37 Workout Products That Are Great For Exercising Outdoors

I am the first to admit that working out at home is hard. Scratch that. It’s nearly impossible. I started to hop on the workout-from-home trend last spring and I just could not get into it. The only success I ever had was when I worked out outside. Whether it was going on walks with the dogs, long jogs, or yoga in the backyard, I found myself more motivated when I was in the great outdoors.

There’s nothing better than working up a sweat only to be cooled down by a cool breeze. If you’re like me, then you’re probably pretty stoked that the weather is warming up for spring. This means more workouts outside! Take your workouts to the next level with these 37 products that will have you dying to work up a sweat. From weights to fitness trackers to yoga gear, there’s something for every fitness lover.

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This Running Belt Keeps You Moving


Love running outdoors but never know what to do with all of your stuff? This running belt is here to save the day. It attaches securely to your waist with an adjustable clasp and is spacious enough for your essentials without weighing you down.


Track Your Outdoor Workouts With This Smartwatch


​Ever since I got a smartwatch from a certain very well-known brand, I can’t exercise without it. I love being able to track my movements, my calories burned, etc. However, I’m a firm believer that you don’t have to spend hundreds to enjoy a fitness tracker. This smartwatch, in particular, looks exactly like the one I own for a quarter of the price, all while still receiving texts, calls, emails and allowing you to track your sleep and breathing.

This GoSports Slammo Game Set Feels Too Fun To Be Exercise


We’ve all been stuck indoors a lot more lately, so why not get outside and play this ridiculously fun Slammo game? This set includes three balls, one Slammo target, two competition-sized balls, a training bell, and a carrying case. Play on the beach for a killer calf workout!


These Lock Laces Prevent Injury


If the thought of tripping over your shoelaces while out for a run gives you pause, these Lock Laces were basically made for you. They keep your shoes securely tied so you can focus on crushing your mile time instead of worrying about your laces coming undone.

This Bluetooth Beanie Is Perfect For Chilly Days


Whether you’re working out on a brisk spring day or even an early morning in the summer, this Smart Beanie can be an absolute game-changer. It connects to your phone to play your favorite tunes while keeping your head and ears toasty warm. How clever is that?!

Get The Booty Of Your Dreams With These Resistance Bands


With summer approaching, I’m all for working on my booty. Resistance bands are one of the easiest ways to work the glutes while still doing basic workouts. This pack comes with three different resistance levels and is made of a thick, comfortable fabric that you won’t have to worry about snapping while using it. Head to your local park and get the tush you’ve always dreamed of.

This Water Weight Bag Allows You To Easily Alter The Weight


If you want to get into weight training but want to alter the weight easily, this water weight bag is for you. The water combined with the air inside makes the aqua bag harder to control, which means you get a tougher workout. Not to mention you can alter the weight easily by adding or removing water. Long gone are the days of heavy sandbags. Be like the girl in the photo and use it by the pool for easy access to water.

Want A Toned Stomach? Use This Ab Wheel Roller


When I tell you that this ab roller wheel is killer, I mean it. Though, that is coming from someone who isn’t exactly the strongest. Although it may not look like much, it helps build your arms, abs, and back. Bring it to the backyard on your lunch break and crank out a couple of minutes of ab rolls and watch your stomach tone up immediately.

​The Perfect Pushup Engages More Muscles When You Do Your Push-Ups


Push-ups are the bane of my existence. As someone with little to no upper body strength, I tend to avoid them as much as possible. However, the only way to get better is to keep trying. That’s why I use the Perfect Pushup to engage more muscles in my arm so that I can become a pro in a shorter amount of time. But if you see me using it on my knees, keep that to yourself… Oh, and using them means you won’t have dirty or sore hands from the dirt or concrete from outside!

Having A High-Quality Yoga Mat Like This One Is The Key To A Good Yoga Sesh

  via Amazon  

Having a good yoga mat can make or break a yoga sesh. If you’re on a slippery surface or the grass, it’s easy for a mat to move around, which makes focusing pretty difficult. This yoga mat is not only affordable, but it also has double-sided non-slip surfaces and is anti-tear, and it absorbs moisture, so you don’t have to worry about slipping on your sweat. If you’ve ever done yoga, you know how big of a deal this is.

Do Russian Twists With This Medicine Ball And Watch How Fast You Get Defined Abs


Russian twists are one of my favorite abs workouts. They’re not only fairly easy, but they also give you serious results. To maximize the workout, using a medicine ball is a must. It burns more calories and adds some resistance to what would be an otherwise simple move. Grab a friend, head to the park, and do alternating sit-ups while throwing this for a tag team workout that gives you results. It’ll feel like a hangout sesh when you’re actually working out!

This Water Bottle Will Help Keep You On Track For Your Water Intake Goals

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There’s a very good chance that you don’t drink enough water. And this is not me shaming you. Because I don’t either. I’ve seen time-marked water bottles all over Instagram and was immediately inspired. This water bottle helps keep you on track with your water intake goals with time markers and motivational quotes, plus it’s super cute. So it’s really a win/win, especially if you’re working out in the heat.

Every Good Workout Starts With A Good Pair of Running Shoes

  via Amazon / Erica Porter  

​If you’re running a lot, it’s imperative that you have a good pair of running shoes. These Adidas running shoes are not only incredibly stylish, but they’ll also cushion your feet without weighing them down, which means you’ll be comfortable while trying to beat your mile time.

Get Your Cardio In With This Exercise Step


Exercise steps can be used for a wide variety of things. From improving cardiovascular health to increasing your endurance to toning muscles, this step does it all. Use it for planks, step-ups, calf stretches, and more, and watch how it completely transforms your outdoor workouts.

These Exercise Dice Help You Switch Things Up When You’re Feeling Stuck


One of the hardest parts of working out is figuring out what to do. There are so many workouts, and if you don’t have the motivation or are just starting, it can be tricky to figure out where to start. When I started doing backyard exercises, I quickly ran out of ideas or gave up after 5-minutes because I had nothing guiding me. These exercise dice make that decision-making so much easier. Plus, they come with a mesh bag for easy outdoor sweat sessions.

Stabilize Your Wrists And Minimize Hand Sweat With These Weightlifting Gloves


If you’ve ever lifted weights, then you probably know the feeling of weak wrists and sweaty palms. These weightlifting gloves remove these problems and make lifting weights a whole lot easier. The leather palm is also cushioned with open-cell foam that maintains its structure yet remains pliable. This is perfect for those outdoor weightlifting sessions that will leave your hands dripping with sweat.

Get Your At-Home Gym Started With This Dumbbell Set


There’s nothing better than lifting weights outside when the weather is nice. You get a nice breeze while you’re working up a sweat and you get to enjoy some beautiful scenery. If you have yet to build your at-home gym, consider getting this dumbbell set. It comes with three different sets of weights along with a stand to hold them when they’re not in use.

This Jump Rope Allows You To Track Your Weight, Calories Burned, And Circles


Jump roping is said to be one of the best forms of cardio for multiple reasons. It helps build cardiovascular endurance and stamina while remaining easy on the joints. This jump rope tracks your weight, calories burnt, circles, and displays a timer, so you know exactly how much work you’re putting in. Because it’s so small and can be easily transported, this is one of the best pieces of workout gear that you can have. I’m already dreaming of the days I can jump rope on the beach.

These Yoga Blocks Will Make Yoga Positions More Comfortable

  via Amazon / Kristen Kidd  

If you are just starting out in the yoga world, or it’s been a hot minute since you’ve done it, you might find yourself feeling very stiff, which makes it very difficult to do certain poses. These yoga blocks help provide stability and balance needed for deeper poses and increased strength. This way, you can work your way up to being a yoga pro without risking injury! Pair it with the yoga mat I mentioned earlier, and your backyard yoga will be the highlight of your day.

This Exercise Mat Allows You To Turn Your Backyard Into A Gym

  via Amazon / Salim  

One of the hardest parts of working out outdoors is finding a stable surface to exercise on. Concrete can be very rough on the body and grass can be very uneven. This exercise mat gives you a stable, comfortable surface to workout on, so you can focus on your squats, push-ups, and planks without worrying about what surface you’re on.

Amp Up Your Swims With This Aquatic Fitness Set


Swimming is one of the best workouts out there, so why not take it up a notch with this aquatic fitness set? It includes dumbbells, gloves, and a belt that provides neutral buoyancy. The low-impact workout is easy on the joints–great for rehabilitation therapy–and engages more muscles (and burns more calories) than workouts in the open air. Next thing you know, you’ll be toned and tanned.

Get Better Balance With These Yoga Socks


Another way to prevent yourself from slipping and sliding all over a yoga mat is to use yoga socks like these. The open-toe design allows for a better tactile feel, while the silicone grips provide a non-slip grip on any surface. This makes them ideal for yoga, pilates, barre, ballet, and more. Once you get these, your yoga gear will officially be complete!

Make Exercising Fun With This Trampoline


You most likely grew up with a trampoline or grew up wanting one. Why not make your childhood dreams come true with this portable trampoline for your backyard? I know what you’re probably thinking–what does a trampoline have to do with fitness? But trampolines are one of the easiest (and most fun) ways to burn calories. Once you jump on, you’re not going to want to get off!

This Balance Ball Gives You A Deep Back Massage And Strengthens Your Core


I’ve had this balance ball on my watch list for quite some time, and after putting this list together, I decided to pull the trigger. It’s great for back pain (aka my life 24/7), helps you maintain proper form during ab workouts, and helps tone your lower body. If that wasn’t enough, it also comes with two 10-minute workouts and a bonus ab workout, which will help guide you–talk about an easy outside work-from-home lunch break.

Stay Amped Up With These Bluetooth Headphones

  via Amazon / Sara  

I legitimately cannot work out without music. There have been times where I have shown up to the gym, realized I had forgotten my headphones, and turned right back around and went home. I’m very serious about it. That’s why having a good pair of Bluetooth headphones is important to me. These headphones are very similar to Airpods, but they’re also waterproof and nearly soundproof. Bring them on your next run or swim, and be amazed by how much more you push yourself.

You Can Use This Kettlebell For So Many Different Workouts

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Maybe it’s just me, but I would much rather lift weights and work out outside than a gym. There’s no one to judge you and you get to soak up a little sunshine. Kettlebells are such a classic piece of workout equipment and a must-have for every at-home gym. This kettlebell is one of the most affordable that I have ever come across, while still remaining high-quality. It’s ideal for pistol squats, goblet squats, push-ups, swings, and more.

These Sneakers Are Great For Walks Outside

  via Amazon / Keirahc13  

I know this is technically a fashion item rather than a piece of workout equipment, but these just might be my favorite thing on this list. These New Balance sneakers are great for walks around the neighborhood or light jogs. Plus, they’re cute enough to wear even when running errands–talk about a bang for your buck!

Pilates Is Such A Good Full Body Workout. Get Started With This Pilates Set


I have multiple friends who have gushed over pilates. And rightfully so–they’ve had incredible results from the workouts. If you don’t feel like heading to a studio but still want to try it out, you’re in luck. This pilates set comes with all of the essentials you need–from the pilates ring to the pilates ball to the resistance loop band. And the best part? These exercises can be done literally anywhere.

Build Up Your Stamina And Get Your Cardio In With This Plyometric Box


I’m not going to lie; plyometric boxes always scared me. I’ve always had the irrational fear that I would try to jump up and I would fall on my face. However, the best way to tackle our fears is to face them head-on. Rather than jump on my patio furniture and ruin it, I figured a box would be better. This plyometric box can is truly a versatile piece of equipment and can be used in a wide variety of workouts aside from jumps. Elevate your push-ups, tricep dips, and more.

Make Your Next Workout So Much Harder With This Weighted Vest

  via Amazon / Angie  

What better way to burn a few more calories than to wear a weighted vest? Sound tough? Yeah, it’s no joke. For those who are serious about their fitness journey, it’s such an easy way to work a little harder and see results a little quicker. Wear it on your runs or walks or during your outdoor weight lifting session to up the calorie burn.

Tone Your Legs These Ankle Weights


​I’ve seen ankle weights all over my Instagram feed for quite some time now. People wear them while doing booty workouts or going on long walks. I instantly became intrigued, but every pair that people were recommending were $50+. As someone fairly new to the workout world, I was not about to throw that money down on something so small. That’s when I came across these ankle weights on Amazon. While 1.5 lbs may not sound like a lot, when you’re walking or doing donkey kicks, they really kick your ass. Your thighs and butt will thank you later.

Burn Fat And Feel Like A Kid Again With This Weighted Hula Hoop

  via Amazon / Brittanica  

This is another piece of gear that reminds me of my childhood in the best way possible. This weighted hula hoop is a great way to trim your waist in such a short period of time. Throw on some Backstreet Boys, hula hoop in your backyard for five minutes a day, and watch your waist dwindle down.

The Fitbit Inspire 2 Is So Sleek


If you prefer to have your fitness watches a bit smaller and sleeker, you may way the Fitbit Inspire 2. Fitbit has made a name for itself in the fitness industry, so you know you can trust this watch to get the job done. But it also does all of the same things that the other watch on this list does!

Get Out Some Pent Up Frustration With This Punching Bag

  via Amazon / Lady Tr3ble  

​I’m such a big advocate for workouts that also help you release tension or frustration. Spin class is like therapy for me. I’d imagine boxing is the same for others. Pick up boxing at home with this punching bag. Therapy and a workout? It doesn’t get much better than that!

Support Your Body During Yoga And Meditation With This Meditation Pillow


Exercising isn’t always just about physical workouts. It’s extremely important to practice mental exercises as well. The easiest way to do this is to meditate. In order to truly focus and unwind, having a space where you can meditate uninterrupted is extremely important–my favorite place is under a huge tree we have in our backyard. I like being as comfy as possible when meditating, so items like this meditation pillow are a must for me. Sit back, relax, and focus on your breathing to reduce anxiety and have a productive day.

Make Your Workouts Super Comfy With This Balance Pad


Whether you’re recovering from an injury or you just want to improve your strength, this balance pad is a lifesaver. It helps with coordination, overall balance, and core strength. Not to mention it’ll give you extra cushioning when you’re on concrete, dirt, or grass and can also be used as a posture-correcting seat cushion or foot elevator.

This Waist Trainer Will Make You Really Work Up A Sweat


We’ve all seen the Kardashians swear up and down about their waist trainers. I won’t even lie and say that I haven’t contemplated getting one multiple times. If you’re ready to get one for yourself (and I can’t blame you), this waist trainer is a great affordable option. Wear it when weight training, running or doing other outside workouts for a sweat unlike you’ve ever experienced. With long-term use, you’ll notice you start shredding some serious pounds.