37 Splurge-Worthy Inventions That Have Dramatically Improved Our Day-to-Day

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From Facetime to robot cleaners, there’s no denying we truly are living in the future. Many of the newest innovations out there would have sounded like science fiction 10, or even 5 years ago. But now there’s basically an invention to do anything your heart desires. What a time to be alive!

As a leading outlet for all things online shopping, Amazon has you covered for every invention you think you might need – and plenty you had no idea about. But hey – if there’s something out there that can make you life a little easier, why not grab onto it with both hands?

Feeling overwhelmed? We’re not surprised – the range of products on Amazon can be extensive to a formidable degree. But never fear- we’ve got you. Our edit of 37 of the best means we absolutely promise everything on this list has the potential to improve your life in some way – and who doesn’t want that?

Polish Your Jewelry With This Cleaner

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​If you have some jewelry that’s looking a little lackluster, a quick spin in this baby will have it returned to its former glory in no time! The reviews say: “I bought this for my wife, and she’s been really surprised by how well it cleans her precious stone gold, and platinum rings, watches, necklaces, and other jewelry. She usually brings her jewelry to the store for cleaning, but now says she won’t need to any longer.”

Clean Your Teeth To Perfection With This Water Flosser

If you want to save some money having to go to the dentist for expensive appointments. This is the gadget for you. It squirts a powerful thin stream of water between your teeth, giving you a superior clean. The reviews say: “After all the reviewing of many many MANY of these, I finally made my purchase of this one, and boy oh boy does this little guy clean out your gums, LOVE IT. The small tip really gets in there and gushes out the junk. I have braces and this little baby CLEANS very very well.”

Be the Star Baker With This Powerful Electric Mixer

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Instead of opting for a wooden spoon and a bowl like a caveman, a stand mixer can dramatically up your baking game. In fact, the uses for this little number are endless. The reviews say: ” Those pricy $300+ mixers in stores just kept scaring me off. This guy is the perfect solution. First, it’s got all the functions I need from those pricy ones. It comes with three beaters from light-duty to heavy-duty (dough). The speed is adjustable. Overall it love it!”

Take Care of Your Fur Babies With This Automized Pet Feeder

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If you’re away from your pet, you no longer need to worry about them missing a meal. Simply set the program you want, then rest assured your fur baby isn’t going hungry. The reviews say: “Pros: Very easy to program compared to other feeders I have used, Works reliably and has a battery backup, The portion control and dispenser mechanism never jammed on us once and seems consistent, Good capacity, we have 2 adult cats and only need to refill it every couple of weeks and Military time eliminates ambiguity about AM/PM.”

Do Yoga On Your Face With This Vibrating Face Cleanser

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Once you up your cleansing game with this vibrating silicone device, you’ll never go back. Your face (and pores) will have never felt so clean and it tightens the appearance of your face as you clean. ​The reviews say: “I have used this in conjunction with a low pH gel cleanser for about a week and have not only noticed my skin getting noticeably better but also have received compliments about my now naturally glowy skin. I have acne-prone combination skin and this is my new holy grail product.”

Get An Assistant You Can Afford With This Echo Dot

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Set a timer, play some music, remind you of events, create a shopping list – is there anything an Echo can’t do? If there is we don’t want to know about it.​
The reviews say: “The sound was superb…the sound can fill the room and sound nice and clear with deep smooth bass. I paired it with the Sub Bass. It sounded even better. The quality sound can compete with more expensive brand-named sound systems. Amazon has done a nice job with this.”

Ring Light Will Make Your Photography Look Professional

Whether you’re just taking selfies or starting a business, good lighting is the key to better-quality photos. This ring light does it with ease. The reviews say: “What I like about these UBeesize Ring Lights is how easy they are to set up and use. Great little product.”

Set It and Forget It With This Handy Instant Pot

If you love to cook at home but find yourself too busy to do it as often as you’d like, an instant pot is for you. Simply add your ingredients in the morning, and return home to a delicious meal. The reviews say: “My instant pot never gets put away. It cooks to perfection everything we cook. Perfect, pasta, boiled eggs, rice, chicken, broccoli. Everything. The secret is the fact that you can time everything to the perfect time setting.”

Drift Off to Sleep With This White Noise Machine

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Many who struggle to sleep at night swear by this white noise machine, which plays soothing sounds and helps you to relax and drift off. The reviews say: “Picked this up because my girlfriend is an insanely light sleeper — every single thing wakes her up in the middle of the night. It turns out the SNOOZ has DRAMATICALLY improved her sleep. Even on the lowest or second-to-lowest setting, she no longer hears me sneak into the bathroom in the middle of the night, or when I get up early to get ready for work. When I tip-toe in to wake her up, she is still sound asleep. I like the fact that it’s so simple, so effective, and efficient.”

Robot Vacuums Are Like Having An In-House Maid

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Let’s be honest – no one truly likes vacuuming their floors. This handy little guy will roam around picking up dirt on all floor types! The reviews say: “We have hardwood floors and this little thing picks up so much hair and dust! Definitely worth the buy. Price is great and compared to name brands it performs perfectly fine.”

Improve The Quality of the O2 in Your Home With An Air Purifier

This clever little machine will filter out pollution and allergens from the air, allowing you to breathe easy. The reviews say: “As far as I’m concerned, this purifier is a miracle. I’m going to buy two more and put them in the other room. It’s very convenient in size – it fits my daughter’s bedside table – the night light feature is a good touch.”

Electric Toothbrushes are the Rolls Royce of Clean Mouths

If you think you’ve tried an electric toothbrush, you haven’t felt cleanliness anything like this yet. The Phillips Sonicare 6500 is renowned for being the best of the best. The reviews say: “I could tell it was doing a better job right away and when I went for my last cleaning the hygienist said that my teeth looked remarkably clean. It also seems quieter than my last one and takes less room on the counter.”

Add Luxury to Your Shower With This Rainfall Showerhead

​There’s nothing worse than a shower with no pressure. Installing this rainfall shower head can change all that. It also comes with a handheld option. The reviews say: “A rainfall is a lot better than the usual shower that we had before. Also, the handheld shower makes it easy to bathe our baby. Might get another one for another bathroom also.”

Solve Your Neck and Back Pain With This Adjustable Desk

If you struggle with sitting down all day, this clever adjustable device can transform your workspace into a standing desk – and go right back again.
​The reviews say: “If you have never had a desk riser you will love this one. I have been sitting at a desk for the last 7 years for work. I have tried the extra seat cushion for the chair and upgraded to an expensive chair for more comfort but nothing beats being able to easily stand and sit throughout the day.”

Kindles Are Just So Much More Convenient Than Heavy Books

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Not only can the Kindle Paperwhite store thousands of books, but it can also be used to check emails, play games, and listen to music and podcasts, too. The reviews say: “I have only had it a week, obviously but love it so far. It is lighter and slightly smaller. It fits well in my hand and I love it and it is my 6th kindle so I have some experience with them.”

Get Total Control of Your Home With Google Nest

This smart thermostat gives you the option to control your home’s microclimate through your phone – even if you aren’t there! It’s also Alexa compatible, so can be voice-controlled. The reviews say: “Yes, I’m another proud Nest concert and will never look back! It’s simply awesome for my gas heating and cooling forced air system here in Texas. The weather changes seasons inside of one day here during the winter months so having a Thermostat that switches between AC and furnace automatically is amazing to me.”

It’s Always Easier To Grab a Cordless Vacuum For Lighter Jobs

While a robot vacuum can cover wide areas, harder to clean places like stairs may need extra help. This cordless vacuum can be converted into a smaller, handheld device to clean surfaces and sofas, too. The reviews say: “This is perfect. I didn’t realize that there’s light in front of the vacuum. Great feature. I can see where the dust and dirt are. Suction is powerful enough to suck up hair and dust. Great buy.”

Air Fryer Makes Healthy Cooking Easier

Air fryers are renowned for making basically any food delicious while cooking with minimal oil. This one comes with a free recipe book, too. The reviews say: “I chose this particular air fryer over hundreds offered on Amazon. Do yourself a favor and buy this!”

Keurig Machines Makes Grabbing Your Morning Joe a Breeze

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Save yourself to money and the hassle of buying coffee every day by making your own delicious brews at home. A Keurig is absolutely foolproof, too.
The reviews say: “This is what made me a fan of coffee. Perfect one-cup for when you need it instead of a pot you’ll end up wasting it. In the long run, you’ll save money, so this is an investment.”

Noise Canceling Headphones Can Block Out the World

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Not only do customers praise the superior sound quality of these over-ear headphones, but the fact they’re Bluetooth (and thus, wire-free) makes them exceptionally handy. The reviews say: “Truly amazed with how great the experience is when listening to music with these! BUY THEM NOW!!!”

Doggy DNA Kits Help You Learn About Your Mutt

With just a swab of your canine’s spit, you can find out exactly which breeds make them up. Now that’s the kind of science we like!​ The reviews say: “We bought 2 as we have 2 dogs. Dogs had to be coaxed to get saliva. Took about a week to get results (not the 2-3 as they said to expect). The family all enjoyed reading results together! Great product. Highly recommended (and my wife says it’s definitely worth the hundred bucks).”

Get A Powerful Portable Bluetooth Speaker (It’s Also Waterproof)

Customers love the sound quality of this petite but powerful speaker – and the fact it’s waterproof makes it perfect for pool parties or trips to the beach.
The reviews say: “Once I heard the thing I was stunned at how full and well balanced it sounds! I have a thing for small speakers that sound big and this doesn’t disappoint at all. This is my new #1.”

Mini Projectors Can Easily Turn Any Night Into Movie Night

This little projector is an affordable way to create a large screen for watching movies, sports events, or even for gaming. The reviews say: “So I’ve been wanting a small projector for a while and after all the videos on Facebook of people using them and then watching a friend of mine use a projector to play old game systems on a larger screen (i.e. the wall) I was sold. The projector itself is a bit larger than my Samsung phone and is relatively quiet. I ramped up the volume all the way and should have no trouble hearing if sitting close by. However, if you need it louder there is a speaker port. I’m so pleased!”

Simulated Sunrise Lights Will Make Waking Up Much More Bearable

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If you really dislike waking up in the morning, this clever lamp could be your saving grace. You just need to set a time and it’ll wake you gently with gradually increasing light and pleasant, non-jarring sounds. The reviews say: “What a great product! Wake up to a sunrise and birds chirping in lieu of the death tone. The sunset feature is also a great feature. Not sure if it’s in my head or science, but where I had trouble falling asleep before, now I am out within the 30 minutes of the sunset.”

Print Straight From Your Smartphone

This printer connects to your device via Bluetooth, meaning set up is a breeze – and you can enjoy high-quality, hard copy photos to decorate your home or fill an album. The reviews say: “What’s great about this printer is that is so light and small you can take it anywhere you need. On the road, on a train ride, wherever you feel like printing. Also, it has a long battery life so you don’t always have to be connected to power to get the job done.”

Big Clogged Pours No More With This At-Home Facial Steamer

Adding a facial steamer into your pamper routine can have huge benefits for your skin. Steaming before applying treatments can help to open the pores and boost product absorption. The reviews say: “Never thought I needed a facial steamer and it has changed my skincare routine. I love the feature that you can add essential oils as well for that deep steam and the benefits are great for making your serums and treatments more receptive on the skin. Every woman needs one to have a spa day at home.”

Have Something To Get Up For With This Breakfast Sandwich Maker

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If you’ve ever tried to make a breakfast sandwich at home, you’ll know the struggle is real. But this contraption means you can ensure all of your elements are cooked to perfection at the same time. The reviews say: “FAM. I need you to listen. I would give this product 87 stars if I could. Basically. Just buy it. Purchase the sandwich maker. You’re welcome.”

Get Unbelievable Results At Home With This Microdermabrasion Kit

The exfoliating crystals and vacuum suction head mean one session with the PMD can basically give you a brand new complexion! The reviews say: “Love this product!!! Much smoother!! Thank you PMD for making a spa quality product for use at home!!”

Cut Your Blow Dry Time in Half With This Brush

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This brush heats up the hair and dries it while you style, for smooth but volumized hair that stays perfect in half the styling time. The reviews say: “I am so impressed! For anybody wondering whether it’s worth a try I would say yes!”

Style Up Your Home With These Color Changing Bulbs

You can control these bulbs using an app on your phone, meaning it couldn’t be easier to create the right atmosphere to make your home feel super cozy.
The reviews say: “Installation was a breeze. Downloaded the app and it located the bulbs immediately. This process literally took two minutes.”

Never Miss a Delivery Again With This Door Cam

Once you try out this ingenious invention, you’ll never want to be without it again! It’s compatible with Alexa and Google systems, too. The reviews say: “This camera is a huge improvement over the V2. Aside from the wider angle of view (more camera coverage), the night vision is insanely great in color. The fact that this can be used outdoors and can endure the elements makes it perfect.”

Every Home Needs This Hands-Free Trash Can

This clever trash can opens up via a sensor, so you can simply wave your hands and avoid making contact. It’s particularly perfect while cooking meat.
The reviews say: “I am so happy with this garbage bin. It is so nice to be able to throw things away without having to touch the trash can.”

Take This Waterproof Speaker On-the-Go

Perfect for everywhere from the great outdoors to the singing in the shower. This totally waterproof speaker can go anywhere you need it to and it comes with suction pads for mounting. You’ll have never sounded so good! The reviews say: “I bought this portable Insmy Bluetooth speaker because I needed one that I could use in my shower plus when it rains I could use it outside and not worry if it got wet because of its waterproof rubber covering.”

Fix Your Dry Heels At Home With This Electronic Foot File

If you’ve ever struggled to buff your feet with a manual foot file, look no further. This electronic version does the hard work, so you don’t have to.​ The reviews say: “Very happy with this purchase. If this can smooth MY feet, it could remove bark off a tree. Thank you!!”

Never Buy Soda Again with this Carbonator

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This carbonator is different from others on the market as it can be used with any beverage, not just water! ​The reviews say: “It does the same thing as the SodaStream, only better (I returned my SodaStream once I found this).”

Banish Your Iron with this Clothes Steamer

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Ironing is one of those house chores that nobody likes. Now you can give it up for good, and use this compact steamer to watch your clothes’ wrinkles fall away. The reviews say: “I bought this little guy because I never put my clothes away and they get all wrinkled. Seriously, I’m one lazy person. This steamer is small and compact but packs a punch for getting out wrinkles. It takes no time at all and is super easy to use. Literally, fill with water and turn the switch on.”

Take a Break With This VR Headset

VR headsets are truly the most futuristic invention on the market, and this one is both high quality, and surprisingly affordable! The reviews say: “It’s a good one!”