37 Small but Life-Changing Gadgets Under $25 | 22 Words

In this digital, hustling age, our brains are constantly working to make our lives better. But what if I told you that several people are trying to improve lives in general? No, these aren’t doctors or philanthropists; they’re inventors who agonize over the small annoyances of existing. For less than $25, each of these incredible items solves a problem you might not have even known you had!

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

This Heated Eye Mask

I know what you’re thinking: isn’t anything eye care related supposed to be cool? Not necessarily. This plush eye mask gives you a safe dose of lavender steam that does wonders for everything from dry eyes to clogged tear ducts. You can power it via USB and remove the velour cover to hand wash it. Choose from five temperature levels and timers for up to an hour so you can’t fall asleep with it still going.

This Airtight Canister

Keep your coffee, tea, snacks, and more fresh in this cool canister. You can press the lid further down as your supplies diminish, so there isn’t a bunch of air aging your cookies. For cereal or spices, there are four other larger and smaller sizes that will lock in moisture while resisting stains.

This Tea Cup Brews and Strains

Tons of cool tea cups, mugs, and accessories exist, but this design takes the cake. A little compartment holds your loose leaf tea and when tilted, brews it to perfection. Then, to prevent over-steeping, just tilt it the other way and enjoy your tea! The cup comes in black, white, and three vibrant colors and holds roughly 10 ounces.

This Hangover Patch

Until they stop making alcohol so delicious, hangovers are an inevitable part of life. This organic pack of patches uses a dozen vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants to fully prevent or minimize your hangover. The patch goes on right before you head out drinking and should work for about 12 hours, but try to remember to peel it off before you pass out or a vitamin smell will linger.

This Toilet Paper Foam

If you don’t want to install a bidet or deal with environmentally dubious wet wipes, keep your tush fresh and clean with this foam. From the makers of the Squatty Potty, this foam gets pumped onto your toilet paper to create an un-clogable wet wipe. Aloe and witch hazel work together to soothe even the worst bathroom trips.

This Fruit Fly Trap

Have you ever made an old school fruit fly trap where you pour apple cider vinegar into a glass, cover it with cling wrap, and then poke a few holes in the top? Well, now, you can have an eco-friendly version of that which also looks great on your kitchen counter. A stainless steel grate covers a white ceramic bowl, both of which are dishwasher safe. Flies go in, but they won’t come out and you can enjoy your bananas in peace.

This Bottle Drainer

You’ve made a sandwich and you’re just realizing you’re out of mustard. But you know the mustard bottle has just enough left to add some zing to your fillings. This easy-to-clean, two-pack of holders allows virtually any bottle to rest upside-down. You can invert anything from shampoo to long-necked ketchup bottles and know that the bottle is sturdy.

This Acne Spot Treatment

We’re all sold the lie that adulthood will wash away our acne, but we learn that pimples are resilient. For the stubborn acne that tries to throw you off your game, try this light therapy stick. It uses blue and red light to stop breakouts in their tracks after a couple of minutes of use. The portable stick can easily slip into a purse or carry-on bag for any on-the-go surprises.

This Avocado Saver

So, you only used half of your avocado this morning and you want to keep the rest fresh? This gadget wants to become its new other half. Just press the avocado into this holder and wrap the adjustable strap over it. Users report no browning between uses, even if they only slice up a quarter of the avocado!

These Reusable Makeup Pads

Makeup remover pads are as helpful as they are wasteful! Wipe off that waterproof mascara with your favorite remover and instead of tossing the pad, wash it. This pack of 16 cotton pads translates to 16,000 disposable pads, so basically, you’ll never need to buy new ones ever again.

These Stretchy Silicone Lids

Want instant Tupperware? This set of seven silicone lids stretches to cover 3 to 12 inches in diameter. You can use them over bowls or even fruit halves like pineapples to keep your food fresh without having to waste cling wrap. You can also use the lids to cover any of containers whose lids have gone missing in the great abyss of your kitchen cabinets (or your friends’ kitchen cabinets).

These Dip Clips

Sometimes, you just need your own personal dip and don’t want to drip it everywhere between the coffee table and your mouth. Or maybe everyone likes a slightly different taste in dips. Or maybe you really like having your salad dressing on the side. Whatever your lifestyle, this set of four dip clips will fit onto the side of a plate (even paper ones) and hold up to ⅓ cup of your favorite dips.

This Tumbler Handler

Massive tumblers that keep drinks cold or hot for hours on end are all the rage these days. But how many of those tumblers have handles? This flexible sleeve comes in many colors and fits over your tumbler so it has a handle. With 20, 30, and 40-ounce sizes to choose from, your Yeti will be transformed into a mug.

These Toe Spreaders

Do your feet hurt from standing all day or wearing heels? These cool toe spreaders provide relief from foot pain as well as issues like overlapping toes or bunions. This set comes in a little bamboo box with a large and small pair of spreaders to naturally stretch your feet to a more comfortable position.

This Drying Rack Set

If you don’t use a lot of dishes and want to save space in your kitchen, this set is a brilliant drying rack option. The microfiber mat dries quickly and the slotted rack can actually move between one end and the middle for more drying flexibility. When your dishes are done, the whole set folds away and you have your countertop back!

This Emergency Car Tool

Do you ever have a nightmare where you’re in a horrible car crash and can’t get your seat belt off? If not, sorry, because you will now! That is, unless you get this two-pack of a necessary tool. One end of this escape tool is a hammer that can shatter your windshield while the other has a hidden blade that can cut through your seat belt in case it gets jammed. Sleep better at night; keep one of these in your glove compartment and one in the backseat.

This Lettuce Chopper

Making salads just got even easier thanks to this chopper. Just throw your leafy goods into a bowl and chop away! The serrated edge of the chopper cuts through semi-soft foods, from lettuce to cheese without the need for a cutting board. Even the most cynical reviewers have been wowed by the usefulness of this product, so chopped salad lovers should definitely take this for a spin.

This USB Humidifier

Everyone could use a little dewy pick-me-up and this humidifier can go pretty much anywhere you do. This little humidifier can be powered via USB and the base is slim enough to even fit in your car’s cup holder. Whether you want to breathe better or just need to improve a dry office, this portable humidifier can help for more than six hours.

This Essential Traveler’s Plug

For those of you with wanderlust and the frequent flier miles to prove it, an international plug adapter is a necessity. In addition to working in more than 150 countries, this little brick also houses four USB ports (two of which charge a little faster). Little sliders on the side lock in the plug you need to keep your batteries in the green.

This Travel Purse

Speaking of travelers, you know that normal wallets tend to not cut it when it comes to keeping all of your cards, IDs, and documents in order. This RFID-blocking wallet keeps your information safe while also having the perfect compartment for everything you need. The wallet comes in dozens of colors which have your standard pockets as well as a sleeve for your boarding pass and a section big enough for your passport. Don’t just travel efficiently; travel in style.

This French Fry Holder for Your Car

Eating fries while you drive is about to become way easier. Instead of fishing blindly through your drive-thru bag, nestle your carton of fries into this holder. The base fits all standard car cupholders and provides stability so your fries don’t go flying at the first speed bump. When you’re not using it for fast food, you can also use the opening to securely store your phone or wallet.

This Chilly Roller for Your Face

If you couldn’t get on board with the steam mask, here’s a classic way to rejuvenate and depuff your face. Store the roller it in your freezer and then just attach to the handle whenever you need to roll away your pores and dry skin. This roller is especially great for maturing ladies. In addition to staving away wrinkles, this can provide relief from hot flash redness on the face and neck.

These Pencil Grips for Little Writers

Whether you’re a teacher, parent, or other loved one, it’s hard to watch little kids struggle with holding onto their pencil. These flexible grips slide over the pencil and have ambidextrous holsters that help children get in the habit of holding their pencil more securely. Three grips come in a pack, so you buy in bulk or have backups when one inevitably goes missing.

This Bottle Cleaner

From your water bottle to your travel mug, the inside of your favorite on-the-go bottles eventually get pretty gross, even with washing. Whether you have hard water or you like your coffee strong, these natural cleaning tablets can make the bottles like new again. You don’t even have to put any elbow grease into it! Just fill a bottle with water and drop an effervescent tablet inside so it can fizz away the grime.

This Fast Meat Thermometer

There are all sorts of tricks to knowing the different doneness levels of steaks, but why not let technology do it for you? This instant read thermometer can help you make a perfect medium rare steak as well as tackle larger cuts and game. From special occasion turkeys to briskets, this thermometer will make sure everyone has a safe night and well-cooked food!

This Jar Opener

Whether you have weak hands, arthritis, or just really love that one coconut oil that’s impossible to open, you need this tool. This stainless steel kitchen tool can be adjusted to fit just about any jar to give you the leverage you need to just squeeze the handle and twist. Go ahead, use your coconut oil for whatever one of the thousands of uses for it you subscribe to.

These Sheet Fasteners

Fitted. Sheets. Folding them is annoying. They almost always trap a damp pillowcase in a corner in the dryer. Putting them on can be an acrobatic feat, depending on your bedroom layout. But worst of all, just when you think you can relax, a corner will just slide up during the night to expose your mattress. That last problem is a thing of the past thanks to these little suspenders. You just clamp them on and the heavy-duty bungee cords will keep your sheet in place. Reviewers note that putting small marks on the corners of the sheet where the fasteners fit will help speed up changing the sheets while others prefer to just leave the clips on for laundry day.

This Beard Oil Brush

Luscious beards take quite a bit of maintenance and it can often be a messy process. Keep hands clean and a beard with sheen with this high-quality brush. The maple wood and horse hair bristle brush is a strong balance of gentle for your hair and exfoliating for your skin. The bristles can take your favorite beard oil, wax, or balm and distribute it through your beard.

These Beach Cup Holders

You’re finally getting some sun, sprawled out on your beach blanket and enjoying a nice, cold drink from your cooler. But where are you gonna set it down? This set of four cup holders can be nestled in the sand and hold bottles, cans, and even party cups. Choose from an assortment of colors to match your blanket or get a variety pack so there aren’t any drink mixups.

This Safe Place for Glasses

Tucking away your glasses is generally precarious. Whether they’re on your head or hooked onto your shirt, your glasses are often a slight bend away from crashing to the floor. This magnetic holder can be secured to any top without adhesive or poking any holes. The strong magnets will hold onto your hooked glasses until you need them again!

This Label Maker

Label makers are often seen as a product for a very particular kind of person. But truth be told, we could all use a little more organization in our lives. This label maker prints custom labels so you can know what’s in your kitchen canisters, desk drawers, and finally get your roommate to stop eating your leftovers. Claim what’s yours, from your pad thai to your scissors.

This Expandable Trivet

Save your counters from hot dishes with this one-size-fits-all trivet! The silicone base can really handle the heat and it’s also dishwasher safe. It can hold your pots and casserole dishes just fine, thanks to its accordion design. When you’re not using it, it collapses all the way down and takes up less space than a spatula.

This Counter Squeegee

There’s always something on the counter by your kitchen sink. From rogue soap or food splatters to crumbs or coffee grounds, this little tool can keep your counter clean. The brush side can get even the smallest crumbs to your garbage disposal and slides puddles down the drain where they belong. Keep it close by just hanging it on the edge of the counter!

This Candle for Pet Owners

Big or small, furry or not, pets can be really funky creatures in between baths. In doesn’t help that caged pets pretty much hangout in their poop all day. Rescue your home from these potent odors with this specially formulated candle. The soy candle comes in a variety of scents like mango peach and lavender green tea, and you can reuse the container when you’re done.

This Ink Remover

If you keep a pen in your pocket or purse, you’ve probably experienced an unwanted ink stain. This remover is strong enough to get out the toughest ink stain while being gentle enough to not ruin the fabric. The gentleness is thanks to its non-toxic, environmentally-friendly formula and its toughness is backed by Sharpie. It’s also a miracle worker on wine and paint stains!

This Blade Cleaner

Clean your cutlery in a safer way with this brightly colored brush. Or you could get it in gray (I would). The double-sided bristle power can scrub off caked-on food in no time. The design is particularly helpful for your knives because it keeps a barrier between the blade and your hand that isn’t, you know, just a sponge.

This Password Journal

Stop using the same password everywhere! Create unique passwords for your accounts and store them in this innocuous journal. It will blend into any stack of books or bookshelf as it hides more than 160 usernames and passwords for all of those things you’re signed up for. Subscriptions, productivity apps, gaming accounts, you name it. Keep it secret. Keep it safe.