37 Things with 1000+ Reviews on Amazon | 22 Words

When my editor asked me to find 37 things with 1000+ reviews on Amazon, I thought it was gonna be hard. Turns out, you just have to know where to look! I've scoured the review sections to track down the best products you'll want to add to cart immediately. Some of these things are definitely under the radar, so it's a good thing it's my job to find them for you! They're things you'll use over and over again and be satisfied every time you do, since they're that good.

From blue light blocking glasses for kids to a bluetooth speaker with over 70,000 glowing reviews, you're gonna want to take a look at this list before your next shopping trip!

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.


This Ponytail Baseball Cap Leaves Room For Your Hair

I like wearing a baseball hat, but I also like wearing my hair up. What to do? Now I don't have to choose since I picked up this cool baseball hat that has a hole for your ponytail! It comes in a ton of colors with a perfectly worn in style that makes it look vintage. Reviewers are raving about the hat's perfect fit and the ability to make a ponytail or bun even with the thickest hair.

These Sheepskin Insoles Are So Cozy

After wearing them awhile, my UGG boots or slippers definitely need a fluffy refresh, so I grab a pair of these inexpensive sheepskin insoles to cozy things up. They're so cozy for shoes, boots or slippers when you need a lot of warmth without a lot of bulk. I love that you can wash these, too.  The sheepskin pile is so luxurious so it feels like you have a whole new pair of shoes or slippers when you pop these in! I'm thinking about getting some for my rainboots too for that cold November rain.

These Swedish Dishtowels Are Multipurpose

I have and love these Swedish dishtowels that pull double duty around the house. They're an excellent substitution for paper towels whether you're wiping up spills, cleaning windows or drying produce, but they're also sturdy enough to be used in place of a sponge when doing dishes. I love all the cute patterns and how durable they are - they're made from 70% wood pulp and 30% cotton and they don't get stinky like germy sponges do!

This Zen AF Journal Calms You The Heck Down

If you need to chill out, fast, but you're too snarky to get into the woo-woo new age mediation stuff, try this irreverent take on those self-help books. This Zen As F journal will make you laugh your head off, which is a great method of stress relief in case the mediations don't work - it liberally uses curse words to a hilarious effect that'll make you forget what's bothering you in the first place. It also has some pretty philosophical insights, such as "Pretty Soon, We'll All Be Dead...So Let Those Worries Die".

This Sugar Scrub Has Almost 25,000 Rave Reviews

If you like those fancy and spendy bath scrubs, try this sugar scrub - it'll make your skin as glowing as the 25,000 rave reviews. It gently exfoliates dead skin and leaves only softness in its wake and it comes in a ton of scents. I'm partial to the Tropical Mango, but you can choose from Mocha & Coffee Bean, Pomegranate Acai, Coconut Lime and Passionfruit Guava plus a few other "flavors". Reviewers highly recommend it for the softest skin around, plus fewer ingrown hairs  - it's even great for sensitive skin so it works for basically everyone!

These Underam Deodorant Wipes Are A Great Shower Substitute

If you do a quick workout at work and you don't have time for a full shower, these Pacifica coconut water underarm wipes are an excellent shower substitute when you need to freshen up. I think they'd also be super useful for camping, festivals, long plane or car trips or other situations where you're not near a shower. People with sensitive skin that can't use regular deodorants love these too, since they're so gentle and really work all day long!

These Pumice Stones Really Soften Heels

I got a pedicure recently, but because of new health and safety rules around the virus, they couldn't use the heavy-duty cheese grater type tool to remove thick dead skin on my heels. So, time to do it myself! These inexpensive pumice stones are the next best thing to someone else doing it for you, and they really work to slough off that dead skin that builds up so fast on feet. You get four in a pack, so they're sure to last you a while and they've got over 8,000 stellar reviews - check the before and after photos for some pretty amazing results!

This Down Alternative Comforter Is An All-Time Best Seller

I get tired of changing blankets on the bed with the seasons - heavy comforter for winter, thin cotton blanket for summer - but with this down alternative blanket you can leave the same one on all year and not have to store bulky stuff. They come in a lot of patterns and won't cause trouble for allergy sufferers since they're not made with real down. These have almost 40,000 rave reviews for fluffy softness and great value since even the Queen size is under $30!

These Pet Bowls Are Spill Proof

If you've got a messy eater on your hands, these pet bowls are just what you need. We're getting a puppy soon, and this is the first thing on my shopping list. It's tip-proof for mischevious pets, plus the waterproof mats with raised lip hold food and water spills brilliantly. It comes in four sizes from small cats or dogs up to the big breeds and a bunch of colors so you can coordinate to your decor. The best part is you can throw the bowls and mat in the dishwasher when it needs a freshening up!

These Eyeglass Grips Keep Your Glasses On Your Face

My favorite pair of sunglasses are perfect - except for the fact that they fall off my face whenever I bend over. These eyeglass grips are exactly what I need to keep them in place no matter what I'm doing. They're also great for relieving ear pain from constant glasses wearing. They come in a few colors plus clear so they're unobtrusive and can be hidden anyway if you've got long hair. You get five pairs in a pack so you can put them on a few pair of sunglasses and regular glasses, or just have some in reserve in case you lose a couple!

These Toothpaste Rollers Get Every Last Drop

It's so frustrating when you know there's more toothpaste in the tube but you can't get it out effectively and just end up wasting it when you eventually toss the tube. If you're super exacting about your toothpaste, try these toothpaste tube squeezers to get out every last drop easily and efficiently. Simply pop them onto the bottom of your toothpaste tube then turn the key to roll up as you use toothpaste. You'll squeeze every bit you can from the tube with no waste and a superior sense of self-satisfaction.

This Plastic Bag Organizer Is A Godsend

Earlier in the pandemic when stores banned reusable bags and everyone had to have plastic ones, we amassed quite a collection of tangled bags that live in a huge ball under the sink. A much better way to store them is this plastic bag holder that can hold up to 30 bags at once. Whenever you need one, just pull it from the dispenser  instead of fighting through a tangled mass or just giving up and feeling guilty about tossing the used bags.

This Backseat Organizer Is A Must For Parents

If you've got kids in the backseat, you know what an unholy mess they can make. Keep their stuff contained in these backseat organizers like I plan to - they'll hold books, toys, snacks, water bottles and more, all in one place instead of strewn all over the car. They're easy for kids to reach to get what they need, and an added bonus is it provides a natural separation between squabbling siblings. We could've really used this on the road trip we took last weekend for all the reasons listed above!

This Collapsible Laundry Basket Saves So Much Space

We have this collapsible laundry basket and it's one of my favorite things about that dreaded chore. When it's done on laundry duty, I just fold it down and store it behind our bedroom door (since we're not fancy enough to have a dedicated laundry room) - it takes up virtually no room and is so easy to pop up and collapse. We've had it for a few years, and the softer plastic collapsible part shows no sign of cracking or wearing out, which is why it gets so many thumbs up for durability.

These Silicone Lids Are So Useful

Whenever it's time to store leftovers or containers of cut up fruit or veg in the fridge, it's a pain to find the exact lid that matches the food storage container. With these silicone lids, I don't have to! They come in five sizes so they'll fit everything from a drinking cup to your biggest container with ease. And they're stove-top, oven, fridge and freezer safe since they're made with heavy-duty silicone. They're multipurpose too - not only can they cover food in the fridge, you can use them as plate covers when you're microwaving to prevent splatter or pan covers if you're frying something on the stove top. The silicone creates an airtight seal on ceramic, glass, metal and plastic containers so you can use them on virtually anything!

These Twinkle Lights Add So Much Ambiance

How magical are these curtain twinkle lights? You can hang them basically anywhere to make a space cozier and add character. I love them outside on a summer patio (they're waterproof), or in the window on a snowy winter night. They're easy to hang up and have 300 LED lights so they won't burn out on you anytime soon! And they have over 21,000 stellar reviews for their ability to create instant atmosphere wherever you use them.

This Collapsible Coffee Cup Is So Eco-Friendly

Whether I'm making a cup of tea at home or getting one from my favorite coffee shop, I like to use a reusable coffee cup to cut down on waste. However, I don't always like to lug a mug around with me for the rest of the day when I'm out and about. Solution: this colorful collapsible coffee mug that folds down when it's empty and takes up virtually no room! It comes in three sizes from 8 oz to 16 oz and 21 colors from bright coral to a subtle mint blue so they're sure to have your fave.

This Countertop Compost Bin Doesn't Stink

I always feel guilty throwing away veggie scraps when I know they could go on to have a second life as food for our garden, but I don't always want to stop what I'm doing and walk outside to the compost bin (did I mention I'm part sloth?) This countertop compost bin is a much more convenient choice since you can just throw scraps right away since it's at your fingertips! I was worried about the possible smell, but since it has a built-in replaceable filter and ventilation, happily there's no odor at all.

This Ironing Mat Is A Total Space Saver

Our laundry machines are in a closet in our bathroom that's not big enough to fit an ironing board too, so this ironing mat has been a lifesaver for my husband's work shirts. It's magnetic so it sticks to the top of your washer or dryer, and it's heatproof so you don't have to worry about damaging anything with the hot iron. It's also machine washable and folds up easily when you're done, no need to store a bulky ironing board afterward!

These Storage Jars Are Gorgeous

I want my pantry to look Pinterest-worthy, but I'm also lazy so the fastest, easiest way to achieve an organized look is with these glass food storage jars. I store anything from pasta to beans and lentils to gummy bears in them and they look like a gorgeous store display with virtually no effort. They come in four sizes and each has an impossibly cute tiny scoop that attaches to the side of the container to make them even more useful. And everything you store in them stays super fresh thanks to the airtight lid with silicone gaskets. Seriously, you won't regret buying these if you need to store any kind of dry goods and kitchen staples.

This Coffee Cup Is Also A Handwarmer

I've got perpetually cold hands so I really appreciate a coffee mug that takes that into consideration. This gorgeous handmade mug doubles as a handwarmer since it has a unique groove where your hand slips in to hold it. It's so thoughtfully designed that it even comes in right or left hand versions, so you can totally customize it for yourself. It'd also make an awesome gift packaged up with some of the recipient's favorite tea or coffee.

These Kitchen Shears Do It All

I love these kitchen scissors and use them daily to prep meals and even for opening the occasional Amazon package! My favorite part is the built-in herb stripper that's located just below the cushioned handles. It's so much easier than plucking each individual leaf from a stem! The blades are also sturdy enough to cut through twine, veggies and meat so you can use these for virtually any kitchen prep task.

This Bluetooth Speaker Has Almost 72,000 Reviews

My editors said find products with over 1,000 great reviews but since I'm an overachiever by nature, I found this bluetooth speaker with over 71,000 glowing reviews! People love this surprisingly loud speaker since it's waterproof for indoor or outdoor use and its up to 14 hour playtime. You can be as far as 100 feet from it and it'll still work with your device, so it'll play whether you're in a different room of the house or across the lawn. And it comes in a handful of colors to spice things up even more.

This Window Bird Feeder Is Mesmerizing

My kids love watching birds at our bird feeder, but it's pretty far from the window so it's sometimes hard to get a good view. Problem solved - this bird feeder attaches right onto your window with heavy-duty suction cups so you can get amazing close-ups without scaring the birds away! It's fun for all ages since birds are so interesting to watch, and it really brings nature right to your home since the birds are literally right in front of you. Over 8,000 happy reviewers can't be wrong!

This Charging Station Brings The Power

It seems like we're always fighting over plus when trying to charge all the family's devices at once, from tablets to phones to mp3 players. This charging station is a much better idea since it's got six USB ports so you can power up all your devices easily in one space. It's so smart that it automatically detects when something is unplugged and redistributes the charging output among the remaining devices for to minimize charging time. Genius! You can also use it for travel since it has a worldwide 100-240 volt AC input and it's lightweight and compact enough to toss in your carry-on bag.

This Heat Tool Mat Is Great For Home Or Travel

Whenever I use my straightener or curling iron, I double check a million times to make sure it's not burning the counter or close to anything it could catch on fire, which is crazy-making. A better solution is this silicone heat tool mat which protects surfaces from burns. It's great for travel too since it's flexible, you can wrap it around the tool even if it's still hot and it won't damage anything in your bag or suitcase.

These Lightsaber Chopsticks Are Just Too Cool

Want to spice up a ho-hum dinner? Try these lightsaber chopsticks that actually light up while you're eating! They're BPA-free plastic with LED lights, so they'll last a super-long time. And they even come with three batteries so you can start using them right away! People are raving about the ease of use and the fact that they're a big hit for stocking stuffers or white elephant gifts come holiday time. Come to the yummy side!

This Headrest Tablet Holder Is Necessary For Car Trips

We recently took a three hour drive up to the mountains for vacation, and believe me when I say it would have been much more pleasant had we owned these headrest tablet holders so the kids would stop fighting over who got to hold the iPad. They're great for road trips but also everyday use, such as the new rule of waiting in the car until you get called in for doctors' appointments. Just pop on a movie and listen to teh sweet lack of squabbling coming from the backseat. Ahhh.

These Blue Light Blocking Glasses For Kids Are Key For Remote Learning

Like many other schools across the nation, our school has decided to do remote learning instead of a hybrid or in-person model, so the kids have a LOT of screen time to look forward to for however long it is until they can get back into actual classrooms. I've heard a lot about the dangers of blue light from devices, and blue light blocking glasses for kids just seems like a good idea since they'll be online for hours at a time for school. It can be overwhelming to choose, but these ones have over 1,000 rave reviews and come with padded silicone temple tips to make them even more comfortable if the kids are wearing them for long periods of time.

These Bowls Are Virtually Indestructible

I've used one of these bowls for cereal every day for years and there's no sign of any chipping or cracks, which is more than I can say for our wedding china which is a hot mess after light usage. These sturdy ceramic bowls come in bright or cool colors or classic white, and really stand the test of time. The fluted design makes them easy to hold whether they're filled with hot or cold food, but even if you do drop one it's not likely to chip. Plus they're basically identical to the ones from Anthropologie which I also own, but cost a heck of a lot less!

This Knife Set Has Everything You Need

Whether you're just starting out in a new apartment or you need to upgrade your knife situation, this knife set has everything you need to get busy making awesome food. Ready? It comes with chef's, bread, carving, utility, paring, cheese and pizza knives, plus six steak knives, a knife sharpener (which my husband uses monthly to keep our knives super duper sharp), hybrid peeler scissors and a modern knife stand. Basically everything but the kitchen sink! Oh, and it has over 12,000 glowing reviews singing its praises for quality and value.

This Travel Mug Is A Fan Favorite

The reviews for this travel mug  inspire by camping enamelware are out of this world. It has a vacuum-insulated stainless steel body, which keeps drinks cold for 10 hours or hot for 5, and it'll fit in your car cupholder unlike many other travel mug designs. The sliding lid is easy to operate with one hand and is guaranteed leak-proof. As an added bonus, the handle's lined with comfy cork to make sipping even more enjoyable. I'm definitely picking one of these up to keep my tea warm this fall and winter since I never get to drink the whole thing while it's still hot!

This Silk Pillowcase Is Like Butta

I've read up on the benefits of silk pillowcases, like smoother hair and better skin, but tbh I just like the luxurious feeling of sleeping on pure silk. (I'm a Taurus, what can I say). I have noticed these benefits though, since I slept on a rough cotton pillowcase on vacation and definitely noticed unpleasant side effects like dry skin and tangly hair. I also love the price - even though it's actual silk, not polyester satin, each pillowcase costs under $20! I picked up two so I always have one on hand even if it's laundry day.

This Java Sok Keeps Your Hands Dry And Eliminates Desk Puddles

I'm constantly drinking iced tea no matter the weather, and I'm always surprised at how much the cup sweats all over my hands and desk even though I down it pretty fast. This Java Sok to the rescue! The neoprene holder keeps drinks cooler and keeps the wet mess contained since it absorbs any sweating the cup may do. It also comes in a few sizes depending on your caffeine needs (mine's always 24 oz of Dunkin' Donuts finest, unless it's a particularly tough day and I need to upsize) and a bajillion colors and patterns so you can customize your drink to the fullest.

This Pet Stain and Odor Remover Is At The Top Of My Shopping List

I mentioned we're getting a new puppy before, and I've started a shopping list for all the things we'll need before he comes home. Very high up on that list is this Rocco and Roxie Pet Stain and Odor Eliminator. Reviewers love it because it doesn't just cover up smells, it contains natural enzymatic bacteria that feed on ammonia crystals and other bio-based messes until they're fully gone. That means your pet won't find a favorite spot to keep going to the bathroom in because all traces will be removed. Puppy potty training just got a little easier!

These Crayola Twistables Crayons Should Be On Every Little Kid's Supply List

You know the joy of using a brand new crayong with a pointed tip, right? Well, after a few uses, it's not so exciting anymore and crayons are notoriously hard to sharpen effectively. When our school started recommending these Twistables crayons on my elementary school kid's school supply list, it was like an epiphany! Now we don't have overflowing containers of half-used crayon nubs since all you have to do to sharpen these is twist 'em up. You definitely get your money's worth because the kids will use the crayons down to the end, and you don't have to store a ton of useless art supplies.

These Leggings Are Everything

Does the perfect pair of leggings exist? You could throw that question out into the universe and wait for an answer, or you could just add these cute leggings to your cart that over 8,000 happy reviewers love. To name a few key points: they have pockets (yesss), are high-waisted to hold in any jiggly parts, and are a flattering 7/8 length that looks good whether you're short or tall. I'm getting these camo ones to go with everything this fall and winter, from sneakers to tall boots.