37 Stocking Stuffers + Small Gift Ideas From Amazon

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It’s getting to be that time of year again: the time when you remember that you need to come up with gifts for everyone you know and you start to get just a bit stressed out. Oh, is that just me? If you’re feeling a bit behind on your gift buying, this is the list for you. We’ve compiled the best small gifts: stocking stuffers or lower-cost options if you need some smaller gift options. But just because they’re little doesn’t mean they won’t pack a punch. These gifts are sure to earn you the title of “best gift giver” (that’s clearly something people give out, right?). No matter who you’re buying for, we have options that will earn big smiles: family fun games, beauty products, home goods, and even a few electronics. Plus you can even grab a couple of little things for yourself. That’s the joy of gift-giving, isn’t it?

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program and we may have additional affiliate relationships with some of the products featured here – as such, our company may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Puzzle is Serious Family Fun

Puzzles made a huge surge in popularity during COVID, but just because we can leave our houses doesn’t mean the puzzle boom is over. This gorgeous puzzle is a great gift for a family: who doesn’t want to spend an evening around the dining room table putting together a lovely picture?

This Case Protectors Your Razor

  via Amazon  

If you have someone in your life who maintains a strict shaving schedule, this razor blade extender case would make a perfect stocking stuffer this holiday season. It fits most razor brands and is perfect for traveling.

Light Up Your ‘Do

Seriously, how cool are these hair lights?! This string of battery-powered lights can be easily incorporated into a variety of hairstyles for even more festive fun during the holidays (or any other time of year, to be honest).

This Magical Towel Dries Your Hair the Smart Way

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If you’re looking to kick your damaging hot hair tool habit, this towel from Life Miracle USA is the perfect solution. The unique design keeps your hair secure regardless of length, and the special Nanolin fabric pulls out moisture so it dries in a fraction of the time.

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This Light for the Bookworms in Your Life

If there’s someone on your holiday giving list who can’t keep their nose out of a book this is the perfect gift for them. This little light can easily clip on to just about anything and it gives just the right amount of light for a good book. Plus it has three different warmths to match your preference.

This Massager is the Only Way to Pamper

Life is stressful. There are probably at least a few people in your life who deserve a bit of de-stressing. And you can give it to them! This handheld massager gives some serious relief to achey and tight muscles, and it’s so easy to use.

Beard Oil is Truly Suave

If anyone on your gift giving list has a beard, look no further for their present. This beard oil is a must have. It doesn’t have any perfumes added: just the clean and crisp scent of a moisturizing oil that will leave any beard soft and luscious.

A Makeup Mirror You Can Bring Anywhere

Finding an amazing makeup mirror is difficult. You want something that gives off enough light to see all the details on your face, plus it’s best if it has different magnification powers too. What if you could get all that in a compact you can take with you? This tiny mirror does all that, and it fits in a stocking.

The Sleekest Knife Block You’ll Ever Own

If you’ve ever had a knife block, you know how irritating it is to only have a limited number of slots for specific sizes of knives. For any friends who are big in the kitchen, this knife block takes a different approach: it’s magnetic, so you can store any knives you need right at hand. Plus it looks absolutely gorgeous.

A Tiny Gift, Big Pain Relief

This little massager packs quite the punch! No matter how tight the muscles, you’ll feel some serious relief thanks to this percussion hand held massager. It’s ideal for someone who needs to hit those difficult to reach spots on the back and doesn’t have a buddy to help out.

The Gift of Relaxing

Everyone deserves the chance to chill out, and one of the best ways to do that is sipping a glass of wine and reading in the bath. If you are stressed out friends, treat yourself to this bath tray, which can hold candles, a tablet or book, a phone, food, and a beverage.

Give the Gift of Chic

Do you have a friend who’s always looking for the best hair products? Look no further: this hair wax gives a beautiful medium hold on any type of hair, and even increases moisture instead of damaging your hair. This is about to be someone’s favorite new product.

For the Teens In Your Life

All things old are new again, and these plastic scrunchies are back in style with the youths. I love this pack because it’s absolutely perfect for a stocking: inexpensive, small, and sure to get big reactions.

A Gift for the Pet Lovers

Did you think we’d forget the pets? Absolutely not. Whether you’re gifting to a pet lover or just getting a little something for your own pooch, this dog grooming kit has everything you need. Fido will be looking fantastic in no time.

Tech Heads Rejoice

Do you ever feel like some people simply have too many devices? Those people need this charging station, which has space for six full devices to charge all at once. So for your friend who has a tablet, an e-reader, a phone, a laptop, a smartwatch, and a few bonus devices, this is the obvious gift.

Give the Gift of a Clean Car

Some people like gifts to be about fun or aesthetic, but there’s nothing wrong with a gift that’s highly practical. Especially if you’re giving to a harried parent whose kids have spilled too many chips in the car, this handheld vacuum will be much loved.

And Why Not Keep That Car Organized Too?

Speaking of keeping the car clean, anyone with too much junk in the trunk (literally) could use this car cache, an easy way to keep a purse and other high use items right at hand while you’re driving. And thanks to the pocket, you’re not about to lose anything under the seats either.

You Will Absolutely Use This Heating Pad Daily

I had no idea how amazing it feels to have a heating pad available any old time I want it until I got one. But as someone with achey muscles, it is an absolute godsend. If anyone on your list has a body that’s getting a bit older, grab them this heating pad and watch them wear it out with use.

Give Them a New Hobby

Growing and caring for bonsai trees is an ancient art that results in beautiful, miniature trees that can live for hundreds of years. For someone who has a curious mind and a craving for new hobbies, this set of three bonsai and all the accoutrements is perfect.

For the Pizza Lovers

As someone who eats pizza on at least a weekly basis, I can confirm that attempting to slice a pizza with a normal knife is more or less hell. If you have a pizza lover on your gift list, this gorgeous pizza cutter has to go to them. It makes pizza feel more grown up.

Bring the Music Everywhere You Go

Having a solid Bluetooth speaker is always great, but having a solid Bluetooth speaker that is waterproof is even better. Not only is it ideal for singing in the shower, you can also use it for pool parties. Or gift it to a friend who loves the outdoors.

Gift This and They’ll Love You Forever

Let me be real with you: I put my body through the ringer. And my muscles show it. So when I first got a theracane, my life was changed. This little buddy lets you massage your own back with a minimal amount of effort. If you know someone who has tight muscles, do not wait, get them this theracane.

Send Yourself to Dream Land With This White Noise Machine

There are a thousand and one uses for a white noise machine. If you can’t focus at work and need something to cover up office conversations, if you’d prefer to keep your own conversations discrete, or if you need some noise to help you fall asleep, a white noise machine will do it. Share the joy of sleep with someone on your holiday list.

It’s a BeanBag Chair AND It’s Storage

Sometimes I see beanbag chair covers listed online and I think “what a cop out, I want a full beanbag.” But this one is brilliant: you can fill it with stuffed animals or extra pillows and it serves as storage until you’re ready to pull them out and use them. In the meantime, you’ve got a fully functioning beanbag chair. Gift it to a parent or a child.

Half Sock Half Slipper All Comfort

Socks are one of the best choices for filling a stocking: everyone can always use new socks, you can get so many options with tons of personality, and they fit right in there. But let me offer another option: these sock slippers give socks a serious upgrade and are perfect for anyone living in a colder climate.

Give Them the Home Spa They Deserve

Sometimes the best things come in the smallest packages, and that’s true of this Himalayan salt scrub. It smells amazing and feels even better, and for the beauty gurus on your shopping list you can tell them it will give them amazing exfoliation, plus increase blood flow and reduce any and all blemishes. The result is soft, firm, smooth skin every time.

Water Gets an Upgrade

Look, it’s possible you didn’t know that water needed to be improved, but once you’ve used this infusion water bottle there’s no way you’re going back. Infused water will make you feel incredibly fancy, and all you have to do is toss some fresh fruit into the infuser, fill it with water, and you’re ready for the day. It’s perfect for your poshest friend.

A Full Family Gift

Sometimes the best gifts are the ones that go to a whole family, and this hover soccer ball is exactly that. Kids and parents will have a wildly fun time, and the best part is that it lights up. That is enough of a reason for me to buy it for myself.

You Always Need A Sewing Kit Handy for Quick Repairs

I love this tiny sewing kit as an option for a stocking stuffer because it’s great for any grown up frankly. It’s compact enough to pop into a stocking, but packs a serious punch, with tons of thread colors, needles, sewing scissor, pins, and a threader. Perfect for days when your button pops off and you need to DIY.

Upgrade That Art

Do you have an artist in the family? I think it’s time to introduce them to brush pens. Brush pens have a huge number of uses, from gorgeous watercolor style artwork to amazing hand lettering, and they’re a great place for an artist to grow and expand. This set is relatively inexpensive and is a great starter.

A Phone Holder That’s Actually Secure

I cannot be the only one who has gone through about five different phone holders in my car trying to find one that actually keeps my phone secure. If you’ve been in the car with someone recently and their phone cannot stay put, grab this holder for them and save them some serious headaches.

Truly Adorable Gloves

Winter is the best time to give the gift of gloves, and these ones are just too cute. They come in multiple colors so you can pick the style that fits the best. They’re soft, ultra warm, and have the cutest winter style.

The Best Way to Paint Nails

This is such a wildly cool idea I can’t even handle it. This ring has an opening so you can pop a bottle of nail polish in it while you are painting your nails. No more spills because the polish will always be right there, ready to go. How cool!

This Ingenious Cup Lets You Take Cereal on the Go

I’m wildly in love with this cup I didn’t know I needed: fill it with milk and cereal, and as you drink the two will mix. No need for a bowl and spoon, and no soggy cereal. It’s so cool I want to give it to basically everyone I know.

A Foot Mask That Goes Above and Beyond

One of my favorite types of gifts to give during the holidays are gifts that are for nothing other than making the recipient feel special and pampered. A good foot peel is exactly that: it’s fun to use, it makes you feel special, and it leaves your feet soft and smooth. They’re great as stocking stuffers.

Kids’ Headphones Built for Sharing

If you have kids who are doing remote schooling, or even just sharing a device with siblings, these headphones are a great way to make everyone’s lives easier. Not only do they come in tons of bright colors, they fit smaller heads easily, they’re incredibly durable, and you can share audio without a splitter.

Dino Pops Are Just Too Cute

I am a firm believer that every stocking should include something edible. Whether it’s chocolate coins or something a little fancier, it’s nice to have a sweet to keep you going. For the younger set, these dinosaurs suckers are both fun and delicious.

Why Give One When You Can Give Three?

Here’s a brilliant idea: instead of giving a single gift, add this set of three cutting boards to your cart so that you can give more. It’s a great gift for any home chefs, and the best part is that the cutting boards come in three different sizes for all needs.

Another puzzle idea! This one is of the Earth

  via Blue Kazoo  

This 1,000 piece Planet Earth puzzle “depicts night setting over the Atlantic from an altitude of 438 miles”… to be specific!