37 Things Under $10 That'll Make You Say, "Yep. I Need That." | 22 Words

You know that old saying, "Money can't buy happiness"? I'm here to tell you that that saying is 100% wrong. Don't believe me? Keep scrolling to discover the following 37 products, which are not only the perfect mix of cute, fun, quirky, and helpful, but also, miraculously, under $10 bucks.

I'd tell you to try to restrain yourself from buying every single one of them, but at these prices, it wouldn't even be irresponsible! So grab that wallet and start browsing! I, personally, am already planning the party I'm going to throw once I get my Tequila Mockingbird cocktail kit!

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

These Bag Cinchers That Keep Your Bread Fresh

Toast is basically the perfect food. It's crunchy, buttery, and I eat it multiple times per day. The only thing that can ruin a good piece of toast is a stale piece of bread. These handy little bag cinchers keep bags tightly closed and look cute doing it. Plus, you get a pack of three for under $6 bucks. Score!

These Adorable Pens That Write Oh-So Smoothly

I've been trying to make an effort to write in a journal lately since I spend all day long typing on a computer and have almost forgotten what it's like to write without the help of spellcheck. (It's not a pretty sight.) These pens are not only ridiculously cute, but they're wonderfully smooth and fun to write with. All for under $3 bucks!

This Jewelry Cleaner That's Ridiculosly Easy To Use

When was the last time you cleaned any of your favorite pieces of jewelry? If the answer to that is "never", I hear you. It's just always seemed like too much work, which is what makes this brush-on jewelry cleaner so perfect for lazy people like me. All you have to do is brush the cleaner over your favorite pieces and enjoy the renewed sparkle.

This Cast Iron Skillet That's Just The Right Size

Cast iron skillets are one of those items that people who really know what they're doing in the kitchen always seem to own. So why not impress your friends and family members by adding one to your own kitchen? At just 3.5 inches in diameter, this skillet has a fun mini size that's perfect for desserts, dips, and other delicious snacks.

This Kitchen Tool That Puts Sponges To Shame

Regular sponges are so two years ago. My husband has banned sponges in our house due to that horrible musty smell that they develop after sitting in the sink for roughly five minutes, and I can't say I blame him. This Dish Squeegee is a modern spin on the traditional sponge. The clever design removes stuck-on food like magic and won't get smelly no matter how long you leave it in the sink.

These Toaster Bags That You'll Use Constantly

There are few things in life more comforting than a hot, toasty grilled cheese sandwich. Wouldn't it be wonderful if a delicious grilled sammy was as easy as pushing the lever down on your toaster? Now it can be with these brilliant toaster bags. They can also be used to heat up pizza slices, chicken nuggets, paninis, and a variety of other leftovers.

This Weekly Planner That Keeps You Organized

Eating home-cooked meals every day of the week can be difficult to pull off for anyone, but when you have an infant, it's basically impossible. But after I picked up this weekly planner, we've somehow managed to plan out our meals a week ahead of time and avoid going out to eat. It's saved us a ton of money and we've enjoyed finding new recipes to try.

These Cat Spoons That Add Sweetness To Every Sip

Calling all crazy cat ladies! You need these sweet spoons in your life. The cute little kitty arms allow them to hang perfectly over the edge of the mug, and the stainless steel construction keeps them sturdy to avoid bending. And for just over a dollar per spoon, you don't have to feel bad about replacing all of your regular spoons with them.

These Dryer Balls That Save You Money

The air in my house is so dry that we're constantly battling static electricity. If we don't throw in at least three dryer sheets, our clothes are guaranteed to stick to our bodies in weird and unflattering ways. I finally got sick of having to buy a box of dryer sheets every time I went to the store and invested in these Puffer Fish Dryer Buddies. They pay for themselves after just a few loads!

This Baby Groot Planter That's Totally Aww-some

Having real plants around my house just makes me feel happier and more at peace. I work from home, so I'm basically inside all day long. Being around plants helps to bring the outdoors inside and make me feel less crazy on days where I don't step outside even once. This Baby Groot Planter is the perfect combination of fun and function.

This Unicorn Gold That Might Save Your Marriage

Even stepping into the bathroom after my husband has used it can be a horrifying experience. And since we only have one bathroom in our house, this can cause some pretty serious issues. Thank goodness for this life-saving Unicorn Gold spray, which you simply spray into the bowl before using it in order to trap unwanted odors. The Tropical Dropsicle sent is my fave!

This Pet Blanket That Your Furry Friend Will Love

You love your pet as if they were your own flesh and blood, so why not keep them as comfy as possible with this soft and cozy Pet Blanket? If your pet is like mine, you have hair covering every single inch of your home. Having a blanket specifically meant for my dog means that less of our blankets become "dog blankets" and our furry little lady is content all night long (and pretty much all day long, too.)

This Photo Mobile That's Surprisingly Cheap

Since having my son three months ago, my phone is so filled with pictures that I recently got a notification that my storage is 95% full and that I need to start deleting things in order to keep taking photos. I've been meaning to gets photos printed and actually hang them in my house, but frames are just so expensive and I don't want to put holes in my walls with a bunch of nails. This photo mobile is the perfect solution.

This Handy Grabber That Has A Million Uses

I, myself, am not a short person. In fact, my whole family is fairly tall. But my sister-in-law happens to be teenie, and at barely 5 feet tall, has a tough time reaching most things in her house. I knew this grabber would be the perfect gift for her. She tells me how much she loves it every time I see her, and for only $9.99, you can be thoughtful and frugal.

This White Board That You Need In Your Kitchen

My husband and I are both horribly forgetful. If we don't make a list every single time we go to the store, we always end up forgetting at least three things. But since we bought this whiteboard, I'm getting much better at jotting down things as I remember them to keep from forgetting about them later. Plus, my husband likes to use it to make horribly drawn cartoons for me each morning, which is always a fun surprise.

These Oil-Absorbing Wipes That Keep Grease In Check

I've always had awful skin that refuses to make up its mind. It's both greasy and dry at the same time, and I've yet to figure out the exact combination of skincare products that can solve this problem. The best solution I've come across so far is picking up a pack of these Charcoal Oil-Blotting Sheets. They soak up excess oil without messing with my makeup for perfect on-the-go touch-ups.

This Deodorizer Spray That Takes Your Stuff From Funky To Fresh

There are certain items in your life that, no matter how much you wish you could, you just can't throw in the washing machine. Take, for instance, a particularly smelly helmet or a pair of shoes that have seen better days. This FunkAway spray eliminates odors on contact so you can keep using your favorite items without fear of funk.

This Makeup Remover Sponge That Cleans Your Brushes

I like to think of myself as a self-taught makeup expert. Okay, so "expert" might be a bit extreme, but I do spend countless hours watching makeup tutorials on YouTube and have gotten pretty good at copying beauty influencers. When I'm attempting a complicated eye look, it can be annoying to have to keep switching back and forth between multiple brushes in order to keep all the colors from blending together. This Color Removal Sponge allows you to easily switch between colors without dirtying all of your brushes.

These Silicone Baking Sheets That Upgrade Your Cookies

I've recently started baking, and although I'm not particularly skilled at it, I have been enjoying the accomplished feeling that comes from making something from scratch. So, in an effort to increase the chances that my baked goods will actually turn out and avoid wasting food, I decided to buy some of these Silicone Baking Sheets that I'd heard so much about. And let me tell you, they do not disappoint.

This Pizza Hat That You Need In Your Life

As a new Mom, I tend to go out in public with dirty hair a few times per week. Okay, it's probably more like every single day, and it's getting to the point where I'm convinced my neighbors don't believe I actually bathe. This hat not only hides my unwashed hair, but it looks cute doing it. Plus it has a pizza slice on it. What else could you want?

This Helpful Dino That Holds Up Your Phone

Let's face it: Work can be pretty depressing sometimes. If you work in an office, you know all too well what sad, florescent light-filled place it can be. So if there's any way to brighten up your workspace, you should jump on it. This helpful Dino Phone Stand not only holds your phone so it's easily accessible, but it also brings a pop of bright color and fun to an otherwise boring cubicle.

These Spice Holders That Stick Directly To Your Cabinet Door

If you have a cramped kitchen, it can be tough finding a good place for your spice collection. Because of our lack of drawer space, I was forced to cram my jars of paprika, nutmeg, oregano, and countless others into a random drawer along with my hand towels and various other junk. These Spice Holder Strips take your spice jars out of the junk drawer and onto the cabinet door itself for maximum efficiency.

This Can Collander That's So Darn Clever

This Can Collander is one of those products that is so ridiculously clever but simple at the same time that I can't believe I didn't think of it myself. I love black beans, and try to work them into most of my meals. This smart little kitchen tool fits perfectly over the top of any can so draining is easy and mess-free.

These Hair Extentions That Get Surprisingly Good Reviews

Okay, I know what you're thinking: Hair extensions from Amazon? For UNDER $10 bucks?! There's no way these things would look even remotely real. I thought the same thing at first, but then I read the reviews. Over 5,000 people have raved about how natural these look and how easy they are to put in. If my hair weren't so long already I'd try these out for myself!

This Stainless Steel Bar That Banishes Bad Smells

Is there anything more annoying than that horrible garlic smell that sticks to your hands after cooking and never seems to go away no matter how many times you wash them? There's finally a solution: This Stainless Steel Odor Absorber. Simply rub your hands over it and bad smells disappear like magic! I don't know how it works, but I'm sure glad it does.

This Pencil Case That You Should Just Buy, Already

Sure, a pencil case isn't the most exciting purchase in the world. In fact, it might sound downright dull. But once you buy one of these spacious cases you'll wonder how you ever lived without one. For just under $10 bucks, you'll never have to utter the phrase "What happened to all our pens and pencils?" while exasperated ever again.

This Sweet Planter That Brightens Up Your Space

I recently went over to a friend's house and was completely struck by her lovely assortment of potted succulent plants. As someone who constantly struggles with keeping house plants alive, succulents are perfectly suited for my laziness when it comes to watering. These planters come in a variety of equally stunning options and are cheap enough to justify buying one in every style.

This Helpful Hedgehog That Holds Your Cards

Think about your desk for a moment and answer me this question: Could it stand to be cuter? I'm guessing the answer is a definitive "yes". Luckily, there's a fun and cheap solution to this problem. This Silicone Card Holder not only holds your important documents, but it's also shaped like a darling hedgehog and instantly brightens up every workday.

This Oversized Cutlery Set That Adds Farmhouse Flare

I have a slight obsession with farmhouse style, and while I'd love it if I could give my entire kitchen a makeover, I'm forced to start with small touches instead of a major overhaul. This Oversized Cutlery Set is the perfect way to bring farmhouse style to your home without breaking the bank. They're perfect for tossing salads or serving pasta.

This Cocktail Set With A Literary Twist

As an English major, I've always been a fan of classic literature. And as a fan of classic cocktails, this Cocktail Kit is right up my alley. Cleverly named "The Tequila Mockingbird Kit", this kit teaches you how to make drinks with a literary twist. It includes a cocktail book, double jigger, and swizzle sticks. This kit would make the perfect gift for the reader in your life.

This Lip Scrub That's Delicious Enough To Eat (But You Shouldn't)

A word of warning: If you buy this lip scrub, you will probably be tempted to eat it. And while it's an all-natural product consisting of a mix of coconut and sugar as well as avocado oil, jojoba oil, and sweet almond oil, you shouldn't actually eat it. But your lips will be beautifully soft, smooth, and free from dead skin.

This Thin Wallet That Keeps Your Purse Lighter

I used to have a wallet that was so jam-packed with old receipts, random foreign currency, and change that I refused to use or get rid of that I could barely snap it shut, and it weighed down my purse so much that it was starting to hurt my shoulder. This cardholder is made from genuine leather and forces your purse to lighten up.

This Keyboard Cover That Keeps Your Keys Clean

I have a rather embarrassing confession to make: I eat in front of my laptop while I'm working. I know I should stop, since I'm constantly spilling food and getting crumbs lodged into the keyboard and overall adding grime to my computer that probably isn't good for it. This keyboard cover protects my keys, adds fun color, and allows me to keep eating fistfuls of popcorn all day long.

This Hair Treatment That Transforms Your Locks

I'm pretty sure my hairdresser hates me. I'm always using direct heat on my hair without putting in any type of protectant (even though he constantly tells me not to), and as a result, my hair has become horrendously dry and split on the ends. This leave-in conditioner is the only thing that restores my hair to his former luster. I use it once per week to maintain moisture.

This Dish Drying Mat That's Both Fun And Functional

Having a baby involves a lot of washing and drying of bottles, and once I realized that I'd pretty much always have at least one bottle air-drying on the counter from now on, I decided to invest in one of these dish-drying mats. Not only are they super absorbent, but they also feature a non-slip bottom and come in a variety of colors and patterns.

These Cute Kitties That Bring Major Fun To Plants

Does your house need a bit of cheering up? Are your house plants starting to totally bore you? Are you as completely obsessed with cats as I am? Then it's time to buy some of these sweet little kitty ornaments. This 6-piece set can be placed anywhere that needs a dose of feline fun, and their unique design allows you to hang them off the end of planters, pots, and cups.

This Nessie Bookmark That Holds Your Place

If you're a bookworm with an interest in urban legends, prepare to fall instantly in love with this Nessie Bookmark. It's shaped like the Loch Ness Monster and sits atop your book looking adorable while it holds your place and adds major fun to even the most boring of stories. Like the slogan says, "A legendary read is guaranteed!" I want one in every color!