37 Things Basically Necessary for Grown Lady Life | 22 Words

The following 36 products were made to make you feel like you've finally got it all figured out. From oversized bubble umbrellas to refrigerator organizers to water bottles that remind you to stay hydrated, these items will instantly change your life for the better.

And they won't cost you an arm and a leg, either.

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

This Brow Contour Kit That Transforms Your Entire Face

I'm pretty useless when it comes to doing my own makeup. Sure, I'll spend a majority of my week watching beauty bloggers expertly explain their countering techniques, but actually having to recreate those looks on my own face in another story. That's what makes this brow kit so perfect for people like me. It's super easy to follow and makes my brows look professionally done.

This Clamp-On Swivel Pencil Drawer That Gives You Storage Where You Need It

I work from home, and my "desk" is actually just a small table where I sometimes place my laptop. There's no storage whatsoever, and I'm constantly getting irritated by pens rolling off and onto the floor and never having enough space to write notes. This swivel drawer clamps securely onto your desk and stores all your work essentials, like pens, paper clips, and candy bars.

This Essential Oil Set That Helps You Chill TF Out

I tend to get easily stressed out. Whether it's over money, work deadlines, or the fact that my house is constantly a complete mess, it can be hard for me to shake off my everyday stressors and just relax. This 6-piece essential oils set helps me find my zen even on the most hectic of days. Pro tip: Use them as massage oils for a 2-in-1 pampering session.

This Daily Planner That'll Make You Insanely Organized

Grown ladies know how important it is to stay organized, and this daily planner has turned me into one of those super organized people that I always admired but never thought I could be like. It gives you daily "to-do's" and lets you write out your schedule down to the hour. I honestly don't know how I've survived this long without it.

This Cloth Scrubbers That Kill Germs As You Clean

We have a "no sponges allowed" type of household. My husband has a complete aversion to sponges due to the fact that they're basically breeding grounds for bacteria and tend to smell bad after just 2 minutes of sitting in the sink. These cloth scrubbers are made from antimicrobial material so they actually reduce the number of germs on your dirty dishes rather than add more to them.

This Hair And Skin Care Set That's Gentle And Natural

I've recently been on a mission to rid my life of beauty products that have harsh chemicals with unpronounceable names. This organic hair and skin care set not only smells amazing, but it also leaves your hair lustrous and your skin squeaky clean and moisturized. It was created by doctors, so you know the ingredients are doing good things for your body.

This Pour Over Coffee Maker That Gives You Great Coffee Anywhere

I take my morning cup of Joe seriously. I'm not an instant coffee type of person, and I insist on bringing my own supplies with me whenever I travel so I don't have to suffer through a less-than-stellar cup while on the road. This pour-over coffee maker features a reusable filter so you don't have to deal with paper ones, and the included mug makes it perfect for on-the-go sipping.

This Sleeping Mask That Upgrades Your Skin Overnight

Overnight facial treatments are pretty much my favorite thing ever since I can just smear them on, go to sleep, and wake up with beautifully transformed skin. Of course, some face masks don't deliver on their claims, and you wake up in the morning to the same old, tired skin that you went to sleep with. This vitamin-C packed mask is definitely not one of those useless masks that you waste your money on. It actually follows through on its claims and smells amazing.

This Shampoo Holder That Helps You Get Every Last Drop

Who can afford to waste money in this day and age? And how frustrating is it to get to the very end of your favorite bottle of shampoo or conditioner only to not be able to squeeze the last, tiny bit out? This brilliant shower bottle holder keeps your favorite shampoos, conditioners and body washer securely help upside down so you never waste another bit of product again.

This Multi-Tool That Fits Right On Your Keychain

This tiny little multitool offers 10 different uses in one, meaning you're never in one of those situations where you're stuck without the perfect tool again. It features a bottle opener, nail puller, bicycle tool, box opener, screw driver, cord cutter and 7/8/10mm wrench. Plus, it's small enough to fit on your keychain so you always have it right within reach.

This Bag Bungee That Makes Traveling A Breeze

My flexible schedule allows me to travel whenever I want, which means that I'm constantly jetting off to some new and exciting destination. Like Minnesota. So this bag bungee makes my life WAY easier. It keeps my carry on bag securely attached to my rolling luggage so I'm not juggling multiple bags while running to catch my flight. It's a total travel game-changer.

This Kitchen Tool That Peels And Sharpens

I have a slight obsession with kitchen gadgets, which is probably the reason why my drawers won't close anymore. Some of them work amazingly well, but some of them are, essentially, useless junk that I completely wasted my money on. This fun gadget gives you two handy tools in one: A vegetable peeler and a knife sharpener. So not only does it do exactly what it claims to do, it also takes up less space in your kitchen.

This Travel Toiletry Set That Keeps You TSA-Ready

"I just love going through security at the airport!" said no one ever. Luckily, these travel toiletry sets make sure you always have perfectly portioned hair and skin care products so you're never forced to dump your oversized products before stepping onto your flight. The squeeze pouch design makes them extremely easy to use, and each one is roughly the size of an average house key.

This Bamboo Bath Set That Are Eco-Friendly

If there's one thing a grown-up lady deserves, it's a good towel to wrap around themselves after they step out of the shower. These bath towels are oh-so luxurious, made from 30% natural bamboo and 70% natural cotton, and are naturally odor and fungal-resistant, which means no more mildew smell. This four-piece set comes in a variety to colors so you can find the perfect match for your bathroom.

This Waterproof Blanket That Doubles As A Poncho

This outdoor pocket blanket is one of those products that you'll buy, throw in your car, and be extremely happy once you arrive at your destination during a torrential downpour. It's also the perfect waterproof sheet for outdoor picnics or trips to the beach. Plus, it folds up into a tiny, portable square that's easy to toss in your purse and forget about.

This Hair Towel That Combats Frizz

I have a lot of hair, and while I love nothing more than to be completely lazy and just throw it up into a towel after a shower, this always results in it turning into a tangled, frizzy mess. But this hair towel is specifically made for lazy people like me since it actually cuts down on frizz the longer you leave it wrapped up. It prevents damage and makes it easy to create soft, bouncy curls.

This Whitening Light That Keeps Your Teeth Dazzling

If you're a regular coffee and tea drinker, you know all too well the toll it can take on the whiteness on your teeth. And while whitening toothpaste often claims to make your teeth "10-times whiter", they rarely deliver. This accelerator uses strong LED lights to speed up the whitening process so your teeth are restored to their original luster.

This Exercise Strap That Might Actually Remind You To Stretch

I try to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, but there is one thing that I always neglect to do after a workout: Stretch. I don't know what it is about stretching, but it's pretty much always the last on my list of priorities when it comes to taking care of myself. This stretch-out strap makes it easy to make sure that I've sufficiently stretched all of my tired muscles and helps recharge them for my next workout.

This Memory Foam Pillow That's Ridiculously Comfy

If you have issues falling asleep like I do, you've probably experienced the helpless feeling of staring at the ceiling at 3 am, wondering if you'll ever get another minute of sleep again. Well, I have some good news for you: This special memory foam pillow is the answer to your insomnia-fueled prayers. Once you try it once, you'll be hooked for life.

These Tiny Spatulas That Keep You From Wasting Products

I'm really, really cheap. In fact, I still have the same eyeshadow pallet that I had in high school, which is probably riddled with bacteria at this point, but I just can't bring myself to throw it out. So when I get down to my last bits of the beauty products I love, it pains me to have to throw out the bottle just because I can't reach the little that's left in the bottles. These nifty little spatulas solve that problem beautifully.

These Peeling Pads That Are Infused With Wine

So, it turns out that wine isn't just the most delicious drink on earth, it also has powerful anti-aging properties that do wonders for your skin! These peeling pads give you a mini facial every time you use them, and the saturated pad design makes them easy to apply to your skin before bed and wake up to smoother, more radiant skin.

This Running Hat That Has A Spot For Your Ponytale

Early morning runs are one of my favorite ways to start the day. The sun is just coming up, it's quiet, and it's a great way to kick-start your day and really focus on yourself. The only problem? On chilly mornings, I have to choose between cold ears or totally squished hair. This genius hat features a hole for your ponytail, so you never have to make that difficult decision again!

This Power Strip That Contorts To Any Position

My husband and I recently bought a house with roughly one outlet per 1,000 square feet, which, as you might imagine, can make owning electronics rather difficult. This pivoting power strip can fit into any nook and cranny that you need it to and instantly gives you six more outlets than you had before. I want one for every room!

This Toilet Paper Shelf That Gives You A Spot For Bathroom Essentials

Look, everyone looks at their phone when they go to the bathroom. It's just a fact of life. Some people may deny it, but if they do, they're lying. But wouldn't it be nice to have a good spot to put your phone so it doesn't accidentally fall into the toilet? This toilet paper shelf gives you the perfect spot to place your smartphone, flushable wipes, or any other bathroom essentials.

This Hanging Organizer That Gives You The Perfect Spot For Your Accessories

Want to know the secret to feeling like a grown-up lady? Organize your closet. It may not seem like it would make too much of a difference, but trust me, it will completely change the way you feel about your life and instantly make you a much calmer and happier person. These accessory hangers are a great place to start since there's rarely a good place to put your scarves and belts.

This Water Bottle That Reminds You To Stay Hydrated

How much water do you drink throughout the day? If you're like me, it varies completely from day to day. Some days I basically drown myself, and others I realize right before bed that I've maybe had roughly two sips of water the entire day. This Hydratrak tumbler has multicolored trackers that remind you to stay hydrated throughout the day.

This Jewelry Cleaner That Comes In A Convenient Pen Design

When was the last time you cleaned your jewelry? If "never" is your answer, trust me, I understand. In fact, I always figured that jewelry cleaner was something that my mother and grandmother owned but was not something I was mature enough to actually purchase. This jewelry cleaner pen comes in a convenient design that means you can just brush it over your valuables and they'll be instantly more sparkly.

This Bubble Umbrella That's Both Handy And Chic

Do you know what every grown lady needs in her life? One of these oversized bubble umbrellas that you can cover half of your body with and still be able to see where you're going when out walking around in the rain. In fact, this thing is so cool and practical it just might make you look forward to rainy days instead of dread them.

This Menstrual Cup That'll Change The Way You Think About Periods

I know what you're thinking: This does not look in any way comfortable. I know this because I thought the same thing before I tried it. And then I tried it. And honestly, the thought of using a tampon or pad ever again sounds pretty darn horrible in comparison. Plus, it cuts down on unnecessary waste and saves you money. I'm a total convert.

This Hot Air Brush That Keeps Your Locks Oh-So Smooth

If you could cut one step out of your morning routine and, at the same time, make your hair look better than ever before? With this hot brush by John Frieda, that dream can become a reality. It styles as it dries, so you're left with sleek, smooth lock and amazing volume that you've only seen on the pages of magazines.

This Wet/Dry Shaver That's A Must-Have For Travel

Want to stay smooth on vacation but don't want to have to take up a ton of room in your toiletry bag by packing your razor and your shaving cream? This wet/dry electric razor keeps your skin silky smooth even if you don't have access to water. Heck, you could even shave on the plane if you wanted to! ....but you probably shouldn't.

These Refridgerator Organizers That Gives Your Fridge A Total Makeover

If I close my eyes and think about the contents of my fridge right now, it's not a pleasant thought. It's overflowing with half-used condiment bottles and very old leftovers, and it basically looks like the type of fridge you might find in a college frat house. These organizers transform your fridge into something you'd actually be proud to open in front of guests.

These No-Show Socks That Send Blisters Packing

I'm one of those gross people who refuses to wear socks with most of my shoes. I happen to think that it just looks better this way, and although I'm not willing to ruin my outfits by adding socks to my favorite kicks, I must admit that I don't love how bad it makes them smell at the end of a long day. These no-show socks aren't kidding about being no-show. They keep your feet from smelling and stay hidden beneath all of your flats, sneakers, and heels.

This Plastic Bag Holder That's Completely Brilliant

My husband and I are constantly fighting about where to store our billions and billions of plastic bags, and it's getting to the point where they're basically taking over our house. This grocery bag dispenser features sleek stainless steel construction and wall-mounted design which gives you the perfect place to keep them right where you need them. How genius is that?

These Food Labels That Are Easily Disolvable

These nifty little labels have two genius uses in one: They not only make it easy to identify your leftovers (seriously, is that chili or apple crumble cake?), they also dissolve with water so you're not forced to scrub them off with a soapy sponge. They're also great for labeling your lunch in order to avoid getting it stolen by office breakroom thieves.

These Coffee Gum That's Naturally Delicious

When you think of gum, "all-natural" and "artisan crafted" aren't usually words that first pop into your brain. But with Simply Gum, they should, because this stuff is probably the fanciest gum you'll ever put in your mouth. The rich coffee flavor satisfies your 2 pm caffeine fix without making you feel jittery. Who would have thought gum could be so indulgent?