37 Things On Sale You’ll Actually Want To Buy

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Sometimes things are on sale for a reason – they’re out of style, not well-made, ugly, or all three. But there’s no way I’d ever include those kinds of things on this list of 37 things on sale you’ll actually want to buy! I scoured Amazon’s sale section to find the best deals on the stuff you want, a ton of which would also make great holiday gifts.

From AirPods to Ray-Bans to Orolay coats, we’ve got the things you want, but at a much better price! You might want to bookmark this page right now for future reference. I’ll wait.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Up to 50% Off On Herschel Backpacks

These Herschel backpacks are the epitome of casual cool, and now they’re on sale for up to 50% off! Great for school or work, they’ll hold a laptop and all your essentials in style. And they’re super-durable so there’s some brawn along with good looks!

This Samsung Robot Vacuum For 50% Off

If you’re thinking about pulling the trigger on a robot vacuum, Samsung has an awesome deal going on right now. You can get 50% off this model that connects with Alexa and Google Assistant and will clean your floors for you the minute you say the word! If you’ve ever wanted to come home to a clean house without lifting a finger, now’s your chance.

This Shower Curtain Is 68% Off

I love the look of this rustic, farmhouse-y shower curtain that comes in red or blue stripes. And now it’s on sale for almost 70% off! It’s got over 200 stellar ratings for quality and appearance. There’s no excuse not to buy it.

These Ankle Booties Are Over 30% Off

Everyone needs a pair of go-with-everything ankle booties, and you’re in luck because these are a great deal right now! The leather or suede boots come in ten stylish colors – the price varies by color and size, but you’re sure to find a fave at a stellar price. And they have over 1,000 rave reviews to back ’em up!

This Storage Basket Is 10% Off

I have these wire storage baskets all over the house, they’re just so useful in the pantry, bathroom, kitchen, kids’ playroom, mudroom – I could wax poetic about their handiness all day. And these have over 1,600 glowing reviews from people who find them just as awesome as I do! Price varies by color, the satin nickel are the least expensive right now and they look amazing.

This Boot Rack Is 55% Off

It’s getting to be that time of year where we pull out the wellies for that cold November rain and the riding boots for every other day. This boot rack, at 55% off, is a great way to store six pair of boots without taking up a ton of room or getting all jumbled up shoved in a corner. It will keep boots cleaner and looking nicer for longer, so it’ll basically pay for itself!

This Sporty Longsleeve Tee Is 15% Off

We all need that perfect tee to go with jeans, and I think I’ve found it. This sporty long-sleeved tee is colorblocked to perfection and comes in twelve stylish colors that’ll quickly become a favorite in your closet. And it’s got over 4,900 glowing reviews for the insanely good fit and well-made design.

These Ray-Bans Are 50% Off

If you need some snazzy new sunglasses, now’s your time to snag these cool Ray-Bans for 50% off! The classic aviator design will never go out of style so you’ll wear them for years. At under $100, these are an amazing bargain.

This Invicta Watch Is 44% Off

If you need a holiday present for a hard-to-buy-for guy, think fast about this Invicta men’s watch that’s on sale for 44% off. This Pro Diver 40mm stainless steel watch is a best seller for a reason with over 8,400 glowing reviews. People love the good looks and great value and favorably compare this to much more expensive brands.

This iPhone Case Is 15% Off

If you need a basic but effective iPhone case, this sleek, clear version is on sale now for 15% off. For $11 and change, you get peace of mind that if you drop your precious phone it won’t break and the screen won’t crack because it has military-grade drop protection! It’s also got over 2,000 stellar reviews because it works so well.

This Throw Pillow Is 31% Off

This neutral navy and silver throw pillow will totally wake up your tired sofa or bed and now it’s on sale for 31% off! I love the ikat pattern that adds a dash of boho style to your space while providing lumbar back support. You could even use this on your work-from-home chair to keep your back healthy after all those hours sitting in front of the screen.

Thse Propet Men’s Sneakers Are 65% Off

If he needs a sneaker update, now’s the time to grab these stylish Propet men’s hightops. They come in wide sizes so they’re sure to be comfy – reviewers love how easy they are to walk in. The navy blue color will go with everything, too!

This Men’s Rashguard Is 16% Off

Now’s the time to stock up for summer since this men’s rashguard is on sale. The UPF 50+ shirt is from Kanu Surf, a quality brand name that reviewers love. For a little over $20, you’re getting a great looking rashguard that works well and won’t break the bank – a deal indeed!

This Charging Cord Is 14% Off

Who among us couldn’t use a new charging cord, especially when it comes in such fashionable colors as red, mint green, and pastel pink, purple and yellow? This cord comes in lengths from 1 foot to 10 feet so you can tailor it to your needs. I love the longer lengths that stretch to my plug from my bed so I’m not constantly straining to keep the charging cord plugged in!

This Maxi Dress Is At Least 30% Off

This best-selling maxi dress is the perfect thing to wear all year round because it’s so versatile. Dress it up for the holidays with ankle boots, tights, and a faux fur scarf, or wear it to a summer get together with sandals or flip flops! It comes in a ton of colors and patterns and price varies by size and color, but you’re sure to find a great deal whichever combination you choose.

This Area Rug Is 64% Off

Do your floors need an update? With two kids and a soon-to-be dog, our rugs are always getting trashed so I love when I can find a deal. This pretty area rug is 64% off right now for a 5×7 size, but it comes in smaller and larger sizes too, up to 10×14. I also love how easy it is to care for the polyester fabric, stains and spills wipe right up!

These Wireless Headphones Are 20% Off

I actually prefer wireless in-ear headphones when I’m working out since I’m more confident I won’t lose them while doing vigorous cardio. These sleek, minimalistic ones are 20% off right now and come in cool colors like teal, coral, and blue along with the usual white, gray, and black. Reviewers love how lightweight they are and the great sound you get for a small price!

These Mittens Are 15% Off

Winter is coming, so it’s smart to prepare now. These classic cable style mittens are double-layered with a warm sherpa lining so they’re sure to keep your fingers warm no matter how low the temps get.  Also ideal for snowball fights! They come in nice neutrals but I’m partial to the bright red for a kicky pop of color when the skies turn gray.

This Nightlight Is 58% Off

I was actually surprised to find this cool nightlight on sale for so much off since it’s a really popular item that rarely gets discounted! It projects a rotating, multicolor moon and star pattern on the ceiling that’s great for getting babies and kids to sleep peacefully. It’s the perfect gift for the little on your list who’s afraid of the dark!

These Apple AirPods Are 19% Off

If you’ve been eyeing AirPods for a while now like I have, jump on this deal since they’re $30.00 off right now on Amazon. They come with a charging case which makes it so convenient to power up, and they last throughout the day. They’ll provide rich audio and voice, so they’re perfect for listening to podcasts and taking Zoom calls while you’re working from home or just chilling out.

This Orolay Jacket Is 55% Off

The darling of mommies on playgrounds from the Upper East Side to suburban America, this Orolay jacket took the world by storm a few winters ago. The good news is it’s still in style, and the even better news is it’s on sale! It comes in sizes from XXS to 5XL and a bunch of cool colors that’ll make you the most stylish lady on the block. Did I mention how cozy and warm it is, too? Don’t sleep on this one, winter’s on its way!

This Ring Doorbell Is Under $200

My friend has this Ring doorbell, and it’s the coolest thing ever. We were on a girls’ weekend trip and she could see who was ringing her doorbell and let them in from many miles away – the future is now! And even better, this one’s under $200 as we speak.

This Instant Pot Is Under $100

We ordered this Instant Pot in December 2016 according to Amazon, and I honestly can’t go back to life without it. We use it multiple times a week, from cooking the best, easy to peel hardboiled eggs to cooking up an entire meal even with the meat frozen in less than 30 minutes. It’s just so convenient it’ll pay for itself the first few times you use it (think of how much you’ll save on takeout food), and now it’s under $100! Over 141k reviewers can’t be wrong!

This Kindle Paperwhite Is Under $130

This Kindle Paperwhite is the only thing my mom, her whole book club, and my brother-in-law can use for reading anymore. It’s so convenient to take on the go since it stores a library of books and doesn’t cause eye strain, which can be a real problem as we get older. This one’s now under $130 which is a steal for an ideal holiday gift that keeps on giving.

These Ear Buds Are 58% Off

If you like earbuds but aren’t willing to pay the high price for AirPods, these are a great alternative. At under $20 now since they’re 58% off, they’ll provide amazing sound and actually stay in your ears thanks to the three sizes of earcaps included for free. These have nearly 20,000 glowing reviews to recommend them, too!

This Workout Top Is 49% Off

With New Year’s resolutions coming up very soon, you’re going to need more workout clothes in your wardrobe. This stylish workout top with sheer arm panels and thumbholes is now 49% off so it comes in well under $20, and is so cool I’d wear it with jeans or leggings to secure my “athleisure queen” status. It comes in eleven great colors and is made with wicking material so you can actually use it for sweat sessions, too!

This Ring Light Set Is 52% Off

If you’re on Zoom calls all day, your regular household lighting isn’t cutting it if you want to look put together and presentable. This ring light set will help you look your best whether you’re doing makeup instruction videos or presenting the latest project update at work. It comes with a remote control to adjust temperature and brightness so you’ll look great naturally without unfortunate shadows and poor lighting making you look weird on camera.

This Mobile Office Spinner Luggage Is 60% Off

If you’re a business traveler or just need to take your work with you on the go, this mobile office spinner luggage is the ideal solution for carrying your laptop, electronics, and all the chargers, plus papers and whatever else you need. It’s on sale for 60% off at the moment, so if you need a luggage update, now’s the time! It’s got over 680 rave reviews so you know it’s going to fit your needs to a tee.

This Ruffly Comforter Is 70% Off

How gorgeous is this ruffly comforter? What makes it even more attractive is now it’s 70% off, so down to $122.99 instead of $409! It’s the perfect girly look for a kids’ room or grown-up room. Seriously, if my husband were into ruffles this would be on my bed in an instant.

This Play Tent Is 50% Off

If you need a gift for the little on your list, jump on this play tent that’s on sale for 50% off! It comes in rocket or unicorn themes and it includes lots of interactive toys for pretend play that’ll keep them busy for hours. And they’re easy to store away when they’re not in use thanks to the handy pop-up design!

This Watercolor Set Is 37% Off

My artsy friend has this watercolor set and it’s been so fun to use while I’m stuck at home these last few months. It comes with 36 colors and a special brush that holds water, making it easier than having to dip into a cup each time you want to paint. They also have a kid’s version so it’s a great gift for any age. Stocking stuffer – check!

This Memory Card Is 56% Off

These always in-demand memory cards are now 56% off, which makes it a great time to stock up! The holidays are coming up, which means you’re going to want to take a bunch of pictures. Are you sure there’s enough memory left in your camera or video cam? Be on the safe side and pick up some of these for backup so you’re never caught without storage during important memory making!

This Beanie Is 15% Off

Have I mentioned winter is coming? The temperatures are going to start dropping fast, so I recommend snagging yourself one of these colorful beanies that are 15% off right now. You can get an accessory that creates a whole new look for under $10, most under $7!

This Gaiter Mask Is 45% Off

In my experience, kids (and adults) tend to like these gaiter masks better than the standard kind because they’re easier to wear. Knock out some stocking stuffers with these soft, silky masks that come in eight colors and patterns and are only $7 at the moment! Everyone always needs a fresh mask, so it’s important to have a few extras on hand.

These Blue Light Blocking Glasses Are 48% Off Right Now

I have and love these blue light blocking glasses that I wear whenever I’m on the computer, which is a lot. They help keep my eyes fresher and take away the strain caused by many hours staring at screens, and they’re even kind of stylish to boot. Now they’re 48% so you can snag a great deal on something you’ll wear every day.

These Slippers Are $10 Off

Ahh, fuzzy slippers. There’s nothing quite like slipping into them at the end of a long day. And now you can get these best sellers for 33% off! According to the 5,541 glowing reviews, these are super comfy and well made, so they’ll be your constant companions for years to come!

These High Waist Leggings Are 38% Off

It’s hard to find good leggings that aren’t see-through, stretch with you, and have built-in tummy control, but reader – I think I’ve found them. These babies come in a bunch of colors and are available in regular, cropped, and fleece-lined styles. And they’ve got over 13,000 rave reviews for comfort, thick fabric, and durability. In short, you need these in your life!