40 Amazing Baby Shower Cakes That Are Almost Too Adorable To Eat | 22 Words

What's the most important part of a baby shower? Is it the gender reveal? No way. Is it celebrating the glowing mom-to-be? Nah.

It's obviously the cake.

And these amazingly impressive baby shower cakes, well, they take the cake.

Baby Bunny

via: De la Crème Creative Studio

When I say that some cakes are too adorable to eat, I rarely actually mean it. Cake is delicious. But this bunny IS too cute to eat! Maybe I can just keep it.

Sprinkle Explosion

via: Pinterest

What better way to show your excitement for the new baby than with a cake completely coated in rainbow sprinkles?


via: 100 Layer Cakelet

The whole gang from the Hundred Acre Wood got together to make this cake extra special. I call Eeyore.

Little Lamb

via: 100 Layer Cakelet

While we're on the subject of adorable baby animals... This lamb is saying, "Hey guys! Did you know there's a baby on the way? She's going to be really cute. Have some cake to celebrate!"

Royal Baby

via: De la Crème Creative Studio

You know that baby is going to be treated like royalty, so this is a perfect cake. These new parents can't wait to crown their little king!

Woodland Creature Cake

via: Style Me Pretty

This new baby is going to get the Cinderella treatment (the becoming best friends with woodland creatures and having them help her get dressed in the morning part, not the evil stepsisters or Prince Charming part).

Origami Cake

via: Piccoli Elfi

This super classy cake comes complete with origami cranes on top. They'll bring peace and happiness to the entire new family!

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

via: Events By Kristin

Get lost in baby dreams with this adorable starry cake. This cake has a double meaning too — that baby is going to be a star!

via: Proper

This cake celebrates the one who really deserves the praise: the new mom-to-be. She's doing 100 percent of the work; she deserves 100 percent of the cake.

Bird House

via: De la Crème Creative Studio

This bird family is about to have a new chick in the house! And you better believe that new baby is going to ruffle some feathers.

Happy Baby

via: 100 Layer Cakelet

This cake's trendy geometric pattern and straightforward message lead me to believe this new baby is heading into the coolest new household. That's going to be one well-dressed kid.

Baby Clothesline

via: Kara's Party Ideas

One of the best parts of having a little girl is getting to dress her up. Let's hear it for baby booties and pink frilly onesies!

Hoo's There?

via: Brit + Co.

This adorable owl is asking the important question: Hoo is it?! This new baby is a mystery, and we can't wait to find out hoo he or she is!

A Whale of a Time

via: Domestic Fashionista

Whales are a popular aesthetic for baby showers and for good reason. They're adorable. ...There may be another reason, but I don't know what it is. The fact that they're so cute is reason enough for me.

Beatrix Potter

via: Steel Penny Cakes

Beatrix Potter's magical world of Peter Rabbit makes for an absolutely gorgeous (and literary!) baby shower cake. Her stories are timeless classics that will never go out of style.

Bookish Baby Shower

via: Write Meg

While we're having our literary cake and eating it too, this book cake is just precious. Eating a cake version of Goodnight Moon isn't exactly the same as reading it, but it tastes much better.

Hot Air Balloons

via: Cake Central

Take to the skies with this hot air balloon cake! The baby's not here yet, so it's still OK to have your head in the clouds. Once that little bundle of joy and screams is born, though, it's go-time.

Zoo Animals

via: Pinterest

This is the perfect cake for a baby shower because that house is about to be a zoo. An adorable, snot-filled zoo.

Pink Ombré

via: Flickr/Grace-ful Cakes

I'm not trying to be mean or anything, but... ...this cake might be cuter than the baby. You don't know. It could happen. That's the risk you take when you have a cake this amazing.

My Deer

via: Peggy Does Cake

The wood grain on this cake is so realistic I think I'd be a little disappointed if it didn't actually taste like bark. Just kidding, that would be awful.

Pink or Blue, We Love You!

via: Sugar Belle Cakery

What about green? Purple? Taupe? These people need to broaden their horizons.

Coco Rose Cake

via: Luciana Borges

This coconut cake topped with incredible fondant roses is so pretty it might make the pregnant mom-to-be weep with hormone-fueled tears. Worth it.

Mustachioed Mister

via: Pinterest

If your cake doesn't have suspenders and a mustache, you're doing it wrong. This is perhaps the only cake I've ever seen that can be described as "dapper," and I love it.

Duckie Love

via: Cake Wrecks

Little baby "S" is entering a world full of love, laughter and rubber duckies. Lucky her.

Pretty Bird

via: Stay at Home Mum

This classic cake design is delightfully homey. It reminds me of a summer day in the country — birds chirping and flowers blooming. It's perfect!

Super Baby

via: Deborah Hwang Cakes

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Super Baby!

New Family

via: Stay at Home Mum

If this cake is an accurate representation, Lil' Nadia or Lil' Drew is going to get spoiled rotten. There will be toys everywhere.

Ready to Pop!

via: Stay at Home Mum

The only thing this cake needs is some Pop Rocks. Or popcorn. Or Popeye!

Boy Blocks

via: Decorating Party

This cake is so impressive! When this baby boy is born, I bet he'll be a chip off the old block. Eh, eh? I'll show myself out.

Baby Cakes

via: Fun Peep

What kind of cake is more appropriate for a baby shower than little baby cupcakes? They're cute as a button! That was a good one. I'm staying.

Right on the Monkey

via: Stay at Home Mum

Let's face it: All babies look a little like monkeys. Good thing monkeys are so adorable.

Bows and Babies

via: Stay at Home Mum

This polka dot polar bear cake is so perfect each tier has its own bow. It's so pretty I can bearly contain my excitement.

Cookie Monster

via: Stay at Home Mum

We know Cookie Monster loves cookies, but does he like cake? We may never know.

Baby Banner

via: Stay at Home Mum

This is an adorable cake, but make sure you don't use actual baby footprints for the design. That's not sanitary.

Cutie Cake Pops

via: Stay at Home Mum

Cake pops have all the best qualities of cake, but the cuteness factor is increased approximately 1,000 percent. Perfect for a baby shower!

Who Will It Bee?

via: Cake in a Cup NY

Buzz buzz! Who will this baby bee? One thing's for sure, this cake is probably as sweet as the honey in that hive.

Diaper Bag

via: Stay at Home Mum

This diaper bag cake is so adorable and realistic. I just hope it doesn't taste like a real diaper bag.

Carriage Cake

via: Cake in a Cup NY

This frosty cake is perfect for a winter baby! Plus, it looks like it's floating in the air. That's pretty incredible.

Baby Booties

via: De la Crème Creative Studio

Ooooooooh this baby bootie cake is so cute! There's probably nothing in the world as adorable as shoes for little ones. They're like regular-sized shoes, only tiny! Gets me every time.

Here Comes Baby

via: Stay at Home Mum

This chevron patterned baby shower cake is very hip and very stylish. I hope the baby matches!