Alya Chagler is an Instagram influencer from Turkey who has an adorable little 4-year-old girl named Stefani, and the two of them are one cute pair! They have taken Instagram by storm and reached celeb status themselves by recreating celebrity red carpet and runway looks flawlessly with objects they have around the house and other cheap materials they can find. The results are scarily accurate and super adorable, with Stefani modeling each incredible look.

Chagler told Bored Panda that it takes about 10 to 30 minutes to recreate each look (which is insanely impressive), and they use things like plastic wrap, tissue paper, tin foil, and other household items. Seriously, when you see these looks you will wonder how they could pull them off so perfectly in so little time! And you will also wonder how a small child has that much sass and strength because she looks totally fierce in these photos!

This is Alya and Stefani.

Clearly, this mom and daughter pair are ready to take over the world. Their Instagram hobby of recreating celebrity looks is so impressive and fun. You might want to wipe the floor because your jaw is about to fall onto it.

Nicole Kidman in black and white

One thing that you will notice about Stefani in all these photos is that not only are the outfits perfect, but the poses and the faces are too.

Lady Gaga in blue

Lady Gaga's look from the Golden Globes this year was breathtaking! And it was so easily and beautifully reproduced by Alya and Stefani.

Vaness Hudgens in rosy pink

Um, I kind of like Stefani's version of the dress better than Vanessa's. Is that bad to say? It's just that the color of that paper is perfect.

Katy Perry: Ice queen

Those feathers are fabulous and perfectly recreated out of tissue paper in Stefani's version of the dress.

Runway ready

OK, I don't know what fashion show this is from but it's perfect because it already looks like it's made of paper! So Alya and Stefani had no problem recreating the look to a T!

Doodle dress

I don't know if the designer meant for this dress to look like it had been drawn on with a marker, but I love the look, and Stefani 100 percent nailed it.

Meghan Markle and birds

Meghan and Stefani are both giving out some serious princess vibes in this super cool dress covered in black birds. I feel like this is a dress I would wear... Just saying

Cardi B in popping pink

It's clear that Stefani is having so much fun in this one, and that's what this is all about! A fun project where she gets to spend quality time with her mom. What could be better?

Millie Bobby Brown in florals

But how did they get that stripe of flowers so perfectly accurate? This dress is magical! Both of them!

Rihanna looking fierce

I just love the confidence and attitude that Rihanna is obviously inspiring in Stefani. Looking strong and fierce!

Selena Gomez looking radiant

It looks like Stefani's version of this dress is made out of crumpled up newspapers or magazines. I love everything about it.

Naomi Watts in pink Post-its

This dress does sort of look like it's made out of pink Post-its or ribbon, so it was a pretty perfect choice for Alya and Stefani to recreate.

Cardi B in red

This dress is so incredible, and Alya and Stefani somehow totally pulled it off. Amazing!

Zendaya in mosaics

This is such a cool dress, and Stefani and Alya's version is spot-on and super colorful. Another thing I would totally wear, in case there are any celeb stylists out there looking for someone to dress.

Jennifer Lopez in white

I don't know if you've been noticing, but Stefani is clearly wearing her mom's heels in these pictures, and it's so adorable.

Sabrina Sato in silver

This is definitely a unique look and a complicated dress that they totally nailed! It's so shiny.

Rita Ora in yellow

Yellow is my favorite color. Look at both of these dresses! They're so cool!

Ivete Sangalo in black

This black bodysuit is like, so cool and fierce and it makes both Ivete and Stefani look super bold and strong. I love it.

Taylor Swift in white

You can't go wrong with a little T-Swift in your life. Who wore it better?

Jennifer Lawrence in gold

You may not agree, but I think everything should be just as sparkly as Stefani's version of this Jennifer Lawrence dress.

Jennifer Lopez in silver

Yes. I love this tin foil look. Stefani can walk the red carpet and then go signal some aliens. That's what I'm talking about.

Kendall Jenner in black

This mini black dress with giant sleeves honestly looks better when it's made out of a trash bag and worn by a small child.

Naomie Harris in silver

This dress looks sharp? But I still want to touch it? I don't know what is going on in my brain.

Janelle Monae in black and white

Yas! make me a dress out of bubble wrap so I can spend all night popping it. That's all I want.

Angelina Jolie in black

This trash bag dress is honestly, so glamorous? Like, how do they do it?

Romee Strijd in silver

This is so detailed and kind of silly but Alya and Stefani totally got it right, down to that weird extra piece hanging off the skirt.

Nicki Minaj in color

How did they match the colors so perfectly well?! Is that tinsel for Christmas trees? I am beyond impressed with this one.

Lady Gaga in silver

The slit, the necklace... It's all to die for!

Rihanna in blue

The dress is perfect, the face is perfect, everything is perfect. Share this with someone to brighten their day!