37 Weird Products on Amazon That Reviewers Are Obsessed With

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Sometimes solutions come in unexpected forms, especially if the problem isn’t always top of mind. Whether you need help getting into a dress or you love a condiment that always comes with a lid sealed tightly enough to protect the goods during the apocalypse, there’s an affordable gadget out there for you. You might scratch your head at some of these picks, but reviewers swear by these tried and true products!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

These Portable Scissors

We’ve all been caught in a moment where we desperately needed to cut something quickly. From forgotten tags to crafting to a stationery emergency, this little pair of scissors can help. When not in use, it looks like a pen — thanks to a cap that covers the blade — so you don’t have to worry about any accidents when you reach into your bag. The curved blade makes cutting a breeze and it’s well under TSA blade limits, so you can have one in your carry-on.

This Easy-to-Use Zipper Puller

Even if the dress fits perfectly, getting a zipper on your back all the way up can often involve a bit of stretching, some yoga experience, and a few minutes of your time. Now, you don’t have to be a contortionist to get ready! This simple puller securely clips onto the zipper and then you just pull the ribbon up. This is also great for getting into boots and getting kids to easily dress themselves.

This Comfy Handle for Your Travel Tumblers

You love your Yeti Rambler, but sometimes you like having a handle to hold onto. This little accessory slips onto most popular tumblers with a 20 or 30-ounce capacity. You get a nice, sturdy handle with an ergonomic thumb rest for optimal drinking. The base sits higher than most competitors, so your tumbler can still fit comfortably into your car’s cup holder. There’s even a little loop to help you attach your tumbler to a backpack or carabiner!

This Korean Snail Cream

Yes, you read correctly, snail cream. This little cream pod is ideal for mature skin but can be used by anyone looking to maintain their skin’s elasticity. The snail secretion extract (stay with me) helps your skin bounce back while also toning. The addition of shea butter moisturizes the skin while vitamins A, C, and E brighten the face and diminish the appearance of fine lines. And in case you were worried, lavender and peppermint extracts also work to refresh the skin while adding a pleasant fragrance to this adorably packaged elixir.

This Collapsible Pot

Whether you’re going on a long trip, camping, or you’re just really running out of storage space in your tiny kitchen, this is a great buy! The base and top of the pot are made with stainless steel, perfectly safe for gas and electric stoves as well as outdoor grills.

This Stylish Wipes Dispenser

Wherever you put this dispenser, it’s guaranteed to look sleek. Whether it’s for flushable wipes in your bathroom, baby wipes in the nursery, face wipes on your vanity, or even hand wipes for your car, this container will prevent them from drying out. A weighted plate makes sure you only pull out one wipe at a time while non-slip feet ensure it won’t slide around.

These Gel Tubes for Your Toes

Sometimes, even our most comfortable shoes turn on us after too long of a walk or run, leaving us with blisters and/or bunions. This pack of gel toe protectors includes different sizes to protect your most vulnerable toes from the ravages of shoe friction. The tubes are made from a medical-grade rubber, and they’re completely washable and reusable.

This Earphone Holder for Tangle-Free Storage

Some people might be content with an AirPods life which seems to include regularly replacing the incredibly expensive earphones that enjoy jumping out of their owners’ ears. For everyone else who likes having a wire at the end of their listening devices, this little pod can keep their earphones tidy. The little, circular pod comes in a few different colors that can stand out easily in your bag or neatly fit in your pocket. There’s even a larger size for larger earbuds, popularly found on luxury earphones.

This Floating Shelf Hooks Under Your Cabinets

Whether there’s a bit of clutter on your counters or you just want heavy-hitting items like cling wrap or coffee in plain view, this shelf is a stylish addition to any kitchen. As long as your cabinet/shelf is less than an inch thick, this rack will comfortably hook onto it and can be secured with included hardware. Get your cookbooks out of the splash/flour zone with this simple solution!

This Kinesiology Tape

If you’ve watched any sort of athletic competition in recent years, you’ve probably seen people wearing colorful tape on their shoulders or knees. Athletic tape is a great way to reduce inflammation on overused muscles without limiting your movement. Since we didn’t all go to kinesiology school, the tape comes with an easy-to-read guide to taping any muscle group. The hypoallergenic tape is waterproof, so it can withstand workouts and showers for up to five days!

This Adjustable Travel Pillow

There are plenty of excellent travel pillows out there, but many of them are one or two-trick ponies. This microbead pillow can be configured in a variety of ways for endless, on-the-go comfort. The pillow can be twisted and shaped into a neck or headrest, a seat cushion, a floor pillow, or into various forms for lumbar support. Reviewers love them, but highly recommend spot treating, handwashing, or using a pillowcase in order to preserve the shape.

This Reusable Lint Roller

If you wear a lot of black and/or just have a furry friend or two, you probably go through lint rollers all the time. Now, you can look fresh with a smaller carbon footprint. Just rinse the roller with a little soap after using it, and every time it’s dry, it’ll be sticky enough to grab fur, crumbs, and any rogue lint. In this affordable pack, you get one large version and two portable ones, so there’s always a clean one around!

This Bracelet Fastener

A similar tool as the zipper puller (some users even use this for that purpose!) this jewelry holder simplifies putting on bracelets. It allows you to comfortably hold one part of the bracelet steady while you fasten it with your free hand. Perfect for people who live alone or have limited motor skills, this tool is a must-have for any bracelet-lover!

This Little Clip for Your Keys

Even with internal pockets, sometimes your keys end up in the bottom of your bucket bag. Instead of rustling around for a few minutes, keep your keys within reach with this little clip. It comes in a few different colors and hooks onto the top of a bag or briefcase without damaging the fabric. The keys can be hung by a flexible, but sturdy hook, so you can just grab them when you’re ready to go or approaching your door.

This Picture-Hanging Tool

Hanging pictures tends to involve a lot of measuring, marking, leveling, and ultimately, a whole other person just to make sure you didn’t mess up any of those steps. The Hang-O-Matic combines all the tools you need to perfectly hang pictures, mirrors, shelves, and even TVs. At its smallest, it’s only 9 inches, but it can expand to 6 feet. The measurer has an attached level as well as two, moveable markers you can align to the anchor points on the back of whatever you’re trying to hang. Reviewers note that it’s a bit on the flimsy side, but it’s still the best tool they’ve used for all their hanging needs. Just don’t toss it into your tool box (please don’t toss tools in general). 

These Nifty Strips Evenly Bake Cakes

If you just can’t seem to get clean edges with your baking tins, try out these easy-to-use strips. This pack includes six strips with two each of three different lengths: 35 inches, 25 inches, and 10 inches. The strips are all adjustable, so they can be secured around virtually any tin. They’re also heat-safe up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and by wetting them before use, you keep the tin from getting too hot. Say goodbye to domed tops and hello to even, easily stackable cakes! 

This Jar Opener

No matter how strong you are, some jars need the Jaws of Life to get them open. This handy opener won’t take up space in a drawer; it can be installed underneath a cabinet. The adjustable base can fit any jar size to securely, quickly unseal the lid. Get into those pickles, olives, or artisanal jam you love with ease!

These Test Tube Vases for Displaying Single Stems

You don’t always need a full bouquet to get the warming effect flowers can have on your living space. Adorn a side table or kitchen counter with this cute set of two vases. The metal base comes in rose gold and black to match your design aesthetic. The glass itself can be removed to be washed or refilled with fresh water. You can also fill them with decorative stones or potpourri between trips to the florist.

This Gorgeous Photography Tool

Add a dramatic touch to your photos with this portable lens ball. The ball is made out of the same crystal used for camera lenses, resulting in a crisp, clear surface. It can be used with smartphones and professional cameras alike as a viewfinder or a part of the picture. Alter perspective with this simple accessory that comes in a 60mm and 80mm version. Both versions include a microfiber pouch that prevents scratches and can clear fingerprints.

These Folding Eyelash Combs

This set of eyelash combs is a great addition to any makeup kit. The metal teeth help separate lashes and de-clump mascara while also being a great way to tidy up your brows. The set comes with two pink and to black combs that fold away to protect the teeth. You can keep one at home, at work, in your bag, and in your car, for any last-minute touch-ups you might need.

This Luxe Makeup Brush Holder

What are your makeup brushes in right now? If the answer is not a bed of pearls, you’re living life wrong. The glass holder is accented with vintage, brushed metal borders and claw feet. The included pearls add a wow factor while also holding your brushes in place and keeping them from getting all clumped together. The holder comfortably holds up to 25 makeup brushes.

ThisFluffy Slime

Are your kids (or you, no judgment) getting tired of regular ole slime? Fluffy cloud slime adds a whole new dimension to the slime experience. This 8-ounce tub of slime smells like birthday cake and is covered with sprinkle-like dots. The fluffy slime is soft to the touch without being sticky. Eventually, the slime will lose its fluff, but it comes with a little extra activator that you can combine with fake snow to get it back to its original, cloud-like look and feel!

This Boot Shaper

If your boots slouch around when they’re not on your feet, keep them standing tall with this pack of boot stands. You get five boot shapers that work in everything from ankle- to knee-high boots. Avoid cracking and sagging of the boot’s fabric, especially if it’s leather, with these simple tools.

This Hair Product Prevents Chlorine Damage

Avoid green hair with this simple, brilliant product. Just dampen your hair and apply it before you go swimming, allowing about five minutes for it to soak into your strands. The protectant will combat dryness while preserving your hair’s natural color. Instead of being reactive, be proactive about your hair’s health!

This Awesome Diffuser for Curly Hair

Whether you have curly hair or are just a frizz magnet, you need to invest in a diffuser attachment for your hair dryer. This diffuser fits hair dryers with a 1.8-inch diameter, but most users find that if it’s not a perfect fit, their hair dryer is just a bit small. Most found that a plumbing washer or just securing it with hair tie was enough and that the purchase was still worth it. The diffuser is quite large, so it’s excellent for people with thick and/or long hair. The tips of the points also have holes (not all diffusers have this!) so you can also easily dry your roots.

This Collapsible Straw

If you’re fully off Team Plastic Straws (while acknowledging that people with disabilities still need them), grab one of these collapsible ones. This silicone straw set includes six straws that can be broken down to fit in the included travel case, so you know your straw is staying clean in your bag. The set also includes a cleaning brush get into the straws’ nooks and crannies.

This Therapeutic Neck Pad

If your neck and shoulders are in constant distress, this flannel pad can help alleviate some pain. It can be microwaved or chilled in the freezer to soothe muscle aches. The pad is also filled with natural herbs and light, aromatherapy scents like lavender and chamomile for ultimate relaxation. There are a couple of button snaps to fit most people and the pad can also be wrapped around sore leg muscles or joints.

These Bag Cinchers

Look, we all end up losing that little tag or twist tie that comes with loaves of bread, but you don’t have to tie your way out of that dilemma anymore! This pack of three bag cinchers is here to save the day. Little plastic teeth secure the bag into a closed position to maximize freshness. You can also use them for all those bags that don’t come with ties, like rice bags or frozen foods.

These Shower Splash Guards

Splish splash, baths aren’t the only messy ways to get clean. If your showers usually end with a puddle on your bathroom floor, invest in these splash guards! They attach to the shower liner to curve the liner toward the shower walls. By bending the liner away, these simple guards prevent leaks and rogue splashes from soaking your bathmat.

This Perpetual Calendar

Great for any desk, but perfect for freelancers who forget what day it is, this perpetual desk calendar is a stunning way to mark the passing days. The wood block displays the month, day, and day of the week; all you have to do is remember to change them!

These Shadow Shields

For those of us who do our eye makeup after our foundation, we know the unforgiving nature of shadow fallout. These little pads fit under your eyes and catch any errant eyeshadow while also preventing mascara from ruining your concealer. The adhesive will take off a bit of your makeup if you don’t use a little more setting powder than usual. Just a little extra prep and you’ll have crisp lines and zero accidental highlighting!

This Grill Cleaner

If your grill could do with a little TLC, get one of these little cleaners. They come in standard and universal sizes, in case you’re not sure that the standard will work for your grill. You can also choose a stainless steel one for rusty grills or a brass one that’s delicate enough for porcelain and Teflon. You can also add a handle so you can use the cleaner while the grill is hot!

These Refrigerator Pads

Cleaning a refrigerator is one of the more annoying cleaning tasks we all face. These non-slip pads make it easy to clean and also absorb moisture to keep your food as fresh as possible. The foam pads are also great for preventing bruising on your favorite fruits. You get four pads (all the same color, but there are several to choose from!) that can be cut to the size of your refrigerator shelves. You can even cut them to use them on bookshelves to preserve your books from a humid climate.

These Brilliant Ceiling Fan Pull Chains

Who among us has the memory recall to pull the right chain on their ceiling fan every time? These brilliantly simple pull chains have little ornaments that visually let you know if you’re adjusting the fan or the light. The chains a foot long and come in nickel, bronze, and orb to easily match most existing beaded pull chains. Pull with confidence!

This Heated Foot and Back Massager

Not everyone has the time or money for regular massages, but we can all still unwind at the end of a hard day. This plush massager uses heat therapy and eight deep-kneading nodes to work out any tension in your back. If your feet ache you, simply unzip the foot muff component and slide your feet in. At 12 by 12 inches, it can accommodate most foot sizes!

This Therapy Pillow

If the neck wrap we recommended earlier is a bit too large for you, this cute, compact heart pillow should do the trick. Filled with buckwheat seed filling, this pillow can be heated or frozen before applying it to smaller aches like cramps or earaches. It comes in a large and small size to suit adults and children. You can even simply use it a soothing comfort pillow to keep on your chest and, well, warm your heart.

This Portable Dog Bowl

Whether it’s a big hike, a day out at the park, or just a long walk, keep your pup hydrated with this easy-to-carry bowl/mug. The body is a flexible 20-ounce bottle that you squeeze to bring water up to the top bowl. Once your dog is satiated, release and the water returns to the bottle! It also includes a hook-and-loop strap so you can attach it to a belt or backpack.