37 Products Under $20 That’ll Help Solve Little Problems In Under 10 Minutes

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Even when something is a “little problem,” it doesn’t always feel that way.

Little problems have a way of becoming bigger ones, even if they are still minor annoyances. Sometimes seemingly tiny issues around your home, in your morning routine, or even at work have a way of snowballing on you. And frankly, the last thing I ever want to do is shout out a ton of cash to make those problems go away.

Instead, I take a look at my trusty Amazon wishlist to see if I can solve my problems with a click of a button, and not a lot of moolah to go with it. Below is a list of some of the best, instantly problem-solving items you can find on Amazon for under $20.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Drain Snake That Gets All The Gunk Out

No one likes a clogged drain. But you know what I also don’t like? Calling a plumber. So, often times, I try to stop a little clog before it becomes too big to handle. One of the ways I do this is by using this handy drain snake. It may not look like much, but it has saved me and my pipes so much time and money. You’d be surprised how much gunk this baby can handle.

This Butter Saver That Gives You Fresh, Soft Butter Any Time

Wouldn’t you love to have fresh, soft butter every morning? I know I’m not the only person who has tangoed with super hard butter straight from the fridge, but there’s not a lot of options out there if I want to keep my butter fresh. Until now, that is. This unique save keeps your butter soft and tasty, and you can even leave it on your countertop without worry.

These Fridge Bins That Keep Small Items Organized

I’ve been thinking a lot about organization these days, especially when it comes to my fridge. As much as I try, my fridge always ends up looking messy, and I sometimes have a hard time finding places for smaller items. These bins, however, make it much easier to keep things neat and tidy, so my fridge looks like it’s straight out of a magazine ad.

This Honeycomb Organizer That Works In Any Drawer

My drawers need some organization almost as much as my fridge does. I live with my partner, so keeping socks, for example, separated and neat is always a challenge. This honeycomb-style organizer makes it easy to stow away your clothing from the humblest sock to your favorite t-shirt. And, it eliminates the need to rummage and mess up all your hard work, since everything is visible as soon as you open the drawer.

These Book Ends That Are Cute And Functional

I’ve recently discovered that my bookshelf is quickly running out of space, so I’ve started to get creative. I’ve found that nooks, windowsills, and the very tops of all my shelves make good storage for my literature, but I need some good bookends to make it work. And, if those bookends are also aesthetically pleasing like these rose gold flamingos, all the better.

This Foot Hammock That Fits Right Under Your Desk

I like to put my feet up, even when I’m working, but that’s not always an option in a professional setting. Instead, I end up constantly adjusting my chair, sitting in an uncomfortable position, or risking my feet falling asleep because I decided to sit cross-legged. This hammock is the perfect solution. It sits under your desk to perfectly cradle your feet, so you feel like you’re lounging when you’re actually being productive.

This Wine Bottle Opener That Uses Air Pressure Instead Of A Corkscrew

I’ve worked as a bartender, so I personally don’t mind the twisting and turning of a corkscrew (even when it’s a stubborn cork). That said, I don’t mind making my life easier, and this corkscrew-alternative is the best thing I’ve found for under 10 bucks. It uses air pressure to pop the cork out of the bottle, so you don’t have to deal with crumbling corks or all that twisting and turning to get your vino.

This Mail Box That Keeps Your Mail And Your Keys Organized

I’m not one of those people who immediately answers or files their mail away the second they get it, and I never try to be. Instead, I generally open the important stuff and toss the junk, but then I’m still left with a pile of papers that need to be organized. This mailbox helps me out a lot by holding my mail neatly until I’m ready to deal with it, and it serves as a good key hook too.

These Space Saver Bags That Don’t Even Need A Vacuum

If you’ve never tried packing cubes or space-saver bags while traveling, get ready to have your mind blown. On long trips, I like using a vacuumed space-saver bag because it lets me pack a little more stuff that I might need (even if the density might make the bag a little heavy). These bags are an even better find because you don’t even need a vacuum to get all the air out. Simply pack and roll, and all the air will escape from one end while perfectly shrinking your items to a packable size.

These Magic Hangers That Make So Much Space In Your Closet

Apartment dwellers, this one is for you. I live in a small, one-bedroom with my partner, so of course, we have to share a closet. But even when we clean our stuff out to give to charity, we still have a ton of items that need hanging –– and we’ve definitely hit that point of bursting at the seams. But these magic hangers are like four regular hangers in one, cutting down on lots of much-needed space.

This Anti-Chafe Balm That Works Wonders On Summer Days

There are lots of good things about summer: the warm weather, the sunshine, the outdoor dining options. There are also bad things about summer, namely, in the form of chafing basically anywhere your skin touches something. But instead of doubling up on bike shorts or Spanx, this anti-chafing balm is a great way to stop friction (which causes chafing). Not needing extra layers to protect your skin is going to open up a whole new world. I guarantee it.

This Special Clasp That Keeps Layered Necklaces Untangled

I love the look of layered necklaces. I don’t love having to be a puzzle master in order to get them untangled. No matter what I do or how I wear them, I seem to always get my layered necklaces in a tangled web by the end of the day. But a few minutes scouring the internet has taught me that one of the best ways to keep those chains neat is by using this special clasp. It’s a little wider, with more hoops, so as to keep them from getting all twisted up as the day goes by.

This Acupressure Tool That Claims To Help Headaches

So, it’s not scientifically proven that acupressure is a cure for headaches and migraines, especially if you have a specific disorder that causes them, but this device certainly doesn’t hurt. It puts pressure on a certain point in your hand that can relieve tension and reduce stress. It’s entirely possible that this is a placebo effect, but there’s nothing wrong with finding some easy, drug-free, natural relief if it works for you.

This Latex Nail Tape That Gives You The Neatest Manicure

Hey, we can’t all be professional nail experts. If you’re like me, you’ve probably dealt with the problem of painting one hand (with your dominant hand) and having it turn out great, while painting with your non-dominant hand ends up being a total mess. This peel-off tape gives you a nice buffer around your nail just in case you make a mistake. It’s also so, so satisfying to take off, like when you peeled Elmer’s glue off your hands in grade school.

This Slow Treat Dispenser That Keeps Your Dog Calm During A Bath

Raise your hand if you’ve ever dealt with a dog who simply cannot sit still, especially for a bath. Well, I certainly have. It can be very frustrating when your little fur baby just can’t handle being in the water, so you try to make it as nice of an experience as possible in hopes that they can stay calm and not get shampoo in their ears. One clever way of doing this? Give them a nice treat that will distract them from the bathing process. This suction pad is perfect for spreading a little peanut butter on, so your dog is happy (and, eventually, clean).

This Pet Cleaning Tool That Gets Rid Of Muddy Paws With Minimal Effort

Even when it’s not official bath time, your pup can still track in some unwanted mud. Rather than run a bath every time they go outside, this little plunger tool easily removes dirt from their paws without a big struggle. Just dip, dry, and your dog can happily go about its business. After all, you want to spend more time playing with your dog than having to bathe it.

This Nail Treatment That Helps You Stop Biting

I am a lifelong nail biter. It drove my mom crazy because my hands were always chewed to the bit, which was sometimes pretty painful. While I’ve gotten way better at taking care of my nails as an adult, I still sometimes fall into the trap of biting them down when I’m bored or stressed. One way that helped me stop is this bitter-tasting nail treatment that sort of acts as a deterrent from chomping on my nails all the time. And, over the years, my nails have gotten stronger and healthier.

This Measuring Tool That Gives You The Perfect Portion Of Pasta

I’m always making too much pasta. I admit that sometimes, I would just love a big plate of noodles after a hard day’s work, but sometimes I just go overboard while I’m cooking and so much of it ends up going to waste. And, as much as I’d like to think I’ll eat the leftovers, day-old pasta just is not appetizing. So, what is the right amount of pasta anyway? This measuring tool shows you how much spaghetti to make based on how many people you’re cooking for, so there’s no guess work.

This Bag Sealer That Keeps Your Snacks Fresh

I’m a total chip fiend, and there’s nothing like opening a fresh bag of chips. As much as I like to indulge in my favorite, junky snack, I also know that eating a whole bag in one sitting is a recipe for disaster. I try to close the bag as best I can, but I still run into the problem of chips going stale (or worse, soggy) before I can finish them. I was so happy when I found this handy bag sealer, because it uses heat to reseal your bags and keep air out. And, you can use it again and again.

This Blue Apple That Keeps Your Fridge Smelling Great

We’ve all been in a situation where we bought a little too much produce for the week, either because we overestimated how motivated we were to “eat healthy” or because there was a big sale. Especially when you’re living alone or with just one person, it can be tough to keep produce fresh long-term. But this blue apple absorbs ethylene gas, which causes fruits and vegetables to go bad, so you can enjoy their freshness for longer.

These Washable Insoles That Are Perfect For Summer

I almost never wear socks with certain shoes, especially in the summer. I know that this is not always wise and can lead to bad odors, but some of my shoes are just not made for sock-wearing. Instead, I take precautions to fight against anything “offensive” coming from my shoe, including these absorbent insoles that can be changed out with every wear and be washed with the regular laundry. So, my shoes are always smelling…well, like nothing.

These Adorable Slippers That Will Mop Your Floors

I love having hardwood floors. Even though my building is a little older, I grew up in an all-carpet house, so I really appreciate the beauty of a wooden floor. And normally, it’s pretty easy to take care of, especially since many parts of the floor are “well loved” and won’t be perfect anyway. It can just sweep and vacuum to take care of messes, but one thing I wish I had more time for is to get out a mop and really get them sparkling. Instead of grabbing a bucket, these slippers offer a fine alternative, letting you buff and clean while you walk instead of hard labor.

These Scrubber Gloves That Will Totally Replace Your Sponge

No one likes a gross sponge. Even the so-called “eco-friendly” and reusable ones can collect stuff like mold, so I generally buy ones that you need to throw out after a little while and it makes me feel so guilty. But I recently stumbled upon these nifty gloves that come with scrubbers on the palms and I love them. Not only are they effective in getting out stuck-on food, they’re also made of silicone that fully dries between uses and stops things from “growing” on them. Plus, they protect your hands from harsh dish soap, so it’s a no brainer.

This Special Ice Cube Tray That Makes Satisfying, Pebble-Shaped Ice

Don’t you just love those little, pebble-like ice that you can get at certain fast-food restaurants or cocktail bars? I do. There’s something so satisfying about drinking a drink that’s filled with these little babies. I don’t know if it’s the sound they make or just the feeling that you’re getting a drink that is truly ice-cold, but I definitely love to use these little guys at home when I want a refreshing beverage.

This Zippy Slicer That Makes Chopping Small Veggies Way Easier

Cutting grapes, tiny tomatoes, or other small veggies can be a pain. All that chopping and slicing can really wear you down. Plus, I like to stay on the move when I’m cooking, so stopping to do a ton of dicing sometimes just isn’t in the cards when I’m trying to make dinner. That’s where this little slicer really comes in handy. If you need cherry tomatoes for a recipe, simply load them up in the tube, slice through, and bam! Lots of chopped tomatoes with a single motion.

This Roller That Makes Peeling Garlic A Breeze

No one likes to mince garlic. Even if you love garlic, like I do, mincing is one of the most tedious tasks in the kitchen (unless you’re a whiz with a knife, which I am not). Usually, I use a tiny food processer to dice up my garlic, but I didn’t have a good, efficient way of peeling all those cloves until I found this roller. All I have to do is load it up with however many cloves I need and roll it around to separate the clove from the peel. It’s that easy.

This Smart Cup That Holds Your Extra-Large Drinks

Real talk: I got into a minor car accident when I was a teenager because I had a big water bottle that was rolling around in the car, distracting me. Luckily no other person was involved during this ordeal, but it certainly taught me a lesson in securing my stuff before I even turn on the ignition. But still, if you have a big cup or a Hydroflask, for example, these things don’t always easily fit in a cup holder. But this “smart cup” does. It easily expands the space you need for your big drink, so it can stay nice and secure for the ride.

This Easy Wristlet That Attaches To Your Key Ring

Sometimes, you just don’t want to take your whole purse with you on an errand. But also, women’s clothes almost never have deep enough pockets to hold your keys and your wallet without bulking up or spilling out. It’s a real dilemma. But this adorable wristlet easily attaches to your keyring, so you can keep your keys accessible. Pockets or no pockets. It’s especially good for those quick errands that you really don’t need to bring your whole purse for.

This Soap Saver That Keeps Soap High And Dry

You know what they say: Waste not, want not. I’ve been slowly transitioning to using bar soaps rather than body washes or liquid hand soaps because they take less water to make and packaging is usually minimal. However, I definitely don’t enjoy picking up a slimy bar of soap that’s been sitting in a tiny pool of water when I have to clean up. Plus, this also dissolved small bits of soap even when you’re not using is, wasting your precious pennies. This helpful “soap saver” keeps your bar out of the water so it stays dry between uses (which can also keep mold at bay).

This Water Pump That Eliminates The Need To Pick Up Those Heavy Bottles

If you use one of these filtered water bottles in your home or office, you know what a pain it is to change them out. Most of the time, they need to sit upside down in order to dispense the liquid, but this helpful water pump eliminates the need for all that. Instead, you can set your water bottle anywhere that’s convenient and let the pump do the rest.

These Post-It Notes That Stick (And Stay Stuck)

I love using post-it notes at work so I can keep track of little memos I write to myself. They also help me remember important stuff since they’re always in my sight. Of course, over time, these notes tend to lose their stickiness, which can also mean that I lose the note altogether. But these “extreme” post-its have a much stronger adhesive that holds strong, even at extreme temperatures or if you get them wet. And they come in the same fun colors.

This Tiny Spatula That Helps You Use Every Last Drop Of Product

You’ve paid top dollar for that moisturizer or foundation, so why not use all of it? So much of our makeup and beauty problems go to waste because we can’t get the product out of their containers, but no more. These teeny-tiny spatulas will save the day (or at least your morning routine) by letting you reach deep into the tube or bottle to get every last drop of the product you need. They’re really a great way to extend the life of your favorite beauty products and saving you money.

This Discreet Box That Hides All Your Cables

Maybe I’m a neat freak, but I can’t stand seeing lots of cords behind my media shelf. Obviously I don’t want to get rid of my electronics, so I have to find a way of keeping things neat and aesthetically pleasing. Enter, this handy, little box. It allows you to easily thread and contain your electronic cords, so all you see is a neat, little, white box instead of a jumbled mess. You’ll be surprised at how much it helps the look of any room.

This Hair Finishing Stick That Gives You A Sleek Look

I have that wavy hair texture that is famous for flyaways and frizz. Basically, I’ve resorted to sticking with “messy” styles in order to get away with all these little hairs sticking out all over the place. But this finishing stick changed that. If you’re going for a sleek style, really keep it in place using this stick. It looks a little bit like brow wax or mascara, but it’s totally clear and just tames all the little hairs that got away. It really cuts down on your need for hairspray or gel too.

This Cleaning Gel That Gets Into Every Nook And Cranny

You’ll be surprised at how many little places in your home, your car, anywhere need to be cleaned. Take your car, for example. Those air conditioner vents are constantly trapping dust, which can blow around your car. But they’re so hard to clean. If you’re looking to do a little “detailing,” this gel is essential. It gets into all those tiny crevices so your car, your laptop, or whatever you have gets the TLC it needs.

This Rainbow Window Film That Gives You All The Privacy You Need

When you’re living in an apartment, privacy can feel like a luxury. I’ve lived in many first-floor places, so I’m keenly aware at all the ways random people can peep into your place. If you’re in need of a little privacy without blocking the light into your place, this window film can help. It also looks like a rainbow prism, so it reflects gorgeous colored light into your room when the sun hits it just right.

This Toothpaste Cap That Eliminates Mess

Much like foundation or moisturizer, using every bit of toothpaste can save you a lot in the long run. If you tend to lose your caps, squeeze a little too much on your brush, or have little kids who haven’t quite mastered brushing their teeth yet, this no-mess cap is a great solution. It replaces your regular cap and closes itself automatically, so you don’t waste any product and you don’t have to deal with toothpaste crust.