37 Things Way Too Cool to Be Under $10 on Amazon | 22 Words

One of my favorite hobbies is cruising Amazon for the latest gadgets and best buys that make life better. Today I'm serving up 37 products that are fun, useful, and best of all, priced under ten bucks!

If you want something new for the kitchen, you might like this unique cutting tool that does the job of both a knife and cutting board. For the bathroom, there's a better way to wash your face and an eco-friendly toothbrush you'll use every day. If you'd rather buy something fun for the office, check out this nostalgic toy or one of these stylish mini-trays. Scroll on down to see the rest; I bet you'll find something you want immediately!

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Smart Cutter Has Its Own Built-In Cutting Board

I'm always looking for shortcuts in the kitchen, so I'm excited to try this new 5-in-1 chopper and cutting board. The ingenious design lets you cut veggies, cheese, and other items right over the pot or serving platter, speeding things up and reducing mess.

This Keychain for Your AirPods Comes in 28 Colors

Protect your investment with this silicone skin that fits perfectly over an AirPods case. It comes in 28 colors and includes a metal carabiner clip.

This Automatic Bottle Opener Opens Beer Bottles With One Easy Push

A must-have gadget for beer enthusiasts, bottle cap collectors, and anyone with arthritis or limited hand strength, this automatic bottle opener uncaps bottles instantly. Caps come off intact and unbent.

These Eco-Friendly Toothbrushes Made From Bamboo and Charcoal

If you're trying to reduce your plastic consumption, these eco-friendly toothbrushes are a great solution. Even the packaging is biodegradable!

This Car Duster for Quick Dashboard Clean-Ups

I hate it when a ray of sunshine illuminates the layer of dust on my minivan's dashboard. This car duster is an easy solution. Stow it in the car for quick clean-ups anytime.

This Massage Comb Will Make Your Cat So Happy

Give your kitty a massage comb for self-grooming. The nubby plastic comb is designed to be attached to a chair leg or other surface with the included adhesive strips or screws.

This Metal Catchall Tray

I'm always trying to keep my house neater, and it's helpful to have catchall trays for keys, ear rings, spare change, and other items that otherwise clutter up surfaces or worse, go missing. These metal trays are stylish, versatile, and come in a bunch of fun designs.

These Charcoal Pore Strips for Instant Blackhead Removal

Easy, safe, and soooo satisfying, these charcoal pore strips are a quick way to clean your skin and prevent blemishes on your nose. Amazon customers call them "very effective" and "great to relieve congested pores."

This Mini Tetherball Set Fits on Your Desk

Relive your elementary school glory days with this desktop tetherball set. Measuring 9 inches tall, it's perfectly sized for your desk and includes a booklet with the history, trivia, and rules of the game.

Stash Your Valuables Inside This Coke Safe

Hide cash, jewelry, or other valuables in plain sight with this clever Coke safe that's indistinguishable from a regular can of soda. It's also perfect for gag gifts or DIY escape rooms!

This Apple Watch Sport Band Comes in 32 Colors

Take your pick from 32 colors of this silicone sport band for the Apple Watch. It's earned thousands of 5-star ratings, with customers calling it "super comfy" and "exactly the same as Apple in feel, look and quality."

This Dino Phone Stand Is the Cutest Way to Prop Up Your Phone

Equal parts adorable and functional, this dinosaur phone stand is designed to hold your phone or tablet either vertically or horizontally. Handy on your desk or bedside table, and comes in 10 colors.

This Drying Mat Absorbs Four Times Its Weight

I have two of these dish drying mats, and they are SO USEFUL. I lay freshly washed dishes on them for quick air drying pretty much every day. They keep my counters neat and can be thrown in the washer periodically.

This Wildly Popular Milk & Honey Cuticle Oil

This Milk & Honey Cuticle Oil has earned thousands of 5-star reviews! Loyal customers praise it for helping their nails grow stronger and faster, while looking better every day.

This Egg Bite Mold Works in an Instant Pot, Oven, or Microwave

Make your own healthy and delicious egg bites at home with customized ingredients! It's easy with this egg bite mold, which can be used in the oven (up to 425 degrees), microwave, or pressure cooker. Includes recipes and a spatula.

These Wine Glass Markers Are Fully Erasable

Get these wine glass markers before your next party! Use them to label glasses, write messages on mirrors, or design clever place cards on any glass surface. The colors are bold, and best of all, they're completely erasable.

This Expandable Trivet Folds Up for Storage

Even the smallest kitchen has room for this silicone trivet that folds into a compact bar that fits in any cutlery drawer. Unfold it to provide a heat-proof surface for pans or serving dishes.

Use This Folding Eyelash Comb to Banish Mascara Clumps

Tuck one of these folding eyelash combs into your pocket or purse along with your lipstick, and you'll be ready for quick touch-ups all day long. Use it to separate lashes, comb out mascara clumps, and groom brows. Comes in a four-pack so you'll have spares!

This Handy Kitchen Scale Has 20,000 Reviews

Bakers, dieters, and other careful counters will appreciate this kitchen scale. Not only is it a bargain at under $10, but it also has overwhelmingly positive reviews on Amazon.

This Garlic Gadget Peels Garlic Like Magic

I first encountered this silicone garlic peeler years ago at a gift shop and bought it on a whim. Little did I know how darned useful it would turn out to be! Ten years later, I'm still using the same sturdy peeler on a weekly basis, and now I'm here to recommend you buy one for yourself.

Pack Your Food to Go in This Space-Saving Lunch Cube

This lunch cube is the perfect way to stow a sandwich and sides in a neat little container that fits easily in lunch boxes, backpacks, or even a smallish purse. Plus, it's dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe.

These Magnet Men Are Useful (But More Importantly, Fun to Play With)

With strong magnets in their hands and feet, these magnet men can be posed and twisted into fun shapes alone or in groups. Use them to attach papers to the fridge, or keep them on your desk to fiddle with while you think your deep thoughts.

This Massage Glove Has Nine Rotating Metal Balls

Give someone a better massage with this clever massage glove. Strap it onto your hand and massage away--the nine rolling balls provide firm pressure. Refrigerate the glove first for a refreshingly cool touch!

This Meal Tracker Notepad Is the Easiest Way to Log Your Meals

If you're reducing your calories or trying to eat healthier, this meal tracker notepad can help! Each page records a week's worth of food, and there are 60 pages in all.

These Mini Garden Tools for House Plants

House (and office) plants need some TLC every once in a while, and this set of mini garden tools is the perfect solution. The affordable set includes 13 tools to help you trim, tidy, water, and care for your plants.

This Mocha Body Scrub Exfoliates and Moisturizes

Packed with natural ingredients--like shea butter, coffee beans, and safflower seed oil--this mocha body scrub is a treat for your skin. Five-star reviews are saying, "it smells just like coffee" and "my winter-dry skin is now smooth."

This Space-Age Magnetic Putty

Equally fun for kids or adults (especially when stuck in long meetings), this magnetic putty stretches, bounces, and moves toward metal. Comes in a metal tin, in four colors to choose from.

This Pomegranate Tool Removes Seeds in Under 2 Minutes

I've seen the trick where you can cut open a pomegranate under water, but honestly--this pomegranate tool is SO MUCH EASIER! It completely contains the mess and leaves you with separated seeds ready to eat.

This Hanging Purse Organizer Maximizes Closet Space

Stow handbags neatly and visibly with this affordable purse organizer. It hangs in the closet and has eight roomy pockets. Read the Amazon reviews for more storage ideas; some customers use it for linens or baby clothes.

These Reusable Straws Look Exactly Like Red Licorice

Remember using licorice as a straw? Bring back the fun with this set of four reusable silicone straws (two cleaning brushes also included). They're flexible, durable, and heat-safe.

These Silicone Face Scrubbers Get Your Face REALLY Clean

For clear, glowing skin, you simply must wash and exfoliate on a daily basis. The most affordable and effective method is with basic silicone scrubbers like this four-pack. One of the best parts? You only need a drop or two of cleanser to form plenty of foam.

This Good-Looking Storage Bin is a Stylish Solution for Clutter

The quickest way to tidy a room is to gather up all the loose shoes, toys, books, etc., and pitch them all into a storage bin. Choose from 15 designs, from stylish to graphic to just plain cute.

This Mini Waffle Maker for Delicious Homemade Waffles

Affordable and adorable, this mini waffle maker is sized to make perfect, petite waffles. Also works great for paninis, hash browns, or biscuit pizzas!

This Tea Infuser Squeezes Out Every Last Drop

This new tea infuser has such a smart design! Fill with loose tea leaves, steep in hot water, then press the plunger to squeeze the remaining drops of liquid out of the leaves.

This Temple Tape Evaporates Sweat 8 Times Faster Than Cotton

Beloved by runners, hot yoga enthusiasts, and motorcyclists (they wear them under their helmets!), Temple Tape headbands are made from a thin, stretchy material that absorbs and evaporates moisture quickly.

This Veggie Cutter Makes Perfect Carrot Sticks Every Time

Speed up food prep with this handy veggie cutter that quarters small fruits and vegetables with an easy push! Works great on carrots, strawberries, zucchini, cucumbers, mushrooms, and even hotdogs.

This Wine Glass Topper Turns a Wine Bottle Into a Single Serving

Try this for a funny gag gift (or to cheer yourself up after a rough week--no judgment!). This 16-ounce glass bottle topper tucks securely into any bottle of wine. Reviewers say it's "fun to bring out at parties" and "it is truly amazing to use when I know I'm going to drink the entire bottle!"