50 Funny, Embarrassing, Awkward and Hilarious Tweets to Get You Through Your Work Week | 22 Words

If you don't have Twitter, I can honestly tell you that you are missing out on some top-notch jokes and timeless, but incredibly odd, jokes. It's a very unique sense of humor and some strange memes that sometimes are best kept on Twitter. It's not for the faint of heart, that's for sure.

With so many meme trends changing so quickly, sometimes it's nice to just have tweets that will always be funny, no matter what the meme machine is curating nowadays. This kind of humor won't fade or go out of style, it's just ridiculously funny, all the time, no matter what.

If you are looking for some of these hilariously creative tweets, some relatable, others utterly absurd, then look no further. These jokes are sure to have you laughing out loud in your office and clicking retweet as fast as your fingers possibly can. There will be plenty to LOL about.

The creative liar.

Stupid raccoon. Those things are rowdy.

Just a passive-aggressive person.

*Cries in fetal position while begging the bullies to not get the best of you.*

The holiest tweet.

He is the bread of life.

Our dying wish.

Death doesn't seem so bad all of a sudden.

Art for the sake of art.

Paint me like one of your french dogs.

Our least favorite movie.

Ugh, can we just fast forward through all the sad parts?

Confidence is a major key.

Hold your head high and dress for success, this cat has got it figured it out.

We stan a happy marriage.

I can't wait to see his face when he pulls back that plastic veil. What a beautiful union.


Why does this happen more than I care to admit?

Having a good roommate.

This must have been a very interesting start to a date.

The truth they don't tell you.

This is a pretty accurate description of college.

When you really aren't a morning person.

This is why I'm so grumpy every single morning.

A girl can dream.

This is relatable on another level. I'll spare you the selfie for proof.

The vegan sacrifice.

We honor all the thousands of islands who helped make this salad so great.

Agent biscuits.

What a formal introduction.

Degrees are overrated!

Seriously, skip college, we don't have room for your car!

Showbiz, baby!

Don't quit your day job.

Being a human is exhausting.

Stupid body wash. It's the same thing every day. I'm over it.

Jeff and Geoff.

That's enouff of that joke.

Meet my other friends.

They sure are fun, or phun, I guess.

Loyalty at its finest.

These are some good friends and a very convincing photo.

Fame is hard for a shark.

Stay safe out there folks, go swimming when sharks have their schedules full.

No more clownin' around.

You're no Pennywise.

Potato mashers mashing any and all convenience.

Ehh it's fine I don't even need what's in that drawer.

Another facemask!

Who needs water anyways!?

Omg my bad!

Sorry for being a terrible person! It's just who I am!

Who's a good boy?

Not you, but the doggo!

Proper time management.

Vine compilations are a dark hole that will suck hours from your life. I know, I've been there.

That dang duvet!

Make sure you stretch, stretching always helps.

We all know a kitchen that looks like this.

Keep calm and carry on to another white woman's kitchen.

Life hacks with men.

Keep it short, that also helps a lot.

Some serious wisdom.

Scooby Doo knew what he was talking about.

If this isn't me.

What do I do with my hands?!

It was a team effort.

Always have an email support team of strong women, it will change your life and boost your self-esteem.

An instant genius.

Shakespeare wasted no time in creating timeless pieces.

Cat conflict-management.

A very serious, troubling issue in our society. Imagine if all cats could sit down and talk out all their issues?

Don't be a Carol.

Seriously. We don't need any more Carols.

Why is it so loud!?

Maybe just a smidge lower, thank you so much.

Singular! Not! Plural!

James? Just one Jame. Please.

I think everyone thought this.

I was terrified of turning on the light in the car as a child. I truly believed it would make someone else crash their car the second I turned it on.

Just for clarification.

If anyone wasn't sure, this is olive oil. Oil. Made from olives. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.

This kid has a bright future.

You could call him a protege without it being an exaggeration.

This is my nightmare.

Good thing you only have to see him twice a year.

Sorry for apologizing!

I just can't help it.

Spinach is deceiving!

That's why I just don't eat it!

This is the bane of my existence.

Can they bring this up at the next Presidential Debate? We need to put an end to all this chaos.

Just checking.

Secretly hoping we aren't on, but I should ask just in case.

A fresh dose of reality.

That kid has to know the truth sooner or later.

Down with tuna-shaming!

Let them eat tuna!

Just one more day.

Remind me tomorrow...for all of eternity.

There it is. All the jokes you can handle.

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