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37 Quirky Handmade Products From Amazon You’ll Want to Check Out

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Fans of Etsy but you paid for Prime? It’s your lucky day! I recently discovered that Amazon now has a whole section dedicated to handcrafted products. Each and every one of them is unique to the seller and almost all can be customized in some way. A lot of the ones I’ve curated for y’all are fall-themed.

As we head into the cooler months and into the waiting arms of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and of course, Christmas, it’s getting to be the time where we start thinking of others. Specifically, what do you get your best friend who’s a caffeine fiend (caf-fiend??) because you really can’t give another bag of free-range, home-grown coffee beans the third Christmas in a row. Well, you might consider a personalized coffee scoop. Or perhaps a handmade tortilla press for your foodie sibling. Maybe you just really want to treat yourself to a cute pair of earrings shaped like pinecones!

Whoever you’re shopping for, handmade always adds a touch of specialness. Take a look at my picks down below and see if anything strikes your fancy. It’s like being at a good, ol’ fashioned farmer’s market from the comfort of your own home.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

These Velveteen Pumpkins Are Peak “Fall is Here”

How cute are these pumpkins? I wish I had a mantel so I could plop these in the center with a roaring fire lit up underneath. This Wisconsin seller handmakes these and other seasonal decors with love and care. They would look amazing at a Thanksgiving dinner or on your coffee table this fall.

This Personalized Tea Towel Is the Perfect Housewarming Gift

This super cute waffle-knit tea towel is the perfect gift or personal addition to adding a nice finishing touch to your kitchen. Printed on a weave created to hold water while the surface of the cloth stays dry, they make wonderful drying towels. Canary Road, the seller, individually packages them in cellophane so they’re ready to gift!

This Gorgeous Stacking Ring With Raw Quartz Belongs On Your Jewellery Plate

Caprixus Jewelry makes this beautiful, hammered vermeil ring from 24K gold, sterling silver, and natural raw quartz. These rings are definitely unique, as each raw gemstone is different from the last. I personally love these kinds of artisan rings, as not only are they one-of-a-kind, they’re elegant and go with everything. You can get these in a variety of finishes, as well, if yellow gold isn’t your thing: they offer white silver and oxidized sterling as well.

This Candle Is Designed to Freshen Up Your Car

I’ve been loving this ‘love spell and leather country’ car candle from ChicWick. An Oklahoma-based artisan candlemaker, this Amazon Handmade store uses soy blends and signature scents to craft some cute, gorgeous-smelling candles. This one is specifically made for your car. Most impressively, it doesn’t melt in the heat and will last for months.

This Beautiful and Unique Mountainscape Print to Spruce Up Your Walls

This gorgeous fox composed of a whole landscape is printed by hand onto coated paper by Fuzzy Ink, a small Columbia printing business. It features a matte finish and is the perfect gift for nature lovers. I got one for myself to add to my prints and paintings collection and it sits right at home on my wall, fitting right in.

This Personalized Serving Board Has So Many Different Uses

This Farmhouse Noodle Board is hand-stained in a color of your choosing, featuring natural knots, seams, and splits. I personally love to keep mine on top of the stove both before and after cooking, as I find it solves my limited counter space problem. It’s also easy to clean with a soft wet cloth and JensenEden, the seller, makes sure that every piece is unique to the buyer.

This Super Pretty Friendship Lamp Makes a Great Gift For That Special Someone

Whether it’s for your best friend or your fiance, this Friendship Lamp is a one-of-a-kind, sweet and thoughtful present. IT connects to your home’s WiFi. The ‘friendship’ aspect comes from the fact that when you touch one lamp, they all light up. My long-distance SO and I use these to connect non-verbally. When one of us is thinking of the other, we simply touch our respective lamp and the other person knows they’re on our mind. We call them our ‘love lamps’ (yeah, we’re that couple).

This Vinyl Sticker Reminds Us Of The Important Things In Life

Mental health is so huge for me and everyone in my life. I picked up a bunch of these “Mental Health Matters” vinyl stickers to slap onto my laptop, workstation, and give to friends and family. It’s a small thing, but it does keep it fresh in our minds that we ought to be taking care of ourselves and to take a step back now and again.

This Edison Lamp Is Perfect For the Steampunk Fan In Your Life

This lamp is so unique and fun. Handmade in the US from real steel pipes, you’ll feel doubly great about purchasing such a cool piece of art from a local vendor. Of course, it actually functions as a light, too, and you can choose from 4 different socket colors. I’ve had mine for a couple weeks now (in rustic oak and antique finishes!) and it’s a real conversation starter.

This Pair of Handcrafted Infinity Earrings Are So Cute

Handmade in Minnesota using Copper wire, Pillar of Salt Studio finishes these earrings in an antique lacquer, giving them an earthy, boho vibe. I absolutely love mine; they go so well with both summer dresses and fall jumpsuits. I received mine as a gift from a friend, and I’ll for sure be looking to gift them myself some time.

These Paperless “Paper” Towels Are Perfect For the Environmentally-Conscious

Those of us who have made the swap over to beeswax saran wrap and reusable sandwich bags will be excited by the growing availability of washable paper towels. And I don’t mean Bounce (although, those things are basically indestructible). For example, this pack of flannel organic cotton paperless towels from Gina’s Soft Cloth Shop are the perfect, sustainable replacement to traditional paper towel. They also don’t tear or break at the first sign of liquid (looking at you, “competitive name brand”).

This DIY Dream Catcher Kit Makes A Great Thanksgiving Day Activity

Thanksgiving is still a ways off, but it’s never too early to start thinking about turkey dinners and delicious, buttery stuffing. In between picking out your Halloween costume and wondering if it’s too early to listen to Christmas music, you can grab a couple of these DIY Dream Catcher Kits. They’re hand packaged and come with instructions to make the prettiest dream catchers. Maybe holiday shopping won’t be such a nightmare this year?

This Multi-Purpose Scrub Will Have You Excited to Get Out of Bed

As a certified night owl with a license to stay up way too late every night and question my choices every morning, I can attest to this scrub being at least a pleasant addition to my start-of-day routine. Handmade in small batches in Chicago, this face and body exfoliating scrub is a lush blend of peppermint, rosemary, and lavender. It’s somehow able to wake me up and calm me down at 8 in the morning. Miracle.

These Succulent Earrings Are A Great Addition To Your Jewellery Collection

I looove succulents. They are by far my favorite plants to keep around, mostly because they don’t die as easily. At least with these gorgeous earrings, I don’t have to remember to water them once a month to keep them looking pristine. I love these “Pretty Smart” earrings so much I bought two more sets for my mother and sister. We all have sensitive ears, so it’s awesome that this Canada-based shop uses hypoallergenic metals.

This Friendship Charm Makes A Perfect Memento For Long Distance Besties

My sister and I are super close, despite being so many years apart. I purchased two of these super cute long-distance charm necklaces, featuring two coins with customized states, and gave one to her for graduation. Now, we have a way to feel connected even when really far apart.

This Personalized Recipe Book is the Perfect Gift For The Food In Your Life

I love food and I love to cook. My favorite part of that process is taking a recipe and adding my own personal touches, such that I’ve created a bunch that is uniquely mine. To celebrate this (and to free up the drawer that those recipes get thrown haphazardly into, turning menu prep a complete nightmare), my SO gifted me this personalized recipe holder. It’s handcrafted from quality wood and they offer 3 different stains and 7 different types of paper. When it’s all filled up, you have the option of adding more paper, as well.

This Mug Is Perfect For Morning Coffees Over Zoom With Your Loved Ones

While we’ve made huge strides in terms of the pandemic, abiding by social distancing requirements and other measures to curb the spread is far from over. There are still so many people who aren’t able to see loved ones except virtually. I know it’s super difficult for me to see my family, friends, and significant other, most of whom live in a different country from me. I purchased a set of these long-distance mugs as a simple little gift for when my SO and I have our morning coffee dates. Cupology, the vendor, let me pick the two colors and two states and then shipped it promptly to me. It’s just a small way to add something special to a shared routine.

This Personalized Stationary Is So Darn Cute

You’ll be looking for reasons to leave people notes when you have these custom, dog-print stationary cards. Personalized with your name at the top, these sheets are printed on premium heavyweight cardstock with quality archival ink. Mine came crisp and ready to be written on and I can attest to the ink staying put (aka no smudging!)

This Leather Journal Will Look Superb With Your Initials Engraved On The Cover

Something about journals, especially leather ones, just sends me to a calm and peaceful happy place. Maybe it’s because I’m a writer, but the mere smell of fresh paper and soft, supple leather is enough to put me into a good mood. I was gifted this refillable journal, hand-cut and bound using thick, full-grain leather and acid-free paper. It brings me joy to open and write in it (pro tip: try a fountain pen with this!) and I love that once I’ve filled it out, I have the option of adding more paper.

This Hardwood Tortilla Press is Made For The Mexican Food Lover

I recently got super into burritos and soft-shell tacos. Unfortunately, being gluten intolerant, I’ve had to learn to make my own tortillas. I decided to invest in this handmade, unique wooden press to smooth out the process. In fact, the vendor recommends non-wheat-based flours for the best result. Talk about a match made in heaven.

This Wreath is a Beautiful Way to Decorate Your Door This Season

This wreath is absolutely gorgeous. Made from scented mini lambs ear (don’t worry, not actual lamb’s ears … vegans, you’re good to go), I find it to be such a unique take on a traditional decor item. In fact, it’s casual that you can keep it up even after Christmas.

This Super Cool Rocks Glass Is The Perfect Gift For the Scotch Lover

Do you have a friend who’s basically Robin from How I Met Your Mother? You know, a scotch-loving gun nut who would absolutely get a kick out of this gag gift? I definitely do, and they were beyond thrilled with this rocks glass that has an actual 0.308 bullet hand-molded into the glass.

This Custom Wooden Sign For Weddings, Homes, and Anniversaries

Whether you’re getting hitched and looking for unique ways to label seating charts, or you’re looking for the perfect anniversary gift for your parents, this handmade “established circa” sign is the perfect blend of refined taste and elegant thoughtfulness. You have the option of 4 different stain colors and Obsidian Home Creations, the maker, hand selects the wood themselves to guarantee quality in every piece.

This Adorable Cotton Day Calendar Makes A Wonderful 2nd Anniversary Gift

Has it been two years already? Time sure does fly in the face of fun and love! I love this creamed cotton, hand-printed calendar denoting the anniversary date for two special people. I purchased this for my own two years with my SO and they really loved the uniqueness of it. It has a special place hanging on our wall between photos.

This Cozy Mug Sweater is The Perfect Companion For Fall

Okay, first things first, how cute is the term “mug sweater“? It makes me want to bundle up in a hoodie, wool blanket, and settle into the couch with a steaming cup of hot chocolate. Now that the weather is permitting that sort of activity, I wanted to treat my mugs to some coziness of their own. Nandy’s Nook knits these with acrylic yarn and wooden button closure. You can even leave it on when reheating beverages in the microwave. Plus, if your mug is somewhat oddly shapened or sized, they’re perfectly happy to take custom sizing requests.

This Enchanting Cultured Pearl Bracelet Is The Perfect Dazzling Accessory

This elegant and feminine bracelet is hand-strung with 5-mm white pearls, each individually wrapped and fastened with a lobster claw. If that weren’t pretty enough on its own, add the Saint Benedict engraving on both sides of an 18k-plated pendant. The result is a rustic, fairy-like charm that I love to pair with a cute babydoll dress or sweetheart neckline.

This Funny Tea Towel Is An Awesome Gift For Plant Lovers

Brighten up your home or a friend’s day with this super cute dish towel. It’s made from a flour sack that’s 100% cotton and screen printed using the vendor Moonlight Makers’ original designs. I’ve purchased more than a few of these over the years and this particular one went to a friend with one of the greenest thumbs I’ve ever seen. She was absolutely delighted.

This Leather Wall Hook Adds A Modern Touch To Your Home Decor

Leather is extremely durable and makes for handy straps. These little hooks are hand cut out of wine, chocolate, mahogany, or black leather sourced from “a local vendor that aligns with the same ethical and environmentally friendly mindset as” the maker/seller. They also are adamant that the cowhides used are solely by-products from the beef industry, so you can at least rest your conscience somewhat.

ThisPersonalized Wooden Scoop Is the Perfect Gift For Coffee Lovers

This coffee scoop is literally made for the coffee fiend addict lover in your life. You know who they/you are. As a caffeine aficionado myself, I ever so humbly purchased this scoop for myself. It works just as well for tea, sugar, and any other condiments (so you could technically gift this to anyone, even those who don’t rely on coffee to achieve a basic ability to function). The wood is hand-selected and each piece will be a little bit different.

These Clay Pears Are The Perfect Gift For The Perfect

Shaped like cute little pears, each of these is individually painted with love and non-toxic acrylic paint. I know my mom felt really special when I surprised her with a set (unique, as no two sets will turn out quite the same). She put them on her windowsill and tells me it brings a smile to her face every time she walks past them.

These Pinecone Earrings Are As Adorable As They Are Chic

Honestly, these look like they just walked off the page of a Kate Spade catalog. Made by hand from 925 sterling silver (including the hooks, so as to prevent irritation even to the most sensitive of ears), they’re gold-filled and come with a black tarnish strip that protects them from the elements. I love how they look on me and I appreciate the attention to detail from the individual little cones to the tarnish strip that prevents the precious silver from blackening.

These Palette Earrings Are Perfect For Both Budding and Established Artists

These earrings are called “happy little paint palettes” and they certainly live up to their name. Each piece is uniquely hand-painted and crafted in the US. This is important, as overseas pieces are often mass-produced and terribly hard on the environment. I’ve gotten so many compliments on mine since I received them. They’re particularly fun on ‘art days’ when I really let all of my inner artists come out and play.

This Vintage ‘Map of the Moon‘ Would Look Amazing Next to a Globe or Atlas

Astrology lovers would love this old, old-fashioned map of the moon print. The seller, Lone Star Art Store, has an impressive portfolio of artworks. I personally love this one of the moons just because of how out there it is. Just make sure you don’t ask if it comes with the frame.

These Hand-Poured Candles Add Contemporary Elegance to Any Space

Hand-made candles always have an element of love and warmth to them that mass-produced, store-bought candles just don’t. These ones from Sweet Water Decor are poured by hand in Pennsylvania, making them both handmade and local. The jars they come in are durable and the labels, you can tell, are printed with care. My favorite is the eucalyptus spearmint, especially during rainy days when you want a candle but maybe don’t want to fall asleep quite yet.

These Handmade Pottery Ring Holders Are a Beautiful Way to Store Jewellery

Handmade in Virginia, this ring holder is a gorgeous floating blue. I love keeping my rings in here; one, so I don’t lose any, and two, the blue contrasts magnificently with the golds and silvers of my jewelry. I keep one in the kitchen so I can take my accessories off when I’m doing the dishes.

This Candle is Here For Sweater Season

A warm and cozy scented candle with notes of wood, citrine, and spices, you’ll fall in love over and over with the home-y undertones. I bought so many of these stylish and hand-poured soy candles, for both myself and as gifts. With so many different scents to choose from, you’ll be hard-pressed to not fill your (virtual) cart up with them.

This Rustic Rainbow Print Is The Perfect Reminder to Bring More Joy

Seeing this print on my wall is always a nice, gentle reminder to feel more grateful and carry a better attitude. It’s especially good on grumpy days or when I’m particularly irritated by work. A thoughtful gift, the watercolor print makes a beautiful gift that’s ready to be framed.