37 Tempting Impulse Buys Under $20 | 22 Words

Sometimes you just really, really, really want something. Maybe it’s zig-ah-zig-ah or perhaps it’s a Nicolas Cage activity book. Whatever gets your impulsive gears turning, you have to admit that it feels good to make purchase from a place of desire rather than necessity. Now, that doesn’t mean that some of these products aren’t practical, but they should generally add a little more joy to your life.

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

This Cat Face Mug

Add some whimsy to your mug collection with this cute, clear mug. Clear mugs are already pretty chic, but this one turns you into an adorable feline. There are some similar gag cups with noses on the side, but they tend to only come in one complexion. Everyone can enjoy the transformative power of this large mug.

This Rubber Face Mask

Wearing a skincare mask is rarely an attractive event, but this one takes things to a new level. Drape this mask on your face to look like a futuristic robot and flush out your pores. Users say despite the quirky look, the mask does wonders for acne and leaving your face fresh.

This Pocket Evaporative Air Cooler

You’ve seen portable fans and even spray fans, but this tiny gadget works even harder to keep you cool. You just wet the included sponge and put it back inside for cooler air. It’s especially handy for dry climates because it has a slight humidifying effect. You can also keep one with your makeup tools and use it to dry false lashes before you apply them. However you decide to use it, just know that the included charger will need to use a USB charging brick (but you probably have a ton of those lying around).

This Pack of Organic, Reusable Bags

Ironically, so many reusable bags out there use manmade materials and they’re often not great to look at or heavily branded. These five, multi-colored, mesh bags are made out of cotton and will have you looking like you exclusively shop at Whole Foods in no time. They expand to hold up to 40 pounds, so you don’t have to worry about them tearing under pressure. Go to the grocery store, the gym, the farmer’s market, and more with this variety pack of bags!

This Nicolas Cage Activity Book

Did you think I was kidding in the intro? This totally exists and we’re in a better world as a result. This activity book is filled to the brim with Cage references in the form of games, puzzles, and coloring pages. A solid chunk of the book is just illustrations that you can enjoy after a hard day at work.

These Flexibile Shoe Laces

How would you like to never tie your shoes again? These flexible shoelaces come in dozens of colors to match your favorite sneakers. Each set of shoelaces comes with fasteners to secure the laces to your shoe so you can get even more wiggle room. They can also be cut down to work for kids’ shoes for that tiny tyke who hasn’t quite gotten the hang of tying their shoelaces yet.

The World’s Smallest Bluetooth Speaker

Sure, you might have a portable speaker that fits into a bag, maybe even your pocket. What about a speaker that’s as tall as a quarter? The speaker comes in a few different colors and has a Bluetooth range of about 30 feet. The speaker quality won’t be at a professional level, but it’ll be better than your phone and you could fit at least four in one hand!

This Set of String Lights

Get the hipster backyard, living room, or bedroom of your dreams with these string lights. This globe style might be an upgrade from simply using those Christmas string lights. The 25 feet of lights can add warmth and illumination to a large space. With string colors in black, green, and white, you can blend the lights into wherever you need them.

This Essential Coffee Clip

What are the two things you need with your bag of coffee? A clip and a little scoop. This two-in-one tool provides both! In addition to keeping your coffee fresh, your scoop won’t sink into your coffee, and if you buy pre-ground coffee, you keep your hands clean. This also works well with loose leaf tea and bagged spices!

These Little Hands

You are a person on the internet, so you’ve probably seen these hands before. Well, now, you can have 10 of them! Keep them all for yourself or share the weirdness with your friends and family. If you have a darker skin tone, you can also get your Kristen Wiig on with these baby hands.

This Travel Bidet

Once you know the true wonder of owning a bidet, it’s hard to go back to plain old toilet paper. Take the magic of the bidet across the world or just to your office. This simple tool is small, lightweight, and effective. There’s a little hole on the bottom of the bottle that you need to put your finger over or else water will leak. When you’re ready, let the air flow and squeeze the bottle to get a steady stream of water where you need it most.

This Self-Cleaning Brush

Cleaning out brushes is just annoying enough that you probably don’t do it as often as you should. This detangling brush is easy to clean and it’s nylon bristles are gentle on your hair. When you’re ready to clean, just slide the bristles back into the base and all of your hair will be there for the taking. This also makes it a million times easier to get a thorough clean of the base of the brush and get rid of all that product buildup.

The Marie Kondo Book

If you’ve seen the Netflix show, you should definitely get the book. There are tons of smaller notes that the show doesn’t touch on and it helps craft a decluttering process that fits your life. The show is a bit more dramatic, but she actually advocates more for these smaller changes that can lead to a cleaner space. It’s like a diet; you slowly change your habits to get more lasting results!

This Charcoal Face Mask

If that rubber mask scared you, you can still get a great treatment into your skincare routine. Not too long ago, Amazon released their own skincare line and fans love this mask! For normal to oily skin, the mask uses charcoal and hyaluronic acid to get oil out of your pores without leaving your face dry. The mask also doesn’t use harmful chemicals or fragrances, so those with sensitive skin can get in on the clarifying action.

This Cat Cube Tray

Cat lovers, you may not have known you wanted to drink kittens, but now you kinda have to, right? This flexible ice mold creates 10 cat-shaped ice cubes to add some cuteness to your drinks. Reviewers have also found great uses for the mold when prepping for theme parties. If you want to freeze anything other than water, it’s dishwasher safe, so you don’t get stuck with certain flavors.

This Sugar Body Scrub

People are positively obsessed with this sugar scrub from Tree Hut! It uses silica, so I wouldn’t recommend it for your face, but it does a great job at exfoliating your body. There are tropical versions like Passion Fruit & Guava and rich versions like Mocha & Coffee Bean (which has ground coffee in it). They all use several natural oils to moisturize and firm your skin.

This Polarizing Toothpaste

This British toothpaste has an old-timey look to go along with its classic formula. This pink toothpaste reminds people of Pepto Bismol, licorice, or a very potent yet pleasant mint, but its core flavor actually comes from thyme. It’s one of the best tubes of antiseptic toothpaste out there and it’s especially good for treating mouth ulcers or getting healthier gums.

This Brass Pen

Ditch your boring Bic pen and class up your pocket or purse with this bullet-shaped pen. In addition to looking luxurious AF, the pen has a few tricks up its sleeve. It can write at any angle, even if you were in space, and can survive temperatures in which you wouldn’t even want to write in the first place. The raw brass case will get a little character over time, but that’s how you know you’re getting good use out of it.

This Cardboard VR Headset

So, you want to see what all the VR hype is about, but you don’t have a secret Bitcoin fortune to drop on a top shelf rig. Google Cardboard is a great way to test the waters and still have a great experience. Unlike other models, this cardboard headset comes pre-made. That’s right, no more Ikea assembly despair, just fun. With phones getting bigger and bigger, you should definitely make sure your phone can fit comfortably!

This Cult Setting Powder Dupe

You know that heavenly, Laura Mercier Setting Powder that’s $40? Air Spun makes an incredible dupe for $6. Before you pass out, order one of the seven shades of powder which include regular and extra coverage translucent options. You can use this to set your makeup or as your makeup, but many reviewers specifically love baking their face with this powder.

This Ornate Tea Light Holder

If you’re a tea light fan, real flame or electric, you’re always on the lookout for an attractive way to display these little candles. This holder looks like a lotus flower and the light will capture the accents on the capiz shell petals. There are a dozen vibrant colors to choose from to perfectly match your design scheme.

This Whiskey Skull Ice Cube

You’ve accepted the science behind gigantic blocks of ice in your whiskey, but you’re getting tired of spheres and cubes. Make your whiskey a little more metal with this dishwasher-safe, geometric skull mold. Use it regularly or stock up on a few ice skulls for parties and Halloween.

This Shark Pet Bed

Okay, you wouldn’t actually want a shark to devour your perky pup or cute kitten, but this plush bed makes the idea seem rather adorable. The entire bed is machine washable and you can remove the inner pad. The material traps heat so your furry friend can stay warm in the colder months.

This Stress Toy

If fidget spinners and stress balls aren’t for you, try these little peas in a pod. You can squeeze and re-insert all three peas, but the middle one has a tiny face on it that will demand your attention. You get a pack of three so you can give them to your kids or just keep backups for when you eventually lose the peas!

This Statement Necklace

Yes, you can pull this off. This dramatic choker can fit into a wide variety of wardrobes, depending on how you style it. Whatever your fashion sense, this necklace will pop on anything with a simple, wide or shoulderless top. The sensitive-skin-friendly copper necklace comes in gold, silver, black, and a mix of the aforementioned finishes. Add this stunning piece to African-inspired outfits, simple cocktail dresses, and more!

This FM to Bluetooth Transmitter

For cars stuck in the past, it can be hard being left out of the handsfree game. This cool transmitter plugs into your 12-volt socket and transforms FM radio into Bluetooth. Listen to your music and make hands-free calls with this handy device. There are also onboard buttons to help you skip songs and answer calls or you could plug in your phone via the auxiliary jack.

This Grocery Bag Holder Saves Your Hands

Guess who’s going to get all of their groceries inside with one trip? You’re about to enjoy shopping even more. These padded carabiners give your fingers some cushion while holding onto your grocery or shopping bags. A heavy-duty latch prevents the bags from falling until you’re ready to release them.

This Oreo Dipping Spoon

This is not a drill! You can get full, Oreo cookie immersion in the milk of your choice. The hook end cradles the Oreo, allowing you to dunk it without making a mess. There are a few different colors to choose from, so you can get one for everyone in your home.

This Sudsey Soap Dispenser

This neat tray can both hold your sponge when it's not in use and evenly pump dish soap into the sponge when you need it. The spring-loaded base allows you to pump dish soap from the bottom of the holder into the sponge. The ceramic holder is made from plant-based cellulose, the tray is made from recycled water bottles, and reviewers say it doesn’t get the strong mildew smell other holders get over time.

These Headphone Bracelet

Instead of dropping your earphones in a bag or pocket so they can get tangled or lost, wear them on your wrist! The six, differently colored versions of these earbuds wrap neatly around into a bracelet so you have easy access to them later. A combination of thin and thick braided fabric covers the wire, protecting it and giving it a fashionable aesthetic.

This Overachieving Whisk

In addition to being a great balloon whisk, this kitchen tool can perform a culinary magic trick. You can twist the loops to make a flat whisk for sauces and scraping! The flat mode is also much easier to clean by hand, but the silicone whisk is also dishwasher-safe. Get it in green or a rainbow for more festive cooking.

This Toilet Paper Holder Also Holds Your Phone

Add a little shelf to your bathroom with this aluminum toilet paper holder. The shelf has an edge guard and non-slip surface so your phone won’t slide off if it starts vibrating. And don’t worry, the shelf is big enough to fit even the largest phablets. You can also use it to hold air freshener or a reed diffuser if you don’t want anything on top of your toilet tank.

These Nose Sheets

Noses lead the charge when it comes to our faces, so they can get the brunt of the elements. These nose strips use charcoal and eggshell powder to strip your world-weary nose of blackheads and whiteheads. This equal opportunity clarifier can be used once a week for clearer pores!

This Onion/Vegetable Bag

If you want to keep your veggies fresher for longer and get a reusable bag in the process, check this out. The cloth bag extends the freshness of your onions for up to a month. Other bags for greens, fruits, bananas, and more are also available to keep things organized. You can even take the bags to the grocery store or farmer’s market to use instead of those little plastic bags.

This Flexible Book Light

Most book lights attach to the book or your head, but both options can get clunky. This rechargeable light has a flexible arm that fits around your neck. You can adjust the LEDs on each side to get perfect lighting no matter what your favorite reading position is. On a full battery, you get up to eight hours on the high brightness and up to 10 hours on normal brightness — perfect for binge reading and travel!