40 Hilariously Mind-bending Pictures That Will Trick Your Brain Until You Look Again | 22 Words

Sometimes a photo is snapped at just the right moment to create an accidental optical illusion. What you see at first glance appears to be some wizardry until you take a second look and realize you were deceived by a perfectly-timed photo.

These are some of the best of those comically befuddling pictures...

"Where we're going, we don't need masters."

These two maniac dogs look like they've got a mission to go into the future and find a cure for whatever horror disease has begun turning one of them into a man.

"Get over here!"

from funny
Wait, that's not right. It was Sub-Zero's mortal enemy Scorpion who said "get over here." Man, did Sub-Zero not have any cool catchphrases? What a let down. He was my favorite too.

"Hey Barney, use your power again."

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Lighting a bonfire can be a tricky thing. I say that if you have a mystical half-dog half-dragon, you go ahead and use him.

Nice hair, kid.

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I'm not gonna knock anyone for their choice in hairstyle, but this kid clearly wanted a closely cropped cut, and ended up with the longest, most beautiful ponytail on the team. He's gotta be furious.

This is The Eldercat, Possessor of Nobility, Distributor of Pain.

This is no ordinary cat-elk hybrid — no, this is a mystical beast with the powers of elks and cats combined. That means it can inspire you with its quiet dignity like an elk atop a hill on a snowy morning, and also piss you off like a cat knocking your coffee over onto your laptop.

*Swipes left*

from TIHI
I've got a fear of frogs, okay? I think they're gross and they eat their prey in one big gulp.

*Swipes right*

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You can't help but wonder — is this girl-dog a result of a wretched experiment gone wrong, or the victim of a corrosive witch's vile curse? Either way, I'm in.

The giant bees are attacking!

Hide your family! The day we've all feared is today! Our only hope is to offer up our children in exchange for our won lives-- oh, it's just a bee on a window? Got it. Cool. Okay. I was just kidding about the kids thing anyhow. Please don't tell my boys I said that.

Aw, look at that lil' leg!

This poor girl got what we like to call "Half-Big'd." That's when a child goes to a Zoltar machine and it starts making them big (like what happened to Tom Hanks in Big), but they walk away halfway through and the magic doesn't finish turning them into an adult.

Why not let your hair down?

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This girl does not have a bun. She has a man standing behind her. And that man has a bun-shaped head.

Get a load of all them sloth legs!

from aww
Aww, look at this little guy! He's almost as much spider as he is sloth! Awww!

Something wrong?

via: Reddit

This is the kind of picture that is truly disturbing until you get to the bottom and our brain pieces together what's going on. But until then, this poor lady looks like Lord Voldemort.

At least he wasn't a lefty.

Before you freak out, this guy isn't missing his hand. He's just hugging a girl wearing a shirt that looks like a tourniquet. I say "at least he wasn't a lefty" because it's hard for lefties to use a lot of common appliances, like scissors and can openers. Glad he doesn't have to deal with the headache of finding usable kitchen utensils.

"I have come from another dimension, as mine has fallen."

Not all dimensions have bodies, okay? Especially on dogs! Let's all try to be accepting of this body-less dog as he adapts to our body-filled world.

Speaking of bodies...

When this kid saw this picture, I'll bet he wished he lived in a dimension where no one has bodies.

Now this girl lifts.

Look at that powerful man-arm this little girl is using to hold that food bucket. She looks like she not only pumps iron with that arm every day, but takes testosterone supplements and is growing hair. That's not healthy, little girl.

"Get up here, tiny girl."

from confusing
How cute are these two? Doing yoga in the park together, even though one is normal-sized and one is a teensy tiny little baby person? There truly is no difference that can't be overcome with friendship.

Sir, your arm is upsetting me.

via: Reddit

Not only is his arm too big, but it's also angled in a way that makes it look like it's broken. I wish this guy would go to the hospital for his clearly broken arm already.

Look at this cute kid with the soccer ball head.

He reminds me of Spider-Man villain Mysterio, who wore an orb over his head and used magic tricks to beat Spider-Man somehow (not one of the top-tier villains, if you ask me).

"Where'd you get that extra leg, buddy?"

Sometimes, your cat will come home with an extra leg. But much like when your cat comes home with a dead rat, you can't get mad — they're just trying to make you happy. They don't know any better.

Might want to check your back flap there, pal.

Don't worry, those are just the mom's knees there, but man. Did nobody double-check this ad before it went to print?

Those shoes are hot, sir.

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There's nothing wrong with a man showing affection while he wears open-toed shoes. But there is something wrong with those scrawny little legs. Don't skip leg day, my man.

"Allow me to feed you my people."

from Bossfight
Listen, I'm just as disturbed as you are to see a sausage-headed man selling his own people to others to eat, but we can't judge. We don't understand the customs of the soccer-headed people.

Weird family.

via: Twitter

You don't see a lot of half-tiny fathers who carry around their children in their stomachs like kangaroos these days. But I wish we did! It's very weird and I like to look at it! It's like going to a freak show at the carnival.

Now that's a powerful truck.

via: Reddit

Wow, it can haul an entire yacht! I mean, it is an extraordinarily tiny yacht, but still. A yacht's a yacht, and that tiny woman doing yoga deserves a luxury water vessel too.

Is that Anubis, Egyptian God of the Dead?

Man, don't you hate it when you go on a trip and all of a sudden, BAM, there's Anubis, God of the Dead, and you don't have any coins over your eyes to pay passage into the realm of the afterlife? Just the worst.

It's like a weird baby sphinx.

They told that dog he could do anything, so he became a bird. And now, there's no limit to how high that dog will soar...

"I can open your eyes..."

Is it a little disappointing that Aladdin is renting out his magic carpet to public speakers? Sure. But the guy doesn't have a genie anymore — he's got to make money somehow.

They grow up so fast. Too fast.

from pics
His hand was normal this morning! And then he graduated from kindergarten, and it was enormous! His mom is strongly considering keeping him from ever graduating first grade, because who knows what parts of him will suddenly grow large?

Cool it, double-decker trolleys.

I get that you want to cram as many tourists as possible onto your trolleys, city of San Francisco, but this is ridiculous. You're going to kill a lot of birds.

Just a little levitation.

via: Reddit

This guy looks so chill and content. It makes me wonder if levitating just a few inches off the ground would be a good way to unwind after a stressful day?

How do I-- how do I get in?

This is like an M.C. Escher house, except in the real world where its logic-defying construction could trap and kill me and my family. I hope this house is bulldozed sooner rather than later.

This cat knows the law.

Do I like that cats can now become members of the transit police? No. But do I accept their ultimate authority? Also no. Rise up brothers, and take back the subway from the felines!

Now that's a nice painting.

from woahdude
What a lovely imagining of the world as it could be, as opposed to how it s. I'd much rather look at this confusing box than bother with the crummy real world.

What is-- what is even happening here?

from BeAmazed
I cannot even begin to unravel this visual illusion. Is there a bit of sidewalk chalk combining with an actual park? Or... what else could it be? Honestly stumped here folks.

Quick! Feed her a goat, lest she be made displeased!

I actually think it's very brave of giants to put on giant-sized human clothes and go out to mingle with the other humans. If I had more goat sacrifices to give them, I'd say I wished they did it all the time!

Wait, but the giants aren't taking over, are they?

Maybe I was wrong. Maybe the giants are getting too comfortable being around people? Let's try cutting back on the goat offerings and see if they start to go away.

She's got legs for days.

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What I really hate about this girl is that she can enter a three-legged race all by herself and probably win.


Guys don't worry! It's just a t-shirt with a picture of a baby on it! Also, don't worry! It's the guy doing the laundry's baby! No one here just has, like, a weird picture of someone else's baby on their t-shirt!

Dog gamers rise up!

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Tommy thought he was pretty cool, inviting the only dog in his class over to join him and his friends for some Call of Duty. But then Fido here got a 10+ killstreak and made Tommy look like a fool.