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5 Puzzle Brands That Are WAY Better Than the Puzzles at Target and Walmart

With the upsurge in popularity of puzzles over the last year, the game shelves at big box stores are often picked over, and — how shall we say it? — less than appealing.

People want puzzles and they want them now, apparently. ?

But good news! There are way better places to get your puzzles than megastores.

Did you know that indie puzzle brands are a thing? Well, you do now.

And their quality far exceeds what you may have come to expect from the big brands. The imagery is exquisite — artsy and contemporary. And the craftsmanship is in another league from the often flimsy puzzles available at Target, Walmart, and the like.

Here are our current top pics for puzzles from small, independent puzzle sellers…

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Blue Kazoo

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Our favorite puzzle from Blue Kazoo is a mashup of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” and Hokusai’s classic “The Great Wave.” And — bonus!it’s available on Amazon now with free Prime 2-day shipping. If you get one puzzle from this list, “Starry Wave” is where it’s at…


Their Earth Series puzzles are also top-notch…

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And we can say the same for their Color Series, too.

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Wentworth Puzzles specialize in wooden puzzles, like this one featuring quintessential London… Who wants to travel?? ?


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Cloudberries’ puzzles are crisp, clean, and whimsical. Very fun…


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Jiggy’s puzzles tend to show off the work of emerging female artists. Check ’em out!


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Piecework’s puzzles are nothing if not eclectic. Enjoy the randomness!