37 Storage and Cleaning Hacks to Get Your Home Ready for the New Year

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We all love having a clean and organized home, there’s no denying it. But do we all equally love cleaning and organizing our home? Well, the jury’s still out on that one. Let’s be honest: the end result is always preferable to the actual, sometimes painstaking process of getting there. But it’s always worth it in the end, right? Right?

Luckily for you, we’ve compiled an edit of thirty-seven of the very best storage and cleaning hacks to have your home looking spick and span in no time at all. Don’t believe us? Don’t worry. We’ve ensured every single item on this list has only the most excellent reviews and ratings, so you can purchase without regret…

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program and we may have additional affiliate relationships with some of the products featured here – as such, our company may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!


These Wipes Kill Germs Fast

Staying clean and germ-free has never been so important, and these individually packaged wipes make it incredibly handy!

The reviews say: “Super convenient to have during flu season. Sometimes wipes like this seem a bit dried out but not these ones.”


These Wipes are Ideal for Screens

A smudgy screen or lens can put a dampener on your day – but with these microfiber cloths, that’s a thing of the past.

The reviews say: “When I ordered these, I was thinking they would be the flimsy, thin cloths that are good to have around but don’t really last. I was amazed at the quality – the cleaning cloths are thick & do an amazing job of keeping my glasses & device screens clean. They have been washed numerous times and are still going strong! The beautiful purple color is totally an added bonus! I was honestly shocked at the great quality of these clothes for the price I paid.”


These Odor Proof Bags are Exceedingly Handy

Whether you’re storing leftover food in the fridge or transporting dirty laundry, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without these!

The reviews say: “This bag does exactly what it says it does! It is a great product we were able to put our really strong cooking herbs in it and you could not smell a thing. I did a test and put a milk bone in it and brought my German Shepard in and he could not find it. So go ahead and buy it and you won’t be sorry.”


This Odor Eliminator is a Pet Owner Must

Sometimes pets have some little accidents – but with this spray, they can be easily undone.

The reviews say: “All I can say is that I’ve used all sorts of cleaners and machines for carpet/rugs, and this is the first thing I’ve used that works. I literally put my nose in the carpet afterward and can’t smell urine or other bad odors.”


This Spray is Perfect for Smelly Shoes

If your shoe rack is an area of unpleasantness in your home, consider getting this natural spray to lift the atmosphere.

The reviews say:“This product is great. It’s more effective than any foot powder or aerosol spray I’ve used (and I’ve used a lot of the big brands). It has a much milder and more pleasant scent, so you don’t gas yourself applying it, or trail around a strong scent that makes it obvious you were using a foot spray/powder for several hours after application. “


These Wipes can Clean on the Go

Never find yourself stuck with a dirty screen by packing one of these individually packaged wipes wherever you go.

The reviews say: “I like to take care of my stuff, especially those things with screens. Originally, I used to use soft tissues and then migrated to lens cleaners with solutions. This option is so much better and you can stash them anywhere you might need them.”


These Mop Heads are Reusable

Rather than certain unsustainable floor wipes, these washable pads can have your floor keen in a far more environmentally friendly way.

The reviews say: “I love not having to constantly purchase the disposable pads for my Swiffer WetJet. I wish I’d found these long ago. They are of very high quality, thick and sturdy. I feel they will last for a very long time. I just remove and rinse it well and hang it to dry, after every use.”


This Odor Eliminator has Many Uses

Keep this spray wherever you may need to refresh a room fast and be amazed by its power.

The reviews say: “This stuff smells awesome, it helps cover bathroom smells. Use it in the toilet water directly before you go, or just spray it in the air. Both work and it smells awesome.”


This Pumice Removes Stains Easily

Get your bathroom sparkling clean without causing any damage to surfaces with this clever little device.

The reviews say: “YOU GUYS. I am not paid to say this. HOLY CANNOLI this is literally the only product I have found to clean hard water stains from our porcelain toilets. We have tried everything – every supermarket cleaner, even professional-grade boat cleaner. This pumice stone is amazing.”


This Eucalyptus Oil Turns Your Bathroom into a Spa

Simply add a couple of drops of this to the bottom of your shower to create a delightfully luxurious steam room experience.

The reviews say: “Shipping was fast! Got it right away. 2nd order. Have been using it with great success.”


This Scrubber is Intense and Satisfying

Get even the most stubborn of burnt-on food cleaned from your pans in seconds with this handy scrubber.

The reviews say: “Raise your hand if you’re here because you saw this on TikTok. Used this and Dawn power wash to clean my shower and it worked amazing!”


This Storage Bag is Perfectly Sized

Make sure your home stays neat and tidy over the holiday season with this bag. It can hold all your parcel accouterments with ease!

The reviews say: “Was able to fit everything they gave me into this storage bin to keep it organized and tidy in my under stairs storage closet.”


These Wipes Clean Toilets in a Hurry

Whether you’re keeping them in your bag to make a public toilet feel more pleasant, or using them to give your own toilet a quick once over, these wipes are wonderfully easy.

The reviews say: “I love that they are flushable, so I don’t have to worry about removing it from the toilet seat. Just flush and the flap that’s in the toilet will take the whole seat cover with it.”


This Pet Cleaner Smells Incredible

This clever spray uses enzymes to break down pet scents, plus replaces them with a fresh orange grove aroma.

The reviews say: “Eliminated the odor of my cat’s urine immediately. This product really works.”


These Cloths Polish Steel Instantly

Keep your bathroom fixtures looking clean, shiny, and brand new with these clever microfiber cloths.

The reviews say: “This is really good. It made my stainless steel refrigerator look very shiny and new. Chemical-free is always the best way to go and this allows you to use no chemicals”


This Spray Helps Remove and Prevent Fog

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You can use this spritz on glasses and screens, but also any pains of glass you find tend to look dingy around your home.

The reviews say: “I am so happy I found this product and will be ordering more for my kids and friends. Thank you for the useful product and great customer service.”


This Essential Oil Smells Divine

Add a few drops of this oil to distilled water to create a natural home refresher that smells delicious!

The reviews say: “The scent is amazing and smells extremely authentic. We use this in many ways for cleaning products, to laundry, to body wash, it has never given us a problem in is great for sensitive skin.”


This Odor Eliminator is Super Long Lasting

Cut down on your cleaning time with this spray. One application can last for several days, giving you time to actually hang out with your furry pal.

The reviews say: “This is simply the BEST odor removing product I have EVER used. I am still amazed at how it does EXACTLY what it promises.”


This Spritz Says Goodbye to Foot Odor

Rather than masking bad smells with cloying perfumes, simply eliminate them with this magic spray!

The reviews say: “This is hands down one of the best foot odor products that I’ve ever purchased.”


This Oil Keeps Wooden Surfaces Shining

It’s also food grade, meaning it can be used on chopping boards without worrying about contamination.

The reviews say: “I use this oil on my walnut and alder countertops. The oil brings the wood to life. It gives it a beautiful finish. I’m not a fan of polyurethane finishes, I don’t like the shiny plastic coat it leaves. This oil has no smell and it is very easy to apply. I apply the oil once a month. It doesn’t leave an oily finish that would transfer to anything.”


This Peppermint Oil is Incredibly Invigorating

You can use peppermint oil in all sorts of home improvements thanks to its delicious but all-natural scent.

The reviews say: “I love this bottle of peppermint oil with the dropper it is so easy to use and just gets one drop when you need it. Also, the price for the big bottles was very reasonable.”


This Pumice Chisel gets Hard to Reach Places

Pumice cleaners are great for bathrooms – but this narrow option makes getting into smaller areas possible, too.

The reviews say: “I cannot recommend these highly enough! We have hard water and constantly battle the mineral buildup in sinks and faucets. Regular pumice stones worked in the sink bowls, but we needed something small enough to fit into the faucets and under the drain ring (or whatever it’s called). I am so glad we tried these! See the before and after pictures; they speak for themselves. Twenty minutes of work and our faucets looked new again!”


These Alcohol Wipes Work Instantly

Alcohol wipes are amazing for instantly disinfecting areas in your home – and this set is exceptionally good value!

The reviews say: “Cleaned my whole house. They worked great!


This Laundry Bag Makes Transporting Easier

Make laundry day feel like less of a chore with this handy bag, which also comes in a huge array of colors!

The reviews say: “The bag is really light, maybe a few ounces. Fits most standard plastic hampers you see at Target or Walmart. Is a good option for storing your worn clothing when on vacation and trips to keep them separate from your unused stuff in the luggage. Bought one while in college and it lasted 5-6 years before one of the seams got snagged in the dryer. Made sense to come back and buy another of the same one.”


This Organizer Busts All Mess

Designed for the back seat of a car, this organizer can actually belong anywhere you find a struggle to keep tidy!

The reviews say: “The two large compartments are perfect to hold all of his little toys and gadgets and the pockets on the inside are wonderful for sunglasses and snack bars etc. This thing was the BEST solution to getting all of these little cars, trains, and action figures off of the seats and floors of the car and keeping things as neat as I can with a little guy in the back seat!”


This Shower Curtain Adds Extra Storage

Keeping your shower clean and tidy is dependent on having enough storage, and this shower curtain helps you make the most of a smaller space.

The reviews say: “They do not weigh the shower curtain down and are much more streamlined than our previous pocketed shower curtain. These give the shower an organized, clean look.”


This Shoe Holder Slots Over a Door

If you live in a smaller space, clever storage solutions are key – and this over-the-door hanger is a game-changer.

The reviews say: “I live in a studio apartment which luckily has a big closet with a door. I have been trying to find creative ways to store my shoes which I have been keeping in tubs. I saw this and decided to buy it. I wasn’t expecting much as it was one of the most inexpensive on Amazon but I went with it since I thought black would be nice. It’s actually really great!”


This Bag Helps with Storing your Christmas Wreath

For 11 months out of the year, you need a good place to store your Christmas wreath – and this purpose-built bag is ideal!

The reviews say: “They fit into these no problem and keep them free of spiders and dirt and everything else. I’m glad, now, that I got them.”


This Bag Perfectly Stores Yourt Christmas Tree

Give your Christmas tree a place to live after it’s taken down with this perfectly sized and high-quality bag.

The reviews say: “It was much sturdier than I thought it would be, it has a wooden bottom for that metal post of your tree. I love the wheels too, it’s much easier for me to move.”


These Drawer Organizers will Change Your Life

No longer will you just toss everything into a drawer never to be found again – you can actually use these dividers to know where everything is!

The reviews say: “These are wonderful! We have really wide kitchen drawers and we were just tossing stuff in and it was a mess. Ordered two sets of these for two drawers. Will be getting more. Super sturdy and easy to use.”


These Hangers are a Cut Above

Never fear things slipping onto your closet floor again with these grippy, sleek hangers that also help save space.

The reviews say: “Great quality hangers. They are sturdy and hold garments of all weights and the fuzz does not rub off when I use the skirt clips.”


This Shelf is Handy and Stylish

Make the most of a corner of a room with this cleverly designed and easy-to-install shelf.

The reviews say: “For cheap, small, wall-mounted corner shelves, this is the best deal. I’m very happy with this purchase.”


This Play Mat Doubles as Storage

Keeping your kids’ play area tidy can feel like an uphill battle – but this zip-away mat-to-pouch is an easy hack.

The reviews say: “Yeah, I know it’s not cheap but it’s definitely worth it IMO! It doesn’t take up much space and makes clean up a BREEZE! The mat is big enough for the kids to keep their toys on there and still have room to play.”


This Bean Bag can Hold Many Stuffed Toys

Turn a pile of mess into a comfy seat with this ingenious invention that’ll make tidying up quick and easy!

The reviews say: “I should have given in and gotten this ages ago. I had heard from friends and relatives that this had solved fighting with kids over stuffed animals but was still having fights with mine over the millions of felt creatures overrunning my home. This contains the evil google-eyed stuffies of doom! Each child who owns them even willingly corrals their minions into their personal stuffed animal prison because they then can be seated there for reading or whatever other nefarious plotting they devise! I mean, you know, tea parties or stuff like that.”


These Storage Bags are Amazingly Versatile

Make better use of that space under your bed with these sturdy and well-made storage bags.

The reviews say: “Extremely pleased with these storage bags. I’ve been trying to organize all of my arts and craft supplies and I can’t believe how much yarn fits in one bag! These bags are pretty sturdy. Before any of you all complain, remember that you get what you pay for and the price for these is very reasonable. These exceeded my expectations!”


These Can Lids Help Organize Your Fridge

Keep food fresh and your fridge odor-free with these clever lids, designed to fit any size of the can!

The reviews say: “These lids do exactly what I wanted. They snap in perfectly around any standard can and stay snug. Now I don’t have to use and wash another Tupperware, and I can just keep the food in the can in the fridge. I’ve used the lid with a can of beans and the beans stayed fresh and didn’t absorb any smells in the fridge. Some lids might look too big for the can, but they have multiple grooves that fit different-sized cans. Definitely recommended.”


These Storage Jars have a Myriad of Uses

You can use them for crafts – but they’re also incredible for storing herbs and spices in your kitchen in an aesthetically appealing way.

The reviews say: “I got these for a ladies group I am in. I made sugar scrub and filled the containers. Added the wooden scoop also purchased on amazon. Turned out perfect! Would be perfect for spices too.”