37 Unexpected Things in Amazon’s Secret Bargain Section

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Oh how I love digging through the secret deals in Amazon’s bargain section! You find a mix of wacky outliers and mainstream bestsellers — all at amazing prices.

When it comes to products that are surprisingly original, check out this poop emoji fidget spinner, these crazy/sexy skeleton leggings, and this rubber penguin that shoots foam balls from its mouth.

And when it comes to unbelievable steals, take a look at this 16-pack of soothing facial masks for only $9.99. And this kit with nine apple AirPods accessories for only $6.99!

Here are the 37 best — and most unexpected — bargains I found in Amazon’s secret section.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This colorful macrame dreamcatcher makes for adorable boho decor

If you shrunk this dreamcatcher down to about three inches in size, it’d make the cutest pair of earrings! As it is now, at just under two feet long, it’s beautiful wall art. Kind of like a piece of jewelry for your home. You’ve gotta check out all the different colors it comes in. My favorite is this one in shades of pink, but it’s also great in blue, grey, purple and more.

For only $10, this cozy little silicone bunny will infuse your cup of tea

I want this little guy! Just fill Brew Bunny’s tummy with tea leaves and rest him in your cup of hot water. He’ll hang onto the brim with his floppy ears, while his belly full of tea infuses your beverage with deliciousness. Brew Bunny is dishwasher safe. And check out his brewing pals: the dog, hedgehog, sloth, elephant and beetle.

For just $10, get this washed denim baseball cap with funny “I’m thinking” emblem

Oh, that dreaded “thinking” symbol we get when our computers are frozen in silent contemplation! This hat takes that symbol and applies it to humans. I often feel like I’m stalled in the middle of a million thoughts at once, so this baseball cap speaks to me. It comes in several different colors, and can be worn by men or women.

This poop emoji fidget spinner is a hit with kids and grown-ups alike

For less than five bucks, you too can spin poop. This happy little poop emoji makes a fun toy for kids, but is surprisingly popular with adults too. Sometimes you just have to say, “aw, poop.” This little gadget says it for you, and the soothing spinning action keeps you from murdering someone.

Get an amazing deal on this beautiful opalite healing crystal necklace with velvet gift pouch

You don’t have to believe in healing crystals to snatch-up this little gem. Hanging from a stainless steel chain, this beautiful synthetic opalite crystal is wrapped with an intricate antique silver flower filigree. Opalite is considered a love stone that helps people form lasting romantic bonds. It’s also believed to help calm anxiety and relieve depression. This lovely token comes in a gift box and a pretty grey velvet pouch, for only $12.95. Oh, and you can get this necklace for a great price with other stones, too, like synthetic turquoise, amethyst, tiger eye stone, black agate, green aventurine and rose quartz.

This stretchy, comfy loose cami dress is everyday casual beauty

This looks like the most comfortable dress imaginable! Comfy and still adorbs. It’s made of a cotton-polyester blend that’s soft and stretchy. And the straps do this criss-cross thing in the back that’s to-die-for. The high-waist flowy cut of the dress gives it a playful everyday look that’s easy-breezy cute. Get it in black, army green, burgundy, grey or multicolored tie-dye.

Save the planet and save money doing it with these soft reusable makeup remover pads

Stop throwing away cotton rounds every time you take your makeup off. These reusable makeup remover pads are just as effective as the disposable ones (and some say they’re even more effective). They’re made of bamboo-derived cotton, which is a natural material that’s incredibly soft. You get 16 pads in the set, and a mesh bag to put them in when you toss them in the washing machine. Yes, these are machine washable! The set is only $8.99, and you can choose from six different color options.

Get a 16-pack of these Amazon buyer-fave facial masks for only $9.99!

These nourishing facial masks are among Amazon’s top-sellers. You get 16 different dermal collagen essence masks for only $9.99 with this deal. The formulations use moisturizing ingredients like cucumber, green tea and aloe. More than 11,000 reviewers rated these 4.4 stars.

These retro horn-rimmed polarized sunglasses for men and women are only $10.99!

Amazon buyers rave about these polarized sunglasses, and about the customer service of the company that sells them. Earning 4.3 stars on almost 500 reviews, these cute horn-rimmed sunglasses come in a bunch of different lens colors, from standard grey to pink, purple and blue. They have an advanced UV400 rating, a nine-layer HD polarized coating, and lightweight, sturdy frames.

This sleek Apple Pencil holder is like a gun holster for office supplies

I don’t know why, but I want to call this product sexy. It’s just so sleek and understated, but the buckle somehow makes it sassy. Just slide this elastic band over your iPad Pro and it’ll hold your Apple Pencil safely in place, in style. Choose from red, navy and black.

Add some sass to your decor with this funny vintage bar sign

Slogan signs can sometimes be cheesy, but this one holds its own by having a high-quality vintage esthetic, simple graphics, and a message that reminds us to laugh in the midst of struggle. “When life gives you lemons … add salt & tequila.” This is pretty much the perfect mantra for the year 2020.

This silicone mannequin head allows you to practice application of eyelashes and makeup

For only $9.59, you too could have this semi-creepy rubber head! It’s made of soft silicone to feel a bit like real skin, so you can use it to practice makeup and eyelash application. Don’t expect it to be the same size as a human head. It’s a smaller version, but the features are in standard proportion.

Family-favorite card game UNO gets a new twist with this special Minecraft edition

Amazon buyers love this Minecraft-themed UNO deck. It’s rated 4.8 stars on more than 9,000 reviews. For only $5.99, you get this super colorful version of UNO featuring Minecraft characters and a special Creeper rule card. When you draw the Creeper card, the other players have to draw three more cards from the pile!

You didn’t know it till now, but you need this penguin popper toy that shoots foam balls

Mad at the mailman? This penguin will shoot foam balls at him as he approaches your porch. Sick of your husband asking you where the remote control is? Shoot him with your penguin gun. There’s really no problem this little penguin can’t solve. I’ve got him meeting with the IRS for me right now.

These skeleton leggings are great as a costume or a playful everyday outfit

Go on. I dare you. Wear these to church on Sunday. Ok, fine, you can save them for a more playful setting. Or, you can snatch up these leggings in one of the other patterns available. There’s a black pair with a vibrant modern flower print. There’s a kooky purple and teal one with llamas floating through space. And there’s a pair with a wild orange-and-black tiger print. Check out the more than 35 options!

This colorful galaxy pencil case is just $9.99!

I’m a sucker for a cute little case of any kind, and this one scratches my itch for color. It’s like the paint wheel exploded across the fabric in just the right way. Made of polyester with a zipper closure, this case is about an inch longer than a standard pencil, giving you room for longer markers and pens. This would also make a cute bag for storing eyeliner, lipliner and other makeup items.

This space-themed cover for your iPhone XS Max is only $9.99!

This thin, hard-backed cover protects your phone from falls without being weighty or obtrusive. It’s got a cute space scene on a clear background, so the color of your phone will provide the backdrop to the scene. It works great on both white and black! This case is slim, flexible and grippy — and it’s compatible with iPhone XS Max’s wireless charging feature.

This activated charcoal soap is intensely moisturizing and has a fresh, clean scent

Specifically designed for athletic men, this soap is formulated to keep skin recharged and invigorated for peak performance. It’s hypoallergenic and free of harsh chemicals. The ingredients include deep-cleansing activated charcoal, moisturizing shea butter and tea tree oil, with the scent of citrus and green pear. You get two bars of soap for $8.95 with this deal.

This adorable cotton t-shirt is the perfect gift for the anime-lover in your life

Anime lovers, unit! This t-shirt is a fun way to celebrate your passion. It’s only $10.99 and comes in vibrant red, blue or black. This is a premium quality tee made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton, which means you can order your exact size and know it won’t be too tight after that first wash.

Get the bad vibes out of your space with this three-pack of sage smudge sticks

Ex-boyfriend just move out? Get the bad mojo out of your home by burning some premium California white sage. For only $8.99, this bundle gets you three sage smudge sticks that’re 4×1-inches in size. More than 13,000 Amazon buyers love these for home fragrance and smudging rituals.

This pretty little folding mirror is perfect for your pocket or purse

This adorable compact is tiny but mighty. It’s got a black faux-leather cover and two different mirrors inside: one mirror is standard and the other shows 3x magnification. The zoomed-in mirror is great for applying eyeliner and other intricate makeup. It’s got a magnetic closure and hinges that allow you to open it as wide as 180 degrees so you can lay it flat on the table. For about a dollar more, you can get the same compact with a glittery cover in red, pink or blue.

This adorable moon-shaped pillow is perfect for the nursery

This little moon pillow is SO cute, and it comes in soft blue, pink or yellow. It’s about 16 inches long and comes in at only $10.99. Get one of each color and line them up on the baby’s bed.

For only $6.99, get this nine-product kit for your Apple AirPods!

This handy little kit gives you a bunch of cool accessories for your Apple AirPods. You get a shock-resistant silicone cover for your AirPods case in handsome black. You get two silicone AirPods holders for your watch band (one each in white and black). And you get two pairs of AirPods ear hooks, two pairs of ear straps (one each in white and black), and two black carabiners. Choose from other colors for a buck or two more.

Get all artsy with your nails using these 32 colors of nail-striping tape

So many colorful patterns can be made with this amazing batch of nail-striping tape. It’s self-adhesive, so you won’t need to buy any glue to use this. The tape works best with a dispenser, but if you don’t have one, you can simple cut it to length. Just pop a clear coat of polish over your nails after you finish striping them if you want to help the effect last longer.

Store ALL your credit and membership cards in this RFID-blocking wallet with 28 slots

Made of durable nylon with a velcro closure, this lightweight compact wallet is like a miniature portfolio — for less than $10. It’ll hold all your store membership cards, credit cards, gift cards and more in one easy place. And it uses RFID-blocking technology to protect those cards from electronic theft while they’re safely inside their sleeves. You can use this to stash all your cards securely in a single place at home, or slip it in your bag and take it with you on the road.

Give your home a festive feel with this five-pack of colorful paper lanterns

These pretty paper lanterns are perfect for a party, but could also work as seasonal backyard decor or a pop of fun in the house. Amazon buyers love these decorations, rating them 4.6 stars on nearly 2,000 reviews. They come in so many colors, from flamingo pink to sea foam green to lemon yellow. And you can get them as small as six inches and as big as two feet!

Winter is coming and this oversized pink-and-blue plaid shawl is just the thing to keep you warm

This soft shawl has an oversized plaid pattern that I just love, and cute fringe at the ends. You could use it in so many ways! Wrap it around your neck several times like a thick, warm scarf. Drape it across your shoulders and pin it at your chest like a shawl. Or, fold it up neatly and use it as the soft lining of a gift basket you fill with goodies for a friend.

Get one of these cute kitty sleep masks for only $6.99!

Block out the light and get a restful night’s sleep with one of these sleep masks. They’re made of a soft flannelette material and have fetching felines on them. They’re available in blue, pink and brown — each with a different kitty spokesperson.

Store clothes, linen and more in these large, moisture-proof zippered containers, for only $8.99

I need a few of these cool containers to store blankets, pillows and out-of-season clothes. They’re only $8.99 each, or three for $24.99! Here’s what you get with one of these babies: It’s large — just under two feet long and more than a foot wide. It’s sturdy but flexible, moisture-proof, dust-resistant and washable. And when not in use, you can fold it down to next-to-nothing. Choose from grey, dark blue, sapphire blue or deep pink.

These specially designed stickers are nail forms that make manicures cleaner and easier

Follow the handy step-by-step pictorial on the product page to use these nail forms to give yourself (or someone else) the perfect manicure. They wrap around your finger and under your nail, giving you a palette to focus on as you treat that nail with polish and other nail art. You get a pack of 100 nail forms for just $5.98!

This comfy v-neck cotton t-shirt comes in lots of colors and runs around $7-$10

These t-shirts are designed for both comfort and style. They’ve got a contoured feminine fit and an attractive v-neck. And they’re tag-free, making them extra comfy. Most colors are made of 100% cotton, and neons and heathers are made of a cotton-polyester blend. These are easy everyday tees at an amazing price.

This handmade ceramic incense holder with metal floral cover looks beautiful on display

This decorative little ceramic container looks beautiful on the shelf, and can be used for a bunch of different things. I have one like this that I use to store a tiny dried flower I once got from someone special, along with an itty bitty love note. It’s such a pretty little keepsake. But if you want to use this for its original purpose, you’ll have everything you need to burn incense in style. It comes with a little coil holder that you can put inside to hold a stick of incense in place.

This too-cute multicolor giraffe pin is only $2.50!

I don’t usually wear pins, but I would wear this. It’s a conversation starter! Amazon buyers rate it 4.4 stars, noting that it’s well made and makes a great gift. Choose from multicolor enamel or pink-and-white enamel, both on a gold-colored base. Just note that this item takes a while to arrive (up to a couple of months). But it’s worth it for the price and cuteness!

This sonogram photo frame is a touching way to showcase baby’s first picture

What a great gift idea for new moms! This photo frame showcases that exciting first sonogram pic, along with the words “Love at first sight.” At 7×7-inches-square, it’s a great size to display on an end table or nightstand. It’s also got wall hangers if you want to post it beside your desk at the office.

The tweezers in this six-piece set look like little women in retro outfits

This set comes with six stainless steel tweezers with slanted tips. Each one features the picture of a different vintage woman in a cute outfit. These are kitchy fun, but they’re also highly rated for quality. Amazon reviewers rate them 4.4 stars, and many say these are the best tweezers they’ve ever had. Get the whole set for only $9.99.

This 12-pack of colorful unicorn headbands is the perfect kids’ party favor

To be honest, I think adults would even put these unicorn headbands on if you had them out at a party. Everyone loves a silly party hat. For a little girls’ party, though, these would be gold. Have them out on the table, put them in gift bags or give them away as prizes during party games. At only $8.99 for a dozen, you can’t go wrong with these little cuties.

This cute silicone Apple AirPods case is only $7.35

You can never have too many cute cases for your AirPods, and this one is such a steal at only $7.35 (including shipping). It’ll protect your AirPod case from harm and look good doing it. Choose from five different animal designs.