37 Things That Will Get Your House Cleaner Than Ever In 2021 | 22 Words

It's safe to say we're all ready to wipe the slate clean and start over in 2021 with a brand new outlook and renewed resolutions. One of mine is to be cleaner and better organized this year since I am done with the chaotic energy that was 2020.

This means everything from a cleaner desktop to organized food storage lids, aromatherapy-like cleaning sprays so I'll actually follow through with the chore, and even a thoughtfully-designed toilet brush for my most hated task.

Whether you're looking for under-sink storage or a drain cleaner that really works, check out this list of 37 things that'll get your house cleaner and more organized than ever.

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This Drain Snake Does Your Dirty Work

Have you ever tried cleaning a drain the hard way? It's time-consuming, messy, and really gross. These drain snakes will make quick work of your clogged drains - stick 'em down the drain, wiggle them around a bit, and they'll pull up gag-worthy amounts of hair and soap scum. Since quarantine, that pretty much counts as entertainment around here.

These Cleaning Sprays Smell Heavenly

Spraying and wiping down counters, cabinets, and stovetops is a definite chore, but it's one that must be done unless you like living in a pigsty. You can make it so much nicer by using delicious smelling cleaners like Mrs. Meyer's Lemongrass Cleaning Spray. It'll make cleaning up more like an aromatherapy experience! The good news is this is a set of three, so you won't run out anytime soon.

This Mop Gets Into Tight Corners

This mop is incredibly well-designed - first of all, the deep-cleaning microfiber removes 99% of dirt and bacteria with just water, so you don't have to worry about harsh chemicals in your environment. The included bucket has a foot pedal for easy wringing and a splash guard for easy cleaning, and the mop head is triangular-shaped for getting into every nook and cranny. Oh, and it has over 48,000 rave reviews, so I think they're onto something here...

This Cleaning Caddy Is A Must

One of the most useful tools in my cleaning arsenal is this bucket that stores my sprays, microfiber cloths, bleach wipes, and scrubber brushes. It keeps all the essentials together, but the best part is I can tote it from room to room easily, bringing all my cleaning stuff with me instead of schlepping it a few products at a time. It's plenty big enough to carry what you need for any size clean-up job, but easy to store in a closet or under the sink.

These Microfiber Cloths Are Multi-Tasking Wonders

If you want to be kinder to the environment (and your wallet), these reusable microfiber towels are a great way to clean without creating a lot of waste from paper towels or wipes. These are great for kitchen and bathroom counter and cabinet wipe-downs, car cleaning, drying dishes, cleaning electronics since they're lint-free, and you can even attach them to the bottom of a Swiffer broom to mop or dust your floors! You'll get a set of 50, so you'll always have some on hand when the rest are in the wash.

This Drill Brush Attachment Cranks Up Your Cleaning

If you have filthy grout and tiles or want to get things super duper clean, try these drill brush attachments to get things sparkling. You get three brush heads to tackle any number of jobs, from bathroom tubs, floors, tile, and grout to car cleaning! The before and after user pics are unbelievable, and it has over 13,000 glowing reviews.

This Washing Machine Cleaner Really Works

You might be thinking, "I have to clean my washing machine? Doesn't it clean itself every time I run it?" - the answer is yes, you do need to clean it to remove stinky build-up and musty smells. We have a front-load washer, and it tends to get smelly if I don't use these washing machine cleaning tabs at least once a month. It works great to freshen things up, and it's super easy to use - pop it in and run a hot or sanitation cycle!

These Magic Erasers Are Worth Their Weight In Gold

If you've got kids around the house (and even if you don't), these are going to come in handy. I use a magic eraser at least weekly to remove dirty handprints from walls, cabinets, and other places where they shouldn't be, but it can handle much bigger messes than that. It'll remove crayon from walls, grease from your stovetop, and much more.

This Windshield Cleaner Is Super Effective

My windshield is all smeared from where I've tried to wipe off dust or condensation with my sleeve, making it hard to see where I'm going and therefore super dangerous. I'm adding this windshield cleaning brush to my cart stat! It helps you get all the hard to reach areas whether you're cleaning the front or back windshield, and it comes with washable, removable microfiber cloths that can be reused indefinitely.

This Kids Cleaning Set Starts 'Em Young

Toddlers and preschoolers love to pretend play, and this kid's cleaning set is the perfect way to introduce them to one of the joys of adulthood. Start them young, so it's more of a game than a chore - this set includes a dustpan, broom, duster, and mop so they can clean right along with you.

These Scrubber Gloves Are So Handy

Streamline your cleaning with these scrubber gloves that do it for you. Now you don't have to use a separate sponge or brush when washing dishes; just soap up the scrubby palms on these gloves and wash away! You can do the same with counters, too. The durable silicone couldn't be easier to clean. Just rinse, and you're done!

This Tub O' Towels Does It All

I was introduced to these Tub O' Towels cleaning wipes by a contractor who was redoing our kitchen. They're super heavy-duty so that you can use them on tough jobs, and they won't tear, but they're gentle enough to use with your bare hands. They easily removed all the paint from my hands when doing house projects, and they're great for greasy messes, too!

This Window Cleaning Brush Gets Every Bit Of Dirt

I seriously hate cleaning window tracks. But this window cleaning brush promises to make it a lot easier thanks to its double-ended design that gets all the gunk out. The brush sweeps away dirt while the scraper dislodges dirt from tight spaces, so you'll get a deep clean every time.

This Toilet Brush Is Thoughtfully Designed

Ah, toilet cleaning, my most hated chore! But this toilet brush makes it a little less painful, thanks to its thoughtful design. The bottom is vented, so it doesn't sit in a puddle of toilet water instead of drying, and the silicone bristles won't hold gunk as the nylon ones do. Anything that makes this job a little less disgusting is a win in my book.

This Angry Mama Really Cleans Your Microwave

Why do I feel like this Angry Mama microwave cleaner resembles me on cleaning day? She may be grumpy, but she sure does deep clean your microwave! If someone zapped the chili or spaghetti sauce for too long and it spattered all over the place, she's your gal. Fill her with a mix of vinegar and water, then microwave her for seven minutes - the steam will loosen up all the gunk, so all you have to do is wipe it down with a paper towel!

These Electronic Cleaning Wipes Work Miracles

Have you ever noticed how much dust electronics attract? I swear I wipe down the TV weekly, my laptop even more often, but there's always a film of dust whenever I check it! So annoying, but then I found these electronic cleaning wipes that do a great job of getting all the dust and debris off screens. They're safe for TV screens, smartphones, laptops, tablets, cameras, and more, and come with their own microfiber cloth for drying off after the wipe.

This Shadazzle Cleaner Is More Than Just A Fun Name

Admittedly I was first attracted to the product name, but then I saw how many things Shadazzle can clean, and I was convinced this stuff is the real deal. It comes in lemon, lavender, or eucalyptus scents and works on metal, glass, wood, ceramics, stainless steel, jewelry, car wheels, and even sneakers! And it's all-natural, with ingredients like clay, vegetal oil, and vegetal glycerin.

This Cleaning Gel Is Too Cool

This cleaning gel is much more than slime for adults - it's a super useful tool for getting dust out of tiny crevices like your car's air vents or your keyboard. The gel molds to every nook and cranny and leaves not even a speck of dirt or dust behind. You can reuse it tons of times, and really, it's just plain fun to use!

This Under Sink Organizer Is A Storage MVP

For most of us, under our kitchen and bathroom sinks is a jumbled mess of cleaning products and other odds and ends, but it doesn't have to be that way. This under sink organizer expands to fit your space and has three shelves to hold all manner of things you need to be stored. Use it in the kitchen to hold pots, pans, and cleaning supplies, or in the bathroom for beauty supplies, towels, and bath products. Your cabinets will radiate so much less chaotic energy!

This Broom Holder Organizes Your Cleaning Tools Beautifully

We have this broom organizer in our basement stairwell, and it's one of my favorite storage solutions. It holds a ton of tools, from brooms to mops to dusting brushes, and takes up virtually no room since it's flat against the wall. I'd love another one for the garage to hold rakes, shovels, and other garden tools that are currently strewn about!

These Storage Baskets Are So Chic

I've always wanted my pantry to look as perfect as an Instagram influencer's, and these storage baskets are a small step I can take towards getting a drool-worthy final product. I love them for storing my kids' snacks so they can grab and go, plus it makes packing their school lunches a lot easier when I can instantly see what we've got in stock. You'll get a set of two narrow baskets that are stackable to save space if you've got a small pantry like I do (ok, it's really a closet but still holds food!)

These Storage Containers Keep Food Super Fresh

I like to see exactly what I've got in stock when I look through the various pasta, rice, dried beans, etc., that I've got squirreled away in case I forget something that expired seven years ago stuffed in the back of the shelf. These airtight food storage containers do a fabulous job at keeping food fresh and visible and even come with their own chalkboard adhesive labels, so you know exactly what's in the jar.

This Lid Storage Will Makeover Your Cabinets

The cabinet where I store my food containers is an unholy mess 99% of the time, and no matter how carefully I organize the containers and lids, they all end up jumbled together in the end. No more - I got this lid organizer to keep things straight, and it's doing a bang-up job at keeping things in order. It has five adjustable dividers so that you can customize the storage to your needs!

This Storage Cart Is Magic

We have this exact storage cart that we use to store all the kids' art supplies, and it has made a world of difference. Before we bought it, crayons, markers, and construction paper were everywhere, but now they're happily contained where kids can find everything they want by themselves when they're feeling crafty. I'd also use this in my bathroom to hold supplies that don't fit in the cabinets, bedroom as a cool bedside table, in the kitchen to hold cookbooks and gadgets, or as a mobile bar cart in any room. See, magic!

This Craft Storage Set Is So Compact

With all the little doo-dads that go along with crafting for kids or adults, there's a bunch of little things to store that can easily get lost or buried somewhere. I love this craft organizer for holding anything from beads for the kids to sewing supplies for me. It's super helpful to see everything at a glance, so I know when to stock up!

This Pan Organizer Keeps Things Tidy

I've had one of these pan organizers for years, and it's more than pulled its weight for kitchen storage. Before, my pans and muffin tins were all jumbled in that weird drawer that's under ovens, and I had to move mountains of them every time I wanted the pan that was inevitably on the bottom. This keeps things tidy so you can see and grab what you need at a glance.

These Refrigerator Organizers Are Key

Before, my condiments, snacks, sodas, and whatnot were floating around the fridge in no particularly organized fashion, which makes it hard to find what you need quickly. These refrigerator organizers make it so much easier to see and grab what you want - there's a place for everything and everything in its place! Plus, now my kids can get what they want without asking me for help with a snack every five minutes since quarantine apparently makes children very hungry (except during actual meals).

This Pot And Pan Organizer Makes Things So Much Easier

Right now, whenever I want a specific pot or pan, I have to rifle through a bunch of them to get the one I actually want. This pot and pan organizer would make things so much easier, where's it's not a wrestling match every time I want to boil some water or fry an egg! It holds a ton of cookware and adjusts to fit your cabinet easily.

These Hangers Create So Much Space

These clothes hangers are genius - you just hang clothes as normal then unhook them to lay vertically, and you've created a world of space in your closet. Just look at the before and after - amazing, right? If you have to share a closet with your hubby like I do, these are going to come in quite handy.

This Cosmetic Organizer Spins For Easy Access

My beauty products all over the bathroom counter drive my hubs crazy, so I'm planning to get this beauty organizer to store all my creams, lotions, serums, and makeup in. My favorite part is that it spins for easy access and lets you see everything immediately, so you don't have to go digging through drawers or cabinets to find what you need. It's a best seller for a reason!

This Jewelry Organizer Holds A Lot

This jewelry organizer might look super minimalistic, but in fact, it holds a lot of jewelry. There's space for necklaces, bracelets, earrings, watches, and more, plus it looks really sleek displayed on your dresser top or desk.

These Reusable Storage Bags Are Eco-Friendly And Cute

I got my husband this set of reusable storage bags for his daily PB&J sammy at work, but they also come with smaller snack-sized bags for the kids' lunches and gallon-sized bags for big-batch cooking and freezer meals. It's easy to be eco-friendly and organized with this set that generates so much less plastic waste.

These Drawer Organizers Make A Huge Difference

My underwear drawer is a jumbled mess, and my sock drawer is even worse. So when I saw these handy drawer organizers, I immediately snapped up the set, and now my things are always in order and easy to find in a hurry. This set includes organizers for lingerie, undergarments, socks, and more that fit easily in your drawers for a custom organizing experience on the cheap!

This Kitchen Drawer Organizer Expands To Fit

If you don't have a kitchen drawer organizer, I'd suggest you remedy that since you need a place to store flatware and various kitchen tools. We've got one that holds just the silverware and another to keep the "junk" drawer semi-organized. I like this one since it expands to fit your drawer space.

This Storage Bag Is Great For Off-Season Stuff

In the summertime, we need a place to store bulky comforters, sweaters, and the like to keep them safe from moths and dust. We've been using plastic tubs, but those take up a ton of room. These fabric storage bags are a much better idea - they're soft-sided, so they can squish into closets or under the bed and are much easier to store, plus they're moisture-proof and dust-resistant!

This Cutting Board Organizer Fits Right Over The Cabinet Door

Think you don't have space to store unwieldy cutting boards? Think again - this cutting board organizer fits right over your cabinet door to take advantage of unused space! Just pop it right on your cabinet, then store cutting boards, muffin tins, or anything else that's relatively thin inside the door.

This Desk Organizer Holds It All

I'm glad you can't see through my computer screen to realize just how messy my desk is right now, with papers, gel pens, candles, and other debris strewn about! I'm looking at this desktop organizer to help me ring in a cleaner 2021 - it holds pretty much everything and comes in a few wood tones to match your existing decor. I know just where I'd put my blue-light-blocking glasses, my phone, my notebooks...