37 Things I Bought on Amazon That Changed My Life for the Better | 22 Words

I buy a lot of stuff online. It's a bit of a problem, actually. I'll be working on something on my computer during the day, minding my own business, thinking I'm being super productive, and suddenly find myself on Amazon with eight or nine new items in my cart. And because of this online shopping addiction, I believe I've become a bit of a pro when it comes to the best products out there.

The following 37 items have totally upgraded my life, and if I were you, I'd buy every last one of them. I did, and I'm way happier now!

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Affordable Tote Bag That's Seriously Spacious

I love to work in cafes and coffee shops, but lugging my laptop around town can be a pain. That's why I bought this awesome tote bag. It's chic, spacious, and surprisingly inexpensive. It can fit my laptop, charger, notebook, phone, and all of my other on-the-go work essentials. It's only $25.99 but looks like I spent about twice that amount.

You Too Can Always Have Soft Spreadable Butter With This Butter Bell Crock

It is not an overstatement to say that the Butter Bell Crock will change your life. This ingenious contraption keeps your hydrophobic butter submerged in water so it stays fresh (but never wet, because: science!) and always spreadable right on your countertop.

This Rainfall Shower Head That Basically Turned My Bathroom into a Spa

This was one of the first things I purchased after moving into a new apartment. I installed it myself in about five minutes and ever since, my showers are like mini getaways I get to take every day, and who doesn't want a mini-vacay every day?

This Car Emergency Kit That Gives You Peace Of Mind

I'm a naturally anxious person, and I tend to think of things in terms of worst-case scenarios. Because of this, I like to be prepared for absolutely any situation. This car emergency kit makes me feel much more relaxed on the road because I know that if something should happen, I've got everything I need to get through it safely. 

This Seat Cushion Set That Does Wonders For My Back

About a month ago, I noticed some horrible back pain that never seemed to go away. No matter how much I stretched, slept with a pillow between my legs, or forced my husband to give me back rubs, it still hurt. And then, it donned on me: My office chair was to blame. This seat cushion aligns my spin when I sit and it's made a huge difference.

This Airtight Cold Brew Maker That Keeps Coffee WAY Fresher

My husband could probably drink ten cups of cold brew per day. He gets some every time we go to the coffee shop, and it's starting to add up. So, in an effort to save some dough, I bought him this cold brew maker. It's easy to use, makes a good amount each time, and keeps it fresh for days due to the airtight lid.

This Acupressure Tool That Stops A Headache Before It Starts

I've suffered from horrible headaches since I was a teenager, and there are days when they're so bad that I'm forced to stay in bed for hours. This acupressure cuff fits snugly onto the webbing between your thumb and index finger and stops a headache before it even starts. I love that it's all-natural and doesn't require me to take any unnecessary medication.

This Silicone Bottle Brush That Will Make You Swear Off Sponges Forever

If you think about it, sponges are gross. And for some reason, I think about it a lot. They're soggy, smelly, and basically just spread around more germs instead of actually removing them. My husband knows how much I detest sponges, and recently surprised me with this silicone bottle brush. It fits into every nook and cranny and never gets that dreaded mildew-y smell.

These Wristbands That Keep You Dry While You Wash Your Face

Here's something that drives me absolutely crazy: Every time I wash my face my arms get completely soaked. I thought I was the only person who was irked by this until I saw a beauty blogger mention how she wears wristbands every time she washes her face for this exact reason. Weird, right? But then I tried it and it WORKS! These wristbands solve an annoying problem for under $10 bucks.

This Designer Umbrella That Has A Built-In Cup Holder

Where has this thing been all my life? It's an umbrella that has a cupholder built into the handle. How clever is that?! There's something so soothing about going for a walk in the rain while sipping on your favorite hot beverage. I used this to walk my dog the other day and it turned into an extremely long walk. I actually look forward to rainy days now!

106. This Shower Organizer That Holds Your Cleaning Essentials

For far too many years, my husband and I simply stacked our bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and various other soaps and lotions along the edge of the bathtub. This resulted in no less than five bottles falling into the bottom of the tub every time we showered. I finally got to the point where I couldn't take it anymore and bought one of these shower organizers, and it totally upgraded my showering experience. This thing is popular so it goes out of stock decently frequently. If you can't get the above, I also recommend this one!

This Silicone Cup Lid

I love my travel mugs but can never find the right lids - somehow they get separated in the wash. But that doesn't mean I have to abandon my to-go caffeine - I'll just slip this silicone drink cover over the top and be ready for spill-free adventures no matter what size mug I'm packing.

This Soap Daddy

We all know and love the Scrub Daddy sponge, so here comes the Soap Daddy! This refillable little guy is a kitchen multitasker - press down on the top to get just a bit of soap for washing hands or cleaning counters, or squeeze a lot from the flip side for washing dishes and big messes.

Swimsuit Tape That’s Almost Too Sticky

I’m the proud owner of a knockout one-piece with a plunging neckline that is a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen. This tape sticks fast, well, and it’s waterproof. Peeling it off after a beach day is a price worth its effectiveness.

This Slim Laundry Basket Is Made for Small Spaces

Our washer and dryer are in a closet in our not-huge bathroom, and our old laundry hamper was too large for the space. Now we have these slim, streamlined laundry baskets (one for lights, one for darks) on wheels that easily roll to and from the laundry closet and hold a decent amount of clothing from our family of four. These would be great for small laundry rooms and apartments as well. They've held up really well for a few years of heavy use so far and look great!

This Affordable, Chic Dress

A super chic dress on the cheap? Yes, please! It comes in a million colors and two sleeve lengths so you can wear it all year long.

This Bra Liner That You Need. Trust Me.

Do you sweat a lot? Don't be embarrassed. I sweat a ton. It's always been a secret shame of mine since all my girlfriends seem to be dainty, sweat-free creatures while I'm constantly trying to cover up my pit stains and under-boob wetness marts. This under-bra liner solves that embarrassing problem and gives me way more confidence when I'm doing anything active.

A Padlock That Only Opens With Your Fingerprint

I used to have nightmares about not being able to open my locker in middle school, whereas now it's just an annoying inconvenience — unless you're using this fingerprint lock, of course. It's able to store up to 10 fingerprints so that your entire household can share it, and the rechargeable battery lasts for up to six months. Grab it in four colors: black, navy, grey, or white.

This Reusable Gel Tape

Up your home decor game this year with reusable gel tape. It won't damage your walls, holds items up to 2.2 pounds and has a million uses. Have a wayward rug corner? Tape it down. Need to stick your power strip under your desk to keep it out of sight? Done. Hang pictures and organize the crap out of everything with this wonder tape - just rinse to reactivate stickiness and reuse over and over again!

Improve Dryer Efficiency and Reduce Fire Risk With This Dryer Vent Brush

For a long time, I thought I was doing my dryer's due diligence by sweeping lint out of the trap every so often. Then one day, I shined a flashlight in there and discovered a deep well of old, dusty lint that had been hiding underneath for years. I went on Amazon to research a solution and sure enough, this handy brush is the answer. Goodbye forever, lint!

This Plug-in Air Sanitizer

This little sanitizer plugs directly into your outlet and sanitizes and deodorizes the air around it. I have one in both the living room and the bathroom and I think it really makes a difference in making the air feel much fresher.

These Wireless Ear Buds

I found these wireless headphones that are a fraction of the price of the Apple equivalent, and they have tons of excellent reviews! For under $30, you can't go wrong.

This Bubble Wrap Calendar That Will Give You a Reason To Get Up In The Morning

We've already know how great bubble wrap is, so what if you had the privilege of popping a bubble every single morning? This Bubble Wrap Calendar makes that dream a reality. You'll find yourself jumping out of bed in the morning to pop each day, and in the process with actually be able to remember what day of the week it is.

This Birdfeeder That Attaches Directly to Your Window

The best part of having a birdfeeder is being visited by birds (duh). But this window-mounted feeder offers something even better: An up-close-and-personal view of your feathered friends! I just recently put mine on the window in my office and I can't wait until my bird friends come to visit.

This Magnetic Phone Mount For My Car

The magnetic mount itself clips onto your car vent. Then, you put a thin metal disk inside your phone case for it to connect to. I cannot overstate how convenient this little gadget is. I even make sure to bring it with me whenever I'm traveling and using a rental car.

This Upholstery Spray That REALLY Repels Water

No — like it really repels water. Not "sorta," not "kinda," not "mostly but we're stretching the truth for marketing's sake," this protective upholstery spray is probably the last and only spray you'll need to keep your furniture looking like new. It's formulated without any propellant, fluorochemicals, or PFAS, plus it dries clear without any funky odors.

This Portable Door Lock That Gives You Peace Of Mind While Traveling

I love being able to work from anywhere. It allows me to travel to fun and exciting destinations at the drop of a hat without having to worry about taking time off. However, no matter how often I travel, I still get nervous about something happening while I'm so far away from home. This portable door lock gives me peace of mind on my adventures.

This Garlic Peeler That Has A Brilliant Design

I love garlic. LOVE. IT. I can't remember the last meal I made that I didn't add garlic to. How else can you add a punch of flavor to a meal without the added calories? It's basically the perfect food. So you can see why I was so excited to receive this garlic peeler on my birthday last year. It peels a clove in an instant and your hands don't smell like garlic afterward. Not that that would be a bad thing, necessarily...

Yes But My Favorite Thing Ever is My Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug

This is a fancy (and expensive but totally worth it) mug and it is the best thing I've ever owned. You know how as you drink a cup of coffee you anticipate the colder and colder temperature, and how you take that last sip knowing it will be tepid and unpleasant? Well, the Ember Mug changes all of that. Your last sip of coffee is just as hot as your first and it will blow your mind every day for at least a month while you get used to this new, glorious life you lead. If you're in the market for a self-heating mug, but don't want to drop Ember-bucks, check out this highly-rated alternative here!

This Travel Razor That's Seriously Brilliant

Okay, so I know this portable razor is meant for traveling, but do you want to hear a secret? I actually keep this thing in my purse at all times. There have been multiple instances where I've ventured out with my legs exposed only to look down and notice a huge patch of hair that I missed. This thing has my back during hairy situations. 

These Popular Pimple Patches That Save My Skin

And speaking of lazy skincare products, these patches are pretty much as foolproof as you can get. I'm a pale redhead with horribly sensitive, acne-prone skin, so I tend to get a new zit pretty much every week. These patches shrink my pimples overnight. I don't know how they work, but they're basically magic, and I'll never stop buying them.

This Gel Polish Removing Tool

Gel manicures are a godsend for people who like to look nice but don't want to deal with a lot of maintenance, but they're a bear to take off. Save the time and expense of getting them removed in a salon when you DIY with this nail drill. Gently remove even the most stubborn dips and gel polishes so you're ready for your next mani!

These Gel Arm Rest Covers

Since you're going to spend a lot of time in your work chair this year, make it the most comfortable place possible. These ergonomic gel armrest covers pop right on over the chair's existing ones and are filled with squishy goodness. Work's about to get a whole lot more enjoyable from here on out!

This Dog Paw Cleaner Made With Soft Silicone Bristles

Tired of finding muddy paw prints all over your house after the dog trots inside? Just use this BPA-free paw cleaner. All you have to do is add a little water, insert your pup's paw, then twist — the silicone bristles on the inside will cleanse away any dirt or grime, leaving the foot (and your floors) clean. Keep it by your door for after the next hike or backyard play session, or even keep one in the car for the next time you go to the park.

This Glass Cleaning Tool

Perfect for cars, mirrors, and other glass, the Invisible Glass cleaning tool gives a streak-free shine, every time. The handle even extends for hard-to-reach spots!

These Oven Liners That Keep Your Stove Clean

Cleaning your oven is a horrible, horrible job, which is why I avoid it at all costs. And while there is that "self-cleaning" setting, every time I use it the entire house fills with smoke and I'm worried I'm about to burn it down. These oven liners fit perfectly on the bottom so they catch any crumbs, grease, and various juices and easily rinse off for easy clean-up. Genius!

Keep Your Drawer In Order With A Lid Organizer

Stop searching for the right lid with this organizer. It also just looks so neat and tidy compared to a pile of random plastic.

These Kid-Safe Knives Get Kids Cooking

Even very young kids can help with meal prep with enough patience and the right tools. These kid-safe rainbow knives can help! They're made of nylon with serrated edges, so yes--they do really cut.

This Car Air Freshener

You know those smelly trees people hang from the rearview mirror to make their cars stink less? This is miles away from that. This car air freshener uses activated bamboo charcoal to deodorize naturally, and is way more effective than adding another scent on top of manky odors. It'll absorb odors, even smoke, for 365+ days, so you won't have to change it out every week like with other kinds. Smart and well-designed!

These Blue Light Glasses

These cute glasses are perfect for those who spend extended periods of time on the computer. Protect your eyes from harmful blue light and look good doing so.

This Magnetic Cable Organizer That Keeps My Sidetable Organized

I was getting sick of having to pick all my various charger cables up off the floor, so I went searching for a solution and found this. I like the wood-grain appearance and the fact that each cable clip fits three different sizes of cables.

This Drawer Organizer for Cutlery That's Perfect For Small Kitchens

We have a tiny kitchen, and the limited drawer space is always in high demand. Our old utensil holder took up a ton of space, which meant that we were forced to store our larger kitchen tools in the cabinet above the fridge. Easy to access? I think not. This clever cutlery organizer takes up half the space so I no longer have to risk falling off a chair to grab a whisk. "Find

This Dispenser Kit That Keeps Your Soap From Running Out

I recently had the brilliant idea to save money by buying a giant container of hand soap and refilling our dispensers every time they run out. Sure, this sounds good in theory, but actually filling the dispensers with soap is easier said than done. I always end up overfilling them and getting soap all over the place. This dispenser kit gives me the gift of everlasting soap. And I couldn't be happier about it.

This Ponycap That Solves An Annoying Problem

I have very thick hair that has a mind of its own. For years, I longed to be able to rock a casual baseball cap on a hot summer day. The problem? My long locks simply won't allow it. I'm either forced to wear it down which looks weird with a cap on, or awkwardly shove it through the hole in the back which looks, well, awkward. This Ponycap has a specific spot for my hair to go through, and I can't wait to wear it all summer long.