37 Things with 1000+ Reviews on Amazon | 22 Words

How do you know if a product is exactly what you need? Look at the reviews. Amazon is great at suggesting popular products that people have bought and loved, so scrolling down to see those reviews is absolutely worth the effort. And sometimes, a product will have thousands of reviews that are full of feedback that will help you decide to put something in your cart –– no matter what you're shopping for. After all, you can't go wrong with buying a new makeup palette, workout gear, or a kitchen gadget that has already been tried and tested. Check out these popular products that have over 1,000, overwhelmingly positive reviews.

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Acupressure Mat That Will Relieve Your Aches And Pains

This spiky, little mat may seem intimidating, but trust me, it's actually very soothing once you lay flat on it. The tiny spikes hit all your pressure points so you can finally relax your muscles and kick stress to the curb. I even have this product myself, and I use it a couple of times a month –– and I always feel better after I do.

These Wool Dryer Balls That Are Much Better For The Environment

If you're like me, you're probably concerned with the amount of trash you produce over a given time. But instead of feeling guilty, I've been taking it upon myself to find more eco-friendly ways to do my daily tasks, including laundry. I haven't bought dryer sheets in months because of these natural, wool dryer balls that do the exact same job (or sometimes, even cut down on dryer time). You can even add some essential oils to them so your clothes come out extra fresh.

This Bottle Chiller That's Much Easier Than Bringing A Cooler

Why bring a big cooler full of ice when you can tote around your own bottle chiller? These innovative devices will keep your beverage ice-cold with way less effort. "These really work, bought for Mexico - beer was just as cold at first sip to last," said one reviewer. "Must buy for vacationers to Mexico-Hawaii-hot climate. Great buy for just hanging around the house or camping."

This Eyeshadow Palette That Has Some Amped-Up Colors

Need a little color in your life? We all do! This rainbow-colored palette is perfect for an adventurous beauty maven who likes to add pops of bright hues to their daily look. And don't be fooled by the inexpensive price tag. Reviewers are ecstatic over the amount of pigment you get. "Very nice pallet colors are vibrant and pigmented! It's definitely amazing considering the price," said one reviewer.

This Setting Powder That Gives You The Perfect Finish

I love a matte look, but I prefer liquid foundation, so of course, I have a good setting powder to take that shininess off my skin without making it look dry or cakey. This powder is one of the best I've ever tried, and I'm not alone here. "This Dermablend setting powder is FAR SUPERIOR to the Mineral Veil. It effectively reduces shine ALL DAY. It does NOT settle into creases or melt away," another satisfied customer said.

This Liquid Lipstick That Will No Budge For Anything

I don't always wear lipstick, but when I do, the last thing I want to do is constantly be running to a mirror to make sure it's not fading or smudging. I prefer my makeup to be low maintenance, and nothing is more low maintenance than a product that goes on and stays on. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this liquid lipstick from a drug store brand works as good (or even better) than some of the high-end brands.

This Liquid Eyeliner That Stays Put

A little fact about me: I hate leaving the house without some form of eyeliner on. It's been part of my look for years now, so I don't quite feel myself without it. But, again, I like a low maintenance routine, so my eyeliner (like my lipstick) has to stay put throughout the day. Because this is 2020 and we don't need to be doing touch-ups all day. I love this eyeliner because it's smooth, easy to use, and doesn't budge.

These Chalk Combs That Give Your Hair A Pop Of Color

Looking for a colorful look for Halloween? Or, maybe just a low-risk change to your look? I haven't dabbled in dyeing my hair a bright color, but I have used these hair chalk combs to create a cool look for a party or holiday. Plus, they're so easy to use and wash out, you don't have to worry about staining the next day. They're also great for kids who just want to have a little fun with their hair.

This Three-Barrel Curling Iron That Creates Perfect, Mermaid Waves

Ah, those coveted mermaid waves. Everyone wants them, but it can be difficult to get that perfect, effortless, "actress on a TV sitcom" wave. The first time I tried one of these three-barrelled curling irons, I was intimidated. But I was happy to see that this product really makes it easy to get a smooth wave in way less time than a regular curling iron.

This Collagen Hair Treatment That Will Transform Your Tresses

Back when I was dyeing my hair blonde (from an auburn red), I would walk out of the salon feeling absolutely gorgeous. But all that was ripped away a week later when I felt my hair becoming dry and brittle. That's when I started exploring new hair treatments to keep my blonde locks soft and I stumbled on this amazing product. It uses collagen to infuse your hair with strength and softness that you thought could only get from a salon.

Thes Facial Cleanser Towelettes That Are Gentle And Strong

At the end of the day, I can be very lazy about my skincare routine, especially when it comes to taking my makeup off at night. Obviously, this is a habit that can really wreak havoc on your skin, so I've opted for facial cleansing wipes on days when I'm just too tired to do the full wash. These wipes are by far the best I've used because they're gentle, they really grab all the dirt and makeup, and they smell amazing.

These Smartphone Camera Lenses That Let You Do Way More

Although I have a DSLR, I'm big on using my iPhone for photography. After all, it makes way more sense to just use this innovative tool in your pocket than lug around a big camera on vacation. But, as good as smartphone cameras are these days, there are things they just can't do very well. These lenses easily attach to your phone and come with a wide-angle lens, a fisheye lens, and a macro lens so you can really get creative with your shots.

This Storage Cart That Fits Practically Anywhere

Everyone could use more storage in their home. This cart is easy to put together and doesn't take up too much space. And you can use it for a variety of things including kitchen accessories, books, bathroom towels, and so on. "I use this for my crafting cart. I have my sewing machine on top with misc. sewing and crafting items on the other shelves. This has allowed me flexibility when working on a craft to wheel it out and to easily put it away when not in use," said one reviewer.

These Reusable Sticky Notes That Are Perfect For Your To-Do List

Never underestimate the power and usefulness of the dry erase board. These reusable sticky notes have that dry erase surface for you to easily make to-do lists, shopping lists, notes, you name it. And if you want to peel them off and stick them to a new surface, all you need to do is give them a rinse and they'll stick like new (and leave no residue or damage on your surfaces).

This Spiralizer That Is Compact And High Quality

Thinking of living a low-carb lifestyle? One of the best substitutes I've found for pasta has been zucchini noodles. They don't have the strange taste and texture of gluten-free noodles and are generally healthier for you because of their vitamins and water content. Plus, they're so easy to make with this compact spiralizer. As one reviewer said, "I love packing as many vegetables as I can into food. I also love making cute food. This gadget can do both!"

These Silicone Lids That Are Better Than Tupperware

If your cabinets are overflowing with old plastic storage containers, I suggest getting these silicone lids immediately. They come in different sizes and stretch pretty far to cover your mixing bowls, cups, or even the ends of your fruits and vegetables to keep them fresh without creating a bunch of waste or taking up too much space in the kitchen.

This Immersion Blender That Every Home Chef Needs

If you love soups, salsa, sauces, or just really smooth pancake batter, you absolutely need an immersion blender. I practically swear by Kitchenaid products, and I love this handy tool. "I'm a kitchen gadget fiend and freely admit it. There are some items that I buy and then realize they aren't as useful as I thought they would be. Others become indispensable. This blender definitely falls in that category! I've had it for 8 years and it's still working as beautifully as it did on day one," said one reviewer.

These Kitchen Utensils That Have Non-Stick, Silicone Tops

A good kitchen utensil is essential. Bonus points if it also looks amazing on your kitchen counter. These silicone-topped spoons stay looking pristine even after hundreds of uses –– no overused, falling apart spoons here. "Opened the box and immediately noticed the nice solid wood handles, good quality silicone, and overall built quality. Well worth the purchase price. I find myself reaching for these utensils every time I cook," one reviewer said.

This Wet-Dry Vacuum That Works On Any Floor

I have hardwood floors throughout my house, so cleaning the floors can be a bit of a task. Then, someone suggested I get a wet-dry vacuum, and I'll never go back to a regular one again. This thing washes and vacuums at the same time and works on hardwood, tile, linoleum and more. It's also great for sticky messes, too. One reviewer said, "I’m shocked at this wet/dry vac! 2,300 sq ft house, done in 30 minutes. Changed water out once and it was filthy. It even self cleans the roller! The solution it came with works amazing."

These Storage Containers That Are Perfect For Meal Prep

I have to admit, I'm bad at meal prepping. Even though I would love to be one of those meal prepping people, I am always overwhelmed by the amount of time and Tupperware it takes to do it right. This storage container set, however, makes it easy. They come in stackable sizes and are great for keeping food fresh and in perfect portions, so you rest assured that dinners and lunches are all set and ready to go.

These Kitchen Trivets That Can Live On Your Countertop

My delicate, white countertops are not always the best place to set down a hot pan. While I've never had to deal with permanent damage, I've found that one of these trivets (almost like using a giant coaster) is the easiest way to avoid scratches, marks, or any kind of damage that can be inflicted on your countertops from hot pans, dutch ovens, pots, or your cast iron skillet. Plus, they're so cute and come in pretty colors.

These Non-Stick Pans That Are So Versatile

Are your oven pans looking old, stained, or caked in burns? It might be time to get a new set, and I absolutely recommend this non-stick variety. They come from Rachael Ray's line of cookware and are perfect for baking and roasting. "The metal is very thick - much more sturdy than any other pans/cookie sheets I have ever owned. I love that all of the pans have a good size handle area on both sides - I used to hate picking up my cake pan or muffin tins and having the thumb of my oven mitt smoosh into the food when I was trying to remove it from a hot oven," said a happy reviewer.

This Pizza Stone That Will Cut Back On Your Takeout Budget

We all love to just pick up our phones and order a pizza after a long day, but getting those pies can be expensive. You want to know what's not expensive but still delivers a high-quality dinner? This pizza stone. Now you can roll your own dough and get creative with as many toppings as you like without dealing with extra surcharges. You can even make crackers, bread, and other baked goods on it.

These Salt And Pepper Shakers That Are Just A Little Bit Classy

These adjustable grinding salt and pepper shakers will make you feel like you're at a fancy restaurant. "Like other reviewers have noted, they are attractive and elegant (in fact they’re the only spices that do not go up in my spice cabinet)," said one happy reviewer. Just like the over 5,000 reviewers who bought this product before, you'll also want to keep this set on full display.

This Air Fryer That Lets You Have The Comfort Food You Crave

I love fries. I love most fried food, to be honest. Who doesn't, right? But I can also admit that eating all that fried stuff is good for my body (even if it's so comforting to eat). But, luckily, I don't have to choose between my comfort foods and eating healthy, because the Air Fryer gives me perfectly crispy food without all the oil. If you're looking for an easy way to be healthy without feeling deprived, this is it.

This Mini Fridge That Is Perfect For Snacks (And Skincare)

Mini fridges aren't just for college dorms. I've personally had my eye on this tiny fridge because it's perfect for keeping skincare products that work even better when they're kept at a colder temperature, such as eye patches or creams. You can also use it for all sorts of snacks to keep in your bedroom (if you have thieving roommates) or in your office.

This Milk Frother That Gives You Cafe-Quality Coffee Every Time

Sometimes, I like to use oat milk instead of regular milk in my coffee, but it doesn't always give me the creamy texture that regular cow's milk gives you. The solution? Whisk it up with this milk frother and you'll get a barista-level latte every time. "I just made my first coffee with frothed evaporated milk and a tiny bit of sugar for a holiday season treat and it tastes just as delicious as an expensive ubiquitous franchise coffee," said one reviewer.

This Polaroid Camera That Uses Bluetooth Too

I loved old Polaroid cameras when I was a kid and I still love their vintage appeal today. If you're feeling nostalgic but maybe want a camera that's updated for 2020, the Polaroid OneStep+ also includes Bluetooth so you can control all kinds of settings, including double exposure, light painting, noise trigger, and more through the app. "Clearly, the designers of the Polaroid Originals OneStep+ were some sort of hybrid engineering/photographer collaborative effort. The OneStep+ feels right, makes sense, shoots wonderfully in a wide range of environments, and is super reliable," said one reviewer.

This Emergency Radio That You'll Want To Keep In Your Car

If you're a camper or spend any time on wide, open roads, you know how much having a reliable portable radio can give you peace of mind. Lots of reviewers have praised this durable radio that gives you weather reports from NOAA, AM/FM, an LED flashlight, USB charger, and more. "When Hurricane Florence came into SE North Carolina we lost all power and for a couple days couldn't even fire up the generators," said one reviewer. "I must have turned that crank a million times, but it never failed us, and when it was all over it went right into the emergency supplies to be ready for the next one."

This RFID Blocking Wallet That Fits Everything You Need

A secure wallet that's also slim and adorable? Yes, it exists. This sleek wallet also has RFID blocking lining, so your credit cards are 100 percent safe. It also holds a ton of cards and cash and is made of vegan leather."I've had this wallet for almost 8 months now and it still looks new. The material is waterproof and sturdy so it is holding up really well with no signs of wear. The best parts of this wallet are 1) that it holds all of my cards 2) I can see them, and 3) get easy access to them. The zippered compartments are large enough to hold receipts, biz cards, and bills if they are folded," one reviewer said.

This Phone Bag That Keeps Your Daily Carry Compact

I have a tendency to pack more than I need when I leave the house and I end up feeling like I'm lugging around a 50-pound boulder after a while. But after I decided to streamline my daily carry to this simple, easy to carry bag, I'm hooked on this minimal lifestyle. This bag is perfectly sized and shaped for my phone and my wallet. Plus it has way more space inside than you would imagine from looking at it from the outside.

This Cross-Body Bag That's Just The Right Size

It can be so hard to find the right size bag, but I think this one is a total winner. It's small enough not to get too heavy and large enough to hold literally anything you need. Plus, it's very easy on the eyes and actually comes in a variety of colors to suit your style. "Looks and feels very nice! I wouldn't guess it was under $20 for this bag. It has tons of storage and pockets for a bag of this size," said one reviewer.

These Gold Earrings That Go With Anything

It's pretty clear that I love minimalist style, including a piece of jewelry that can go just as well with a pair of jeans as it does with a cocktail dress. These gold-colored earrings are just enough of a statement that they don't feel too dressy, but go great with any going-out outfit. One reviewer said, "These are such a great size, the width of the hoop is really nice and substantial. Overall the quality is great, they honestly look like they are gold rather than gold plated, and have a nice weight to them (they don’t feel flimsy)."

These Non-Prescription Glasses That Block Harmful Blue Light

Many of us sit in front of a screen all day and sometimes all night. I know I do, anyway. My prescription glasses are more for seeing in the distance, so they don't do much for me while sitting at my desk. Instead, I opted for these non-prescription lenses that filter out blue light from computer and phone screens in order to protect your eyes.

This Alarm Clock That Mimics The Sun

Do you ever find that you're way more rested and able to get up in the morning on the weekends? I have a theory that it all has to do with natural sunlight. If I have to wake up before it gets light out, it's nearly impossible. But if I get up after the sun comes streaming in, it's totally easy. That's why I have my eye on this alarm clock that mimics the sunrise in order to help you wake up gently and naturally.

This Laptop Stand That Gives You All The Right Angles

We've all become all-too-familiar with Zoom calls. Frankly, I'm not a fan of how I look in a compute camera, but I've found that it's all about the angles. For the most part, aiming the camera down at a 45-degree angle is the ideal angle for looking good on camera, but that's not as easy on a laptop. I love this stand because it raises my computer to the perfect angle for video calls. Or, I can use it to convert my regular desk into a standing desk.

This Pet Bed That Is So Plush, You'll Want One For Yourself

Trust me, your little fur baby will love you even more if you get them this bed. It's so plush and soft, it's hard to resist (even for humans). It also comes in a variety of sizes to suit your pet's needs, whether they're a tiny kitten or a Great Dane. It can even help them keep calm. "My sweet boy was terrified under the bed for 20 minutes when the fireworks started, and then I showed him his new bed. He came out, hopped in, purred and kneaded like crazy, and is now all snuggled in and relaxed even though the fireworks are still going strong. Absolutely wonderful," one reviewer wrote.