37 Useful Gadgets From Amazon That Everyone Should Own

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Have you ever come across something and go, “Man, that looks incredibly useful”? I love finding those products but it can be a hard slog to sort through all the ratings to make sure the product is as it appears online. Not to worry, I’ve done the hard work for you of digging through hundreds of products to find 37 useful gadgets that everyone should own!

From a car vacuum to resistance bands to motion sensors, check out the handiest products around! They solve problems you didn’t even know you had and do a great job at it. Need to install a light bar on your truck? No problem. Want a comfy way to get some rest while you’re traveling? I gotcha. Want affordable school band instruments that are cheaper than renting but still of amazing quality? All on the list. Household helpers, health and beauty, and technology all abound on this list of products you’ll find extremely useful.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program and we may have additional affiliate relationships with some of the products featured here – as such, our company may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Olivewood Cheeseboard Makes a Great Serving Tray

  via Amazon  

I love putting out fancy cheeses and other nibbles when guests come over, or sometimes just for a snacky dinner. This olivewood cheeseboard offers such a pretty presentation! It comes in three sizes and each board is one of a kind due to the natural wood patterns.

This Motion Detector System Gives You Peace of Mind

  via Amazon  

This wireless motion detector starter kit is completely versatile. You can use it to monitor your driveway since it’s outdoor-safe, or set it up inside by the stairs in case a newly mobile baby tries to climb. It’s also expandable if you wanted to increase the number of motion detectors – it can easily add more than 20 extra receivers, transmitter buttons, motion sensors, and door sensors

These Utility Hooks Really Stick

  via Amazon  

Talk about useful! You can use these mini utility hooks anywhere in your house from the shower to hold loofahs to outdoors to hold a window bird feeder. The suction cups hold strong to a bunch of smooth materials, like glass, metal, ceramic tile, plastic, Formica, and more.

This Wireless Doorbell Installs So Easily

I was disappointed to find out that our old home isn’t wired for a doorbell, but then I came across this wireless doorbell that I can install myself! It has over a 1,000-foot range, 52 chimes, four-volume levels, and a flashing LED light. It pairs and connects easily for frustration-free installation anywhere in your house.

This Posture Corrector Actually Works

  via Amazon  

I’ve had really poor posture for as long as I can remember, my shoulders are always hunched over and I slouch at my desk all day long. I got this posture corrector and was amazed at the difference! It’s comfortable to wear and really does make you more mindful of your posture.

This Kids’ Tie is Pre-Tied!

  via Amazon  

Whether it’s for a special occasion or school uniform wear, tying a necktie is no easy task for kids. That’s why this durable microfiber pre-tied kids’ tie is great! All they have to do is put it over their heads then pull it down to tighten, easy peasy.

These Calf Stabilizers Ease Pain

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If you’ve strained your calf muscle, you don’t want that to sideline you from being active. Use these calf stabilizers to relieve pain and provide support for your sore muscle so you can get your workout in. They come in sizes from small to extra-large so you can get a perfect fit.

These Vegan Omegas Don’t Contain Any Fish

It can be hard to get your omegas in if you’re a vegetarian since you’re not eating any fish. But these vegan omegas get their fatty acids from marine algae, the same source that fish use! I hate the taste of fish so much I’m thinking of getting these too, even though I’m an omnivore.

This Small Basket Goes Anywhere

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This small basket hand-woven from seagrass is the ultimate household helper when you need to corral some items. From magazines to bread rolls to fruit to hand towels, this little workhorse holds it all. Plus, it adds an earthy touch of boho wherever you place it!

This Down Alternative Comforter is All-Season

  via Amazon  

Think a comforter is too heavy to use when it’s warm out? Think again, because this all-season down alternative comforter will keep you comfy no matter the weather! The ultra-plush comforter is reversible and machine washable for easy care, too.

This Acoustic Violin Gets Great Reviews

  via Amazon  

This acoustic guitar is an amazing price for the quality construction and included accessories! It has a solid, hand-carved spruce top with flamed maple back and sides and D’Addario Prelude Strings, plus it comes with a Cecilio chromatic tuner, a lightweight hard case, a Brazilwood bow with unbleached genuine Mongolian horsehair, a quality rosin cake, and a bridge. Reviewers say it’s the perfect purchase for beginners, be they, kids or adults.

This Luminoodle Sheds Some Light on the Subject

Need extra lighting but don’t want to hire an electrician to hardwire it? Go for these easily installed Luminoodle LED light strips instead. You can install them under kitchen cabinets, shelves, around TVs, or furniture, pretty much anywhere you can think of since they come with strong adhesive tape.

This Milk Frother is a Best-Seller

Buying fancy coffee all the time can really put a dent in your wallet. Make your own beverages at home with this milk frother that foams like a pro. My trick when my kids were little was to warm and foam their milk, i.e. a babyccino, and they’d drink it without protest!

These Kids’ Socks Won’t Slip

  via Amazon  

We’ve got a lot of slippery floor surfaces in our house, everything’s either hardwood or tile, so my kids have definitely had a lot of accidents when they run from room to room. These kids’ socks have a handy non-slip grip applied to the bottom to prevent slipping and the subsequent injuries – so smart. They also come in sizes from infant to 10 years old, so they could be your go-to socks for quite a while!

These Adult Non-Slip Socks Prevent Falls

  via Amazon  

Just like the kids, adults are also prone to slipping on hard floor surfaces, especially as they get older and their balance gets wobbly. These adult non-slip socks are an excellent idea for wearing around the home, doing yoga, and at the hospital, but I love to take a pair with me when I travel, too! You’ll get four pairs of socks with grip from the heels to the toes.

This Silver Plated Flute is Ideal for Beginners

  via Amazon  

My daughter’s thinking about joining her school band, and I’m seriously tempted to get her this intermediate flute based on the glowing reviews. It comes with everything you need to get started from a carrying case to joint grease to a cleaning rod to a foldable instrument stand. At this price, it might even be more cost-effective to buy instead of renting a flute from a music store!

This Exercise Ball Has Over 32K Rave Reviews

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I love exercise balls because they’re so versatile. I use one as a chair sometimes when I want to engage my core muscles, but they’re also great for yoga, bodyweight exercises, stretching, stability, and balance. This durable, high-quality PVC one comes in five sizes and a plethora of colors and includes a hand pump.

This Magnetic Car Phone Mount is Safer

I have one of the old-school car phone mounts with the arms that are supposed to squeeze the phone to keep it steady but instead often malfunction, causing my phone to break free. This magnetic car phone mount is a much safer alternative because it actually keeps your phone where it’s supposed to be! It conveniently clips onto your air vent and is compatible with every phone.

This LED Hula Hoop is Tons of Fun

  via Amazon  

My kids love making videos of themselves goofing off or putting on shows, and I can guarantee this LED hula hoop would be a most welcome addition! It comes in pink, blue, red, or purple and glows brightly until you shut it off with a handy switch. Adults can even get in on the action since it’s an exercise that’s actually fun.

This Sheet Set Has Super Deep Pockets

  via Amazon  

We must have a really tall mattress or something because the only thing that’ll stay on are deep pocket sheets like these. They’re made from silky soft microfiber that won’t wrinkle or fade and is easy to machine launder. They come in queen or king sizes and three pretty, neutral patterns.

This Car Vacuum is Suprisingly Powerful

  via Amazon  

This portable handheld car vacuum couldn’t be handier for cleaning up your vehicle. It comes with a 16-foot long cord for convenience and has accessories for detailing the inside of your car. It’s a sleekly designed beauty that’s a pleasure to use thanks to the built-in LED light so you can see what you’re vacuuming and a durable washable filter.

This MCT Powder Gives You Energy

  via Amazon  

Need an energy boost? Add a scoop of this tasty MCT powder with collagen to your protein shake, smoothie, or coffee. This one’s pumpkin spice flavored, but it comes in a bunch more like salted caramel, peppermint mocha, cinnamon, and the old standbys chocolate and vanilla.

These Industrial Strength Poly Bags are Amazing Packaging

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If you’re selling items on an auction or resale site, these poly bags make great packaging. The sticky strip is extra secure and they’re made from high clarity polyethylene film. You’ll get a set of 100 bags, ranging in size from 6×9 to 11×14.

These LED Light Bar Brackets are Super Secure

  via Amazon  

When you add a curved light bar to your truck, you want it mounted on there securely through wind, rain, snow, and storms. These LED light bar brackets are the real deal, and get stellar reviews for durability and hold. Go on and light up the night confident that your light bar won’t fall off!

This Beard Comb Comes with an RFID Smart Wallet

Those with a beard know it’s important to have a beard comb on hand when you want to get spiffy, but what if that comb came with a sleek, Japanese steel RFID smart wallet? Combine style and function when you simplify the stuff you carry around. The wallet also has a “quick trigger” function that lets you access your credit cards and comb on demand!

This Brass Baritone Horn is Cheaper Than Renting

  via Amazon  

Whether it’s for a school band or an adult wanting to learn this instrument, this brass baritone horn is an amazing deal for the quality you get. It includes a silver-plated mouthpiece, deluxe hard case, polishing cloth, and a pair of gloves, plus a Cecilio 92-D chromatic/string tuner with a metronome. Parents love the price, which is cheaper than renting, and players love the bold sound.

This Ergonomic Neck Cushion is Tops for Travel

  via Amazon  

Traveling can be so uncomfortable when you just want to relax on a long journey but your options for falling asleep include leaning on something hard or crunching your neck into an awkward position. This travel pillow made from soft, cool memory foam will solve all those woes and let you get some much-needed rest! It also comes with a bonus sleeping mask to block the light.

This Duvet Cover Set Has Over 25K Rave Reviews!

  via Amazon  

We use a duvet in colder months so I just started looking for a duvet cover set. I came across this lightweight microfiber one that has over 25,000 glowing reviews and was immediately intrigued! I love that it has a zipper closure so I don’t have to deal with any fiddly buttons or ties.

These Korean Sheet Masks are Incredibly Hydrating

  via Amazon  

Like all K-beauty, these sheet masks do the job effectively and affordably! They deeply hydrate your skin with hyaluronic acid serum and soothe with aloe vera, licorice, and green tea extract. Reveal your gorgeous glow quickly and easily!

This Trunk Organizer Controls the Chaos

  via Amazon  

Usually, I have no idea what’s floating around my trunk on any given day – could be anything from umbrellas to sports equipment to forgotten groceries. This trunk organizer holds everything I can throw at it with ease, thanks to the multiple compartments. It also has a tie-down system so I don’t have to worry about it sliding around or tipping over.

This Journal Has Extra Thick Paper

Whether you use it as a bullet journal or to record your dreams, things you’re grateful for, or just everyday thoughts, you’re going to love using this luxe vegan leather journal. It has a lay-flat binding for easy writing and extra-thick paper for a touch of luxe. The pretty gold moon cover comes in three colors, black, blush, and navy.

These Resistance Bands Let You Workout Anywhere

  via Amazon  

I stopped going to the gym a while back because I was just too lazy to make the 20-minute drive but I still wanted a way to do a strength workout without the machines. These resistance bands offer quite a challenge and help keep me in shape! The best part is they’re so easy to store and I can use them anywhere and take them with me when I travel.

This Scratch-Off US Map is the Perfect Gift for Travelers

This attractive scratch-off United States map would make a great gift for any traveler but especially the young ones. They can keep track of where they’ve been and where they’d like to go on a detailed map that includes terrain, state capitals, and state flags. Help them get a jump start on geography and make learning fun!

These Safety Lights are an Excellent Idea

  via Amazon  

Prevent avoidable accidents when you use these clip-on safety lights for nighttime excursions. You can attach them to your wrist or ankle for jogging, onto your dog’s collar or leash, or onto a boat, bike, or kayak to let others know where you are. You’ll get a set of two and they come in four colors plus white.

This Whiskey Barrel Planter is Rustically Chic

  via Amazon  

It’s a drag when you find an outdoor plant holder you love and it can’t stand up to the weather, like ceramic or cheaply-made products. These rustic whiskey barrel planters won’t let you down like that, they’re made from durable UV-coated resin that stands the test of time. Plus, they have ready-made drainage holes so they’re all set to handle your favorite plants!

This Dog Leash is Near Indestructible

  via Amazon  

This is the first dog leash we’ve had that my puppy hasn’t chewed through despite her valiant efforts! It’s made of a thick braided rope, has a heavy-duty clip and a well-padded handle that’s comfortable to use. It even comes with a poop bag holder which couldn’t be more useful!

These Wireless Earbuds Have Nearly 155,000 Glowing Reviews

  via Amazon  

I wanted some wireless earbuds but didn’t want to shell out big bucks for the expensive brand. After a little research, I found these ones, which have almost 155,000 stellar reviews right now! They’re waterproof and have great bass sound so I love using them for workouts, but they also have a built-in mic so I can take calls.