft and so absorbent; honestly, I’m just waiting for them to release a full-body version.

This Home-and-Away Mini Iron is For the Grown-Up in You

Once you reach a certain age, you start to care about wrinkles in your clothing. It usually happens right before you consider cutting out red meat and after you stop buying stretchy rayon shirts that last two wash cycles. So, as prophesied, I was ordering sushi and online shopping in my 100% cotton lounge set when I picked up this mini steam iron. I was initially drawn to its ease of use (it heats up in about 15 seconds). It makes my collared shirts look professionally laundered, which is great. More importantly, though, it feels way more grownup than hanging a garment in the washroom during a shower.

This Chin-Up Bar Lets You Get Your 30 Minutes In Right at Home

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, then 30 minutes of exercise should keep them from lecturing you about how you need to exercise (for 30 minutes) every time you visit. And while it is tempting to take advantage of our free healthcare system by continuously pouring Diet Coke and instant ramen broth into my body, and then collapsing because a little kid coughed in my vicinity at the grocery store, I have started to buy into this whole “exercise” scheme. Of course, I had to find a way to do so from home because no way anyone, medical degree or not, can convince me to drag my butt to the gym in the hellscape that is Canada in the winter. That’s why I bought (and love) this doorway trainer. It’s so easy to put up and use that I don’t even have to think about it anymore. Adding it to my daily routine was a cinch, as was finding a slew of different workouts online to go with it. I gotta say, I feel way better since I started- crazy, right?

This Children’s Clock is Ready to Teach Your Kids How to Sleep

Kids, these days, am I right? Needing to be ‘trained’ in good sleep hygiene. Back when I was that age, we had to run uphill both ways then go to bed on concrete. And I grew up into a nervous insomniac juuuust fine. Okay, so maybe it would have been helpful to have this cute little friend called “Mella” around. In fact, it’s actually a helpful gadget in disguise, creating a personalized sleep-and-wake routine for your child with the use of lights, colours, and fun faces. It also contributes to better-quality sleep using a gentle, pulsating nightlight, ambient noises and sunrise sounds, all of which support healthy cortisol levels. Before long, those kids will be all grown up and you’ll actually need a bigger and louder Mella just to wake them up.

This Adorable Lamp is Perfect For Your Resident Ghibli Fan

I’ve loved Studio Ghibli my whole life and was thrilled when I was gifted this super cute, Spirited Away-inspired No Face lamp. Made of resin, No Face will light up your desk and your life with his (its?) special Miyazaki-style smile. Bonus: it comes with replacement bulbs and batteries.

These Owl Scrapers Are a Wise Way to Clean Your Cast Iron

These super cute owl polycarbonate scrapers are an adorable way to clean your cast iron pans. You can use them to chip off bigger, stubborn, and/or baked-on debris without harming the pan. Pro tip from reviewers is to try heating the pan up a little bit before you scrape in order to make less work for yourself.

These Pain Patches Are Super Effective and So Simple

I’ve been relying on these pain patches so much lately for a pain in my back from stress and sitting at the computer. It targets the area with menthol and other medicinal ingredients. It works almost instantly and you can leave it on for up to 8 hours. It’s actually incredible not wincing and focusing on it every few seconds because the knot just will not go away. It’s by no means a cure, but it will allow you to get the stuff you need done, done.

This Resistance Band is Super Versatile and Great For Home Gyms

Another great exercise tool for us home-bodies (or y’all who like to bring the gym home with you), the resistance band is popular with yogis and Pilates enthusiasts. You can use it in literally so many different ways and it provides a great exercise for your core, arms, and legs. I have several now, in different “resistances”, but I use this one the most. That’s only to say that there are various options if you’re just starting out.

This Screen Cleaner Will Leave Your Glasses and Phone Sparkling

Canada’s pretty much opened up as long as you’re vaccinated and you wear a mask. It’s nice being able to visit restaurants and shops without as much fear that I’ll contract a super deadly virus. Although, here’s one downside to masking and it really only applies to people with four eyes. If you’re one of them, you’ll know what I mean when I talk about your glasses fogging up the second you put on one of them face shields. Keeping one of these screen cleaners on me at all times has really helped. It’s a powerful device cleaner, as well, and we all know how dirty our phones can get.

These Silicone Earplugs Are a Sleeper’s Dream

Light sleepers, this one’s for you. I’m not one, but even I need can’t ignore the sounds of forklifts and metal scraping. On days the construction gods decide I should wake up early, I like to fight back by slipping in a couple of these silicone ear plugs. They’re comfy, effective, and not harmful on the environment like their single-use counterparts.

These Silk Pillowcases Advocate For Themselves

My #confessionbear confession is that I hog all the covers while tossing and turning so much I could be a rotisserie chicken. And you can certainly see that from my hair in the mornings. Switching to these silk pillowcases has significantly reduced the amount of breakage and frizz, while keeping my skin well-hydrated by absorbing less moisture than cotton does. Plus, it feels so luxe and fancy.

This Wi-Fi Plug is Smart Enough to Not Need a Hub

How does the song go … wouldn’t it be nice to be able to turn off your devices from anywhere? I feel like that’s not right. But at least you can do just that with this smart wi-fi plug. It works with Android, Google, and Alexa. You can use it to schedule your humidifier or turn off the kitchen lights you forgot about when you were leaving the house. It’s a really easy way to take a baby step into the technological future we’re heading towards- and it saves you money on your electric bill.

This Soda Stream is For the Fizzy Drink Lover

Give the gift of bubbles this Christmas with a soda stream maker. If you and/or your loved ones love soda as much as you hate the idea of what all that sugar is doing to your teeth, then this handy machine will be a great compromise. You can carbonate your own water at home, as well as many other beverages. It definitely beats them drinking a couple Cokes a day, that’s for sure.

This Utility Cart is As Pretty As It is Useful

Guys, once I got a utility cart, everything else in my life just seemed to roll into place. My skin glows, my hair is shiny, birds and other wildlife converge at my tiny windows and sing praise about my organization skills. Okay, that’s not true, but my kitchen does look and feel way better. It’s so great having a place to put miscellaneous pieces of cutlery, extra dishtowels, and cleaning supplies. Plus, this one is so aesthetically pleasing you won’t even want to hide it away.

These Whitening Pens Get Your Smile Gorgeous With Ease

There are a lot of options these days when it comes to at-home whitening. Not all are created equal, of course, and the cheaper ones might feel risky to try. Based on the reviews and my own experience, though, I can safely recommend this pen. It’s super easy to use and there’s no need to have uncomfortable trays in your mouth. As an avid lover and heavy drinker of coffee, I’ve noticed that the pens have made a huge difference, all without hurting my too-sensitive teeth.

This Running Vest Keeps You Safe While You Meet Your Steps Goal

Soft, wool scarves and pumpkin spice lattes come with the unfortunate caveat of less daylight. While fall is spectacular in its colo it getting darker way earlier does put a bit of a damper on things. It’s especially annoying if you’re a runner or cyclist; not only is outdoor exercise more unpleasant because 0f the cold, it can actually be more dangerous. That’s why if you’re one of those people (and it’s totally cool if you are!) you should have one of these running vests. It will let cars know you’re coming so you can get your steps in without risking your life (you know, more than you normally would).

This Extreme Conditions Windshield Guard Makes Mornings Less So

Everyone who’s lived through Canadian winters and lived to tell the tale will inevitably tell you about last they walked towards their snow-covered car, and just how many feet of snow was on it. For me, I suffered through that same ordeal year after year, until one winter, I happened to have a windshield cover I’d been using all summer to keep the sun from burning the insides of my vehicle to a crisp. Made of flame retardant material, this windshield guard is specifically designed for all-season usage against the most extreme of weather monsters.

This Photo Printer is Perf’ For Those Born in the Wrong Generation

Let your kids (or yourself!) experience photos as physical mementos, just like in the Beatles’ era. Except they can do it from their phone and it’s pretty much instant. No waiting at or going back to the store after they’ve all finally developed. No strange overlapping of images that for some reason your mother always kept. I have this printer myself, which is doubly adorable with the little bunny ears. It feels like I have the convenience of a polaroid without the price point instant film paper.

This Dedicated Cooker Lets You Make Cake Pops the Right Way

And what exactly is the right way, you might ask me? Well, it’s in your pajamas and half-asleep, of course. That’s how simple this cake pop iron is to use. All you need is some cake mix (boxed is perfect) and 5-10 minutes (longer if you want sprinkles or frosting). It’s nonstick and easy to clean with water and dishsoap. At the heed of another buyer’s review, I’ve even used mine for takoyaki- and they turned out awesome.