37 Things on Amazon That'll Cheer You Up Instantly | 22 Words

Turn that frown upside down with these awesome products!

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: 22Words is a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Under the Sea Ice Tray

Make your ice cubes fun sea creatures with this silicone ice tray! Who said ie cubes have to be boring blocks? That person should be punished.

These Himalayan Sea Salt Candle Holders

Believe it or not, Himalayan sea salt has healing and purifying properties. Relax, light a couple candles, and let the power of the sea salt light up your life!

This Pusheen Backpack

Pusheen is just about the cutest Internet cat out there. And you deserve to have that adorable face on a backpack!

These LED String Lights

These fairy string lights will totally bring the romantic mood lighting to your bedroom or living room.

This Adorable Rabbit Bottle

It's stainless steel, leak-proof, and totally cute. The best part is that you can use it for both hot and cold beverages!

This Colorful Bright Ideas Journal

This mini journal comes with ten different page colors and no lines, so it's the perfect place to draw, doodle, or write down all your, "Rosy Outlooks, Evergreen Observations, Sunny Thoughts" and more!

This Dino Onesie

It's pajamas. It's a Halloween costume. It's a fun Friday night at home. You're an adult and you need a dinosaur onesie. Period. Case closed.

This Beechwood Crab Multitool

This six-in-one multitool looks like a little crab, and that's an instant smile right there! It comes with mini scissors, a bottle opener, a flat head screwdriver, a can opener, and a rope saw.

This Yellow Smiley Face Spatula

Flip your eggs with a smile on your face and on your spatula! Why not bring this sunny disposition to your kitchen forever?!

This Lion Mane for Your Dog

If you have a dog in your life, you need this. It will turn your adorable pooch into the king of the jungle! If you don't have a dog in your life, what are you even doing? Rectify that situation immediately.

This Stress Relieving Aromatherapy Candle

This three-wick candle has a soothing, stress-relieving eucalyptus spearmint scent that's guaranteed to help you relax and be happy.

This Set of Bamboo Toothbrushes

These all-natural bamboo toothbrushes are way better for the environment than those plastic ones you've been using. It's time to do your part! Each pack comes with four numbered toothbrushes that you should replace every three months, meaning one pack will last you a whole year!

These Green Sprout Bookmarks

How adorable are these little page savers?! You get six bookmarks in a set, and they are flexible, which means you can use them like traditional bookmarks, or you can stick it right in the middle on the last line you read so you can pick up right where you left off.

These Woolly Women's Slippers

These comfy slippers have rubber soles, so they're perfect for shuffling around at home and outside. And they come in three different cozy colors.

This Pineapple Beach Blanket

Beach days are supposed to be special, so why lie down on a regular old towel when you can have a beach blanket shaped like a giant pineapple?!

These Floral Mesh Tea Infusers

This four-pack of mesh tea infusers is beloved by the nearly 500 people who have reviewed this product. They each come with a color-coded stand so you don't make a mess when you pull the infuser out of your teacup.

This Gold Face Mask

This collagen face mask has anti-aging properties and nourishing, moisturizing ingredients, but it's also gold and totally perfect for Instagramming!

This Rose Gold Unicorn Necklace

You are a unicorn! You are uniquely you, so you deserve this rosy gold geometric unicorn necklace. It'll look totally great on you.

This Slothzilla Shower Curtain

Who says you can't have a little fun with your shower curtain?! This simultaneously fierce and fuzzy shower curtain scene will make you smile every time you enter the bathroom, and that's something!

This Set of Boss Lady Pens

These pens encourage you, a boss lady, to get the job done! They say "Boss Lady," "Like a Boss," and "Hustle, Darling."

This 3-Pack of Fancy Honeycomb Chocolate

Chuao chocolate is the real deal (voted the best chocolate in the U.S. by Food & Wine magazine), and you deserve a three-pack of this rich, luscious stuff. Their honeycomb chocolate is bits of amber honey caramelized into crunchy bits and mixed into high-quality dark chocolate.

This Pizza Frisbee

Frisbees are great! Whether you're at the beach or a backyard barbecue, everyone loves tossing a disc around. And a frisbee that looks like pizza?! Yes, please!

These Bird Wine Glass Markers

When you have people over to wine and dine, you need some way to differentiate people's wine glasses. These tiny, cute, colorful birds are the perfect way to do that! Each box has a set of six different colored birds.

These Wooden State Coasters

Choose whichever four states you'd like for your set of custom made-to-order bamboo state coasters! It's the perfect gift!

This Cat Paw Mousepad

Sure, the wrist rest on this mousepad looks like an adorable cat paw, but it's also functional. It totally helps relax and support your wrist during your long work day.

This Dachshund Wood Chime

This handmade glass and metal wind chime is so dang cute and you need one in your home!

These Beechwood Measuring Spoons

These wooden measuring spoons have lovely woodland designs on them. You'll feel like a straight-up Disney princess while you do some baking!

This Magnetic Hourglass

If I'm being honest, you might set this hourglass to get some work done and then get totally distracted and mesmerized by its magnetic sand bits!

These Butterfly Sticky Notes

Throw those regular square Post-Its in the trash! (OK, don't do that.) But these 3D butterfly sticky notes are so much more fun. Get a pack of 72 yellow, pink, and blue butterflies for six bucks!

This Set of Gnome-Shaped Crayons

Again regular crayons are fine, but they got nothing on this set of crayons shaped like Bavarian gnomes. They are simultaneously drawing utensils and cute decorations!

This Mushroom Night Light

This super cute mushroom night light turns on automatically when it gets dark and turns off when there's too much light. It's perfect for your kid's room!

This Cat Rambo Mousepad

Yes, that is a mousepad depicting a cat dressed as Rambo riding a unicorn with laser eyes over a rainbow. And yes, you need it.

This Duck Coin Purse

If this cute little ducky isn't your jam, this soft, silicone coin purse comes as an owl as well!

This Jumbo Mango Squishy

This stress-relieving mango toy is the size of a real mango, so you will never be bored. Just don't try to eat it. It won't taste good.

These Squishy Cat Toys

No, these aren't toys for your cat. They're toys for you that are shaped like adorable little sleepy kittens. You get a pack of four, they each fit in the palm of your hand, and they're perfect for stress relief.

This Sloth Plush Toy

You can never have too many stuffed animals. And you definitely need a stuffed sloth. Adults and kids alike will love this little guy.

This Hot Water Bottle with Knit Cover

Yes! This soothing hot water bottle comes with its very own cable-knit sweater. The sweater will prevent the super hot water from burning your skin while you're using it. Also works with cold water as an ice pack!