35 Things You Can Buy With No Regrets

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We’ve all been there — you open up your package, only to realize whatever you ordered is either the wrong size, the wrong color, or you got scammed into buying crap from a bogus website. Lucky for you, I’ve been around the block a few times; two, if we’re being specific (it’s a large block and my feet hurt, cut me some slack alright?) So when I say that all the things on this list are definitely worth your money, know that it’s coming from an online shopping expert.

And because I’m all about living with…

…I’ve made sure that none of these items will inspire a sudden, overwhelming feeling of buyer’s remorse. Because let’s face it — you and I are both too lazy to return anything.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Tea Mug Shaped Like A Cute Bear

Most transparent mugs are made from borosilicate glass that can break when dropped — but not this one. This cute mug is made from plastic that won’t shatter if you accidentally drop it, and the heat from your hands won’t transfer into your beverage since it’s double-wall insulated. “It was a gift for my wife and she loved it like crazy,” one reviewer wrote. “It’s so lightweight and the bear looks really adorable.”

These Floating Shelves That Are Perfect For Your Bathroom

Need some storage above your toilet? Just throw these floating shelves into the wall. They’re not strong enough to hold your exercise dumbbells, but each one does come with all the mounting hardware you’ll need for installation. The towel holder can be removed and attached to the wall separately, plus it also works great in the kitchen for storing spices.

This LED Light Kit That Turns Any Mirror Into A Hollywood Vanity

Maybe you’re looking for a fun project to tackle around the house, or maybe your bathroom mirror could use an upgrade? Either way, grab this LED light kit. It lets you turn any plain, boring mirror into a Hollywood-style vanity, and each order comes with 10 dimmable bulbs. The best part? Installation only takes a few minutes — the bulbs easily stick onto your mirror using the included adhesive.

A Soap Dispenser With A Built-In Comaprtment For Your Sponge

If you’re one of those people who uses way too much soap when doing the dishes, make sure to grab this soap dispenser. There’s a built-in compartment where you can easily store a sponge, plus the pump dispenser dishes out the ideal amount of soap without any waste. “I can pump the soap with one hand and it holds a lot of liquid,” one reviewer raved. “Other soap dispensers has the spout sticking out and they ALWAYS break. I purchased this one because it didn’t have a spout and looked a lot sturdier.”

This Dish Drying Rack That Saves You Space

Let’s be honest — the dish drying rack you have is probably pretty ugly. This one, on the other hand, not only takes up way less space on your counters, but it also rolls up neatly so you don’t have to stare at it when you’re not using it. Made from rust-resistant stainless steel, it rolls out over your sink so that you don’t have to wipe up any drips, plus you can also use it as a trivet for hot pots and pans.

A Versatile Drawer Organizer Made From Durable Bamboo

Got cluttered, messy drawers that are driving you up the wall? Just pop this expandable organizer inside and sort everything out. Bamboo quickly regrows once harvested which makes it eco-friendly, and you’re not limited to just silverware — this organizer also works great with junk drawers, jewelry, and more. It expands to fit your drawers, plus it’s even water-resistant.

A Diffuser That’ll Fit On Your Desktop

I get it — I too thought diffusers and essential oils were stupid, frilly things you don’t need in your home. But then I finally bought one, and HOLY MOLY these things are awesome. You like little poofs of scent flowing throughout your house? This diffuser can help. You like soothing, colored LED lights that set the mood in any room? Just grab this diffuser. Or maybe you’re looking for a smaller diffuser that’ll fit on your nightstand, but can still run for up to six hours? I think you know the answer (it’s this diffuser.)

These Essential Oils That Pair Perfectly With That Diffuser

It doesn’t make any sense to buy that diffuser unless you grab these essential oils to go with it. The dark amber bottles help prevent UV light degradation, plus each order comes with six of the most popular scents: lemongrass, peppermint, orange, lavender, eucalyptus, and tea tree. Besides — with more than 14,000 positive reviews, how can you go wrong? “Just opening the package smelled nice,” one reviewer explained. “I would buy this, recommend it and even give as a gift!”

A Handy Kit That Lets You Do Your Own Gel Manicure At Home

Getting a gel manicure at the salon can cost upwards of $60, whereas this kit is only $30. Each order comes with four gel polish colors, one base and top coat, a ton of manicure tools, plus you also get a UV curing lamp that doesn’t come included with most kits. And if you’re skeptical about doing your own gels, don’t worry — I’ve actually bought this kit and use it to do my nails because I’m cheap AF, and it 100% is worth the money.

A Pan And Lid Rack That Keeps Your Cabinets Looking Tidy

Are your cabinets a jumbled hodgepodge of pans and lids? Mine were too, which is why I got this organizer. You can use it horizontally or vertically depending on how your cabinets are situated, and each order comes with screws so you can give it some extra stability. Able to hold up to five pans, it assembles without any fuss, plus the steel construction means it’s also durable.

These Measuring Spoons That Won’t Go Missing

Everybody’s had a visit from The Measuring Spoon Fairy, who quietly steals one random measuring spoon the night before you’re going to use it — so grab these magnetic spoons instead. They won’t go missing like your other spoons since they stick together, and they’re shaped so that they’ll fit into narrow jars and containers. And if you’re worried about them being flimsy, fear not — each one is made from food-safe stainless steel.

These Measuring Cups That Are Collapsible

Measuring cups are the bane of my existence because, no matter what, at least one clogs up my utensil drawer when I try to open it. These ones are collapsible so that your drawers won’t get jammed, and the ring on the end of the handle means you can also hang them up in storage if you prefer. And because they’re heat-resistant up to 230 degrees, you won’t have to be wary about using them with hot liquids.

A Strainer That Helps Prevent Messy Spills

Ever had your strainer topple over when you poured stuff into it? Because I have, and the experience was so inconvenient that I went out and got this collapsible strainer. The handles expand so that it stays sturdy and upright when placed in your sink, plus the bottom collapses so that it takes up very little space while in storage. Grab it in five colors: green, blue, purple, red, and teal.

These Whiskey Stones That Won’t Dilute Your Drink

Ice cubes will gradually dilute whatever you’re drinking, whereas these whiskey stones won’t melt. They’re made from 100% pure soapstone that won’t break down in your drinks, and each order comes with nine. You can keep them in your fridge so they’re ready to use anytime, plus they even come with a fancy velvet carrying pouch.

This Knife Block That’s Magnetic

Just slap your favorite knives onto this bamboo block, and the built-in magnet will make them stick without falling off. It’s an elegant alternative to that industrial-looking magnetic knife bar that hangs on your backsplash, and the base is non-slip so you don’t have to worry about your knives getting knocked loose.

This Drain Protector That Stops Expensive Clogs

An “expensive” clog is where you lose your diamond ring down the drain, or when the plumber charges $500 just to snake it out — so save yourself some money with this drain cover. The domed shape means it’ll fit on top of pop-up drains, and the edges sit flush with your tub or sink so that no little pieces of debris make their way through. Grab it in packs of one, four, and six.

These Clog Removers That Are Cost-Effective

Like I said before, plumbers are expensive — and you? You’ve got better things to spend your money on, like turning a $10 meal into a $25 delivery via UberEats (we’ve all been there.) So grab this three-pack of clog removers. They get rid of the stubborn debris in your pipes without the help of any chemical drain cleaners, and many reviewers raved about how they’re cheaper than calling the professionals. “A plumber wanted to charge me $150 just to come out and take a freaking look at the problem,” one writes. “I can’t believe how well this thing worked. I was so excited about the results that I just went and serviced every drain in my house!”

A Drawer Organizer For Your Socks, Underwear, And More

Socks, underwear, scarves, bras — you name it, these organizer bins can help keep it sorted in your drawers. They’re made from non-woven fabric that’s mold- as well as mildew-proof, plus you can grab it in six different colors (gray, turquoise, black, and more) to suit your style. Assembly goes off without a hitch, and there’s even a zipper on the bottom to help ensure that they maintain their shape.

This Shoe Rack That Hangs On Your Door

Not all over-the-door shoe racks are equal — most, in fact, are hideous. What? I’m allowed to say that, because the one I’ve picked for this list will genuinely look great in your closet. There are zero tools required for assembly (just hang it on your door and you’re good to go), and the white plating matches any type of decor. In my opinion, it’s a nice upgrade from the usual plastic fare — though if you’d prefer more storage, this cheaper version features 24 pockets.

A Spice Rack That Expands To Fit Your Space

I have this spice rack sitting in the space between my stove and refrigerator, making it easier than ever to grab a quick bottle of powdered cayenne pepper anytime my dish needs an extra kick. It’s made from durable stainless steel that’s resistant to rust, and unlike other racks, this one is easy to wipe clean — I used to have a similar spice rack made from bamboo, and that one required some scrubbing.

These Metal Beads That Clean Funky Glassware

They may not look like much, but you can use these little metal beads to clean oddly-shaped vases and glassware (in other words: IT CLEANS BONGS.) Just add some water and dish soap to your container, pour the beads in, then swish around — the friction from the beads will etch away dirt and grime, without leaving behind scratches. And because you’re basically guaranteed to lose a few every time you use them (I know I have), each container comes with 1,000.

The Mug Rack That Expands To Fit Your Space

Mugs take up a ton of space on your shelves, to the point where I’ve sent the same three mugs through five back-to-back dishwasher cycles — just so I don’t have to find space to put them away. If I were smart (which I’m clearly not), I’d just grab this expanding mug rack. There’s enough space for up to 13 mugs, and you can expand or contract it depending on how much wall space you have.

A Safety Blade That’ll Cut Through Clamshell Packaging, But Not Skin

Just pop this small, compact safety blade onto your keychain, and you’ll instantly be able to open stubborn clamshell packaging without any fuss. The blade is made from high-tech ceramic that’ll never rust, plus it’s also great for scrapbooking, couponing, and more. “This cutter opens so many things so easily and so safely,” one reviewer raved. “No more hunting down a kitchen knife, box cutter or Exacto blade to slit tape on that box from Amazon.”

This Water Bottle That Keeps Drinks Cold For Up To 24 Hours

Do you have trouble remembering to drink water? So do I — that’s why I bought myself one of these water bottles. Sure, you could just, y’know —drink more water, but doing it with a fancy water bottle is just so much more appealing. The double-wall insulation really does keep my ice water cold for up to 24 hours, and the stainless steel exterior is very durable. Durable as in, I’ve dropped it several times and without any scratches.

A Handy Handle For Your Handle-less Water Bottle

Look, no one needs a handle on their water bottle, but is it convenient? Yes. Is it expensive? Not at all. Does it make it easier to swing my bottle around as I skip joyfully through flowering fields of merriment? Definitely. And because it’s designed to fit all types of water bottles, you don’t even have to worry about it fitting — what’s not to love?

These Self-Watering Planters That Do All The Work For You

Can you barely be trusted to feed yourself, let alone care for a potted plant? Then grab these self-watering planters that literally do all the work for you. All you have to do is add water, then — do nothing. For about two weeks, at least. After that you’ll probably have to add some more water, but as long as you can handle watering your plants bi-weekly instead of every day, these pots will make you flourish.

A Indoor Herb Kit That Comes With 6 Herbs

Speaking of self-watering planters, why not grab this indoor herb garden kit while you’re at it? Each kit comes with basil, dill, parsley, chives, mustard, and oregano seeds, plus they’re completely non-GMO. Transfer them into your planters once they’ve outgrown their starter pots, or even just keep them on a sunny windowsill in your home.

These Compression Socks That Can Help Prevent Cramps

I like to wear these compression socks whenever I go for a run, because they can help promote blood flow so that my muscles don’t cramp. I also wear them for long flights on planes because they stop my legs from growing sore, and occasionally I’ll just wear them for fun since they’re comfortable — really, you can’t go wrong with them. Choose from more than 12 colors, in sizes small — x-large.

These Heel Cups That Can Help Alleviate Pain From Plantar Fasciitis

They may not be the most glamorous thing on this list, but if you suffer from heel pain or plantar fasciitis, you won’t regret buying these heel cups. The durable elastic provides the ideal amount of pressure for added support, and the ventilation holes help keep your feet from getting too sweaty. Or, if your heels are dry and cracking, these cups can even help prevent them from drying out when paired with your favorite lotion.

This Cleaning Stick That Gets Your Jewelry Clean As Almost-New

If your jewelry is looking a little worse for wear, just give it a good wash with this cleaning stick. The flow-through brush evenly distributes the cleaning solution all over your diamonds, mountings, and more, plus it’s designed to be safe on all types of precious stones. “After one use of the Diamond Dazzle Stik, my ring is absolutely breathtaking!” one reviewer raved. “I knew my ring got dirty now and then, simply from sweating and being outside in the elements. However, I never realized just how much dinge and schmutz marred my beautiful diamond until I cleaned it – it literally took my breath away with its fiery, dazzling brilliance!”

These Cooling Towels That Keep You Chilled For Up To 3 Hours

Three hours may not seem like a long time, but all you have to do is get these cooling towels wet to re-activate them. Each order comes with four so that there’s enough for the whole household, plus it also works great as a regular towel for the gym, swimming, or even sports. Speaking as someone who likes ot hike in the summertime, these are a must-have.

These Waterproof Phone Cases That Keep Your Belongings High And Dry

Even though they’re advertised as phone cases, these pouches are large enough that you can fit your phone, ID, keys, cards, cash, and more inside. I use mine whenever I’m going to the pool, or if I want to take my phone with me as I wade into the ocean. Unlike other waterproof pouches, these ones are also touch-sensitive so that you don’t have to take your phone out in order for it to register your thumb strokes.

This Beach Blanket That Rolls Up Compact So It’s Easy To Carry

You need a blanket if you’re going to the beach, but you don’t want to get bogged down as you carry it across the sand. This one is not only lightweight, but it also folds down into a compact drawstring bag that you can clip to your backpack. The included camping stakes keep the corners from flipping up in the wind, plus it’s large enough for up to four people.

This Shower Kit That Makes It Easy To Wash Your Pooch

Most pets don’t enjoy getting a bucket of water dumped on them in the tub, so grab this pet shower kit. The spray nozzle grooming glove hybrid has soft silicone bristles that massage your pet as you scrub them clean, and each order also comes with a free finger dental hygiene brush. And if you’re wondering if pets genuinely enjoy this kit, the reviews speak for themselves: “It was a struggle for me to shower my dog before I discovered this 3 in 1 Pet Shower Kit! Now he simply enjoys a nice bath, as the kit also combs its hair. My dog has never looked better, cleaner nor happier before. I definitely recommend this product to animal owners, it’s gonna make your life way easier.”

A Makeup Organizer That Rotates For Easy Access

I thought my vanity was organized, but then I got this rotating makeup organizer — and boy, was I wrong. Not only does my entire makeup collection fit on it (brushes, compacts, eyeliners, nail polishes, etc.), but it also rotates so that you don’t have to crane your arm to reach distant items. The shelves are adjustable so that you can move them around to fit bigger bottles, and the whole thing easily wipes clean if it ever gets dirty.

This Broom Designed Specifically For Pet Hair

I told myself that I wouldn’t let my apartment turn into a desert of roaming dog hair tumbleweeds once we got a puppy — and it hasn’t, in part, because of this broom. The natural rubber bristles attract pet hair from your carpets, rugs, hardwood, and linoleum floors, plus you can also use it as a squeegee on windshields.

These Soap Dishes That Are Cute And Classy

As far as soap dishes go, you definitely won’t regret buying these ones. Whereas other soap dishes collect water and turn bars into messy suds, these ones feature a ventilated bottom that helps your soap dry quickly. “This is a great soap dish,” one reviewer writes. “It lets the excess water drain away to save soap and this one is well designed. It also helps save soap and looks good in my bathroom. Super easy to keep clean. Overall, I am happy with this purchase.”