The 40 Moments We All Sobbed Through on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

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Grey’s Anatomy is a show that changed many of our lives, whether it was by awakening some deep desires for McDreamy and McSteamy or by tugging at our heartstrings over and over again. Seriously, if you managed to make it through all 15 seasons so far without getting a little teary-eyed, you may not have a soul. And it’s those moments of deep emotion that we’re talking about today. The saddest Grey’s Anatomy moments of all time.

As we head into season 16 it’s time to relive the truly intense moments of our favorite show. Every time you sniffled and wiped away a tear, every time your heart jumped in your chest, every time we lost one of our favorites: we’re going to be reliving it all. Grab a tissue because you’re about to get hit straight in the feels and we are not responsible for any leaking your eyes might do.

It’s time to remember the 40 most tear-jerking moments in all of Grey’s Anatomy. Are you prepared?

The first (and perhaps best) example was when season 1 ended…with the introduction of McDreamy’s wife. How could they do that to Meredith? We thought she could be happy!

Remember the time she confronted her dad? Full. On. Sobs. Family is the worst.

If there’s one thing we can say about Meredith, it’s that she’s a survivor.

Sometimes it’s just about the hard decisions that happen in a hospital. Like in season two, Run Into You Like a Train, when the doctors have to decide which of two patients to save. Ouch.

But the first moment that we all knew Grey’s Anatomy would destroy our lives has to be when Denny proposed to Izzie and died a mere hour a later. Why do they do this to us?

That episode has a few more whammies to throw at you: Dr. Burke has been shot and is in surgery.

Meredith’s poor pooch has cancer, and if there’s one thing that will ruin most of us, it’s a dog that dies.

Like when she confesses her love for Derek and he still picks his wife. Noooooo!!!

Cristina Yang, smart, talented, in control, unphased by anything. Until she is left at the altar. She breaks down and honestly? So do we.

As if it weren’t enough that she got left at the altar, she also has a flipping ectopic pregnancy. I think the writers have it out for her.

He has horrible PTSD and tries to strangle her while they’re sleeping together. Dang it Owen!

So he breaks her heart (and all of our hearts too, sniff).

Let’s stop for one of the teary moments that was really beautiful: when Meredith built Derek a house of candles and laid it all on the line: be incredible together, or ordinary apart.

Because we’re back into it with the mystery patient who was hit by a bus…and the moment that we all realize it’s George O’Malley. And then we lose him.

They have to do it in the most gut-wrenching way possible, with that beautiful dream sequence and the elevator doors opening to show him in his army uniform. WHY?

The shooter. This list cannot happen without a mention of that incident.

Not even our boy Derek, who gets shot (causing all of us to lose our dang minds).

She’s watched her friends get shot, and she has no idea what will happen next. That kind of fear gets to you.

As if it’s not enough to try to save your friend’s life, imagine having to do it while the gunman is still right the heck there!

Like when Richard’s wife Adele has Alzheimer’s and has to remind him that she is a person and not a burden. Oof.

Because Adele dies during Bailey’s wedding, so Richard and Mer just cry in a corner. This is some next level emotional intensity.

They’re something of an underdog love story, but they grew into something beautiful. And then we lose Henry. Is no one allowed to be happy on this show (no, they clearly are not)?

They’re in a plane that goes down, and we have to worry about Meredith, Derek, Lexie, Mark, and Arizona. This is too much for my heart!

Her goodbye with Mark is more than I can handle.

We all thought he was going to be ok after the crash, but Shonda Rhimes had other plans. He abruptly falls into a coma and we have to lose it all over again.

Oh no, it’s also not afraid to go after newborn babies, like April and Jackson’s baby. He doesn’t have a long life, but the pain of his parents still gets to all of us.

So the episode in which she cares for a rabbi is particularly poignant. He reminds her of what she needs to hear just as he dies. This show does NOT pull punches.

When Meredith is delivering her child, she has a c-section during a power outage and almost bleeds out. The roller coaster of anxiety to joy as she finally holds the baby in her arms definitely gets me.

There is no way this list could not include the moment that we still have not forgiven Grey’s Anatomy for.

They had the life they wanted. And then a sudden, horrific car accident, and it was all gone. Excuse me, I have to go cry for the rest of eternity.

And it does not let us down in the moment that Maggie’s mother dies. Watching her paint her mother’s nails, open the window, realize the worst has happened, then silently continue painting the nails will stick with you.

But even people who leave on their own terms have heart-wrenching exits. Like when Cristina leaves and tells Meredith “you are my person”. Sob.

Except that Shonda Rhimes wants everyone to suffer. That car accident, plus the image of Callie singing while the doctors around her try to save her life and her unborn baby’s life is just too much.

Remember when Demi Lovato was on for an episode?

But the real tear-jerk part was when Alex refused to believe that she was crazy, and didn’t give up until he had helped her.

Because even though Grey’s Anatomy likes to make us hurt, it also gives us a few moments of true joy.

That elevator was such an important part of their relationship and he somehow made that romantic. Swoon.

Happy tears all day long. They finally have the family they’ve always wanted.

Meredith finally gets pregnant and it’s such joy!

We keep watching for those little moments of joy. When they come, they’re so worth it.