38-Year-Old Marques Houston Defends His Engagement to 19-Year-Old Fiancée

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R&B singer and actor, Marques Houston, has been forced to defend his engagement with his nineteen-year-old girlfriend, who is nearly twenty years younger than him.

Keep scrolling to read about the full scandal, and to hear what he has had to say about the legitimacy of their relationship…

Nothing too scandalous to see, right?

Despite the couple seeming to be very much in love on social media, they have infact been dealing with something quite problematic for the past year.

A whole nineteen years younger, to be precise.

So what’s the problem?

The issue here is that many people are convinced that the actor started dating her before she turned eighteen.

In March 2019, Marques revealed that he had popped the question.

Social media had a lot of questions about how they met and, of course, their age difference.

And this is where he met Miya, who is also a part of the faith. But, according to a YouTube video by the documentarian channel Empressive, Miya was actually a teenage runaway who was “rescued” by Chris Stokes, Marques’s longtime manager.

She has also worked alongside Stokes as an art director on at least 2 of his films, and even refers to him as her “play dad” and “father figure.”

The couple is believed to have gone public with their relationship only 2 weeks after she turned eighteen.

Before Miya turned eighteen, Marques used to refer to her as his “sister,” which is clear from old Instagram photos on his account.

And boy, has Twitter descended into chaos. People are recoiling in horror at the whole story, with many pointing out the predatory behavior of Marques “taking advantage” of a missing teenager.

One user wrote: “And the lil girl is a runaway too. I am calling for legal action to be taken against Marques Houston and Chris Stokes for child endangerment and grooming!”

So much so that, over a year on from his engagement, he has been forced to speak out about the issue regarding their age difference.

Writing on Instagram, he explained: “With all that’s going on in the world, my love life shouldn’t be a topic. But since it is let me just give y’all the facts so you don’t have to “allegedly” believe or create rumors.”

“I met Miya in 2018 through a mutual friend. Never before then, did I even know she existed. The fact that she was listed on one of our films was a misprint or someone being messy. Anyone can post on IMDB. And there’s no way someone that young could even work on a film set in the position of Art Directer because that position requires years of experience.”

“Miya and I didn’t start dating until she was an adult. We fell in love and got engaged in March of 2019.” He continued by stressing that his dad, Michael, “loves her”, and that they both have Jahovas’ blessing.

“There is so much more to be concerned about in the world, than creating rumors about me. No one ever gets facts anymore, they just run with “stories”, but hey, I guess it comes with the territory. So to all the rumors about me, none of it is true! And that’s the story. No twists, no turns, no scandals, just true love.” You can read the rest of his explanation in his Instagram post above.

However, people still aren’t convinced.

Despite the paragraphs, people are still concerned by the legitimacy of his relationship with Miya.

Marques still has a lot of explaining to do.

What do you think? Is he legally entitled to marry Miya? Or is his entire relationship with her grossly inappropriate? For more on eye-opening age gaps, keep scrolling to read about Leonardo DiCaprio’s questionable age difference with his most recent girlfriend…