50 Cent Gets $20 From a Man Who Stole His CD in 5th Grade

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Curtis James Jackson III, aka 50 Cent, has developed a reputation as a man that you absolutely should not, under any circumstances, owe money to.

Despite the rapper’s personal struggles with debt, there have been multiple cases of 50 threatening those who owe him money – and we’re talking over one hundred thousand dollars of debt here.

This weekend, one man showed up to Fiddy’s meet and greet and gave him twenty dollars for the CD that he stole when he was in school. We’re willing to bet that he’d heard about the threats and thought he’d better not be in debt to the rapper. Keep scrolling to hear more on that story and on 50 Cent’s vendetta against Randall Emmett, a man who owed him $1m.


50 Cent is certainly an interesting character.

And, most of the time, we love him for it.

We were big fans of 50’s stance against Gucci’s horribly misjudged release of a sweater that looked a lot like a racist caricature.

Gucci did issue an apology, but many decided to boycott the designer brand and 50 Cent took this to the extreme. He took to Instagram to burn his Gucci shirt, captioning his post, “I gotta get rid of all the Gucci I have at home. I’m not supporting their brand anymore.”

But some of 50’s antics have been a little more controversial.

Like when he said that he wouldn’t mind if his own son, Marquise Jackson, got hit by a bus after he posed for a picture with 50’s rival, Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff. Yikes.

But 50 has been in some really hot water in the past.

In 2015, 50 Cent lost a lawsuit that ordered him to pay $6m to a woman whose sex tape he posted online without permission.

Three days later, Fiddy filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

He cited debts of $36m and assets of less than $20m.

After filing for bankruptcy, 50 posted this photo to Instagram alongside a video in which he said: “My crib is almost finished in Africa.”

Concerning the posts, 50 Cent’s lawyers said: “The cash depicted in the social media postings is not real. The postings, which among other things, make use of stage or prop money, are part of the debtor’s routine social media marketing activities and relate directly to the debtor’s various business interests. Prop money is routinely used in the entertainment industry, including in movies, television shows, videos and social media postings.”

Judge Ann Nevins ordered him to pay back around $23m.

hefty amount of money.

And thanks to the $13.65m that he received in a settlement of a legal malpractice lawsuit against other attorneys, 50 paid off his debt two years later.

He also used $8.7m of his own money.

So 50 knows a thing or two about paying up.

Which seems to be why he’s so adamant that he gets his money back if he’s lent it to anyone.

This is Randall Emmett, Fiddy’s former Power co-prodcuer.

Emmett is perhaps most famously known, though, for being Vanderpump Rules star, Lala Kent’s, fiancé.

All of this actually started with Lala.

Back in April this year, 50 posted a clip of Kent from Vanderpump Rules in which she explains how she met Emmett. “I let him hit it the first time and we were inseparable,” she claimed. “He would just send me, like, really expensive gifts. The first night we banged, I got a car the next day. He was like, ‘Do you want a Range Rover?’”

And 50’s reaction was savage.

He captioned the video: “10 seconds left in the 4 quarter hoe’s are Winning. Do you want A range rover, yes, bitch yassss. Then just run out and suck a dick. LOL smh.”

Emmett begged 50 to end the attack on Lala via a series of texts.

After mistakingly calling him “Fofty” (lmao), Emmett pleaded with 50 to stop attacking his wife, claiming that he was heading to the emergency room because he was experiencing chest pains, presumably as a consequence of the stress that the whole thing was putting him under.

And, of course, Fiddy posted the texts to Instagram.

“?look at this fool taking selfies, you better get me my money fool”, 50 captioned the post.

“Did you tell her you owed me a million dollar over 6 years. Keep playing with me and get ya f*cking head cracked in front of everybody”, read one text to Emmett.

“@randallemmettfilms sent me 250k today but I want all my money Monday,” Fiddy posted when he shared the texts online.

It looked like Fiddy was enjoying himself amid this feud.

Twitter-user, Julie McCoy, pointed out that 50 had posted a screenshot of Emmett’s Wikipedia page, which temporarily read: “‘He owes 50 cent (aka Fofty) a million by Monday or else. He’s faked a heart attack to get out of it.” The Wiki entry and 50’s Insta posts have now been deleted, though. Shame.

And it wasn’t long before Fofty memes hit the internet and had people dying over them.

“FOFTY!! I howled at the Pooh meme”, one Twitter-user replied.

Well, did Fofty get his money after all that?

Yes! 50 Cent posted a tweet to confirm that he had indeed gotten his money back from Emmett. This is the only post of 50’s that he’s kept up since the feud started.

We don’t know about you, but we think that that story’s enough to make anyone avoid owing anything to 50 Cent.

And it seems like someone else thought so, too.

Yesterday, 50 took to Instagram again.

He had settled another debt.

50 revealed that at a meet and greet, a fan had given him twenty dollars.

The fan claimed that he stole one of 50 Cent’s CDs while he was at school, and so the twenty dollars rightfully belonged to 50.

The reason that he decided to settle his “debt” with 50 was hilarious.

“The only person who knew about it was my cousin, but this bitch on some bullshit so I know she going to go left on me. I don’t need you putting me all over your Instagram,” 50 revealed that his fan had told him.

And the internet loved the story just as much as 50 did.

“Yo U actually took the money, bro ??? ?????,” lilzanesworld commented.    

“I was a true fan, bought the CD’s… no way am I trying to owe this man any money. Fuck around and end up on his IG ????”, _l_e_i_s_h_ said.

ale_0207: “Hahahah hes ttoooo fuckin petty got us all scared out here hahaha”

We doubt that anyone will take anything from 50 now.

Some are even offering to wire him money for the music that they illegally downloaded back in the day. This man has some serious power (no pun intended).

Nonetheless, we have a huge amount of respect for the fan who gave 50 his money “back”.

We just hope that it doesn’t lead to a hunt for other people who have done something similar…

We certainly wouldn’t want to be a victim of this guy.

Not that we owe you anything, Mr. Cent…

The best thing to come out of all this?


Even Fofty merch has become a thing.

We want one!

But although Fofty may sound quite cute…

He’s a force to be reckoned with.