37 Things I Don't Own And REALLY Want on Amazon | 22 Words

Are you ready for a peek into my Amazon wishlist? There are so many things I want/need/can't live without that it was tough to limit it to 37 things I don't own and really want on Amazon, the list gets longer every day. But I narrowed it down to just my favorites and decided to let you in on it since these picks are too good not to share. I dare you to get through this list without adding at least one thing to your own wishlist - your wallet might be crying for mercy pretty soon!

From the coziest fleece leggings to the best tinted lipbalm to the prettiest mousepad, here's a look at my "to buy" list on Amazon.

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Dior Lip Glow Is Gorgeous

I don't wear a lot of makeup, but I do like a little color on my lips. I usually gravitate towards tinted lip balm but a little while back I tried this Dior Lip Glow on and instantly fell in love. It's supposed to react chemically with your lips to create a custom color - I don't know if that really happens, but the rosy "your lips but better" hue is beyond gorgeous.

These Flannel Sheets Are So Cozy

The leaves are changing color, the days are getting shorter and my toes are getting colder. Time to switch to flannel sheets! These ones are affordable, 100% cotton and have over 2,000 glowing reviews on Amazon. They come in a few colors and many neutrals and have deep pockets, which is important because our mattress is really tall.

This Ugg Bathrobe Is Heavenly

I want this UGG bathrobe so much I can taste it! I have an UGG hoodie lined with the same fleecy softness as this robe, and it feels like being wrapped in a warm hug. Our house is always cold, especially in the winter, so this would be such a treat to pop over my athleisure on a chilly morning.

This Cashmere Hoodie Is So Luxe

Yes, 99% of my wardrobe is athleisure, but who says you can't fancy it up? This cashmere hoodie looks casual but is made from the softest, fleeciest wool so it'll keep me so warm year-round. I love athleisure taken to the next level, and this is a luxe example of excellent execution!

This Good Hair Day Styler Works In The Shower

I don't like to blowdry my hair -  no time, no desire - but I do like it to look nice. I found a way to get a perfectly tousled look without messing with my hair by using this Good Hair Day In-Shower Styler. You just run it through wet hair in the shower, let it air dry, and enjoy not just a good hair day, but an excellent one. Don't take my word for it, check the before and after user photos, that's what really sold me!

This Gourmet Black Garlic Salt Elevates Your Meal

I love garlic and I love salt, put em together and you get this gourmet Black Garlic Salt that I can't wait to put on everything from popcorn to garlic bread! There are only two ingredients, sea salt from the Pacific Northwest and black garlic, so you don't have to worry about preservatives or other chemicals. Happy reviewers love it for the amazing taste and its ability to level up anything they put it on from steaks to veggies.

This French Face Cream Is Highly Recommended By Makeup Artists

You just to only be able to get this Embryolisse face cream in France but thankfully you can easily add it to your Amazon cart these days. It's an amazing face cream that doubles as a primer to give you dewy, moisturized skin that won't break the bank. You can even use it as a mask for super dry skin! I've been wanting to get my hands on some for a while and this seems like the perfect opportunity.

This Cotton Rug Set Is So Cute

I like to switch out throw rugs every few months so I can wash the other ones and for a fun new look so I don't get bored. These neutral geometric cotton rugs are just the right size for the bathroom, in front of the kitchen sink or in the laundry room should you have one (sadly, I do not). Since they're cotton, they're easy to throw in the washer to freshen them up which is ideal based on how much mud my kids track into the house!

These Soap Rocks Are So Pretty

I like things to look nice around here, but with two active kids it's hard. One area I can control is the guest bathroom, where I'd place these pretty little soap rocks for visitors to use. The jewel-like soaps are so unique and would add a cute pop of color to your countertop.

This Porcelain Diffuser Is A Bright Idea

I have a wood-look diffuser, but it doesn't glow so it's hard to see what's going on in the dark. I want this porcelain diffuser that doubles as a soft nightlight - it can glow in seven colors, has a switch to turn the light off and 10 minute, one hour, two hour and continuous timers so you can customize to your liking.

This Skillet Handle Cover Will Save My Hands

My husband loves cooking with cast iron pans, but every time I go to touch the handle I forget that it's going to be piping hot and end up burning myself. Every time. I need this silicone skillet handle cover that to create an insulating layer to protect my hands from burns. It can even go in the oven up to 475 degrees, so great from transfering from stove top to baking or broiling, too.

This Rocketbook Notebook Saves Trees

I write a lot of notes, whether it's grocery shopping lists, daily to-do lists or jotting little notes about work or upcoming appointments. Needless to say, I go through a lot of paper which isn't great for the environment. I love the idea of this Rocketbook notebook which you can reuse again and again - just pop it into the microwave to erase it! So futuristic and useful at the same time.

These Underwater Lights Make Bath Time A Party

I love taking a bath with the overhead lights off, but lighting candles seems like a bridge too far. I'd love to use these submersible LED lights which just suction onto the sides of the tub. They come with their own remote and can glow in 16 colors and can even flash and fade so you can take your bath from relaxing to total party time. I'm sure my kids will totally want in on the deal for their own baths once they see these cool lights.

This Cleaning Gel Is A Total Dust Buster

Every time I get in the car I'm annoyed at how much dust is in the vents. I try to clean it all out with my finger but that never quite works. What I need is this cleaning gel which conforms to every nook and crevice to get all the dust and grime out. I'd also use it on my keyboard which tbh is pretty gnarly right now.

This Car Organizer Creates So Much Space

My car cupholders are filled with lip balms, my phone, pens, spare band aids, random toys and whatever else, so much so that there's no room for actual drinks! I need this car organizer that holds all the extra stuff and leaves your cup holders free to hold your beverages. It fits right next to the center console and takes up virtually no room on your seat.

This First Aid Kit Is So Glam

It was let's say an active summer, and we've pretty much depleted the first aid kit that lives in our car. This glam one is a cute option that has a ton of those sting relief pads that really helped on mosquito bites, plus antibiotic cream and lots of bandaids. The case is so cute I wouldn't mind leaving this one out on display.

This Car Mattress For Camping

I for one do not like anything about camping - sleeping on the ground, the bugs, the overall dampness of the whole situation? This cool mattress that fits in your car is pretty much an ideal fix because everyone else in my fam does think camping is a top notch idea. Now I can be comfy in the car, away from bugs and sleeping on a comfortable mattress. A must-have for our next camping trip, I think.

These Straw Lids Make Water Bottles More Drinkable

I love my widemouth Takeya water bottle but whenever I go to take a gulp when I'm working out, I end up dumping a bunch of freezing water down my shirt. These straw tops for widemouth water bottles will definitely help that situation - the set comes with two straws you can cut to the size of your bottle and a cleaning brush to keep things sparkling. I love all the color choices, too!

This Epsom Foaming Bath Soothes Sore Muscles

Epsom baths are so soothing for sore muscles from everyday tension or working out but they can be really messy to measure out and pour into the tub. This pre-mixed epsom foaming bath eliminates that problem - you still get the same relaxing benefits with none of the mess. This eucalyptus spearmint scent is great for when you have a stuffy nose or flu-related aches and pains, too.

These Paint Pens For Kindness Rocks

My kids love making those "kindness rocks" and placing them in random places all around our neighborhood, and these paint pens are so much easier than using a brush and a jar of paint. They'd love using these to decorate rocks to their hearts' content. The colors are so vibrant and these markers get great reviews for ease of use and quality!

These RX Bars Are An Ideal Snack

I often get ravenous after working out but don't want to plow my way through a bag of pretzels and have all those empty, carby calories that won't fill me up anyway. These RX bars taste amazing and only have a handful of all-natural ingredients - they're so satisfying that they're the ideal quick breakfast or post-workout snack. My favorite that I've tried is this berry flavor, it's so chewy and delicious!

This Spindrift Sparkling Water Is Delicious

I get bored drinking regular water, so I'm always on the lookout for a more exciting alternative. This sparkling Spindrift water is delicious - so far I've tried the blackberry, strawberry orange mango, tea and lemonade and cucumber flavors and they've all been excellent. I've never seen this pineapple version before and I'm so excited to try it! Boop - it's in my cart.

This Fleece Robe For Post-Shower Warm Ups

I love a hot shower but its so darn cold when I get out, walking to my bedroom is definitely no fun in a damp towel. I'd love wrapping up in this pretty mermaid bathrobe to stay warm after a shower or while doing my makeup. It'd also be ideal to throw on over my jammies if the Amazon delivery guy happens to stop by early that day!

This Sherpa Sweatshirt Has Cool Details

I love cool details that really jazz up basic clothes, and this sherpa sweatshirt is no exception. The moto jacket-like zipper and oversized pockets take this cozy sherpa sweatshirt to the next level - I think I'd wear this all fall and winter, maybe even the spring, too! Plus it has almost 2,000 glowing reviews and comes in a ton of colors and patterns like leopard and tie dye.

This Rebecca Minkoff Backpack Is Amazing

I'm a big fan of Rebecca Minkoff's bags, so when I saw this backpack it immediately went on my wishlist. It's made of nylon so it's lightweight but still sturdy and the muted camo print goes with everything. If you can manage to look badass but still have room to tote all the things you need as a mom, you're winning at life.

This 2021 Planner Because I'm Over 2020

I think I'm ready to be done with 2020, anyone else? In looking forward to brighter days in 2021, I'd love this Rifle Paper Co 2021 Planner to get a head start on plotting out my year. Let's hope another plague doesn't wipe out all my plans like it did this year, making my 2020 planner basically useless!

These Cheerful Notecards For Staying In Touch

I'm a big fan of snail mail (and supporting the post office!) and these cheerful notecards are an excellent way to stay in touch with friends and fam near and far. They're also great for kids to write thank you notes on, it's never too early to get them in the habit! Seriously, how excited would you be to receive one of these little rays of sunshine in your mailbox?

This Mousepad Is Fin-Tastic

I'm getting all the mermaid vibes with this cool gel mousepad! The wrist rest is filled with a memory foam-like gel that molds to your wrist for the most comfortable mousing, and the pattern is utterly fin-tastic. If you're not into mermaids, it comes in 20 other cool patterns too.

This Delicate Necklace Is Great For Everyday

I like statement jewelry when I want to go all out and well, make a statement, but for everyday I prefer something a bit more casual. This delicate horn necklace is sure to become a regular in my daily wardrobe since it looks so easy to wear and plays well with other necklaces for layering possibilities. It also comes in silver or rose gold so it's going to be hard to choose!

This Makeup Case Is So Roomy

While I don't wear a ton of makeup, I do have a lot of makeup and skincare products that I need to store. This roomy makeup case will give me space to spare in one relatively compact package. I love that it will easily fit under the sink to hide it out of sight, even though it's a cool-looking case.

This Supergoop Sunscreen Isn't Chalky

I like wearing sunscreen on a daily basis, per my dermatologist's instructions, but I hate when it's oily or greasy or smells like coconuts when it's the middle of winter. This SPF 40 Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen promises to blend right into skin without leaving a white cast or oily residue. And it's oil-free, so mattifies skin to a velvety finish and doubles as a makeup primer! Over 1,000 happy reviewers can't be wrong...

These Aveda Shampure Products Smell Like Heaven

I'm such a fan of Aveda Shampure products - the herbal, comforting and warm scent is hard to describe but it's simply gorgeous and leaves your hair smelling great for days. I haven't tried the conditioner yet, so I'm excited to pair it with the Shampure shampoo for extra scented, soft hair.

The New Echo Looks So Cool

The round shape of the new Amazon Echo is so darn cute I want one immediately. Plus it comes in other color choices than black, like this steely blue or a cool white. We use our Echo daily to listen to the weather, news, podcasts or play any song we want on demand. This one has upgraded sound capabilities so whatever we're listening to will sound even better.

This Java Sok Insulates Bevvies

I drink iced tea year round (shoutout to Dunkin' Donuts!), but I don't love the sweating mess it makes when I don't drink it fast enough. This Java Sok comes in multiple sizes, and helpfully lets you know how to choose your preffered one based on how many ounces your drink is. Plus it comes in so many patterns and colors, you can really make your drink stand apart so coworkers don't accidentally grab it!

This Travel Mug Is Adorable

I love my rose gold Swig water bottle so I was super excited to see they have a line of travel mugs as well! The patterns are to die for, I don't think I can choose a fave. It's double-walled and vacuum sealed, so it'll keep your beverage piping hot for up to 12 hours and icy cold up to 24 hours. If I'm drinking home-brewed iced tea, it's going to be out of this mug so it always stays frosty.

These Fleece-Lined Leggings Are A Winter Must-Have

99% of the time I'm in leggings, but in winter they're just not up to the job of keeping me warm. I'm so glad I found these fleece-lined leggings to keep me toasty - they get amazing reviews for comfort, warmth and quality. Plus they have pockets and come seven colors! These would also be ideal under ski pants for extended sledding outings, skiing or snowboarding.

This Apple Watch Band Is Elastic

I wear my Apple watch when I'm working out, so the strap gets pretty gross pretty fast. I don't like using my "good" ones to workout, so I'd like to pick up this elastic watch band to use when I know I'm going to get really sweaty. It comes in a bunch of cute prints and makes your watch easy to slip on and off, no velcro or buckes required.