37 Things You’ll Actually Buy From Amazon

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With Black Friday coming up and online shopping taking off, we really just have product recommendations flying at us from all directions. It can be a lot of noise, especially if you don’t want to add clutter to your home for the sake of clutter. And shopping should be fun, not stressful. If you’re like me, though, you’re going to want to get a lot of use out of the things you bring home via your credit card. That’s why I’ve rounded up these 37 items that will actually find a place in your cart. Some of my favorite holy grail items are included: acne patches that keep you from touching those spots while it heals them, for one. Another is the bamboo bath caddy that lets me watch Netflix and drink wine while keeping my entire body submerged. And, of course, the silk pillowcases which allows me to have the hair of my dreams after I’ve woken up. Trust me, it’s amazing and you’re going to want one – just like everything else on this list.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

If You’ve Never Used a Pimple Patch, Watch Your World Explode

One reviewer gushed, “2 days difference! Speaks for itself,” uploaded some before and after pics. As everyone knows, pictures are worth 1,000 words and showcase how effective the treatment is. Not only does this patch suck out the nasty from your skin, these miracle patches are also super effective at keeping your pesky, wandering fingers from touching the spot you know you shouldn’t touch but really, really want to.

This Bamboo Bathtub Caddy is Perfect for Self-Care Time

I really, really love baths. I bought myself this bamboo bath caddy that has dedicated spots for your phone and tablet, and ample space for anything else. It’s also expandable, so it should fit most tubs, and has silicone grips to keep the tray from creating an expensive-gadgets avalanche right into the water.

This Innovative Bedside Shelf Makes the Most of a Smaller Space

Made from quality bamboo, this super cool ‘Bedshelfie‘ was designed for both bedsprings and flat form frames. I really liked that it didn’t require tools to assemble and it’s already proven its worth over and over. I can keep books, a phone charger, lamp and then add a cup of tea, and it won’t even shiver under the weight. BedShelfie is so confident that they even offer a lifetime guarantee. Honestly, unless my dogs start using mine as a trampoline, I probably won’t even need it.

This Reliable Can Opener Needs Space In Your Drawer

If you’re on the market for a new can opener, look no further than this one from Kitchen-Aid. It has an ergonomic handle and easy-to-turn knob, as well as an integrated bottle opener (that actually works!) I love the design myself and that it never snags on the tins.

This Adjustable Stand to Prop Up Your Phone Or Tablet

A handy piece I picked up so I could put my phone down (pun intended, so sorry), and not lose it. It has a sleek, minimalist design that comes in black and silver, and is adjustable 270 degrees. I actually two, for my bedside table to prop up my tablet. Because of how light it is, you can also move it around as you need.

This Chic Charging Station Keeps Your Space Tidy

I’m in love with this charging station. It keeps all of my devices in one place, with USB ports ready to juice ’em up real good. The sleek design also added an elegant touch to my desk area. I feel so much better looking at my myriad of screens all lined up, like they’ve been put to bed and tucked in, then when they were scattered around the room.

This All-Season Cooling Down-Alternative Comforter is Divine

It’s always good to have a couple extra comforters around the house, just in case you need them for guests or a Christmas blizzard. I love these ones as they are all-season comforters which saves having to buy two separate ones as they are made with a down alternative. I love the big box-stitching and the material is fade-resistant and stains. Plus, not having goose down means no animals were harmed in the making of me as a human burrito.

Organize Your Many Countertop Knick-Knacks

I really dislike messy countertops and this handy organizer is the best for storing all your little knick-knacks neatly. From sticky notes to hand sanitizer, the compartments are great for providing everything with its own home. Trust me when I say how much better you feel when all those tiny things are confined into a dedicated place. I really like this one for its compact design; even though it stores so many things, it doesn’t actually take up a lot of room overall.

Easy-to-Install Adhesive Drawers Keep Your Desk Surface Tidy

Desk drawers are extremely underrated, and if you disagree, that’s probably just because you have them. My desk, sadly, did not come with storage areas so I purchased these adhesive organizers. They’re peel-and-stick and feature a sleek design that you can barely see from above.

An Essential Oils Diffuser But With a Twist

I get so stressed so often these days and aromatherapy is one of the things I’m extra grateful for. This cool plant-themed oil diffuser is one of many that I have around the house because it compliments my decor. It has seven light settings and even increases the humidity while nourishing your skin.

This Super Soft Fleece Throw Makes For a Chic Cozy Extra Layer

Throws are one of those things I can never have enough of. This one is one of my favorites now especially for when the weather is a bit frosty. Besides the contemporary design that makes it look fresh without trying too hard, it simply feels really good. The soft fleece is so, super cozy without making me feel suffocated. Plus, it makes a fine throw to layer atop your couch or duvet.

Keep Bugs Off Your Food With This Set of Food Nets

These food nets are so versatile you can use them for serving food outdoors or for picnics. Alternatively, they come in handy for defrosting and general food prep to keep household pests off of your food items. Genius but simple.

Produce Bins Keep Fruits and Veggies Fresher For Longer

Once you’ve experienced the thrills of compartmentalizing your fridge by using more than just the built-in shelves and drawers, you’ll find that it’s hard to stop. Everything now needs its own dedicated nook. Things ought to be grouped together, even if they’re barely alike. For example, these bins have been great additions to my fridge. They keep produce fresher for longer, which means my salad mixes actually get eaten throughout the week rather than just sadly wilting into nothingness. So, in summary, they save you money.

Extend the Life of Your Mattress With This Topper

I originally purchased this mattress topper because I wanted to add a bit more squish to my mattress. I have to say not only is it super comfortable it actually protects the mattress from dust and sweat which age your mattress considerably. I don’t know about you but I get super fussy about my sleeping area so this was a great buy for me.

Make Your Bathroom Look New Again With This Grout Scrubber

I’ve always cleaned the bottoms of faucets, behind the toilet, and in between the tiles with an old toothbrush. Because it takes so agonizingly long and uses so much energy, I can hardly muster up the will to do that more than a couple of times a month. I know, gross. Since getting this power brush with a dedicated cleaner, however, I’ve added scrubbing the grout to my weekly chore list- and it doesn’t even really feel like one. My shower tiles look brand new, my hands don’t hurt due to their ergonomic grip and handle, and its multiple, continuous scrubbing vs pulse settings are perfect for attacking different gunk levels.

Prevent Clogs Before They Happen With This Drain Stop

I will give you a tip for the household gadget that will make you money because you won’t have to call out a plumber. This drain cover is a favorite that I swear by as it sits nicely atop the drain. Using suctioning to keep itself in place, it does the best job at collecting food debris from the kitchen sink, as well as stray hair in the bathtub. No more sticking your fingers down into that dark abyss while scrunching your nose and going to your happy place.

This Hair Towel Makes Getting Ready Way Faster

Need to dry your hair faster? This dedicated towel wrap is a way more efficient way to dry my naturally very thick hair, which is already difficult as it is. Add to that lots and lots of chemical processes and you’re talking Netflix binges amounts of time for my hair to dry. It’s so soft and so absorbent and really expedites the process of getting ready to lounge on the couch.

Cool Hands, No More With the Rechargeable Hand Warmer

Hand warmers are totally underrated and every year I don’t have one, I regret it. Single-use ones aren’t very good for the environment, especially if you’re trying to live a sustainable lifestyle. So you totally need to pick up one of these compact, rechargeable hand warmers. You simply plug it in via USB-C and it heats right up for a long while. And for someone like me, whose extremities already get way colder than they should for whatever temperature the room is, something like this is exactly what I need.

Supersonic Styling With This Hair Dryer

With three different attachments and two heat settings, this hair dryer is a great tool to have around the house if you like to do DIY blowouts. I love how lightweight it is, while the styling nozzle makes soft waves way too easy to achieve.

This Shaggy Faux Fur Blanket is Just What We Need Right Now

This picture is enough to get me ready to snuggle up on the couch with a cup of cocoa and Netflix queued up. Of course, this soft, plush blanket will very quickly get completely and utterly commandeered by my two dogs. Buyers have touted the softness as “unreal” and the quality “amazing”. Maybe Santa will bring it to me this Christmas?

Back Pain, Be Gone With This Lumbar Support Pillow

Support pillows are a godsend that should honestly be a requirement for everyone who works at a desk. Like, legally. Back pain and problems are so easy to develop and ergonomic solutions such as this lumbar support pillow are an incredibly easy addition to your desk setup. You’ll definitely be glad to have had this and not needed it than to realize you should have had it all along and now it’s too late. Prevention is key!

A Touch Lamp is So Bright It Charges Your Devices

A tiny, cute lamp that charges my devices is exactly what I’d been looking for. This one is compact and touch-receptive with three levels of brightness and four stage controls (dim, mid, bright, and off), as well as four convenient USB ports. I love the simplicity of the design and the soft, warm glow of the light.

Eliminate Dust Mites and Bacteria With This Mattress Protector

To be honest, we all need a mattress protector for our beds. No matter how clean you think you are, spills, dirty feet and excited paws can and will traipse all over your bed. You can take your sheets off for a good laundering, but you might find you have a hard time shoving a mattress into the washer. Plus, they collect all sorts of dust, mites, and allergens. Something like this will keep all of those pesky things away so you can have a nice and peaceful rest.

Get the Perfect Bird This Season With This Meat Thermometer

This device is so handy cooking all year round. Constantly opening the grill or oven doors to stick your head into heat even hotter than the air around you just does not sound like a good time to me. With this meat thermometer, Thanksgiving turkey and Christmas ham will turn out perfectly without anyone losing any hairs on their head.

Gorgeous Mini Potted Plants So Chic That Even You Can’t Kill Them

I can’t stress enough how terrible I am at keeping plants alive. I’m raising two dogs who lead better lifestyles than I do, but when it comes to vegetation, I just become so incompetent. Not to mention how fake plants typically don’t pose an ingestion risk by your aforementioned pooches that like to put anything and everything in their lil’ mouths. I’ve bought a host of faux flora and this set is one of my favorites. The light dusting on top gives each plant a more realistic look. Reviewers are “… pleasantly surprised by the quality of this item!”

Make This Robo-Vac Do The Work For You

You know what movie I watched the other day: Wall-E. I don’t think there’s a single person in the world who didn’t immediately fall in love with that adorable little robot. It reminded me of the little round vacuums, and I desperately wanted one for my home. This cutie has helped so much when it comes to cleaning the house. It saves time and effort as well; I can use that same time to meal prep or do laundry, while my own Wall-E takes care of the vacuuming.

Sweat Dreams Are Made of Memory Foam Pillows

A good pillow is hard to find, but when you do, it’s a lifer. Memory foam pillows are my cushioning of choice when it comes to finding a pillow I can fall in love with. There’s never any real flattening of the pillow, as you simply re-fluff it if you find it’s not as poofy as you like.

Add A Set of Luxury to Your Bedding With These Pillowcases

I like to have a couple of sets of pillowcases handy so I can regularly change out the pillowcases on my beds. I like to use these cooling, microfiber envelope-style ones. The soft pastels blend seamlessly with the rest of my bedroom decor and they never run too hot to deal with. And trust me, if your body temperature rises a thousand degrees at night, you’ll be thankful for that aspect, too.

Power Up Without Risking A Surge

Not only will this power strip take all your electronics and give ’em juice, it will protect them all from surges, too. Prepared for anything, this power strip features three USB 3.0 ports and nine AC Outlets. It also has an extra long extension cord rated at 1875W- able to handle even the heaviest of appliances. I personally appreciate that it’s wall mountable, so I can keep it all off my clean and tidy floors. If you don’t have a surge protector already, you should definitely look into this 5-star option (especially when working from home).

This Reading Pillow is Sure to Be a Crowd Favorite

This reading pillow is one of my all-time favorite things to have around the house. I keep mine on my bed these days but move it out to the living room when I have guests and need an extra comfy spot for movies. You and your tween-agers who spend most of their time in their rooms being cool and doing their homework on time will love having one just as much.

Treat Yo’ Self With These Super Cute Animal Sheet Masks

If you’ve never used sheet masks, you really should try them. They’re so easy to use and this set comes with six different treatments to focus on whatever your skin needs might be. This set of six animal themed sheet masks are packed with nourishing ingredients like coconut, vitamin C, botanical extract and collagen. It is basically like having an expensive facial that requires no effort for the same benefits.

Super Cute Oven Mitts Keep Your Hands Safe

Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner means these super cute oven mitts will see a lot of use. Besides the adorable doggo patterns, I really like the silicone outer that provides a non-slip grip. This combination of cotton and silicone means that the gloves are more flexible than all-silicone ones, while gripping better than the standard cotton gloves.

Silk Pillowcases Will Be Your New Fave, I Promise

Silk pillowcases are the GOAT. They’ve had such an impact on my life. The amount I toss and turn in my sleep is appalling; you can certainly see that from my hair in the mornings. Switching to silk has significantly reduced the amount of breakage and frizz I experience, while keeping everything well-hydrated by absorbing less moisture than cotton does. I highly recommend making the switch and seeing for yourselves the benefits.

Spray Mops Keep Floors Pristine

Spray mops are one of my favourite tools for cleaning my house solely because I don’t need to work as hard to get sparkling floors. This one is my current go-to. The fibres grip onto dirt and debris while the material doesn’t drip sopping wet all over my floors, and the water reservoir holds enough to do the entire house.

Switch to Biodegradable Swedish Dishcloths

In an effort to not feel so bad when watching Our Planet on Netflix. Every now and again I look at eco-friendly alternatives to cut down on waste in my home and to save money. You need to switch to these Swedish discloths because they are super absorbent and reusable. I don’t feel as guilty about using them to wipe up small messes from cooking, etc. You simply rinse and squeeze it out afterwards. They’re even more sustainable when you consider they are made from natural cellulose and cotton fibres.

Neck Pillows Make Sleeping Anywhere Comfy As Can Be

I’ve been loving this pillow for travelling. It’s super convenient and way comfier than a regular pillow; which, by the way, no matter how you try to shape it into something you can use while being mostly vertical, just will not provide the support your head and neck need. It’s made of super soft foam that contours to your body, making sure you don’t wake up in a terrible, achy mood.

As Seen On Shark Tank… This Comfiest Wearable Sherpa

If you like soft blankets as much as I do, then you’ll also fall in love with this amazing Sherpa hoodie. It’s made of premium microfibre fleece on the outside and lined with faux Sherpa on the inside. It also washes well with minor pilling and comes out of the dryer as big and soft as it went in. As one buyer raved, “this is one yummy, soft, cozy, cuddly fantastic over-sized hoodie! … There are no cons and a lot of pros.”

Reusable Cotton Swabs Are Another Money Saver for the Home

Here’s another way for to save money whilst also reducing your impact on the environment. These silicone-and-nylon swabs replace the need for disposable Q-tips. They come in a convenient travel case and are easily cleaned with water, soap, or a bit of rubbing alcohol. I like to use these to make clean lines when doing my make-up, and I have to say this feels a lot better when I’m not throwing out multiple barely-used Q-tips every single day.