4 Year Old Girl Describes Working at Twin Towers on 9/11 | 22 Words

A horrified mother has taken to TikTok this week to share the eerie rendition her 4-year-old daughter described.

The youngster had allegedly recited a tale from when she had "worked in the World Trade Center" on September 11th, 2001...


With a chilling description of the events that unfolded on that fateful day.

And, to make things even spookier...


According to her mother, the little girl had never even heard of the 9/11 attacks before she shared her story.

Scroll on to hear what she had to say...

Now, you will all be aware that 9/11 is arguably the most horrific terrorist attack to have ever happened to our country.

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This deadly attack was carried out by the terrorist organization, al Qaeda, who ultimately took the lives of nearly 3,000 innocent people and injured 6,000 more, on the fateful day of September 11th, 2001.

The attacks consisted of members of the terror group hijacking airplanes around the country.

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A total of 4 airplanes from major U.S air carriers United Airlines and American Airlines were hijacked and flown directly into targets.

2 were crashed into both towers of the World Trade Center in New York City, another was crashed into the Pentagon in Washington D.C...

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And the final flight was crashed into a field in Pennsylvania after the crew and passengers valiantly fought back against the hijackers.

Many lost their lives as they were stuck in the towers of the World Trade Center...

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There were hundreds of people working on the floors above where the planes hit, and those who weren't killed instantly by the impact were stranded in their tiny offices with nowhere to escape the rapidly burning fire from the jet fuel.

This was a truly devastating sight to see.

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People were seen desperately hanging out of their windows and waving t-shirts and rags in an attempt to catch attention and get help.

Photographers captured the chilling images...

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Which shocked not only the nation, but the entire world.

The towers eventually collapsed, wreaking utter havoc across New York City...


And tragically killing and injuring thousands more people.

September 11th continues to be one of the most harrowing days that our country has experienced...

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And every year without fail, we come together to remember those who lost their lives in the devastating attack.

But this year, the historical event has been spoken about for a different reason entirely.


​As stated earlier, an understandably freaked-out mom has taken to TikTok to share the eerie story her 4-year-old-daughter told her about when she "worked in the World Trade Center."

Responding to another TikTok, which asked, "Tell me a time when your child told you a past life story," mom-of-2, Riss White, opened up about a disturbing account given by her young daughter a couple of years ago.

On September 11th, 2018, Riss had been scrolling through social media with her then 4-year-old daughter when she came across some 9/11 memorial posts.

One of the posts showed an image of the infamous World Trade Center towers, which appeared to strike a familiar chord with her daughter.

Well, Riss took to social media to share her daughter's eerie tale and, remarkably, viewers were convinced by what she had to say.

According to Riss, her daughter pointed at the photo of the North Tower and said:

"Hey mom, I used to work there."

And, when Riss asked her when this was, she simply responded, "before."

Riss then explained:

"She said that one day she was working and the floor got really hot. So she stood on her desk because the floor was too hot."

And, to make the story even spookier...

Her daughter went on to say that "she and her friends were trying to get through the door but they couldn't open the door so she jumped out of the window and flew like a bird."

You can watch her video below.


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What do you think? Do children really have the ability to recall their past lives? Or is this simply a spooky coincidence?