37 Small Gadgets That Make A Huge Impact

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When it comes to handy, unique gadgets, it turns out that size doesn’t always matter after all. Good things come to those who wait… especially for small packages. You don’t need a big screen TV or electronic toy the size of your car to get the job done, and that’s why we’ve foraged through the dense forests of Amazon to locate the best small gadgets that make a huge impact on your lifestyle. The results? This list of the 37 amazing Amazon gadgets that can optimize your daily routine, hack chores on the daily, and well, simply upgrade! From practical Swedish dishcloths to resilient exfoliating body brushes, this round-up of Amazon products features the best handheld, small, and non-assuming tech and task items that can revolutionize tasks and keep you in the fast lane. These stylish and functional products belong in your cart today, so bring them on home!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program and we may have additional affiliate relationships with some of the products featured here – as such, our company may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Finally… A Charging Hub That Can Handle All Your Devices

Charge your iPhone, iPad, or any USB-compatible device right in one location — this charging dock. Features six USB ports and delivers a charge up to 58% faster than standard chargers. No more fighting over outlets. Everyone can share the power now!

Comb Through Knots and Tangles With This Detangler Brush

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Eliminate knots and stubborn tangled with this handy de-tangler brush. It uses unique cone-shaped bristles that separate your hair sideways rather than pulling and tugging them apart. Gently detangle your unruly mane with this easy-to-use brush that makes a big impact on your hair-brushing routine.

Clean Up Your Interior With This Car Trash Can

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Attach this car trash can to the back of your center console or seat and easily collect stray garbage instead of letting it collect on the floor. Heavy-duty vinyl lined fabric lines this durable wastebasket, and it even has three pockets for sanitizers and wipes.

Professional Quality Nail Clippers in a Portable Pouch

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Give yourself the at-home manicure treatment you deserve with the Harperton nail clippers and pouch. You can zip them together in this PVC pouch for easy transportation, whether you’re traveling for the weekend or headed to an extended getaway. Useful for both thick and thin nails, these ergonomically-designed clippers are the perfect solution to your pedicure problems.

Organize Your Fridge With These Storage Bins

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These easy-t0-clean plastic fridge organizers are great for de-cluttering your fridge and creating extra space. Separate eggs, cans, fruit, and more with these differently-shaped bins that can optimize your fridge space and make it more visually appealing at the same time.

Scrape Every Last Drop With The Spatty Daddy Spatula

Instead of wasting batter stuck to the inside of your mixing bowl, scrape it out with this last-drop spatula by Spatty Daddy. You’ll get a two-piece set, both spatulas constructed of sturdy flexible material that bends and contours to whatever you apply it towards!

Keep Grease In The Pan

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Jumping hot oil can be dangerous — and painful. Prevent oil spits with this stainless steel splatter guard that allows steam to rise and your food to cook evenly without hot oil splattering outside of the pan. Makes a great addition to your cookware setup and is a thoughtful gift, too!

Save Cabinet Space With These Collapsible Colanders

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Strain up to four quarts of food in these collapsible colanders that can shrink down to a little over an inch. They are heat resistant, dishwasher safe, and are easy and convenient to store in drawers and cabinets. Efficiency in the kitchen is important! Maximize your storage space while creating your favorite recipes all at once.

Prevent Hair Breakage With These No Crease Spiral Hair Ties

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Prevent ponytail bumps and hair headaches with these non-crease phone cord style hair ties! You get four transparent spiral hair ties which you can use to style and arrange your hair. If you are especially active and wear your hair up or down, they even wear well as your wrist as an accessory. You can’t beat the price on these versatile hair ties.

No More Night Sweats With This Cooling Gel Pillow

Encased in a 250-thread count cover, this luxury cooling pillow breathable down alternative pillow is perfect for all types of sleepers, and will keep you cool and comfortable all night long.

Boost Your Under-Eye Glow With Eva Naturals Eye Gel

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Naturals Eye Gel contains only the highest-quality ingredients and boasts that it will reduce wrinkles, eliminate bags, and hydrate your skin. Leaving you feeling healthy and glowing this natural formula is packed full of peptides, vitamin E and hyaluronic acid to reduce inflammation.

Chic Swedish Dishcloths For Sustainable Cleaning

Get ten reusable Swedish dishcloths and ditch the paper towels for good. Perfect for scrubbing counters, wood and stainless steel surfaces, and cleaning up messes that are bound to happen. Available in a variety of fun colors. Step up your wipe game with this amazing dishcloth bundle.

Relieve Foot Pain And Tension With These Compression Socks

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Relieve pain and tension and rejuvenate your feet with these firm, cozy compression socks. They offer arch support and gentle pressure to ease the symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis or other foot fatigue. Suitable for activewear and for lounging at home, these versatile socks deserve a spot in your drawer.

Find AAs and AAAs Fast With This Battery Organizer

Store your batteries with this dedicated organizer with specific slots to fit every size. If you are a problem solver you really don’t want to sift through a disorganized drawer full of miscellaneous batteries — you want a neatly organized transparent box with a hinged cover. This organizer is heavy-duty and even has a battery life testing kit installed in it.

Smooth Skin With The Exfoliating Body Brush

This brush is just magic for most skin conditions. Great for reducing skin irritation, shaving bumps, ingrown hairs and skin discoloration. This exfoliator body brush is also great for massaging problem areas and renew your skins overall texture and tone. This is all-in-one device that fits in the palm of your hand.

Keep Your Face Hydrated With Vitamin C Serum

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Rated as one of the best anti-aging serums on Amazon, this Vitamin C serum helps reverse the harmful damage that UV rays do to our skin. This formula also helps reduce wrinkles, inflammation, and soothes sensitive skin leaving you feeling refreshed and rehydrated.

Keep Bugs Away 24/7

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This non-zapping insect trap uses UV light to attract pesky bugs, then a fan sucks them in and traps them on the sticky glue board. A practical and effective alternative to poisonous sprays or hazardous zappers. Perfect for keeping next to fruit bowls and keeping mosquitos, gnats, and flies at bay!

Scrape Clean Crevices Without Breaking A Nail With Scrigit Tool

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This little guy is great for removing price tags on items, deep cleaning, scraping away dried food, candle wax, paint, grime and much more. Basically, the Scrigit Tool is the premiere gadget to get the harder to reach jobs done. Scratch and scrape your way to greatness with this top-selling Amazon product.

Eliminate The Toughest Pet Odors With Angry Orange Spray

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This industrial-strength Angry Orange pet odor eliminator rids the air of foul-smelling compounds and targets lingering smells at the source and leaves behind a fresh, citrus-scented afterglow. Take a deep breath and try it out!

This Water-Resistant LED Flashlight Withstands Tough Conditions

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The best part about this high-powered LED flashlight is the adjustable lighting settings. You can zoom out to illuminate a wide angle or focus on objects nearby. Perfect for camping, outdoor adventures, this handy gadget will fit in your backpack or tool-belt for easy access, rain or shine.

Detail Your Interior With This Car Vacuum

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Compact, lightweight, and easy to use, this portable car vacuum comes in handy for sprucing up the interior of your car or truck without having to visit the car wash. Keep your ride in tip-top shape with this car cleaning kit that includes three attachments, a filter brush, and a carrying case.

Charge While You Drive With This USB Car Charger

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Consider upgrading to this high-performance car charger that is compatible with all car ports and can quickly and efficiently get you back to 100%. This charging hub will become your go-to charging device that doesn’t require you to have a built-in USB or aux port.

Plan Meals and Track Groceries With This Magnetic Dry Erase Board

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Organize your shopping and to-do lists with this magnetic dry erase board that sticks directly to the door of your refrigerator. Use bright neon chalk to easily write and erase ingredients, recipes, and meal plans for the week. Features a cute design and is definitely upgrade from boring-old post-it notes.

Fertilize Your Garden With This All Purpose Organic Plant Food

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Feed your indoor plants with Joyful Dirt the best all purpose plant food on Amazon. It is the solution to keeping happy plants revitalized with this easy to use nutrient packed fertilizer. Just shake onto your soil and let the nutrients and photosynthesis do all the work!

Reverse the Signs of Ageing With This Organic Neck Firming Cream

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Everyone struggles as they age with the loss of elasticity. Eva Naturals have a great range of products that combat the signs of ageing like this genius neck cream. It tightens skin and works by increasing elastin and collagen production and also working on dark spots and fine lines. The results give your skin a more youthful glow and it is super easy to apply as part of your daily skincare routine.

Take Care of the Toughest Jobs With The Pumice Cleaning Stone

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Eliminate water rings in your toilet, sinks, showers, and more with this pumice cleaning stone that can power through even the toughest build up. It even comes in a handy carrying case — all you need to do is rinse it off and it’s ready to go on the next heavy job!

Say Goodbye to Bad Vibes With The Pure Sage Smudge Candle

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This aromatic sage candle is championed for its ability to rid your living space of bad energy and project a natural harmony in the home and body. The bold, earthy sage is relaxing as can be, so go ahead spark it and fill your home with the calming fragrance.

Relieve Back Pain With This Heat Therapy Pad

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Made from soft micro-plush fibers, this extra-large heating pad is perfect for relieving tension, soreness, and cramps in your back, neck, and more. Delivers soothing heat targeting the surface of where you are feeling pain. It’s the most effective solution to alleviate chronic pain fast.

Open Cans, Jars, Bottles, And More With This Multi-Functional Opener

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The key word here is ergonomics. This multi-functional can opener is designed with your hand in mind, and is comfortable to grip and apply pressure to a variety of sealed items. Removes lids, bottle-tops, cans, and more! Instead of relying on multiple tools, clean out your drawer and make room for this all-in-one opener.

Control Unruly Hairlines With The Pro Dual Edge Brush

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Gently groom your hairline with this double-edged stray hair brush to sculpt and style your hair however you like it. This comfortable 2-in-1 tool smooths out unruly edges and keeps the baby hairs at bay. Define even the shortest hairs with ease thanks to this handy brush.

Gift A Neck Reading Light for the Bed Reader In Your Life

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Is there someone in your life who loves to read at night, but doesn’t like to disturb their partner with the light? Log in some reading time in at night without disturbing anyone thanks to this neck reading light that shines two lights directly at your preferred source.

Cook Perfect Steaks With This Digital Meat Thermometer

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Take precise temperatures when you’re cooking steaks, roasts, chickens, and more with this waterproof digital thermometer. Say goodbye to overcooked steaks and fish, because this durable instant thermometer eliminates the guesswork.

This Adjustable Desk Clamp is A Handy Extra Desk Accessory

The adjustable and portable desk clamp provides a great place to hang your bag, purse, backpack, or even headphones. Tighten the clamps with your hands — no tools required — and place this gadget wherever is most convenient for you.

Skip The Blow Dryer With This Microfiber Drying Towel

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This lightweight microfiber drying towel is the perfect solution for damage-free hair drying. Simply wrap your hair in the soft, absorbent fabric and the wrap will dry your hair quickly and efficiently. Save time in the morning and treat your hair with respect. Wrap it up!

This Eyelash Curler Gives You Salon-Quality Lashes At Home

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Get professional-quality lashes at home with this custom designed eyelash curler that will give your lashes an eye-catching look. The curler delivers a dramatic lift that will give you a stunning look — no heating necessary.

Keep Your Paws Warm With Rechargeable Hand Warmers

Choose between three different heat settings and let the power of these electronic, rechargeable hand warmers keep your chilly hands from freezing. These are super portable and can be carried in your pocket, so you can take them on the road with you for cold days outside.

Keep Tabs On Your Blood Pressure With This Digital Monitor

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Forget about clunky arm-bands or stethoscopes, this handy wrist blood pressure monitor can take accurate reads of your blood pressure in under a minute. It can also detect irregular heartbeats and log your info for easy reference.